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Montreal, Canada1,533 contributions
Sep 2019
I guess it may make a difference if you're in a booth, but we had an amazing full day without a hiccup. Everything was clear and explained from the get go. We skipped all the lines and even stragglers in the group were allowed to skip the line once they arrived. Service was attentive and not pushy at all. Good looking staff was not conceited and very friendly the whole day. Direct views of Kygo from across the pool. The bathrooms were a bit of a mess. Perhaps offer VIP bathrooms for people who get bottle service or booths? The next day we got a lounge area for Chainsmokers and our promoter got us back stage passes to behind the booth - very cool. Awesome experience !
Written February 12, 2020
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Ren & Rachel
11 contributions
Jun 2021 • Couples
Gosh! There isnt enough stars for me to give how I really feel!! This party was YANKIN!! We saw Meduza and he had the party rockin until..well I dont even know because we left at 4am! Drinks pricey af but its Vegas! Get there early, like nerdy early, if not your gona wait 1-2 hours in line. Worth the wait tho. We are going back as many times as we possibly can.
Written July 13, 2021
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18 contributions
Sep 2015
This place is amazing and was one of the highlights of our holiday. Visited over Labor Day weekend to see Zedd on the Saturday. We hadn't booked a table or cabana and had read previous reviews about how busy this place gets, so we decided to head there for 10.30am. Even though it wasn't due to open until 11am, they were letting people in. We walked straight in with no queue at all, very friendly staff checked our ID (concierge at the hotel advised any guests from the UK to take passports as ID rather than drivers license- not sure why?!) and our bags were quickly searched. We had to pay $30 to put our things into a sealed bag which was kept in the cloakroom. We were told it would then cost $10 each time we wanted to go act to get anything out!!! We thought this was totally ridiculous so made sure we had everything we needed with us and basically just checked in our passports. We were practically the first people in there and were able to grab a spot on the side of the pool which was our base for the day. Thank god we got there early because within half an hour there was literally nowhere to sit! The sides of the pools were crammed with people. We bought buckets of 12 bud lights which came with a large ice bucket- this avoided having to go back and forward to the bar too much, I think they were around $130. However there was never more than a 10/15 minute wait at the bar even though the place was rammed! Never more than a 5 minute queue for the toilet. One negative point- unless you have booked a table or cabana, there is literally no shade at all! You are out in the baking heat all day which I found a bit uncomfortable at times, so went and stood by the bar!
Zedd was amazing and we had a fab time at EBC, we left around 5pm.
Tips- if you haven't booked a table or cabana, get there early! If you are pale like me- bring plenty of sun cream as you will be in the blazing sun all day. If you are a guest at the Encore or Wynn, then use your key to charge drinks to the room instead of carrying cash.
Written September 26, 2015
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Mariana O
2 contributions
Sep 2017 • Friends
If I could give no stars I would. I hope everybody reads it!!
My brother, cousin and I decided to go to Encore Beach Club on 9/2/2017 thinking that we were going to the best hotel in Vegas. Well, that was the worst decision we've ever taken as our time of fun became a nightmare.
We paid around $300 total for tickets. We paid $75 dollars for one day rental of a locker thinking we were going to keep all of our items secured. I mean for $75 a day and with a code to open, it's fair to think so, right?
We were in the pool having a good time. NONE of us have ever used drugs thank God. We are good people who were looking to have a good time like any other tourist in Vegas in a pool party. We ordered 1 beer for each of us and after the beer we ordered 1 cranberry vodka for each of us and that was it. We never left our drinks unattended. We were together as a family the whole time having fun. Well, that was enough for me to not remember anything. Right after I finished my vodka cranberry, I blacked out and next thing I know I'm waking up in the ER. My brother got kicked out by a security guard because some guys were fighting. My brother was NOT fighting with anybody he was just coming out of the bathroom. They didn't allow him to get his stuff from the locker. He was kicked out to the strip in the 100 degree heat with no shoes and no shirt no I'D, no money, and no phone. My cousin who was coming out of the bathroom right after my brother was taken by a police officer and put in jail for "Obstructing an officer's way" and given a ticket of $1000. The three of us can't even remember most of what happen after we were taken. I don't even remember how I got to the ER. I only know that I had to be CPR due to being really intoxicated. Again, all of these happened after finishing those vodka drinks from the bar at Encore Beach Club and again never leaving our drinks unattended. To top it all off, the next day we came back to retrieve our stuff from the locker. On the phone, when I had called in the morning, the lady from Lost and Found told me that they were only $260 dollars cash in one wallet and $324 In another one. We had a total of $600 cash in the locker. When we got to pick up our things, they only gave us back $324 dollars and NOBODY was able to help us with what we were missing. Also, our clothes were stolen which included a pair of really expensive Hugo Boss shoes. All of these iteams were locked in a "very secure" and expensive locker. We tried to file a report at Encore and guess What? The report writer had us waiting over and hour and when he finally got to us he made us fill out a form and told me that it would take him 10 minutes the most to create the report and that he was going to come back with his manager so we could talk to him. Well, he never came out of the office had us waiting for another hour at least and we never heard from anybody. They sent us from the Wynn to the Encore and from the Encore to the beach club and vice versa. Nobody knew what to do in a situation like this we were told. One would blame the other one but nobody resolved anything. They only lied to us and were very rude to us.


I still have no idea what happened to me or if someone did something to me in the time I passed out. I really don't wish this to anybody.

If you are thinking on going there, PLEASE RECONSIDER IT FOR YOUR SAFETY!
Written September 4, 2017
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Las Vegas, NV1 contribution
Sep 2017 • Business
We were told that they only accept American and U.K. ID Cards. Our countries drivers licenses were not acceptable.

A group of us are staying in the hotel for a conference and we all bought tickets for the Chainsmokers event today. The guy at the entrance did not recognize "The Bahamas" as a country and had to ask the other guy checking the ID cards if they accepted our countries drivers license ID cards. They talked back and forth a bit and it was obvious that they did not know the answer.

They eventually told us that our foreign ID's were not acceptable and that we had to have American or U.K. ID cards to go to the concert and access the pool.

We had to request ticket refunds for our entire party. We couldn't be more disappointed and feel discriminated against after this disgusting experience. We cannot believe such an international hotel would ban anyone not carrying an American or U.K. ID card from attending the concert. We will not book anything at the Encore Beach Club again.
Written September 24, 2017
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1 contribution
Jun 2015 • Friends
The staff at this establishment are completely incompetent, dishonest, and rude. I came here with my friends after a fantastic EDC weekend only to be disrespected and humiliated by numerous Encore employees before even entering the venue. One of my friends was told by a man named Timothy that he needed to return with proper swim trunks, and that upon our return we could go to the front of the line and be let in immediately. He agreed and headed all the way back to the other end of the strip to our room at the Excalibur to change shorts while I got back in line. As soon as I got past the red rope, the same man, Timothy, motioned me to get out of the line and - after just guaranteeing my group and I entrance 5 minutes prior - told me to get out, that we were not welcome, and that he had never promised us anything. After my friends and I returned an hour later with the correct attire, we spoke to numerous management officials who all authorized our entry into the club only to be mistreated and embarassed again and physically pulled out of the line by a different employee just before showing our tickets. We were ultimately turned away and were basically told that the staff has the right to disrespect any guest because it is private property no matter the circumstances. This ordeal completely ruined my trip, vibe, and image of Las Vegas - especially the Encore - and shattered my self-esteem. If this is the standard of hospitality the Encore staff live up to, it is not acceptable by any means. If you're looking for a good time and great vibes, I suggest not wasting your valuable time, money, and energy on this sorry excuse of an establishment. Zero customer service, zero honor, zero respect, zero dignity, and zero class are the only qualities this place has to offer. If I could, I'd give the Encore -50 stars.
Written June 23, 2015
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Scott B
Dallas, TX3 contributions
Mar 2018 • Friends
Doors open at 10:30 but headliner doesn’t come on until 3-4. Drinks are 20$-100$ and weak for 100 drinks...
Written March 13, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

West Chester, PA68 contributions
Aug 2012 • Couples
I apologize for the length of this review, but accurately explaining their appalling lack of courtesy and organization is no small feat. An experience at the Encore Beach Club can only be explained as an expensive, infuriating trip through airport security.

Maybe I was spoiled by the amazing service everywhere else during my stay at the Encore. Maybe I'm the unreasonable one for expecting a consistent level of service throughout the same company. Everywhere else in the Encore (including the other clubs) has amazing service. At the Beach Club, it's a borderline police-state.

Me and my girlfriend spent the previous day at the Encore's European pool and had a blast. We also went to the Encore's nightclub, XS, the night before and had a great time there as well. I expected the Beach Club to be a hybrid of these two positive experiences, but the end-result was the worst of both worlds.

When we showed up at 2pm, pre-purchased tickets in hand, we were surprised to see that there was only two lines; one for cabanas, one for all other guests, no expedited line for hotel guests and/or ones with advance-tickets. We had to wait in line for almost an hour.

There is only one sign while you're in line which warns you of the pool's policies: "no illegal drugs allowed". In case you can't read, the manager, Alfonso, reinforces the point with an indiscriminate TSA-esque verbal berating of everybody waiting in line. There were no other signs posted about any other policies.

Once we got through that line, we encountered an unexpected baggage inspection of my girlfriend's purse. This is nothing like the Encore's nightclub, XS, which had no bag-inspection whatsoever. The inspector said that the purse had to be checked at the baggage claim for $10. We had to wait in line at the baggage claim for about 15 minutes to do this.

It should also be noted you basically can't have any pills in your bag. If you're on any medical regiment requiring pills being taken at a specific time of the day, you're out of luck. It's easier for them to assume that everybody is addicted to opiates than to show any level of accommodation.

We finally get into the party. It looked like it might have been fun, but honestly, not fun enough to overcome our frustration with their whole set-up. The place was crowded, and was composed of over 75% guys. What few girls that were there would segregate themselves into their own cliques and there was very little interaction between the two sexes; very similar to a middle-school dance.

We get to the bar (15 minute line there). I order a round of drinks and ask to charge it to the room. The bartender says I need to show my key to do so (out of all the Wynn bars where I charged drinks to the room, this was the only place to require my room key; of course, no warning of this inconsistency posted anywhere). The key was left in my girlfriend's purse in baggage claim, so we had to go back there and wait in line another 10 minutes to get the bag. Out of frustration, we left after this.

On the way out, I asked to speak to the manager and was referred to Alfonso, who was socializing with a content group of girls. When he saw that I was waiting to talk to him, he asked what I wanted. I said "I'd like to talk to you when you have a minute", in a polite but clearly irritated tone. He told me to wait by a nearby tree. He then walked off with the group of girls and continued their trivial chit-chat (my girlfriend overheard their conversation and confirmed it didn't regard a serious matter whatsoever). After unsuccessfully waiting 15 minutes for their conversation to finish, I finally gave up and left for the European pool.

All-in-all, I wasted $60 and two hours for the privilege of waiting in countless lines and being treated like a felon. No drinks were ordered, no music was enjoyed, nothing.

I understand that this event was open to non-hotel-guests and it creates the potential for undesirables to enter. However, why create the illusion of exclusivity if you're not actually going to be exclusive?

The Wynn is supposed to be better than this. Instead of being a follower trying to emulate the Hard Rock Hotel, it should be a creating an experience strictly aimed at its target demographic. Until then, the Beach Club is simply a perversion of the Wynn brand.
Written August 27, 2012
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54 contributions
Sep 2013 • Couples
After a friend placing us on the VIP list, we made our way there. We had just checked in, and wanted to see what this club was all about!

After we inquired about our spot on the list, the door guy was clearly trying to shake us down for a "tip" to get in!

I made it clear we were on the VIP guest list, and were not going to pay! They reluctantly let us in..

So we stop by the bar and pay for tiny drinks, at a price of $15 per drink! Usual I suppose..

As we walk around the place, we see that its the typical club goers. Wanna bes, drunks, people on drugs, and regualr people having a good time.

We figured we would head back in and dance a little, and we noticed some guys dancing on a daybed in the pool about 2-3 feet into the pool. As I walked up, the guy got off, and I hopped on, intending to take a picture. The guys who were just up there very middle eastern. I am decidely american looking. Blond and fair skinned, and speak very good english.

I was up there all of about 15 seconds when a security guy starts waving his flashlight at me. I am sobr, and I can figure out that this means I am not supposed to be there, even if there is no sign.

As sis tep off, the guy grabs me by the arm, and tells me, "he's already told me once, and he's not going to tell me again". As I am trying to explain that he must have me mistaken, but i get it, he gets super aggressive and starts pushing me forward telling me we now have to leave.

SO I say, "hey we were just having a good time, I got down when asked, and I am not resisting, theres no need to be a jerk", he got even more upset and said, "say it again!", to which I replied, "what? As what i said wasnt very rude to be honest. and of course I repeated myself. This caused him to spin me around and he shoved me into my fiance, who wound up beneath me in a planter. She was wearing a new $200 dress, and was now pined beneath me in dirt nad god knows what.

He was now leaning over me, trying to put his arm across my throat, but he was too short to reach it. but he was pressing down on my shoulder with all 155 lbs of himself. which was driving my shoulder into my fiances. The whole time, he is trying to goad me into a fight. telling me he is going to "rip my face off".

as another security guard approaches us, he pulls me up by my new shirt and rips it. Now hes trying to shove me forward, and is trying to stare me down.

So i hand my fiance my phone set to video, and instantly he chills out. Now there are more security guards who are escorting me out, "for my own safety".

I learn later his supposed name is "mark". Of course I try to file a complaint, which none of the door guys want to file, and the manager on duty basically in as few words as possible inferred that nothing much would happen as there "may or may not be footage".

I may be a tourist, and I dont want my night to be ruined anymore by having to wait for the police, who will still probably side with security, even though i have 15-20 witnesses and VIDEO of the whole thing, so we leave.

Overall I would stay away from this place. trust me, there are plenty of other places in Vegas that you can overpay for drinks at.
Written September 13, 2013
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Fuengirola, Spain208 contributions
Jun 2013 • Couples
I paid 90$ for 2 tickets to see diplo, with the tickets clearly labelled that entry had to be made before 12, ideally arriving at 11 (official opening time). I'm a big diplo fan and was really looking forward to it.

Once I arrived with my wife at 11am on the dot, I was told that after all, diplo would play at 3:30pm, and that if I wanted to sit down under any shadow it would set me back a minimum of USD 500 for the cheapest bottle. Apparently diplo wasn't late, it was just policy even no other act had been announced.

Now I completely understand why clubs charge for bottle service. But in this case it wasn't a matter of choice as it was 42 celcius and sitting anywhere in the direct sun would surely lead to heat stroke. So my choice were: heat stroke, paying 500 bucks for a bottle I didn't want or leaving with no possibility of reentry (even though we were guests at the same hotel). I have no idea why re-entry wasn't an option as after all I had showed up on time and paid for my ticket.

I considered staying and paying USD1,000 for a shadowed round 'bed' near the pool as I really like diplo and the sound system appeared to be absolutely tremendous. The pool setting also appeared to be very fun. Unfortunately the combination of heat, cost, and having to wait a minimum of four hours listening to a DJ that, I'm sorry to say, sounded like elevator music for rich people just didn't do it for me.

Finally, there was the crowd. If you walked around Vegas casinos at night you probably spotted these packs of clubbing girls wearing identikit dresses, heels, their faces covered in makeup, desperately trying to be noticed and outdoing each other. It's the most superficial of environments, where music plays second fiddle to who you might be around of and how much money you have.

I'm afraid to say that Encore tops that, with the most pretentious crowd I've seen in a long time. This is not about the music (I'd be amazed if any of the people present even knew who diplo was), but about being seen, about having the better clothes, the most expensive bag, and spending the most money.

I suppose if I had been told what the club was about before going, i might have planned this slightly differently by perhaps getting a table, spending the 1000 and going as a group. Instead I was sold the idea that I would pay 90$ and see diplo, but didn't.

Hopefully this post will help someone not repeat my mistake.
Written June 13, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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