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Frankie's Tiki Room
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The Pidge
Wayne, NJ448 contributions
Dec 2020
This is a true treat for fan's of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, but also a great place if you enjoy sweet, tropical-themed alcoholic beverages. While the plain white concrete exterior gives away little, the interior is a gem- the South Pacific, as imagined decades ago. It's tacky, it's retro... it's unapologetic.

The drinks are worth the hint of cigarette smoke and aren't unreasonably priced. That is, unless you want one of the signature souvenir glasses that elevate the drink prices to $29. They're expensive but charming and worth the investment.
Written January 3, 2021
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Michael H
Denver, CO13 contributions
Apr 2021
Frankie's Tiki Room is the perfect place to be when you want to just chill out, be with friends, play some video poker, and get drunk. The atmosphere is super chill, delightfully tacky, and the drinks are as strong as you want them to be. Great mix of locals, tourists, and celebrities.
Written April 20, 2021
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San Diego, CA40 contributions
Sep 2019
Yes, TIKI in all Caps! It is a Tiki bar folks! And this is the very definition of a tiki bar. If you want to go clubbing or want flair or are a douche, go somewhere else. If you want a true tiki experience, this is the place! It is dark. It is smoky. The drinks are strong and $11. It is decorated by some of the top tiki artists in the country. It is lowbrow. It is awesome! The only thing not tiki, are the digital poker screens at the bar, but then again, I like digital poker, so it suits me fine. Lastly, if you are a tiki mug collector or want a cool souvenir, they have tons of different mugs that are made just for them. You can't get them anywhere else. Cheers!
Written January 7, 2020
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Seattle, WA138 contributions
Mar 2021
SO I have been a lifelong Frankies fan. I live in Las Vegas now and visit often. We sat down and waited for 23 minutes to be exact, for our server (joy, I believe) to come to take our order. I don't really mind waiting, but maybe acknowledge the fact that we are waiting. Pop Quiz, you have 3 tables, 2 tables have no drinks and haven't been helped yet, 1 table has drinks that are more than half full. who do you go to first? Apparently, you just keep ignoring the tables that just arrived and get another round of drinks for the table still drinking. Finally, she appears and tells us how tired she is, she must be she just broke a glass, She takes our order, leaves, then walks back 5 minutes later. "how are you guys tonight? What can I get for you?" Wait am I in groundhogs day because I swear you were just here and took our order. Oh, wait she's not a bad waitress, she's drunk, although she still might be a bad waitress.
Written March 20, 2021
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Bill A
Silverdale, WA6 contributions
Mar 2021
A nice, little (it is small) dive bar to pass away the day before it's time to eat breakfast. Great for people watching and there always seems to be someone interesting to talk to. The loud decor will help sober you up and - if you want to spend the money - awesome tiki mugs you can buy.
Written December 27, 2021
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Paul B
Louisiana, United States161 contributions
Jan 2020
Ten months ago, I could not make it here to visit because I could not even walk to the bus stop due to a serious injury. This time around, I was returning from a two mile hike at Red Rock Canyon and another visit to Total Wine Summerlin for more rums to try. I had also been hesitant to try this place because of reports on the lingering smoke smell. Well, it was not bad at all in the middle of the day and no one was smoking. It only took about two minutes for my eyes to adjust walking in from bright sunlight.

I knew that Doorly's XO was on their lengthy list of rums to try. If they were out of that one, I would just order their version of the Mai Tai. One can always judge the quality of the Tiki drinks in a bar from how well they make their classic Mai Tai's. Lucky for me, they had the Doorly's XO. I did not think that I would like it, which is why I only chose to order one ounce neat. I also had a one drink limit due to me not having a designated driver. To my surprise, I rated it as a 7 out of 10, and even better than the more expensive Doorly's 12 Year that I got from Total Wine.

I also got their blue T-shirt that stunk so bad from smoke that I had to tell the desk clerk back at my hotel that I did not smoke in my room. The smell came out when I washed it back at home.

This is a very friendly place decked out in some really great Tiki decorations. There were 1-2 tables full to my right as I sat at the bar. The most overheard phrase was "more Scurvy", which is a 3 skull rated drink, one of their weakest. Next time, I will come with a designated driver to really enjoy their huge list of Tiki drinks. There is no hotel within walking distance as this place is about one block west of I-15 on Charleston.
Written January 29, 2020
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Seattle, WA78 contributions
Sep 2021
I heard really great things and was excited to visit this bar during Viva Vegas weekend. But when we arrived I was gagged... Not by the decor or the drinks, but by the smell of cigarette smoke. As I'm severely allergic, I didn't want to chance an asthma attack, so I used the restroom and left. Your mileage may vary!
Written November 15, 2021
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1 contribution
Apr 2015 • Friends
My friend's and I are truly polite. We were having drinks when one of our friend's pointed at the candle on the table and asked everyone if we were ok with putting out the candle because it was on his face. Thirty minutes after he put it out, the bouncer, out of nowhere, comes yelling at us full throttle that we were children because we put a napkin over the candle. After we get up to leave, I asked him why he was so mean ever so politely, and he continues to scream at me in front of everyone in the room. My name friend asks him to stop yelling at me because I'm being polite, and the bouncer grabs him and throws him out the bar physically for nothing but defending a woman. When we get to the parking lot, we are talking to find out what just happened, and he comes out and tells us he's going to call the cops on us (for no reason!). I've seen people be rude with others in other places, but because I've been a waitress we have NEVER been rude to anyone in the service industry. The bouncer then grabbed my friend in the parking lot again, and three him outside of the parking lot. We told him we were leaving, and I apologized to him, and he screamed at my face to "f*** off and gtfo." I have NEVER in my life been treated so badly, and only because we turned off his candle. I will complain to the owner because nobody was there to defend us from this guy and his rage.
Written April 30, 2015
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Asheville, NC258 contributions
May 2021
After an odd weirdness with Golden Tiki and their chosen RESY reservation system we learned that our happy hour been transposed from eastern time to a much later time. How weird is that? A man in that long line of reserved customers said, “You know Frankie’s Tiki Room offers a very similar experience without this reservation and long line business.”

Having just been made standby with an indeterminate wait time, off to Frankie’s we went. After googling a very short drive, we came upon this truly vintage place, in a non-de script part of town. It took while for our vision to adjust dim light of this shagadelic original as we entered that red door into the darkness. I crossed under a puffer fish ignited with pink lights as we met our seasoned female master of “All things Tiki”. She simply said, “Tell me what you like in terms of flavors and potency” and her artistry proceeded. Mostly drawing on an extensive menu in this treasure from the past, the drinks that followed were a work of art for our party of three. We sampled three each on our version of the full tour. Firing up a smoke at our table for three, the thought occurred to me… “Yes, I can still do this in some wonderful dark corners of America.”

The drinks flowed, the puffer fish made us laugh, and that Polynesian God in the corner seemed to add acknowledgement that he had worked his magic. I had found exactly what we wanted. Vintage, potent, and self-assured - this was better and more authentic than anything we had found on the Las Vegas strip. Extraordinarily nice and skillful staff that would make this a must-visit any time I am in Vegas. BTW the décor here is pretty fabulous - minus the phallic door knobs of the much touted and seemingly more popular Golden Tiki. Whenever I hear the call of Bali Hai, it is Frankie’s Tiki Bar- that I will always think of. 100% recommend as the real deal. This was definitely a highlight in Las Vegas.
Written June 2, 2021
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Las Vegas, NV68 contributions
May 2019 • Couples
A little piece of Las Vegas history tucked in an out of the way spot. Great side trip for couples looking to catch a drink at any random time of the day. What's it like? Imagine if the ship-wrecked crew of Gilligan's Island had a hut they partied in. Now imagine the Skipper and Gilligan are serious day-drinkers and Ginger and Mary Ann making out in the corner. A must see if you have an hour or so to kill. Cheers
Written July 10, 2019
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