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Transit Drive-In
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Lancaster, NY26 contributions
Sep 2020
Great opportunity to roll back the clock and enjoy an evening people watching and catching a movie in a safe environment. No new movies right now, but it's not about the movie anyway.
Written October 9, 2020
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Madison, WI65 contributions
Don’t go here thinking you’ll have a peaceful time
Sep 2020 • Solo
Went with friends who were in their own car to socially distance. Car full of teens and one careless mom who was absent (watching concert on another screen w her friends) made hearing the radio impossible. They were shining lights and running around screaming. I asked a staff to tell them to be quiet but a teen asking a teen didn’t get far. Then I asked them to be quiet. Yes m’am with some giggling. Still didn’t work. As I was leaving early belligerent mom accusing me of harassing her group - she hadn’t been there! Ugh. I do feel badly for teens but do not let them ruin other people’s time. And have real management. So many ads about supporting the local drive in. Buy concessions. Ok sure. But then let me watch the movie I came to see. I asked for reimbursement 45 minutes into the movie - all I could find was more teen staff. I didn’t want to go into a building so I just left. Will write every bad review I can. Few people in masks overall or the classy mask under the nose if they had one. Trashy.
Written September 26, 2020
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1 contribution
Bad experience
Aug 2020
Came in as previews started. Owner pops out of no where wearing no reflective gear in dark, wearing no mask comes up to my car window. Yelling at me for driving to fast. Yelling at me because they oversold tickets, wanting to know if I prepaid, (as required- I did), had to show him my telephone for receipt, although he wore no mask, and there was no social distancing, per NY law. Get to movie screen, directed to a bad parking spot, asked if there were any others. Staff response: we open at 7 PM /movie started at 8:45 PM- (actually previews started at 8:45 PM) instead of a polite no, due to social distancing this is all we have available. Guess the owner sets the example for his employees... Left immediately after first movie, so I would not disturb other cars/viewers, won't go there again. Especially after reading numerous poor reviews about the owner in particular & staff.
Written August 23, 2020
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6 contributions
Great time!
Jul 2020
I was super excited to see the owner in action after reading the reviews about him. Well, i visited last weekend and i have to say all the bad reviews are people who are rule breakers. How hard is it to follow simple rules. The the guy who wanted his kid to be let in snack bar- No mask, then no snack bar. Buy a ticket for the movie you want to watch,to the guy who has his car towed, no you cant switch so dont try it.

I had a great time the food was great the screen and cars were organized right. The prices are very good, even the snack bar. The staff did a great job keeping it clean. Thanks for the fun night out. Oh and i did get to see the owner in action i just want to say to him Keep it up and kick out the rule breakers!!!
Written July 31, 2020
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14 contributions
Jul 2020 • Friends
It's taken me quite some time to write this review. The entire ordeal has been quite traumatic, and years later I can't seem to shake this terrible evening.
It was a packed Saturday night at the Transit drive-In movie theater, the ticket line was backed up way into the road. Me and my girlfriends were students at a nearby college in a bordering town. We had just finished a difficult round of exams and were ready to relax with a movie! The theatre at the time had a buy one get one free promotion with the films, so we were super excited.
After finishing the first movie. We were super comfortable in our SUV gearing up to watch the 2nd feature on our bill, not before a few snacks. We were starving college students at the time and the thought of the fries at the snack bar seemed too good to pass up.
Two of my girlfriends, (There were 4 of us) headed over to the snack bar that located on the lot. We sent them with an order list that was sky high. There was a wait on the fries, which we of course didn't mind. It felt good supporting a local business. As my friends came out of the snack bar attempting to juggle our large order. My friend, after 2 wrong turns (it's really dark at night) pulled up to the snack bar to load up our food.
Before my friends could reach the vehicle an employee, approached our car. After shining his flashlight into our vehicle he demanded to see our reciept. I was surprised but instinctively began rummaging through the glove compartment to look for our receipt, as the employee called the manager over. We asked if there was an issue. They were accusing us of trying to see a second movie that was not on our bill...As our friends arrived with our food we tried to explain that we were just trying to make it easier on them by driving closer to the snack bar so they wouldn't have to carry all the items to our lot.
After having had support this company with our dollars on several occasions, they told us to leave. We were stunned. I was astonished. We asked for a refund, to which they refused and threatened to call the police. Morale amongst my friends was low, to say the least..but I wanted to stay and wait for the police. We had done nothing wrong.
When the police arrived we explained the dilemma, it was humiliating. We were probably the only group of BLACK women on that entire lot that night and police were surrounding our vehicle. The police reiterated that the manager wanted me and my girls off the lot and we'd have to dispute a refund at a later date. I couldn't believe what was happening. I refused to believe we were being singled out, because of our race as I watched other vehicles driving up to the concession..but it become utterly clear. The manager told us he "didn't want our kind" there. We never spoke of the incident again.
It's been years and I hope the practices at this establishment have changed. I'm even hopeful that Lockport has gotten more colorful. It is 2020 and discrimination has ZERO place in our society.
Written July 24, 2020
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West Seneca, NY2 contributions
NOT a place for families
Jul 2020
I grew up going here. I was so excited to take my son to see a movie. My son has anxiety disorder and cannot wear a mask, thankfully we are covid free and safe. My five year old son was publicly humiliated, put on the spot, so bad he didn't even want to stay for the movie because he wasn't wearing a mask. We weren't going up to the counter, out of respect for others, we stayed towards the back. I had a mask on and if this really was a problem, an employee could have easily came to me privately. Instead the whole staff behind the counter singled out a five year, yelling he needs a mask, without actually talking to us. everyone stared at him, backing away from the counter, making him hide behind me in tears. I contacted the owner, as this isn't about the mask, rather how they treated my 5 year old, and received a very unprofessional and insensitive response back. We will obviously be taking our business elsewhere and letting friends and family know how they treat small children.
Written July 11, 2020
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2 contributions
Vehicle Towed
Sep 2019 • Friends
Walked a short distance to greet some friends and the manager had our vehicle towed. A racket with the local auto shop, and the manager was belligerent. BBB will be hearing from us as well. Recommend supporting the Drive In in nearby Middleport.
Written September 8, 2019
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1 contribution
Jul 2019 • Family
Came to the drive in with my family and very excited children. The owner was beyond rude and unprofessional. Cruising around on his Segway, the next thing you know he’s threatening to call the cops and kicking us off the property for no good reason saying my truck was too tall. I had no problem parking in the very back row not interfering with anyone, but that was not good enough for him. Next thing you know the cops are on the scene, to them this is nothing new and a JOKE. Makes sense the owner of this property was handed down this business and will run it into the ground. Save yourself the trip and go elsewhere. I was relieved to see others have had similar experiences after reading other reviews.
Written August 16, 2019
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Wilmington, DE17 contributions
Such Fun
Jul 2019
A fun flash to the past but how things have changed! No little box hanging on the window - now the sound comes through your radio. And there are 5 movies to choose from playing on different screens at the same time. As out-of-town visitors, it was a unique experience I hadn’t had in 50 years and my grandson (14) had never heard of. Great fun!
Written July 17, 2019
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Curt and Lori Ann
15 contributions
Amazing Drive In..Awesome night under the stars!
Jul 2019 • Family
Wow, have been going to this Drive In for many years and it just keeps getting better and better. So organized to get you in and settled! Awesome employees that help you find the perfect spot as well as so patient dealing with the large crowds at the snack stand!!! But most important is the Amazing/Completely renovated Newer Snack Stand and bathrooms!!!! Very impressive and clean. They put a lot of money into updating it and it is worth 10 stars!!! Two families met and went early to be able to park near each other, and was so shocked to see so many families had the same idea! It was great to see so many people here, having a great time way before the movies even began!!! Can't wait to spend a lot more time here this year!
Written July 9, 2019
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