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Bahrain35 contributions
Aug 2022 • Family
Really loved this quaint little bookshop in Oia. The guys who run this place are helpful and chatty. They have a nice tradition of offering to ink stamp the books and they give you a little souvenir post card to use as a bookmark.
Written August 21, 2022
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London, UK43 contributions
Apr 2015 • Couples
Bookshops, as anybody who has read Marx on their kindle knows, are nekulturny and should be replaced by something of cultural importance like Starbucks.

Wanting to crush the little upstart which tried to befoul my holiday with its eccentric charms I strode in and besmirched my eyes upon their shelves. Clearly run by idiots, as I noticed they were out of Fifty Shades of Grey. Where were the literary greats? Lee Childs, John Grisham, Dan Brown all absent.

I finally arrived upon a Confederacy of Dunces, a fitting tribute to the owners, but found it was a whole 50p more expensive than Amazon. At which point in my despair I whipped one of the minion servers, spat on the floor and exited (pursued by bear).
Written April 7, 2015
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New York City, NY225 contributions
Oct 2011 • Solo
Traveling light, I don't like to carry more than one book at a time. So, I often find myself searching for English language books. What a joy to discover in Oia, down the steps, a treasure trove of fine literature. I spent a delightful hour looking for just the right book for my relaxing Santorini stay. Most of the books are second hand. The mood in the bookshop is terrific, and, I believe, there are selections in many different languages.
Written November 3, 2011
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Adam S
Los Angeles, CA1 contribution
Jun 2021
It's sad that I have to leave this review, I visited this bookstore with my girlfriend in June, and between the two of us, we spent almost 3 grand on books. I bought an amazing copy of Dante's Divine Comedy illustrated by Gustav Dore. The book was massive and I didn't think I could fit it in my suitcase to travel back to LA, so I asked Craig (the bookstore owner) to ship it, which he agreed to do. I paid almost 1600 dollars for this book and shipping.'s almost October, and Craig has not shipped the book. I spoke to him 3 times over the phone and he said he was having trouble with his local shipping place, but that it was getting resolved and he would "send me shipping info shortly". That was almost 6 weeks ago, and all my follow-up calls and emails have gone unreturned. This is a great bookstore with lots of cool books, but I guess don't order anything that needs to be shipped. I'm trying to challenge this charge on my credit card at this point, because Craig won't respond to me at all.
Written September 15, 2021
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Kristy R
Denver, CO78 contributions
Jun 2021
Tried visiting today during the posted hours from Google maps and found them closed. Another traveler posted the shop appeared “abandoned” one week earlier. Not sure if they’re still operating. Things look a bit dusty and unkempt, but the exterior is adorable.
Written June 14, 2021
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Geoff H
Sissinghurst, UK11,458 contributions
Jun 2022
Was recommended to go to Atlantis Books for its choice of books and calm atmosphere amidst all the hustle and bustle of Oia. However, when we got there it was closed and no sign of when it was opening. Such a shame as the outside looked so interesting.
Written July 8, 2022
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Pittsburgh1 contribution
Jun 2015
This is a neat little store. I wish I could recommend a visit, but the owner doesn't come across as very friendly. It's a shame. Places like this are disappearing, and to find one in a tiny town like Oia in the middle of the Mediterranean is something that should be applauded. They have an impressive inventory considering the obvious obstacles.

Unfortunately, my wife and I had a really insulting experience and I feel the need to warn everyone, which is something I don't normally do. The shop has a sign out front encouraging bibliophiles to support it. We went in one night because I wanted to do just that. This was the second consecutive night we stopped by. I wanted to get a few things in an effort to fight the good fight, and to have a couple keepsakes from our trip to Santorini. I picked up a small, 5€ map that the owner himself produced, describing interesting places on the island. I was certain I wanted this. I also wanted to get a few books about Greek history and the Greek language, but I wanted to ask the owner for his recommendations, if he had any. He was currently in the midst of a conversation with other customers, so I stood behind them by the register, holding the map, patiently waiting for them to finish.

Of course, as she always does, my wife needed to pee. We waited for a few minutes, but when she has to go, she has to go. We still had a day left on the island, so we agreed to go back to our villa for the night, and return to do our shopping the next day. As we were leaving, one of the other customers motioned to the owner to let us check out, and he told them something to the effect of it wasn't worth his time for a sale of only 5€. Well, if you ever greeted us or just acknowledged our presence at any point, maybe you'd have known that I was going to buy more. Even if I was only going to get the map, as an owner of a small, independent store, you'd think a businessman would still be grateful. I was really appalled with his attitude, and if I was the other customers, I would've been turned off, as well. Whatever. For such a pretentious dude, a self-identified book lover, you'd think he would at least know about D'Aulaires' wonderful, cherished illustrated kids books without having to Google them. I guess he already pegged us as not worth his time when we didn't buy anything the previous night.
Written June 17, 2015
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Dear Sir, I want to begin with an apology. I remember you, your interested questions, and your wife. I remember your question about D'Aulaires, I thank you for the introduction to him, and I'm sorry to you and to my customers it had taken me this long to encounter his work. It was a real oversight in my knowledge of Greek-interest children's literature and I look forward to appreciating and sharing them. I don't for a second question that I was impolite to you. That night, as most nights and days of the past month, was largely a blur, for reasons I'll explain in a second. In your review of your experience with me at Atlantis, you mention that I said "something to the effect of it [your custom] wasn't worth my time for a sale of only 5 euros." If that's truly what I said then I'll take the hit like a gentleman, suck it up, learn a lesson and try to do better. However, if I actually said something more like "they can wait a minute, this is more important" - which is what I vaguely recall having said with absolutely unjustified snark - please allow me to explain myself. I'm not sure if you noticed the sign hanging over the door as you exited the bookshop. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you didn't notice it, as you likely made haste on your way out of the shop after having being treated the way you were. But the sign read: "May 26, 2015 - Dear Friends and Family of Atlantis Books: This morning our landlord informed us that he has accepted an offer to sell this building in which we have resided for ten years, and that the incoming owner intends to use the building for a business of his or her own. We have been given until Friday, 19 June to match the 1 million euro offer or else prepare to be evicted in five months. For reasons you might imagine, this would likely spell the end of our venture. We humbly seek help. Your ideas, advice, and resources will keep us alive, as always. Thank you." Now if I was having a silly conversation with the other customers and ignored you for petty reasons, then again, please disregard all of this letter. But since that Tuesday morning in late May when I was informed of the news above, I have been thinking, talking, and working on very little else than trying to find a miracle to obviate this terrifying reality that looms for the bookshop, which is not only the business I've dedicated my short life to but is also my house - I sleep in the mezzanine bed that is in the back room , across from the kids' books section. More importantly though, this bookshop is much more than me. I could never have made this place on my own. It is the work of a group of friends who gave their sweat and hearts and minds to building this shop over a decade. We exchange our labor for the right to sleep in the beds above the shelves and take cash from the kitty to cook in our communal kitchen while we're here. The bookshop founders and builders are now teachers in Oakland, a public servant in New Orleans, a graphic designer in London and a carpenter in Edinburgh. I'm the only one still here full-time but this is not just my shop, it is ours, as well as the literally hundreds of people who have stayed here for days or months or years adding themselves to this edifice. I suppose you must have thought, on your way out of the shop, "how can such a scumbag have built a place like that?", and the truth is that he didn't. He just had an idea 13 years ago and had the good fortune to have an incredible group of creative geniuses surrounding him. The jerk at the desk was me and the rest of the shop is them. I'm embarrassed as hell both for my actions and for my colleagues right now. If I was actually having a conversation explaining our troubles to those customers, or my to my lawyer, or if I was picking their brains and listening to ideas and scheming with them, and I said something, in the midst of a train of thought, like "they can wait a minute, this is important", then I hope you might understand that it had nothing to do with the purchase price of the map that my buddy Will and I spent hours and hours designing and printing. It was likely that I was only fully fixed on the fate of the shop, to the point that I was being childishly oblivious to anyone else's needs, no matter how simple or immediate. In no way am I trying to justify my rudeness to you. I apologize for it. Lord knows I've had regrettable moments in which I've disrespected others for selfish or self-centered pettinesses. And lord knows I've been unnecessarily abrasive, fallen flat in my sarcastic attempts at humor, or simply been an oblivious idiot in my interactions with customers and with humans close to me and those I've only met fleetingly. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings and your wife's. You deserved far better. I will learn from this. I'm available any time at +30 22860 72346, or by email at: craig at atlantisbooks dot org , and please do not hesitate to be in touch. With a final apology, Sincerely Craig Walzer
Written August 12, 2015
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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg2 contributions
Aug 2013 • Couples
Looked over one hour for the bookstore when we finally got to it the Shopkeeper named Rod, who thinks no one else on this planet other than him has ever read a book, was rude too us just because we asked him if the place was open or closed. We simply wanted to know the opening times and at 12 at noon he replied "maybe in a couple of hours, maybe not". If you go there make sure its late afternoon and that you don't ask much you maybe faced with the hard reality that you are not cultivated enough to deserve a response...
Written August 28, 2013
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Chicago, IL196 contributions
Jul 2018 • Family
Atlantis Books is also a Child’s Cache of Collectible Books. My five year old son fell in love with this book store immediately wanting the children's books entitled "His Name is Santorini" and "Greek Myths". I loved the various quotes throughout the bookstore, making it a unique gem unlike any other worldwide bookstore.

TIP: Do not forget to go upstairs to take photos of the beautiful sea and blue top churches. There is also a sofa upstairs where you can take time in the shade to read a book to your child while the sea breeze cools you off. Plan to spend an hour or more here with shopping for a book and reading one to your child upstairs.
Written July 15, 2018
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Dallas, TX35 contributions
Jun 2017
This place is like no other. We went back several times and it was magical at night. The music is perfect and everyone that works there is laid back and friendly. I wanted to stay forever. This was where I purchased a few items to take home from our trip.
Written March 17, 2018
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