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Buffalo, NY277 contributions
Aug 2016 • Couples
My wife bought us a package via Groupon for a couples massage that came with strawberries and champagne. It was scheduled for 6pm and we arrived at 5:55p. We were greeted by a nice gal sitting behind a desk that told us to have a seat because they were behind schedule. We sat on a wooden bench in a narrow hallway which is fine if we were there to buy furniture but I would expect a more relaxing waiting area for a spa. We waited until about 6:20p and the lady who greeted us brought us back to a very dark and very cold room with 2 massage tables and 1 chair. We couldn't see much because it was so dark with only a few electronic candles on across the room. We put our clothes on the only chair in the room and assumed we were supposed to just get on the tables. I noticed a round object on a table and thought maybe that is where the strawberries are we were supposed to get. It turns out it was a jar of massage lotion but half used. I figure they had it left over from the last clients and we're hey were going to throw it out so they don't cross contaminate between clients. The air conditioner read 66 degrees and was so loud and disruptive during the whole massage (window air conditioner that kept kicking on and off during the massage). It was already freezing in the room and now without clothes on it was uncomfortably cold. We laid on the very stiff and uncomfortable tables (not much cushioning at all) for a good 15 to 20 minutes just waiting for the therapists to enter. It was about 6:40p when they finally entered and didn't say anything, they just started massaging.
The whole time it felt like my therapist was texting. I would feel two hands massaging and then one hand would stop and the other hand would just stay in one spot with very light pressure. I felt an object get picked up from the massage table everytime one hand stopped massaging me and then put back on the massage table and then two hands would resume massaging. This happened repeatedly during the massage. I am led to believe they reuse their heated towels from client to client without washing them. They took a hot towel from their towel warmer and put it on my back. They worked my legs but within a few minutes the towel was freezing (66 degrees in the room) and I was starting to get really cold. No heating pad on the table either. When she finally took the towel off she folded it once and carefully rolled it up. She then walked to the towel warmer and placed it back in the towel warmer!!! Why would you place a used towel in the towel warmer unless you are using it from client to client? When I noticed both therapists were dipping their hands in the same jar that was half used from previous clients, I really knew something wasn't right. I'm assuming it's against some health code and they shouldn't be cross contaminating and dipping their hands in the same jar of lotion from client to client. Their hands and the lotion went right from the jar to our bodies. All I could think about for the rest of the massage is "who's dead skin are they rubbing on me from that jar being used for every client?". My therapist never introduced herself or talked about injuries or anything. She just got right in to the massage and when he was finished she just left, never said she was done or anything. Both my wife and myself felt uncomfortable and unwelcome the whole time. Even the massage itself was subpar and very general, no stopping at knots or working on tight spots, just a quick hand movement with "general" massaging.
When we got up after the therapists left the room we noticed it was 7:30p. They hadn't even given us an hour massage. This was the worst spa experience we've ever had and would never return here nor recommend it to anyone. Very unprofessional and not welcoming or relaxing.
Written August 26, 2016
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Lynn W
Grimsby, Canada7 contributions
Aug 2016 • Couples
Had booked a couples package and they were nice enough to to extend our date for us but on the day was asked to come earlier.left work early to arrive at the new address sent to us to find there was no sign on the building only a postcard in the window so walked around for ten minutes and had to ask another business for help finding the place.Went in and no one was around so took a seat and waited nearly 30 minutes for someone to come into reception area which for a spa was uninviting and only had a wooden bench to sit on.When the owner came in she said I thought you cancelled without introducing herself or asking our names and then said she could only do half the service.we were booked for couples massage so do not know how she was going to manage that.We said no thankyou we would take a refund and there was no apology or anything even though we had drove quite a bit to get there.All in all bad customer service and spa looked not the best.
Written August 3, 2016
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Kim B
Lyndonville, NY23 contributions
Big Disappointment
Feb 2016 • Couples
Bought a groupon for my husband's 50th birthday for the Lovebirds Couples massage that was to include a one hour massage for both of us, a glass of champagne with strawberries, a rose, and a feather foot tickle. The deal was $129 which was a great deal or so I thought. Our appointment was for 3 p.m., we arrived at 2:50 p.m. The girl behind the counter was very friendly when she greeted us however she was on her cell phone texting or something while she was talking to me. She told me that they where running behind so they were going to offer us a free pedicure or manicure because of the wait. I thought well that is nice of them so of course I took them up on their offer. My husband did not want anything else so he just waited in the front for me. I was taken back by the nail girl who was also very friendly and did file, clean up my cuticles and paint my nails. That took up about 20 minutes and then I sat back out front with my husband. At 3:50 p.m. we were taken back to a room which I thought would be where the locker room/changing rooms would be but no it was the massage room with two beds in it. The room was very dark and relaxing with a few candles lit however not very easy to get undressed in with two people stumbling around. There were no fluffy robes to hang out in before hand although we did see them hanging on the wall in our room. We were told to just strip down and get under the sheets on our beds. So my husband and I were laughing as we were trying to find places to hang our clothes and our personal belongings. We laid in our beds until 4:10 p.m. when our two massage therapists arrived - who by the way were very friendly the whole time. My husband got the girl who greeted us and who was on her cell phone the whole time and she had her cell phone with her when she walked into the room. My husband noticed that at times she only had one hand on his body rubbing and kept hearing a sound like she was putting the phone down on the table and then he would feel 2 hands on him again. At one point, there was a flash so we both opened our eyes and I wasn't sure what it was but my husband was very sure she had taken a picture with her cell phone but we are still not sure what she took the picture of. They proceeded to do the massages but it was not an hour long, we were done at just before 5 p.m. AND NO FEATHER FOOT TICKLE!! Also no champagne and no strawberries and no rose. Until we got out and I asked my massage therapist where the champagne and strawberries where and she said, oh you didn't get them yet??? I said no and she very nicely went in the back and brought us out each a glass of champagne with an orange slice in it and my rose. And she did apologize for not having it sooner. My past spa experiences have been - arrive, be taken back to a dressing room, put on fuzzy robe, drink champagne, and relax until your therapist is ready for your massage. I know this was a deal but they need to get it together if they are going to sell it. And better schedule their massage appointments to keep on time - although the free manicure was nice, but not worth my poor husband who had to sit alone in the front for almost an hour for his birthday. Lesson learned - do your research before buying the groupon!! Hopefully we won't see our photos anywhere on social media!
Written February 29, 2016
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