Mary Jane Falls Trail

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Mary Jane Falls Trail
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susie m
Grover Beach, United States3 contributions
Aug 2020
As a 65 yr old female, traveling alone to Nevada, I wanted to get away from crowds and potential Covid. The heat in town was unbearable, but it was in the low 80's on Mt. Charleston. I am used to walking at sea level in much cooler weather, so this rocky, uphill climb was certainly a challenge for me. But I persevered. It took several rest stops along the way and encouragement from fellow hikers, but I made it to the falls, lugging my heavy camera. There wasn't much water so the photography was not stellar, but proud of my achievement. I found the other hikers very engaging and sociable. Sunscreen, a shady hat, good shoes, a walking stick. water and a snack are good items to carry. It was well traveled and somewhat a visible path, but there are several shortcuts or side paths and a few people went astray. There are shady spots in rest and catch your breath.
Written August 18, 2020
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Thomas Sims
Las Vegas, NV323 contributions
May 2020 • Friends
This hike is definitely a calorie-burner. Check the weather before you go so you can layer accordingly. The hike starts off pretty easy. Once you get to the switchbacks, you start the major elevation gain. Make sure you have plenty of water. There are a coupe of waterfalls, and there is a cave further down. The views there are amazing.
Written May 24, 2020
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Milwaukee, WI8 contributions
Jan 2021 • Family
While staying in Vegas, we decided to go for a hike. While there we missed the turn for the trail leading up. We ended up bumping into another hiker who was nice enough to show us a short cut up. Very steep. But worth the view.
Written April 26, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA3 contributions
Jul 2020
it is rocky and uphill all the way. gets worse and steep in the middle and near the top. loose gravel and rocks made it dangerous to navigate and descend. labelling it "Easy" was misleading. must have hiking boots and pole. phyically demanding, not suitable for young kids 5 or under.
Written July 20, 2020
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Las Vegas, NV258 contributions
Aug 2012 • Couples
For its tranquility and gigantic, quiet waterfalls high above 9500ft elevation, MaryJane Falls is probably the most popular hiking trails in Las Vegas for locals and tourists of all ages, including toddlers, seniors (some with walking canes), pets...! 
My wife and I hike there often. An early afternoon a few days ago, we had another wonderful, slow hike on MaryJane. In our mid-hike, we heard occasional thunders and saw a few lightnings, even felt a few rain drops, but the encouraging laughters of other hikers and the occasional sunshine kept us moving upward, and we all were handsomely rewarded! The sky did clear up 15 min later, with beautiful sunshine and cool breezes, for rest if the afternoon!

We had a quiet, relaxing picnic on the top, with the backdrop of the waterfall gently trickling down the cliff to the open area below, and a breathtaking view of the vast, green valley yonder... not to mention a large, intriguing cave (see pic) some 100yds from the waterfalls, that invited exploring! Paradise in the Las Vegas desert! What desert?! 
- Please note that in general MaryJane Fall is NOT, as what one would imagine, a gushing waterfall with large column of water splasing down the mountain, but rather only a sheet of slow water tricking almost invisibly down the WET face of the huge cliff, but it's manificent and awe-inspiring, nevertheless!
- By the way, one day in early June a few years back, probably due to a heavy rainfall a few days before, and perhaps also because of the melting snow, we actually did see water splashing, among some icicles, streaming down onto a column of melting snow and ice below! What an incredible sight it was! We were very lucky indeed!

Although this trail is rated Easy/Moderate, it could be strenuous to some, with some 800+ft vertical gain, over a 1.7mi ONE WAY distance, especially with its last 0.25mi of steeper climb over a series of stone steps. - So, make sure you have a pair of hiking shoes or good walking shoes on. Take rests when needed; drink lots of water!

According to my GPS (iMapMyFitness iPhone App):

(a) From the parking lot to the STARTING POINT of the uphill "switch-backs" is a 0.7mi of easy, gorgeous, shaded path with graduate inclination, among tall trees! From there, just follow the sign, "Trail", with an arrow pointing to the RIGHT path to climb up MaryJane Falls. 
(b) The narrow, uphill path with switch-backs is about 0.8mi, rated easy/moderate, reaching about 700ft vertical from the base.
(c) The last 0.25 mi trail section is a bit strenuous. It consists of many stone steps, some of which pretty high. But the grand prize is only minutes away!

At the end of the trail is a wide, spectacular open space, where you'll be awed by the 70+ft high cliffs with sheets of water trickling down (depending on the season); a breathtaking view of the valley, beyond which, one could sometimes see the Big Falls way yonder (depending on the seasonal rain/snow, of course)! This is a wonderful place for a picnic, to enjoy!

1. From the Strip, take I-95N; turn left on Hwy157, which is a 2-lane scenic road;

2. After passing the Hotel Resort, watch for the small Visitor Center on the left. Go there and pick up a free trail map and other helpful info

3. Continue on Hwy157, straight onto Echo Rd. Follow the MaryJane Falls sign, turn left and drive 100 yrs FURTHER in on a gravel road into its own Parking lot/Trailhead.

- If you follow Hwy157 and drive uphill to the mid mountain, you'll find a scenic picnic area, a rustic lodge, and a nice restaurant bar in a gigantic parking lot! The view there is spectacular, too! 

Peterskis, Aug, 2012
Written August 20, 2012
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Greg W
St. Louis, MO11 contributions
May 2012 • Friends
We went out for dinner the night before, had plenty of drinks, enjoyed our time immensely. Woke up the next morning wanting something different, so we decided to hike up MJ Falls with our cousin and his wife. We had a fantastic time. The first half of the mountain was strenuous, but take breaks and enjoy the scenery, it's worth it. The switchbacks up the mountain were tougher close to the top, but certainly not bad. The top of the mountain made the entire hike worth every heavy breath and altitude lightheadedness. The air was clean, the hike was fantastic, we drank numerous bottles of water. It was the true "anti-vegas". no gambling, no drinking, no garish lights or garish people. Only a mountain, some sweat and a great morning.
Written May 16, 2012
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Tom H
Kingston, Canada767 contributions
Sep 2018
This is considered an easy hike.
I'd say it's easy-moderate.
Any hike that starts at 7700 feet and goes to 9200 feet is more than just easy.

It was great to get away from the heat of Las Vegas with the temps 20-30 degrees cooler than in Vegas.
When I went in late summer it was 52F at the start of the walk.

It's about 6-7km, all up and then back down the same way.
It took me 1 hr 45 mins going at a moderate pace for a 56 yr old.

It's not hard but there are a few areas where you need to watch your footing.
It's a hike, and there's no scrambling.

When I went in late summer the falls was just a trickle, but it was worth the work.

I gather this Trail gets busy.
I went early, starting my hike at 7:30am on a Tuesday in September and there were few people around.
Written September 11, 2018
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Florida Keys, FL50 contributions
Jul 2018 • Friends
After bragging about this Trail to my sister-in-law, we absolutely love nature. And explaining don't go out there trying to compare this to Zion on or Bryce Canyon. I would give 5 stars however I am only rating it 4 stars for the simple fact that we went there today and it's unfortunately covered with graffiti! On the way up on the trees on the rocks and in the caves. That is the saddest part of the whole hike.
The height of the trail is awesome because you get a great oxygen burn in your chest and it feels awesome.

The trail itself is not that hard, and definitely family-friendly.

Bring a snack definitely hydrate!

It will take you at a very slow pace 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the top. And of course on the way down a lot faster like 45 minutes.

There is a lot of shade from the trees if it gets to sunny in certain areas.

I did not post pictures of the graffiti for the simple fact I hope one day for it to be gone and I don't want to promote something so horrible.

Written July 9, 2018
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Little Falls, NY214 contributions
Apr 2018 • Friends
What a fantastic escape from the Vegas heat. Mt. Charleston is such an amazing place to visit anytime of year, but it's especially nice when the valley is hot. Mary Jane Falls trail provides a challenging switchback hike into the peace and solitude that only nature allows. Smelling the pine, breathing the crisp mountain air, and welcoming the sunshine on skin makes you feel alive!! If you have a chance to escape the hustle of the strip, the drive to Mt. Charleston is WELL worth it!!
Written April 27, 2018
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Ken B
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States250 contributions
Mar 2013 • Friends
The Mary Jane trail head/parking lot can serve as a jump off point for serveral activities. You can access several climbing walls from here (Universal, Sesame Street, Walla Walla) and you can access a couple of great hikes (Big Falls, Hidden Falls, and Mary Jane Falls). The MJF hike is a pretty nice leg stretcher that will be around 3 mile round trip with an elevation gain of 800-1200 feet. Don't forget to walk past the water and around the opposing wall to check out a nice shallow cave. Big Falls is off trail and into an area that is not monitored by the forest service. Take the MJF trail up until the switch backs start and then drop into the wash. Follow the wash around and into the valley. The time of year you visit will dictate the level of danger and difficulty you encounter. Post winter thaw will yield a hike of scrambling over rock and fallen trees, pre winter thaw will involve hiking over precarious ice pack. I can't stress the importance of vigilance during this scenario. If you are not paying attention you will have no idea you are even walking on ice. The floods/avalanches usually keep the pack covered so you wont notice until you have already been on it for a while. The pack is prone to collapse in several spots and when it happens its extremely loud and destructive, be careful. Once you wrap around you are treated to a great area to picnic and a quite enjoyable view of a slightly wider than streamlined waterfall. At this point if you are fealing a bit adventerous you can climb up around the left side of the wall (left, as you face the waterfall) and continue up to Hidden Falls. During the pre thaw months once you climb up and over the wall you will be negotiating an incline of around 30 degrees over ice pack for several hundred yards. Grab a stick along the way to add some friction to your ascent. What you need to be mindful of during this period of your hike is the fact that you might be walking directly over a crevace covered by ice that serves to bring the water from Hidden Falls to Big Falls. Depending on the structure of that years weather you may encounter ice caves. If you view the pictures I posted you will notice they are fairly large. Be very careful, most of the time the caves are tied directly to the waterfall due to the fact that its the water that creates them so there will be a high chance of hidden drop offs once inside the cave. At the top you will be treated to a quiet and serene view. Enjoy!
Written August 18, 2013
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