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2-3 hours
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Neighborhood: The Strip
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  • Harrah's / The Linq Station • 4 min walk
  • Flamingo / Caesars Palace Station • 7 min walk
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Very good

Bonita, California, United States2 contributions
Another Stunning Night Dancing At Omnia!!
Aug 2021
Another Stunning night at Omnia this past month. Energy is unbelievable in the club you just have to go and experience it. Just there again two weeks earlier on a Tuesday night. Whole different scene on a Friday night then on a Tuesday night. See last review for Tuesday night. General admission for no delay entry is $160 each for me and my girlfriend. O.K. $320 price to dance. Hit all the good dance steps, pin drop, spin down shuffle, others, thank you Mihran. Much larger crowd on a Friday and hard to move around. Big name EDM artist Friday night, IILenium. Dancing was great, drinks were great, my favorite Waitress bartender is back and still as beautiful as ever. So very happy to see her. She makes the best drinks. Yes, cost is $30 a drink on a Friday night and well just tip the change. When you are my age, it really won’t matter. She is located up behind the main floor, treat her well. Again, dance floor crowds up in the first hour. A lot of people just on the floor not necessarily to dance but just there to watch the artist and take in the chandelier and light show. Go on a Tuesday night for more room to dance. Hip hop room is good but also very crowded with a whole different vibe. When you come from the energy of the main EDM room into the hip hop room could be a letdown. The terrace is nice to cool off but is also very crowded. Bouncers were nice, did their job well. The only place I have found to sit in Omnia unless you have a table; is on the left side facing the main EDM stage, there are some shelve like area built into the wall, space only for 5-6 people. Stayed only four hours (girlfriend was tried) as we were out on Thursday dancing all night at Hakkasan’s. Let me say; Omnia is open for dancing, my favorite waitress is back and another Stunning time!!
Written November 1, 2021
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John Smith
4 contributions
Beaten and Assaulted by Security
Serious safety incident
I came out of the restroom and a security man asked if I had a boyfriend waiting for me. They claimed he had “put hands” on another security. I apologized and told them we would leave and did not want any trouble. They refused and five men proceeded to beat him in front of me. I screamed and cried for them to let him go and claimed they were using excessive force. It was dark and loud and everything happened so fast, but 2-4 men grabbed me, shoved me, and touched my breasts. They pulled my dress, tore it, and exposed my breasts. I screamed that they needed to get their hands off of my breasts and they were touching me inappropriately. They laughed and continued. They called me horrible names and as I tried to remove their hands from my breasts in defense, they tried to break my arms. We were taken into a room and when a police officer arrived, my boyfriend and I were separated. The security proceeded to beat my boyfriend when the police officers were not present. My boyfriend suffered injuries to his wrist, back, and neck as well as bruises on his face and arms. We went to the hospital the following day and an X-ray revealed that they had caused a wedge and a twist to the vertebrae in his spine. We will be going for an MRI, and to see another doctor to determine the physical therapy that will be required.
Written August 4, 2021
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San Diego, CA12 contributions
Jul 2021
OMNIA IS BACK!! Tuesday night with Party Favor was another electrifying time!! I have been at Omnia at least 10 times now since has opened. With many previous reviews. This is the best nightclub in the world and not just in Las Vegas. Trust me I have been to many. Tuesday night always has the world’s best dancers like myself (thank you Mihran). I have been told I am natural born dancer. After seven drinks you’ll be a natural born dancer also!! I first danced at age two in 1959 and have danced in 8 different decades now. I think you can say I enjoy dancing. Tuesday night is generally not as crowded as the big name weekend events. You will have room to dance and the side walk space around the dancefloor is not packed so you will be hang out without being pushed all over. Getting a drink is no problem. My special bartender I did not see her that night. I hope she comes back. Drinks are around $20-$30 OK as I have said in prior reviews when you are 60+ you will not care either. The heart of Omnia its hip hop club was fairly crowded that night. Just my observation. Did not go to the terrace that night as I was enjoying myself dancing too much on the main floor. The trick to get in is to go general admission up the center line (cost $59), well just the cost to dance. Get there at exactly 10:30PM when it opens and you will be able to dance with plenty of space. Dance floor crowds up after about 50 minutes. Thins again in the last hour or about at 2:00 AM. For me now at age 63 it is hard to dance all night as now I can only go about 5 hours maximum. Oh and of course the girls are so attractive and easy to talk with, well for me that works as they know I am safe. I get high fives from the guys and hugs from many of the girls. I know they think will they be able to go out at night at age 63 and dance?? Well again OMNIA IS BACK AND STILL ELECTRIFYING!!
Written July 17, 2021
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Jason D
1 contribution
Bouncers use excessive force
Mar 2020 • Couples
I came here with a friend, his first time in Vegas and freshly 21. After being in the club for about an hour, we finally made our way to the main room. Just as I was about to head to the bar, he mistakingly walked into one of the open balcony VIP spaces. A bouncer grabbed him, with no vocal warning, to remove him from the space. He threw up his arms, to try and have the bouncer let go and was instantly tackled by a group of bouncers. My friend is 120lbs. These bouncers were much larger. As they knelt on top of him, they handcuffed him. In disbelief, I pulled out my phone to try and record the extreme excess of force. Instantly, a bouncer put his hand on my phone. I waited a few seconds and pulled out my phone again as bouncers remained on top of my friend. This time bouncers grabbed me and escorted me out of the club. As someone who has worked in the nightlife industry for over a decade, this was the worst case of excessive force I have ever seen. My friend was detained for an hour and forced to sign paperwork, none of which they really comprehended at the time. In today’s day and age, not allowing a customer to record when your bouncers use excessive force just screams that there’s an internal problem. I still have the videos of a bouncer intentionally blocking my phone and another of four bouncers on top of a 120lb person. It was a traumatizing experience and we will never visit Omnia, or another one of Hakkasan’s nightclubs. After contacting the head of security, they defended their actions. Simply, a terrible experience.
Written February 28, 2021
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Canada1,399 contributions
Great evening at the Omnia Club
Feb 2020
We were in Las Vegas for a fight weekend and had the chance to go to the Omnia Club. Great atmosphere , nice venue staff and an amazing production (sound, lights, video). My favorite spot was the outdoor terrace overlooking the famous Las Vegas Strip, A great evening and a great spot in Las Vegas.
Written August 27, 2020
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Ines Perez
Monterrey, Mexico5 contributions
Best Night Club
Aug 2019
I had the best time in omnio las vegas, i saw clavin harris play that night and it was simple incredible, although it was really crowded, the music and the atmosphere was what you look for in a vegas night
Written June 5, 2020
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Louisville, KY11 contributions
Our Number 1 Pick
Feb 2020
We (married couple) just returned from a 5 day trip to Vegas that included 4 nightclubs. Each unique with their own personality however Omnia won in our stack ranking for several reasons. A. It wasn't overly crowded B. They have a phenomenal sound system C. They had 3 DJ's that were all great D. The lighting is second to none. We had an awesome night and would have stayed until close but the Mrs. said her feet were on fire from her fancy shoes.

Important stuff:
We arrived 15 minutes before the club opened on a Friday night and were 3rd in line. We purchased tickets to minimize the time we spent in line (because I don't like lines) and we didn't wait longer than 3 minutes once they opened the doors.

We were treated great by all of the staff and will definitely be back later this year.

My only complaints:
Toward 2A, they did crank the volume louder and my Apple Watch told me that I would have hearing loss if I continued to be exposed to noise at that level. Of the 4 night clubs we visited, Omnia was the only nightclub determined to damage my hearing. If you think this may bother you, I'd suggest bringing earplugs for later in the night. Then again, if you are partying properly you might not care.

We were there for Valentine's day and Heart of Omnia & the Terrace were both closed. Only the main room was accessible which was unfortunate. I think being able to go into a different area for a little one to slow down and relax would have made for a better experience.

Either way, we love this place and can't wait to go back.

Do not skip Omnia. Don't be a spectator, Go and party hard!
Written February 18, 2020
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Radmila R
Mishawaka, IN147 contributions
Omnia Club
Jan 2020
We were there for DJ Tiesto. We were told the best time to come was before 11 to avoid the line. Tiesto didn't appear till 1 a.m. The club seemed smaller than I expected, because wherever we would go, it would be a VIP area. Also, because there was a ticketed event, once you get on the dance floor, you can't really leave the dance floor, unless you don't care about getting back in. So we didn't even get to get a drink, because we didn't want to lose our spot.

There is a nice deck area, that was pretty nice and had its own DJ. But again, most of the seating was VIP.
Written February 5, 2020
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Sutton Coldfield5 contributions
Avoid!! Would not give a pregnant woman water. Dreadful bar staff.
Jan 2020
Dreadful, avoid at all costs. The bar staff refused to give some tap water to a pregnant lady, double charged my credit card and told me to 'f*ck off' I have a picture of the barman below. I'd recommend you terminate his employment immediately.
Written January 29, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

New Plymouth, New Zealand99 contributions
Great for people who don’t like dance music and enjoy frottage.
Dec 2019 • Couples
My wife and I are no spring chickens and so it is fair to say we are not necessarily the target demographic but we still love to go to clubs and festivals and have seen many of the biggest names over the years so we decided to go to see Calvin Harris on NYE.
Omnia is very different to European clubs and the festival scene. First of all the women are exclusively in tiny dresses and high heels, no trainers in sight. The men all seem to be doing their best Pitbull impression, sweating profusely into their Zara suits.
The club is staffed some of the most miserable jobsworths you are likely to meet from the coat-check staff who make nazis seem funny as they take $20 per item from you to the security staff who delight in stopping you from going almost anywhere. These officious pricks look forward to the opportunity to ruin your night.
Of course if you are willing to indulge in the haves and have-nots aspect of a vip booth you’ll get a different experience, along with an empty feeling in both your soul and wallet.
The lights are fantastic, the sound system loud and clear. However the vibe in the room is one of antagonism as too many people are crushed up against each other running the gauntlet of blokes feeling the women up (my wife included) to drunken morons picking fights. Nobody was there for the music, just to get a picture or video of the dj. When CH played the hits the crowd joined in, when he played other stuff they were less engaged. Not as disengaged as Calvin himself who was going through the motions, made little effort to engage with the crowd and who on a few occasions could clearly be seen sighing (we had fought our way to the front as a point of principle so we’re only a few feet away).
If you are out with a bunch of drunken besties, don’t really care about dance music and have the kind of money needed to drop on drinks then you’ll probably love it there.
Personally though if Omnia disappeared up it’s own puckered ringpiece tomorrow I’ll be out on the street chanting EAT-SLEEP-RAVE-REPEAT in celebration.
Written January 5, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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