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Established in 1987, Kimberley's has grown because of talented staff and loyal clients. Our clients have voted us "Best Spa/Salon" for the past 16 plus years in the Best of Times Union Poll, and top Spa in Capital Region Living Magazine and the Troy Record. FACIALS - MASSAGE - HAIR - NAILS - FOR WOMEN & MEN
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Schodack1 contribution
I was given a gift certificate and used it for a facial. The experience was pleasant until I was able to look into the mirror. I was not given the opportunity to use a mirror prior to being brought to the front counter to pay. When I got in my car I saw my face had specks of the mud mask left. Some was around the outside of my nostril and in the crease of my nose. Yes! Black mud stuck on the outside of my nostril - how attractive! When I called to complain I was treated with doubt and a refusal to make good except that I could come back to have someone clean my face. That should have been done before I left. I was able to clean my face myself without any problem. I don't buy their explanation that the mud is difficult to remove. I never would think to write a bad review but the way my complaint was snottily shoved aside without even an apology warrants me telling others about the shoddy attention to customer satisfaction.

Since they are a day spa; their focus should be to make you look good and feel good - but they seemed more focused on collecting the money.
Written October 8, 2005
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New York City2 contributions
Kimberly's has got to be the most over-rated day spa I've ever visited. The staff is curt with customers and ridiculously pretensious. Furthermore, I've never been particularly impressed with the results of my visits. I've gotten a haircut with a "Master Stylist" that was so horrifically outdated it required a ponytail for the next month. I've gotten an unrelaxing and, bluntly, amateur facial (I've certainly had better facials from cosmetology STUDENTS), and I have no idea how Kimberly's determines who is qualified to wax eyebrows, since their technicians certainly pay scarse attention to the natural arch of the eyebrow, or the waxee's facial structure (a potential customer might as well purchase a brow kit from Sephora: the results would likely be comparable).
Written October 6, 2007
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18 contributions
Kimberley's was formerly in a different (smaller) location on Route 9, further south. When there, Kimberley's was a fantastic place for nails, massages, hair...

Then, Kim got a bit full of herself and built a new building (which is beautiful) further north on Route 9. Since that change, the salon & spa has not been nearly as good. It seems more factory-like now- not nearly as personal. My mother-in-law used to be a regular, and felt the change in the new location right away. She has since switched to a different local spa for her regular mani/pedi.

I think that they must have lost quite a few regulars, as she received several calls, asking for her to come back. My co-worker pre purchased a manicure "plan" for once a month, six months. When she went to use her plan for the second time, they tried to charge her more, as their rates had gone up!!! The prices seem to be costantly getting higher... maybe they are trying to make their $$ for the new building?

As it turns out, much of the once faithful staff have left. They have high levels of turn over now, and have not had the success they had hoped for since moving.

Their case is not helped by the fact that there are a few equally nice salons and spas in the area that cost much less $$.

Nice building though! Too bad they are not as good as they once were.
Written August 2, 2006
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Elizabeth W
1 contribution
Dec 2020 • Solo
I went to Kimberly’s although I was told never to go there due to poor customer service however I had a gift card. When cashing out the aesthetician told the front desk told me the price I then gave her my gift certificate and paid the difference. I then received a phone call on my way home stating I must be confused and assumed the product was included in the price I was provided. What a poor way to say the receptionist forgot to ring me out. I stated that is a poor way to conduct business and advise not stating that when a client has no responsibility of knowing prices or properly ringing out items. I would not recommend on how rude the front desk is alone.
Written December 15, 2020
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Latham34 contributions
Aug 2021 • Solo
I booked an appointment with a “master stylist”. It took over a month to get an appointment. In talking with the “master stylist” while getting my hair done, she told me she had taken up a new career for the last ten years and decided to come back to the hairdresser field. THIS is a “master stylist”? Imagine thinking you have to pay $50 for a mediocre haircut. I went to check out and the price was $65. The price had gone up since I made my appointment. I had recently paid $60 for what turned out to be a mediocre pedicure. My son spent his hard earned money on a gift certificate for me. I will NOT be returning.
Written September 30, 2021
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Colonie, New York1 contribution
I recently used a package gift certificate I received from my husband for Kimberly's Day Spa for a bath, hour massage, manicure and pedicure. While all of the treatments were very good and relaxing, when I handed in my gift certificate, I was told that the prices had gone up since my gift certificate was purchased and that I owed money. I was appalled that a company would even consider trying to pull something like this. I would not recommend Kimberly's to anyone because of this down right wrong business practice.
Written March 14, 2005
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Litchfield, CT75 contributions
I recently went to the Kimberly Day Spa and have to say what a disappointment it was. Extremely overpriced and I'm not sure why we had lunch there which was awful and I had a massage and pedicure. Although the massage was nice, the pedicure was mediocre at best! and the prices were rediculous.
Written March 25, 2006
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2 contributions
SOOOO overpriced I nearly fainted.
I spoke to some locals who informed me that the building cost 2 Million dollars and they have such a following[ for some unknown reason!!} Seems that when they were smaller they had a good rep- now they cater to unknown or those from the past- maybe they need a reality check- this is LATHAM NY not NEW YORK CITY or LA!!!!!
Written January 22, 2006
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Arlington, VT1 contribution
May 2015 • Solo
From the time I called for an appointment, to entering the building, to checking out, the front desk staff were cold, unfriendly and snobby. I had been here once before, and because of this I had decided to never go again. However, I had gotten a gift certificate from my sisters to help me through a profound loss, so I relented and went back. I should have thrown the gift certificate in the garbage! The front desk people were very dismissive and lacked every common element of courtesy. Upon checking out, I gave my gift certificate to the girl at the desk, and she acted as though I had given her a welfare voucher. When I asked her to take the remaining 20 dollars on the certificate and apply it to the tip, she curtly replied, "tips must be cash or check". So it cost me 20 dollars for my birthday gift. The whole experience was terrible. They added to my grief instead of releving it. This place is the total opposite of every spa experience I have ever had.
Written May 29, 2015
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Cathy H
Albany, NY1 contribution
Jan 2014 • Friends
For my Birthday, I went to Kimberly's Day Spa with my sister. She booked a mani pedi and I booked a deep tissue massage. We arrived early, the nail tech greeted us warmly, took our coats and ushered my sister to get her nails done. I waited and watched three other clients greeted by their therapists warmly. after aprox 20 min a girl walks to the arch way and calls my name as if we were in a doctors office. I handed her my intake info and followed her upstairs. She never smiled, and did not seem happy to be there. This Therapist worked so deeply on me that she left bruises on my lower back and small finger bruises on my arms. Half way through the massage I wanted to get off the table, and really I should have but I tried to muscle through it. I am also a massage Therapist and have had many deep tissue massages in the past and have never been left with bruises. The next day I called and spoke with the Manager. He said that it could have been because it was my "time of the month and women bruise easy during that time" I informed him I had a hysterectomy 6yrs prior and I was pretty sure that was not the reason. Then it was medication I was on, I am not on any medication. Then after much back and forth on the mechanics of deep tissue massage he tells me that the Therapist lost her Best Friend to suicide ! This man was inappropriate on so many levels it was not even funny. I felt terrible for this girls loss, and then understood why she was so unhappy. I said to the Manager, she should not have been working when she had a death in her family, and his response was that it wasn't her family, it was her Best friend. At the conclusion of this terrible experience I received a phone message from this manager that he, Kimberly, and the therapist which I am not going to mention her name felt that it was all my fault because I am a massage therapist and I should have told her to stop, that I could call back to discuss it further but he probably would not be available. These people truly do not care about anything except getting your money. I do not recommend this establishment. The customer service was terrible and the massage was not good. The nail tech was sweet tho, I hope she can find someone better to work for.
Written January 24, 2014
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