Bali ATV Ride Adventure - Tourist Bali

Bali ATV Ride Adventure - Tourist Bali

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12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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Bali KUBER ATV Quad Bike is located in Melinggih Kelod, Payangan from Ubud around 30 minutes and offers an exciting experience during your vacation on Bali island. Our experienced guide will carry out a full safety briefing before riding through the ride through a waterfall, slide down hills, ride through a cave, and picturesque panorama of rice fields. The objective of these tours is to introduce the unseen side of Bali Island to all nature lovers and adventure seekers. All beginners from age 6 can do the Kuber Bali ATV ride
Seminyak, Indonesia

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121 reviews
Very good

Karin F
Australia41 contributions
Had a great time on this tour. Service was great, boots provided, and showers after if needed. Smaller groups would be better,especially if there are families with young kids as they seem to slow things up for the more adventurous. All in all, a definite must do
Written February 24, 2020
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Jason M
Gold Coast, Australia116 contributions
A great morning out if you are looking for something to do. Upon arrival we were given a welcome drink. A quick safety briefing and we were off- through local villages, dense jungle, rice fields, through a tunnel (very cool) and up the river to the waterfall. Very muddy conditions (bring a change of clothes) but that just made it more fun! Only downer was that it wasn’t fast enough for us adrenaline junkies- could’ve been because it was so wet.
Written January 8, 2020
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England, UK269 contributions
Sep 2019
We booked this activity through our guide Agung Komping from Bali Driver Seminyak. I wasn’t keen on this from the start and was adamant I wouldn’t try it no matter how much convincing it took lol!! I’m a total novice and never ridden a quad bike, so the appeal really wasn’t there for me. But my friend had decided from the onset quad biking was something she wanted to do having tried it in Turkey.
Eventually, the selling point for me was riding through the jungle, waterfall and tunnel that really gripped my interest and excitement & knowing that I could do this activity on a tandem reassured my fears. My biggest regret would have been if I didn’t do it so I was sold!

Agung picked us up from our hotel in Seminyak and drove us to Kuber on arriving there was already a mass of tourists gearing up for this activity wading through a heap of black wellies luck of the draw to get your size! Not the glamourous of looks but fitting for the activity and it’ll protect you through the rough terrain or be prepared and wear trainers (not flipflops/sandles) & preferably a pair of shorts (you can get changed in the toilets, lockers also available) ask at front desk if there’s a charge. The tracks are wet and muddy so be ready to get dirty lol!!.

IMPORTANT TIP: Take cash! We nearly missed out as Kuber didn’t accept our Monzo Card even though it’s a debit card? luckily this disappointment was short lived as our super generous and thoughtful guide, Agung saved the day by paying for us in cash. He also went the extra mile and bought us masks to stop us breathing in the dust and pollution. A great guy whose actions speak louder than words, so thank you Agung!

Prior to start you are briefed by a guide for about 5/10 minutes explaining the mechanics of the bike and how to manoeuvre/brake round bends and rough terrain the activity is led by 2 guides one at the front leading the troops and one at the back ensuring your safety. Leaving the formalities behind we set off and I was already excited riding into the unknown. The beauty of the landscape stretched far and wide and this was an opportunity to take photos before the route got rough, I clicked frantically to get the best shots of fields dotted with palm trees, seeing farmers hard at work watching the glistening rays of the sun beating down on them. We saw local people going about their business in tranquil surroundings. I wobbled, and laughed at the thrill of this activity, gripping on for dear life I knew this was the best decision I made and the adrenalin rush wiped my fears and in no time I was converted lol!! This great adventure was stacking high on my best highlights of Bali and I was truely grateful to my friend and Agung who made me think outside the box, so thanks guys!!

We rattled off with engines revving polluting the air with petrol fumes (so much for saving the planet!!) we snaked through countryside heading towards the jungle taking in the amazing scenery and bobbing up and down like yoyos! Getting closer to the roaring falls our excitement just grew and I had to be ready to capture great footage of the beautiful cascading waterfall carpeting the ground below like confetti, negative being we weren’t allowed to stop and take photos or video as the quad bikes needed to be moving, this was a huge disappointment and my excitement took a dip, I guess a sly tactic from the company as they want to sell footage of your experience to earn that extra bit of cash themselves! And pressure to cover places in the time frame as waiting around for people would only prolong the activity. Sadly great photo opportunities lost and we carried on resentful of what beautiful memories we could have taken back...note for management the waterfall is the best part of the track please be considerate and give tourists a chance to take their own footage & some quick photos, before heading into the tunnel.

The tunnel was great too we were enveloped in this huge hole splashing water as we came out the other end, leaving behind the roaring sounds of the waterfall and realising this fun adventure was winding down as we headed back to Kuber, slight twist at the end just when we thought we’d finished the guides took us round a water track few times ending this activity on a high! We left feeling grateful and energised ready for our next activity of a soothing massage at our hotel!
Written November 7, 2019
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2 contributions
Jan 2020 • Friends
This is not a beginner's track. More like intermediate to advanced track. The briefing is about 60seconds long. They take you around for a test run after which you enter the more challenging route, narrow, steep downhill, the lights in my quad did not work in the dark tunnels which was scary. Luckily I had a bit of light from the one behind me. After the waterfall, there is a steep climb and they let one quad pass at a time. This is where mine toppled over me. The guide kept shouting speed speed and when I did give extra speed it was fatal. What they don't tell you is to keep a consistent speed!! Furthermore they asked some but not everyone in the group if they felt confident to drive up the steep climb. I was not asked. There is no such thing as airlift etc. I did sustain significant injuries. I was lucky to able to walk however had bad concussion for the next 5 days or so. Medical in this area is basic and language a barrier. I ended up at BIMC in Nusa Dua towards the end of my trip as my condition worsened. It is an adventurous track and I would strongly suggest to pay extra for a guide to ride with you.
Written January 15, 2020
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Ryan H
2 contributions
Sep 2019 • Couples
We went for this trip as it was sold to us as being a day trip, we were told we could swim with sharks, plant coral, release a baby turtle which have been rescued and would be provided with lunch.
We were expecting a sanctuary for sharks and turtles we were surprised when we were ask to get on a old hardly sea worthy boat, we were then taken with 2 men to a makeshift pontoon if the middle of the sea. We got off the boat we realise in the middle of the pontoon was 3 makeshift swimming areas one was tiny and in side were 8 sharks. The sharks were being kept in a 6 square meter area and trapped by a net, for a place that is claiming to be a sanctuary we were shocked it was more like a shark prison. One man told us the sharks are released when they get to a meter long or a year old his coworker told us one of the sharks was too years old at least 2 of the sharks were over a meter long.
He feed the sharks and the told us to get in once in the net we realised we could stand up in most of it and the net was not very deep. Our so called guide spent most of his time trying to fix the net we felt uncomfortable and sorry for the sharks as there was now 3 people and 8 sharks in a very small space and we got out.
He seemed surprised we didn’t want to stay in the water longer but then told us we could plant coral.
As we are both certified divers we were shocked when the guide swam down and snapped some coral off as we have always been taught not to touch or interfere with marine life. We could not believe what we were hearing when he then told us to cement the coral on to a bit of rock and plant it in with the other coral. We were told they had planted coral for many years and lots of it had grown and the Coral below was beautiful. We were not surprised when we got in to the sea with our snorkels to see in fact none of the coral had grown and that there was a lot of old stones with cement stuck to them. There was hardly any fish and that’s not surprising due to the fact they were washing cement and other pollutants in to the sea. We returned to the boat as soon as possible and asked to be taken straight to the turtle sanctuary, the man told us on the boat that we must leave a recorded review before leaving the pontoon, my boyfriend refused to speak however I felt intimidated by the men and made the video so we could leave.
Once back on the beach we were told we would be taken to the turtle sanctuary, we confirmed this with them 3 times the driver then took us on to the main road when we asked where he was going he said to the hotel, that’s were they told me to take you.

It was an extremely expensive trip to see 8 sharks being treated extremely badly I would not recommend anyone funding these men and there animal abuse. Terrible day
Written September 21, 2019
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Port Augusta, Australia37 contributions
Dec 2016 • Friends
Not a real quad person, went along with my sister and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Perfect day, got a little muddy and enjoyed the ride as well as the scenery.
Topped off with a delicious traditional Indonesian meal.
Written December 24, 2016
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Brisbane Region, Australia37 contributions
Apr 2016 • Family
Wayan and his crew were brilliant. Careful and concerned to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Tracks are definitely not boring.

Bikes are in reasonable condition. Helmets and boots provided.
Written April 26, 2016
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Melbourne, Australia10 contributions
My boyfriend and I saw a pamphlet on the quad bike adventure so we thought we would give it a go. I've never ridden one before. Was my first time riding one, They are easy to drive but sometimes hard to turn. I didn't realise you would be going up steep hills, I got stuck some of the time but the guides helped me along the way. Don't wear to much nice clothing as you may get a little wet/muddy along the tracks.
You stop along the way for water or coffee and towards the end you stop at the natural hot spring waters also.
At the end you get a free lunch which was a nice surprise and you can buy some of the photos that they take and they put it on a disk for you.
Would defiantly recommend doing this
Written May 19, 2015
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It's so great to make people happy ! And it's our daily job. In your case, we had to guide yourself and your beloved one, and thus we have the lovely opportunity to double our pleasure ! Two people happy at the same time, that's really great. All the staff is really happy to succeed, even if they are accustomed to do all to make those adventures awesome and easy to drive. Thanks for coming. Thanks for appreciating it. And thanks for maybe coming once again. Terima kasih
Written May 22, 2015
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Melbourne, Australia55 contributions
Apr 2015 • Family
Our group of six ( ages 28 to 58), on four Quadbikes, had five guides to assist us. So there could no clowning around. The scenery was spectacular, looking over the rice fields to the mountains. We wife is extreeeeemely nervous in these situations, but she loved it after ten minutes sitting on the pillion. Most of the set route is made from concrete paths, and there is some water to negotiate, but there was plenty of carefully crafted excitement for all. I asked the guides if they had ever lost a tourist, and they were horrified at the thought. Helmets and Gumboots are supplied. This attraction is well worth the expense.
Written April 27, 2015
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Thank you very much "Klattu" for joining us, and we are so proud to read your comment today. All the staff is proud to read comments like this one, and all the staff realize also like that they have succeed in his daily mission. We are all "built" indeed with a lonely philosophy and guideline : be happy to make all our guests happy. If we have succeed with your group of six persons from different age, we are now full happy. It is not easy every day for our staff, you can imagine it, but if after the effort we realize we have offered to our guests one of their best souvenir of the Island of the Gods, it becomes like magic. You can now say to Melbourne we are waiting everyone in our rice fields !... See you maybe once again also. We hope it so much. To offer you one additional smiling day. Terima kasih
Written April 28, 2015
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Emma S
Glasson Dock, UK375 contributions
Mar 2015 • Couples
I have no experience on a quad bike and I'm not the world's bravest person. My husband saw the leaflet when we arrived in Bali and said he'd love to do it so I went along for the ride.

We booked through our agent (Marintur Bali). It was $110 US dollars each including transfers, quad biking, lunch and a trip to the butterfly park. There are cheaper packages depending on what you want to do and if you want a single or tandem bike.

We were picked up on time at 9am from our hotel in Nusa Dua and arrived about 11am. The office was professional and we had a nice watermelon drink and filled in the forms. We were given plastic bags to put over our feet and then put into wellies. Make sure to take socks. We then got helmets and went to the quads.

The guide showed me the basic controls and we set off. I was useless at operating the quad and struggled to steer it. From the off we were going up and down steep slopes and I was pretty scared. My husband was loving it.

The guides moved me to the front so they could keep an eye on me as I was obviously struggling. I tried to keep going but it got so that I was really scared and I was ruining the trip for the people behind who just wanted to speed along and get into it.

I asked the guide if he would get on my quad and drive and thankfully he obliged. He asked me if I was scared and I said I was and he said he wanted me to feel safe and happy. After a few minutes with him driving I felt much much better and as the track got harder I was very glad he was driving.

I can see how others have found it scary but the guides did seem to know what they were doing and they tell you what to do the whole time and help you. My husband loved it and said he felt safe and he had no problems.

If you are adventurous and used to quad bikes I'd say you'll love it. If you are like me and nervous and have never been on a quad I'd say choose a tandem and ride on the back or give it a go and when it gets to where you want to stop just tell the guide.

You know pretty quickly if you are loving it or thinking 'I'm going to die'.

The facilities are good at the start with toilets. You stop for a break with water and tea and coffee and they take you to see a farmers house. The lunch after the quad biking is fantastic. I am a fussy eater and I ate all of it - chicken and sweet corn soup, spring rolls, rice and pork and chicken. You have to pay for drinks but it's only 11,000 IDR for a coke or sprite. Over lunch you get to look at all the photos taken. There are different prices for how many you want - 1 photo was 10,000, 10 = 80,000, 25 was 190,000 and 40 was 280,000 and all of the photos was 450,000 IDR. We choose 25 photos which got all the good ones. They give them to you on a CD.

There was a small souvenir shop which was reasonably priced. I got a bracelet for 6,000 IDR. It sold tshirts, scarves, bags and postcards.

The butterfly park was a nice stop on the way back with some beautiful butterfly's. They place ones that have just been born on you which makes some great photos.

Overall tips: take or wear socks, sports bra for girls, tandem for inexperienced and single for experienced. You can leave bags in a locker and just take the key on the ride but some in our group took their bags. One guy had a camera that clipped onto him which was a great idea. You get muddy as you splash through the water but not too bad and you can wash at the hot spring. Tell the guides if you feel scared or there is something wrong with your quad.
Written March 24, 2015
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Thanks Emma for your complete and very honest comment. All staff here remembers very well your adventure and the complicity between your husband and yourself. He was indeed more friendly with the quad driving but, just as you say, don't worry about that. We are always there to make all our guests full happy. It is even our philosophy : be happy to make people happy every day ! The best thing for us is if we succeed to offer to you the best souvenir of the Island of the Gods. And, by reading you, we had probably reached that target. If it is like that, it's great. You where happy and we are there only for that. Our cooker appreciate also your congratulations. He cooks as Bali families are cooking. Good meals, simple meals, but made with love and with the smile. And here also if you appreciate it, we can only thank you for joining us. Have a great day and dont forget : the Earth is big and there are many places to discover everywhere but, once you where in Bali, you come always back in the Island of the Gods... For that reason, we are just waiting you next time ... Kind balinese regards to you and your husband. BALI BY QUAD'S TEAM
Written March 26, 2015
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