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Feb 2022 • Couples
We did a full week tour through Ethiopia with Lalibela Eco trekking tours and it was amazing!

Pickup was organised from Bahir Dar Airport to our hotel. At the hotel we received a briefing with the planning for the entire week. Our driver (who drove a strong 4x4 car) took us to the Blue Nile Falls, Lake tana + monasteries, Gondar City, Fasil Castil, Simien Mountains and Lalibela. Throughout the trip we had the same driver and for each city there was a different guide with good knowledge about the local sites.

Everyone was very friendly and we were treated very nicely. We recommend this tour for everyone who visits Ethiopia and we will definitely book another tour with this agency once we have time to visit the Danakil Depression.

A shoutout to our driver, Gashaw. This young man went the extra mile and took care of all our needs. He was always ready to pick us up and drop us off wherever we needed. We suggest you to ask for him to be your driver, fantastic guy!
Written March 8, 2022
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Henrik N
Holbaek, Denmark13 contributions
Feb 2020
We used lalibela Eco Trekking Tours for our 10 day Hiking, nature and culture trip to Ethiopia, Lalibela and Tigrey.
We were very statisfied with the service and communication we had with Molla Kossaw from lalibela eco trekking tours.
We had Kassahun as our guide for 5 days in the mountains around lalibela and we were very statisfied.
In the mountains around lalibela, the nature was beautiful, the hiking very good but the culture and authentic villages was extraordinay good. I have been many
places in the world, but have never been experience authentic villages like this. Beware of altitude Sickness in the mountains around Lalibela (3.800m).
The mountains in Tigrey was very beautiful, dont be afraid of hights if you visit Abuna yemata Guh, some places more climbing than hiking, only safesty is local men helping you where to put your feet. If I go this part of Ethiopia again, I will definately use Lalibela Eco Trekking Tour
Tigrey was
Written March 17, 2020
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Anneleen S
Brussels, Belgium6 contributions
We just wanted a chill daytrip through the surrounding mountains in Lalibela and Fiker helped us do this! It was just how we wanted it: relax walking up the mountain, enjoying the views , meeting his familie in the local villages and drinking some buna. If you're looking for the same type of trip :
Call 09 33504608
Written May 13, 2015
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Thank you very much
Written November 21, 2015
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Luke D
1 contribution
Jul 2016 • Friends
N.B I had by this point been on two trekking trips throughout Ethiopia (in the Bale Mountains and Semien Mountains) with guides whom I was both happy and contented with and reviewed warmly.

In summary:
Guide was dreadful
We were lied to about the itinerary
Wolf sightings are not guarenteed
Path is easy to find and doable independently

I arranged a two day hike with this outfit after being guaranteed both that the route was circular and there would be a guaranteed sighting of the Ethiopian wolf which I had been eager to see for a long time. After viewing the itinerary which looked packed and entertaining, I arranged a lowered price for me and a friend (an Ethiopian from Awasa) without the Mules (we had light bags) and food. We agreed and were told that our guide would pick us up the next day in the morning from our hotel.

After meeting our guide and starting the trek the next day the issues started happening. When we met, the guide was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt carrying no water or equipment, he had an umbrella for the rain but that was it. It was dangerous we both felt. He also barely introduced himself to us and seemed extremely unfriendly always walking at least 30 meters in front of us and never talking. At one point I was accosted by a man looking for money quite aggressively and when said no he pushed me. Whilst this is sadly not uncommon in Ethiopia a guide looking indifferently at it and doing nothing to help most definitely is.

After 2 hours of walking and not speaking or being told anything about the local area, I decided to ask about the Ethiopian Wolf and how many there were at the nature reserve. He told me that I would only see them if there was time to go to the reserve and even then we could only be in the reserve for a maximum of 30 minutes so we might not see them in this time.

At this point, I spoke to the owner and he said that because I had a lower rate he could not offer the full itinerary and that route was a single one - meaning the route would be repeated on the next day so there might not be enough time to make it to the nature reserve not to mention all the churches and other things mentioned. None of this I must stress was even made slightly clear at all to either me or my friend (who was explained what would happen in her native Amharic) and I can only conclude we were simply lied to in order to coerce us into paying. I expressed my annoyance and reservations about the guide however, agreed to complete the trek and was told if we left early the next day we would have enough time.

We completed the first day however, issues with the guide grew; at times he could not name types of birds and gave limited to no information about where we were going. When we stopped at lunched he went off and we didn't see him until an hour later. We slept early wanting to get an early start the next day.

The next day we ended up setting off late directly as a result of the guides miscommunication - he told my friend in Amharic and not me that we needed to leave but she misunderstood. This led to all of us sitting in a room, together, for an hour politely waiting to leave; if the guide had had any social inclinations this would have been avoided. By this point, we both had had enough and told the guide we would go ourselves. He accepted this indifferently and left and we never saw him again. We went to the reserve and looked around for about 30 minutes, saw some gelada baboons however, no wolves. After we walked all the way back to Lalibela without complaint.

My friend was extremely annoyed about the guide in particular and went to complain in Amharic at the offices in the seven olives. She was immediately brushed off and told he was a trusted guide who had been used by them for seven years and that he didn't know what she was talking about. When I intervened and mentioned he took on a more conciliatory tone and eventually put us up in a hotel for the night. However, offered no compensation for the entrance fees to sights we didn't visit, or the bad quality of the whole experience or the fact the guide had simply left. In the course of our conversation, he told me they just hire local guides freelance and don't have their own guides therefore don't know what they do.

In conclusion, it was an abysmal trip poorly organised by a company that does not value experience but simply wants money and led by a guide that quite clearly hated his job. Lies were told throughout both in promotional material and through word of mouth and opportunities to solve these were not taken.

Lastly, the price also was about twice as much as we paid in the Bale ranges. For this, we got a poorly equipped and trained guide to take us up a well worn path that thousands of people walk daily sleep in a tukul and walk back down again - which he didn't even do.

My advice, it is possible to take a tukul up half the mountain from lalibela and you can continue climbing after a long ridge to the top of the plateau c 4000m and back down in one day - which would be spectacular and avoid the hassle and misery of using this company.
Written July 31, 2016
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Hello Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your review on Trip Advisor. I am very sorry to hear that you had such horrible experience. We was looking our registration forms but we didn’t find your name in the list. I think the review is misplace, if it is really happen by our team we will accept it and improve our services for the future. All the problems you mention in your review is about your guide but you didn’t mention your guide name? Lalibela eco trekking has 10 guides and it is a problem for us to find who was your guide Because we didn’t find your name in our list. Finally You side you want to the park and you didn’t mention which park you were taken, villages you visit or sleep...etc I am sure if you do this trek at list you will have those information’s because you side we have sent you the program and in the program we will mention it very well. Thank you very much once again and we look forward to have your e-mail. Happy Travel…
Written August 12, 2016
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eusebio deiana
24 contributions
Dec 2017 • Solo
After 3 days of trekking in the Tigray and 4 days in the Danakil, luckily with other tour operators, the 3 days trekking around Lalibella with Lalibella Eco Trekking turned out to be a complete rip-off from the beginning to the end.

Problems started since the beginning. I had initially paid the 20% deposit for the 4 days trekking but, since I was interested in community sleeping and I did not want to spend one night at their Degosach Eco Lodge, I told mr. Molla Kassaw that, instead, I would have taken the 3 days trekking advertised in their website. When paying the money due I was told that the overall amount was 192$ and not 180$ as agreed previously. The reason was that, according to their policy, the 20% deposit applied only to 36$ and not the 48$ already paid since I had cancelled the initial 4 days trekking. When I said that this was rather weird I was told that the difference was just 12$ more, and since it was small money for me there was no point in complaining. Needless to say that this policy is nowhere to be found in their website.... "the hidden policy"… what a lovely attitude towards customers.

But the worst had yet to come. In day 1 I was supposed to sleep in the village of Ber Metebekiya according to the itinerary advertised in their website. Instead, without any prior notice, we ended up at Degosach Eco Lodge, the place that I wanted to avoid at any cost. We got there at 2.30pm by the way, and that meant that there was nothing to do the whole afternoon. When I asked what time did usually people arrive there I was told 4pm or 5pm….very bad trek planning in my opinion. The place is isolated and, for me, 100% fake. Furthermore, none of the activities promised in their website was confirmed....No sleeping in Ber Metebekiya, no walking in the villages nearby, no farming practices, no cattle rearing, no traditional dance by the highland tribes, no music, no feet washing by the local people for their guest, no food either from the locals.

At night a group of local men came in the lodge and after a while started sexually harassing a young local girl who was there to help with the cleaning. They started telling her things like "take me I have the bigger penis", "take me I have the longer penis", "I am going to give you a shot".....and so forth. At one point one of the men grabbed the girl's hand and tried to force her to touch his penis. It was disgusting as the girl was clearly embarrassed while trying to free her hand. Of course the others were laughing. I wanted to say something and defend the poor girl but there were too many rifles around and I did not feel comfortable at all.

Day 2 was slightly better but again no local traditional dance and music as, again, promised in their website. And no drinking water too….so I had to drink a couple of coffees to get some liquid. Day 3 was mostly about getting back to Lalibella. I would not even call it trekking since most of the time it was just walking on a 5 meters wide road.

Food was not bad…. just boring….. mostly pasta and rice, rice and pasta….. with the same topping for 2 days. Guides tried their best but in my opinion they need some training…..the 2.30pm arrival on the first day and the lack of drinking water the second day tell everything.

When I was leaving for the airport, the day after the trek, I was approached by mr. Molla Kassaw who tried to find some justification for the appalling treatment I had received. I was so angry and I shouted at him the main things gone wrong….first of all the fact that I had received something completely different from what promised and from what I had paid, or should I say overpaid (remember the 12$ mentioned at the beginning of the review?). "How dare you to change my itinerary without telling me anything since I am the one who's paying" were my exact words. I finally told him that in Europe when such things happen you get a refund…..but I was pretty sure that his "hidden policy" did not even contemplate the meaning of refund.

A couple of days later I got a mail from mr. Kassaw. Among the many excuses included in the letter he said also that he asked my host in Lalibella to pay for the tuk tuk to the airport but that my host refused to accept his money. Guess what? I have asked my host if this was true and he told me that it was a lie as mr. Molla Kassaw never offered to pay for the tuk tuk. Lies after lies in the end.

So to cut a long story short….. unknown policies, overpayments, false itineraries on their website, treks changed and no communication whatsoever, sexual harassment, no refunds…..guess this is enough.

IMO, if you want to trek around Lalibella you better look for other agencies. As for Lalibela Eco Trekking ….. the only relief is that I will not come across them anymore……
Written January 13, 2018
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Dear Guest, Thank you very much for writing to us your valuable comments on our Lalibela Eco Trekking Tours (Lalibela). We are very sorry to hear that your with our establishment did not meet your expectations. The points of your dissatisfaction were discussed in depth by the management and are taken very seriously. Please accept our sincere apologies that we were unable to meet your expectation. In the meantime, I assure you that we have gone through the processes which have led into your disappointment and we have taken corrective actions. But we would like to announce for those reading this page our community trekking rate for Lalibela area is not changed. Our rate is $60/per person/per day this price include - Accommodation - Transportation - All, breakfast, Lunch & Diner - Snack - English Speaking Guide - Personal Cook - Porter - Donkey for luggage, - Sleeping equipments - Park & churches Entrance Fee - Any Experiences with the communities. I trust you will accept that the difficulties you experienced are certainly not reflective of our normal standards. We do pride ourselves on our exceptionally excellent-service and I do sincerely hope you will not judge us on the basis of these particular experiences. In closing, may we thank you, once again, for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention. We are grateful for your support and do hope that we may have the pleasure of welcoming you to our trip lalibela area or throughout Ethiopia in the future so that we make it up to your expectations or beyond. Sincerely
Written January 18, 2018
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Sonja B
16 contributions
May 2017 • Friends
Molla helped getting us flight tickets from Lalibela to Adis Ababa. His Service was friendly, quick and very reliable.
Written May 29, 2017
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Hi Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your review on TripAdvisor. Thank you also for completing our online guest survey. It was our pleasure to be able to assist you and help to make your trip is memorable one. We will share your kind words with all of Lalibela Eco Trekking Tours Team, this will be a positive reinforcement for us to continuously improve our service in future. Thank you once again for your comment and we look forward welcoming you in the near future.
Written June 24, 2017
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Michael G
Dubai, United Arab Emirates4 contributions
Dec 2016 • Couples
My wife and I only had a short time in Ethiopia and we wanted to make the most of it -so literally 5 hours before our flight was set to depart we contacted Molla with Lalibela Eco Trekking and within minutes he had an excellent itinerary set up for us!

We visited Bahir Dar and the Blue Nile Falls with our excellent guide Desi, the next day we went to Gondar and viewed the incredible castles and the following day we trekked up the Simian Mountains.

We then went to Lalibela and finally got to meet this incredible Molla -what a joy to meet the man who had set us up with a fascinating trip!

Our 2 days in Lalibella were filled with the churches (another excellent, fun and knowledgeable guide) and finally an 8 hour trek up the mountains -with the excellent guide Abeje to visit Ashten Mariam Monastary and Hudad Eco Lodge.

I cannot tell you how happy we are we chose Lalibela Eco Tours -they were really top notch with excellent customer service and guides full of knowledge...Cannot wait to return and use them again.
Written December 5, 2016
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Montreal, Canada68 contributions
Nov 2015 • Friends
My husband [age 70], & I [age 63], from Canada, along with our niece, [49 yrs. old] from Australia, signed up for a day trip with Lalibela Eco Tours. All three of us have travelled the world for many decades [from Asia, South America, Central America] share a love of nature and learning about other cultures.

Molla Kassaw and an assistant, Abijay, escorted the three of us. Molla is remakable in many ways. We had some concerns about hiking uphill at altitude, but Molla adapted the hike to our pace and we were able to cover a lot of ground in 8 hours. Molla is very knowledge about ecology, fauna, flora, geology, and, having grown up in a remote village,with local customs. He was enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge with us, and also talked passionately about his strong comitmant to supporting his community, and in particular his attempts to persuade girls in remote villages to stay in school rather than marry early.

We hiked up a well kept trail (it is used by the local villagers), with stunning vistas, to a high plateau where each turn in the trail resulted in new and beautiful landscapes. The hike led us to a small mountain village. There we sat in on a math lesson for children who were 6 -8. The single-room school had an earth floor equiped with little more than a blackboard, but even not knowing Amharic it was clear that the teacher had a delightful and supportive attitude towards the children. Then we visited a family in their tukel (mud hut), sharing their warm hospitality. We had coffee and injera with a sauce, prepared in the taditional manner. After lunch there was dancing and much laughter. Over lunch we had many discussions of village culture. We were able to ask questions about village life, conflict resolution, how the village wise men are elected and run the village and so on.

The experience we had with Molla surpassed all possible expectations. The three of us ended the day feeling that this was truly an experience of a lifetime, dazzled by the mountain’s beauty, and deeply enriched by our lessons on Ethiopian life.
We cannot recommend this hike highly enough. Molla also offers extended tours of several days, which include visiting his village higher up in the mountains, a hike we definitely would have done if we had the time.
Written December 11, 2015
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Thank you very much for shearing your Day trek experience .
Written December 13, 2015
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Gordon M
Winnipeg, Canada1 contribution
May 2021
We had a fantastic time hiking in the Simien Mountains and in the highlands around Lalibela. Staying in the Degosach Eco Lodge was a highlight, with local villagers joining us for a dinner and foot washing (which they told us was based on ancient tradition going back to earliest Christianity in Palestine; see Gospel of John 13). Experiencing Timkat in Gonder was one of the most profound travel experiences of my life.

Molla's logistical arrangements were wonderful. The hotels were comfortable, the food was excellent, and our guides were excellent, hospitable, and generous.

I recommend Lalibela Eco Tours. You will meet wonderful people. You will experience the beauty of Ethiopia. And you will help real people in a struggling economy.

We traveled in January 2019. I'm writing this review rather late, and the only option for dates on the Tripadvisor website are more recent than 2019. So I had to choose a date that didn't fit our actual travels.
Written April 4, 2022
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Angelo D
Paris, France2 contributions
Dec 2017 • Solo
Henok Zelalem was my guide, 20 years old, really fun to be with, extremely kind and helpful. He knew the Lalibela mountains like the back of his hand and the inhabitants of the latter. We stopped at different locations to share drinks and bread with multiple people, including his family home, where his aunt now lives (she is also the kindest, and offered me some delicious coffee). All in all, I do not regret for one second having Henok as a guide to show me these beautiful mountains, not only did he explain historical, cultural, geographical details about the area (as any good guide would do), he was above all extremely fun to be with. We remain good friends and I would not hesitate for one second to see him again upon my return to Lalibela. Thanks Eco Trekking for having such a cool guide!
Written January 29, 2018
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