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Lucky Cheng's
This location was reported permanently closed
Lucky Cheng's the drag queen capital of the worl offering dinner and free shows every night served by outrageous drag queen.Visited through out the years by many celebrities. A must see.
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24 reviews
Very good

Vancouver, Canada7 contributions
Terrible Experience
Jun 2018 • Couples
Although the location is different this business is still open. We paid $200 plus for a Drag show and dinner, both were terrible and way over priced. Apparently there was a time that Lucky Cheng's was a great experience, these days are Long gone. The Drag Queen's are so bad you actually get bored during the show and are somewhat embarrassed for them. I had a 100 % better experience at a Free Drag show in Atlanta Georgia last month. Don't waste your time or money and all the amazing videos and photos are from their previous location and shows. I would have given them a less then 1 star if I could.
Written June 21, 2018
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Lexington, OH289 contributions
Had alot of fun
Went to Lucky Chengs about a year ago. Have to say I was expecting more value food perspective although the food was good. I only ate small amounts though because i was sick while i was there. The show was very fun, loved the costumes especially the one with flowers all over it. Got a lap dance from one of them and even a few pictures of it however i cannot post them as i am on a different computer but if you don't care about the money, go to this. it is fun at least i thought. even some men in there with their wives were shoving bills in the drag queens dresses.
Written February 23, 2009
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Massachusetts164 contributions
This was such a rip off!!!!
This place is a joke...the drag queens are all disheveled and unkempt...their outfits are ripped and dirty...the food they serve is is an "asian buffet" plus a one hour "show"...this little deal comes up to about $50 per person!!! DO NOT go to this show, and if you do, buy your tickets in Vegas at a "Tix 4 Tonight" booth...Google it...these performers were pretty much pathetic...
Written February 21, 2009
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New York1 contribution
Bad Drag! Bad Host! Bad Food....
OMG. What can I say this show was a waste of time and money. The food is bad. really bad. The only thing that was good was my cocktail waitress (chichi) and the cocktails. The show its self was horrible. I am costume designer and was hoping to see more visual costumes. I love the showgirl and dancing numbers, other then that I would recommend the manager to increase the budget of the show to get a better host and costumes. I rather have went to see La Cage.
Written December 3, 2008
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carrie b
Brevard County, FL16 contributions
fabulous show when expectations are realistic
The show is fantastic. I was worried after seeing other reviews, so I waited until we got there to buy tickets. The food is exactly what you see in reviews...not very good, just average, but are you there for the food or show? I think the show could have been even better, but we didn't have a good crowd. It was only about half full. There aren't many shows in Vegas at this point that you can go to and have a great time, ok food, for $50 a person (not including drinks and tips-that's up to you!). I would definitely go again. Bring a good group of friends and a sense of humor!!
Written October 28, 2008
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Mark A
London14 contributions
What A Drag.
I don't want to write too much as this will give them some publicity. Suffice to say this was a rip off, in a pokey little hall and she-males dressed as women not men dressed as women. I hope this review saves someone some money!!!!
Written October 18, 2008
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Portland, OR285 contributions
Where did the good drag queens go?
We arrived near the end of the dinner and I thank the club manager for graciously making up for the skimpy remains of the buffet by going next door and getting us some of the soul food buffet. Thanks!

What I can't forgive is the complete and utter decimation of my expecations of having a very fun night. I have been to many, many drag shows, including one at this very same venue only a couple years ago when it was elsewhere on the strip. I want campy drag entertainment. I don't want black performance art. We unfortunately had half of a drag show and half of some utterly downer halloween prep session - A Chi Chi in a white dress with blood dripping down the front, holding out some gruesome bloodied head while walking around, singing a song well suited to committing suidcide does not make for a fun night.

The emcee also needs to tone down the invectives. Yes, we expect a share of queer jokes and references but he's just too over the top. We sat next to a party of 4 women obviously expecting a great ladies night out. They were verry gracious during the show but on the way out you could tell some of them were steaming mad at the show content and some of the jokes directed at them. Qiute frankly, there was only a glimmer of a real drag show with a few numbers of the type you expect. The rest was boring artsy crap. I very much doubt I will ever come back to this place, but if so, please bring back the real good time drag queens!
Written October 3, 2008
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California18 contributions
We had a Great Time!/Food yuck/Get the 20.00 tickets
I was a bit worried after reading the reviews- I really did not want to go, but it was a group thing and I didn't have a choice. So here is my review.

We all had a great time. This was the first drag show I have seen.

Food- This is not a buffet, its a snack- A yucky one. I thought the food was pretty bad, but then again I am picky about food and only had a salad and some noodles. I don't eat fast food at all, and very picky about where I eat chinese food. I like fresh, no msg, no grease, no grisel.. There were a couple in the group who thought the food was pretty good- one other who like myself thought it was unconsumable.
For those who like Panda Express, I was told it was not as good as Panda. I did not try the meat because I don't eat meat.
The plates were very small and they did run out of egg rolls and wontons which they did end up refiling. If you don't eat fried food or red meat there were not many options- Small salad (since the plate was small) ^some sort of meat. Wontons- meat again- so I did not try it. So if you were a vegetarian, you would be eating a small salad for dinner.

Tipping- I did not feel pressured at all to tip. I don't believe anyone did. In fact, there were times when people who wanted to tip were unable to because the performer did not get to all areas of the small bar/theater to collect the tip. The bar/theater I am guessing seats about 80 people. That's a guess. We were seated in the front table to the side of the stage.

Pictures- They had our party go on the stage to take a picture prior to the show- One of the drag Queens posed in the front. The picture turned out nice. We were all dressed in theme costume The first photo was 20.00 and copies 10.00. So the photos- 12.50 per person. - We thought the price was fair and the picture was priceless.

Show- The show was pretty good. Cher as well as others were great. We also had tickets to the REAL Cher and she cancelled so we were happy we at least got to see Drag Cher. She was very good. Our birthday girl was pulled up front to the stage in her chair and ................ Very funny.

Conclusion- I would have spent more gambling in less time- so the show was worth it. We had a lot of fun.
I think the show is worth more like the 20.00 + 5.00 fee you would pay on Add two drinks and tips and you pay around another 25.00 for a total of 50.00. I Don't bother with VIP tickets- We had the best seats and did not pay for VIP. Also its such a tiny place (size of a small bar/ restaurant. There really are no bad seats with the exception of maybe the back couch area. Be sure to sit at a table.

Have fun!!!
Written September 29, 2008
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Las Vegas, NV1 contribution
Can I get my 2 hours back, forget the money!
We went for a event with a group of women who are all gay friendly and open minded, so the "drag" Queen thing is not the issue here. The Buffet was depleted by the time we got there,and I have never seen such tiny plates used in a buffet . They are the size of a salad plate at best, so don't go hungry. No salad was left, just a few lettuce leaves. The dessert consisted of some store bought looking cookies. We had reservations for a month in advance, so there is no excuse for this lack of planning. I have had better chinese food at Panda Express or any shopping mall food court. The "Show" consisted of the "queens" lip syncing and running around looking for tips. I am still waiting for a show! The jokes were not very funny and downright demeaning for the women at times. We are far from being a bunch of prudes. With the quality and choices of shows in Las Vegas, This is a waste of time and money. Please read your bill, we had a $62 Gratuity added to our $150 bar bill. When we looked stunned at the amount, we were told by the waitress that we didn't know how to count and must have not gone to college. This is a true dining experience with not so happy ending.
Written August 16, 2008
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AZ5 contributions
Have been to Cheng's before last March read some of the reviews and thought to myself were we all at the same place?? From my last visit there they had changed a few things the show was even Better Chi Chi your outfit with the cards on it very Vegas glam. We had a group of 12 this time 4 newbie’s and one very uptight male, who ended up having a great time. We all had a great time. The food was same and there was plenty to go back through the buffet line more than once. Drinks are a bit pricy but if you are not in front of a slot machine or a card table you are not going to get a drink in Vegas for Free. Costumes were fantastic, funny humor, and lots of drag droppings were given out by all at our table. Open minded adult humor and always great pictures to be taken. Thanks everyone at Cheng's for another wonderful side splitting evening.
Written August 13, 2008
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