Tomahawk Lake Water Park

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Tomahawk Lake Water Park
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a big no
Jul 2021 • Friends
very crowded and so expensive for practically nothing! don’t waste your money here!!!! also it’s severely understaffed
Written August 22, 2021
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Fairfield, NJ23 contributions
Who knew about this
Jul 2021
What a nice time, Clean water with sandy beach and large areas for smaller children
Then move on and just enough water slides for Older children and Adults
You can bring your own food, find many picnic tables in the us and out of the sun, you can also barbecue!
Limited food service, but fine, snacks and desserts
Definitely a gem
Written July 16, 2021
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Robert H
Westfield, NJ1 contribution
Wonderful Lakeside Beach and Waterpark
Jun 2021
I went here for father's day weekend and had an amazing time and was very impressed with this place. There are so many great things about Lake Tomahawk. First, the beach on the lake is great because there are large open spaces for people who want to get some sun and there are also large shady areas under big trees for people who want to stay in the shade. This itself is a great feature. The beach also does not get overly crowded.

There are two separate areas in the lake for little kids to play in and they had small slides , fountains, etc. My kids loved these play areas. There are also bigger water slides for older kids for an extra fee.

I was really impressed that this place does not skimp or cut corners. For example, the bathrooms are all air conditioned and were very clean at all times of the day. There were also plenty of life guards and each slide always had at least two lifeguards even in the morning when no kids were going down the slides.

There was live music, which was a pleasant surprise in the form of a guitar player/singer. The music was the right volume and not too loud. There was also a bar that made frozen drinks, a snack bar and an ice cream trailer.

There are also lots and lots of picnic tables in the shade where people can barbeque.

The time flew by and my wife and our 3 kids loved this place. We will definitely be going back soon.
Written June 21, 2021
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Patrick C
1 contribution
Customer service ladies come on!
Jun 2021 • Family
This should be a great place to spend a day but the grumpy staff often ruin the day. They really need to understand that treating customers well will pay down the road.
The staff apart the park is clean and the kids have fun.
Written June 6, 2021
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Morris County, NJ131 contributions
You get what you pay for
Jun 2021 • Family
This was our first time here. If you are expecting a Great Wolf Lodge or Aquatopia type of “water park” you’ll be sorely disappointed. It’s literally a small lake with a few slides. We pulled up and the girl who was the parking attendant counted how many people are in your party and immediately collects the admission fee. As we started to drive past the lady that was working with her yells out loud “Did they pay” to the girl who took our money. Very bizarre. We get to the park and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not that crowded. They have picnic tables that are reserved and some that are not. We were going to sit at a picnic table but then decided to sit on the beach area. You can bring your own food which is a huge plus. We then go to buy wristband tickets and we waited 10 minutes in line for the worker to show up. Then she gets there and starts fiddling with everything in the area before she finally looks up to help us. She did explain everything clearly and was friendly so that somewhat made up for the way it began. Our biggest source of frustration was the layout of the 4 ft and under area ( Papoose land) And then the secondary area for kids 5 feet and under. The area for the 5 feet and under children was completely mis -matched to the area for the small kids. There were a few lily pads to climb on and literally one bucket that dumped water on you. The smaller kids area had several slides, lily pads, multiple water buckets. It was obvious the lifeguards weren’t enforcing the 4 ft and under rule so we finally told our two older kids to go play over there too otherwise they would’ve been bored out of their mind all day. The slides were ok but one of them the kids climbed up and waited 10 minutes and then we finally told them to come back down and it turns out the lifeguard wasn’t going to get back till 1 o’clock. It was literally 12 o’clock. The person running the ride should’ve said to the kids why don’t you go back down and come back later instead of having them stand there before we finally told them to come back down ourselves. They had live music later on in the day by the bar which was pretty nice. Overall it’s a fairly inexpensive place for the family to go for the day but if you are expecting anything elaborate you will be disappointed. The phrase “you get what you pay “for definitely applies here.
Written June 6, 2021
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Trip Advice
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Dirty, NOT worth the trip
Aug 2019
The lake and all the amenities are filthy. They serve alcohol and allow alcohol on the premises. Complete irresponsibility all around from the owners and the patrons. Not safe at all. Almost every year someone drowns in the lake and/or kills someone driving home drunk. Do your research before visiting this horrific so called water park.....
Written June 15, 2020
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Sparta, NJ60 contributions
Could be a great place but much too overcrowned
Aug 2019
This location has been expanding its water slides for years. Most slides are pretty good. I use to come here 30+ years ago when it was relatively unknown and had only a few slides. It was great fun. Now it has tried to become one of the "big" spots and the chaos, parking, costs and potential dangers have skyrocketed. Blatant drunkenness is evident and several significant mishaps have occurred over the years. If you do choice to go, go on a weekday and avoid the summer weekends. Excellent water slides, as I have stated, but pay close attention to your little ones.
Written December 30, 2019
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Jennifer Emir
East Newark, NJ9 contributions
Go to a park that is is worth your money
Jul 2019 • Family
Expensive entrance for just a picnic and swimming in some murky water. Yes, I know is a lake, but I've been in cleaner lakes than this. Payed $45 for 3. This is not a real water park. Is just a very small section of some murky lake with few cheap dirty rides that you have to pay extra for. And yes, they are dirty. go to a real water park that is worth the money, not this limbo. No refund as soon as you set foot in there. You can't really have fun either. No hammocks (ironic since is a Native American theme park) and No alcohol of course. Charcoal grill is the only type of grill allow so you can buy the charcoal from them or buy even the grill. If you like paying extra for something you can do on your own backyard, then this is the place for you.
Written July 28, 2019
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Morristown, NJ87 contributions
Country Lakeside Waterpark
Jul 2019 • Family
Tomahawk Lake is a fun experience as long as you know exactly what the experience is... it would not be fair to compare this experience to a large commercial outdoor waterpark (Kalahari, Aquatopia, Mountain Creek etc.) . It is a picnic park with a lake that has fun lakeside activities & water elements that can be enjoyed by children of various ages. Many of the staff are kind and patient senior citizens who have been there for a decade or longer and seem to be enjoying their job. The place could use a little updating; the blacktop paths to get to the waterslides are a little rough on the feet, the restrooms / changing rooms could use a facelift, and some of the picnic tables could use a little TLC. However, A family of four could easily enjoy what the park has to offer outdoors for the entire day for under $100. So, if you are able to find joy in local country experiences then you will enjoy Tomahawk Lake.

Note: Tomahawk Lake is very similar to Knoebels Amusement Park in PA. If you like Knoebels you will like Tomahawk Lake. Our pre-school aged children spend hours at the kids under 48" beach area climbing on the water elements and have smiles on their faces the entire time. As adults we have been on all the tube / sled based water slides and have had a good time as well.
Written July 2, 2019
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Stephen John
San Diego, CA132 contributions
I've Had More Fun in my Bathtub
Aug 2018 • Family
Visited this place with my family in August 2018 and was extremely disappointed. My father has been coming here for years -- ever since he was a kid and apparently, it has changed quite a bit.

I would best describe this place similar to the German regime in 1942.

This establishment has dozens upon dozens of rules which they enforce only as they see fit. I saw the typical rules that any place may have to keep its patrons safe & orderly. However rules like no loud music (when people all around are playing songs on their bluetooth speakers), no smoking (again, not enforced.. saw a group next to us smoking hookah and cigarettes, to my favorite... I'm not allowed to back into my parking spot, even when it makes sense to.

I came to terms with the above rules and then purchased a wristband to go on the water rides to try to have some fun. On the water rides, the rules are strictly enforced, some more than others depending on which ride attendant you get. I went on two rides and had no issues about my sunglasses, nor my father and his hat, then we got harassed on another ride for having them.

The wait for the water rides is extremely long because they wait until any participant is fully down and out of the slide and nearly out of the water before sending the next person down. I've never seen that before -- seriously takes forever.

This place killed my vibe so I didn't have the desire to try much else after that. So I packed up and went home.
Written August 27, 2018
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