Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel

Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas: Hours, Address, Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel Reviews: 5/5

Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel

Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel
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Opened in 1940 and known for the friendly nature of its owners, the "Little Chapel of the Lucky Flowers" is the city's oldest continuously operating wedding chapel.
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Deborah C
1 contribution
Got married in February 2020. The Wee Kirk was perfect for our very intimate ceremony.

The Chapel itself is gorgeous and quaint, just perfect. The service we received prior to the wedding was second to none, absolutely outstanding. We booked a limousine with champagne with our package, which was just lovely and a great cost.

On arrival we were greeted beautifully by fabulous people, everything was explained and we felt relaxed and at home. I got a garter and beautiful flowers in the package we picked and they were just lovely and the flowers have even travelled back to the UK intact. The ceremony itself was just lovely the minister was a really great gentleman who took his time making it really special. Some photos were taken during the ceremony but then also some after, these were fun to do and the results are amazing!

The experience and service received after with the pictures and video or the service was quick and spot on.

Also the transparency is amazing, I did consider nearly all the places in Vegas before booking and this Chapel were upfront and gave clear costings, they were pretty much the only ones!

In short perfect chapel, staff/service, flowers, ceremony, photoshoot and pictures! Would love to go back to the same place to renew my vows in a few years.
Written March 15, 2020
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Los Angeles,CA1 contribution
We flew to Las Vegas 4 months before our wedding to visit several wedding chapels before we decided on Wee Kirk O'the Heather. We liked the fact that it was Las Vegas' oldest wedding chapel and we were drawn to the charm of the beautiful decorations in the chapel and on the grounds. I wish I could add a photo of our wedding flowers. We were able to consult with their fabulous florist by phone prior to our wedding and I received the most beautiful bouquet for myself and my bridesmaids that I have ever seen. They threw in a flower girl basket for my niece when we arrived and she has yet to let anyone touch it. The minister performed a beautiful service and the women at the chapel treated me as if I was their own daughter getting married. But the best part was when we received our photos the next day. We had photos all during the ceremony and then a private session with "Dan", in the chapel and on the grounds under the beautifully decorated arches, in the gazebo, and with the Stratosphere Tower in the back ground. We ended up with over 70 photos of our wedding and all our family and guests that I shall treasure a lifetime.
I'm so thankful we chose Weekirk as many of the other chapels only offered between 10 and 20 photos and I wouldn't have been able to have all the photos of Bill and I and also of our family and guests. I highly recommend this chapel to anyone who wants a fun but also traditional and elegant wedding.
Written January 30, 2003
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Plattsmouth, Nebraska1 contribution
My husband and i decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas. At the time, we had been living together for about 6 years. The Sunday before we left for our vacation, we decided we would get married. For some reason, we were drawn to Wee Kir O' the Heather. We were married July 4, 2002. The minister was wonderful! He said some beautiful things at our ceremony. For that we Thank him. This was the first time my husband had been married, the 2nd for me. When we left the chapel, my husband said that it was perfect! He couldn't have asked for anything better. Since then, we have been back to Vegas 4 times and every time we go, we drive by Wee Kirk O' the Heather. What a perfect place to be married. We can't wait for our ten year anniversary so that we can renew our vows in the same place.
Written September 2, 2005
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Tucson, AZ1 contribution
I would not recommend this wedding chapel. Where do I begin. My wife to be got started getting dressed in their dressing room and was repeatedly walked in on by a female attendant who kept asking "if she was ready". My wife could not get ready because she kept getting interrupted. My wife and I had called ahead to say we were running late, but actually made it on time, at 5pm. While my wife was getting dressed in the dressing room, another employee came out and repeatedly told the crowd waiting for us that "we are waiting on her [my wife].. to get ready.. because she was late".

While he was saying this, another couple was going down the aisle, this is odd considering they were "waiting on us". They had told her we were welcome to show up at 5pm and then get dressed up in their dressing room. In actuality they weren't very patient or happy about it. And the dressing room was filthy, according to my wife. I never saw it, I got dressed in the chapel because they only have one dressing room, which doubles as their bathroom. Good luck if you need to use the restroom while your bride is getting ready.

I started getting dressed around 5:15pm or so. Before that I waited in the waiting room while another wedding finished, apparently. While I was waiting I asked questions about what would happen and I was responded to shortly and unpleasantly by a female attendant.

Another big disapointment is the pricing. We got a package that had a discount on it from their website. We paid a $100 deposit, and were told we had $315 left to pay, and to "only bring $315". It's a good thing we brought more money than that (or is it?)

They asked for $385 when the wedding was concluded, and gave no real explanation other than something about taxes, and they were closing up their accounting books soon and needed to be paid. The taxes were supposed to have been included already. Not wanting to make a fuss on a wedding day we paid the higher fee, which we are now working with them on being reimbursed. Hopefully they will do the right thing.

Although the priest and photographer were great, the others fell far short of that description.
Written January 10, 2003
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Vancouver, WA1 contribution
Several issues with this chapel and its wedding coordinator:
1. Be sure and ask about the minister. Ours spoke broken english, for example: "wing" for "ring". Althought I am sure this will be funny years from now because it reminded us of the movie Princess Bride "wove true wove" we expected more. The service itself, thought difficult to understand, was nice.
2. This minister doubled his fee and shamed the bride and groom into paying. The coordinator had to call the minister to come back to the chapel and return the money. That was great but then she (wedding coordinator) told us that he had done this before but she thought he had been pretty good lately after the owner talked with him. Maybe needs closer watching?
3. Photographer made a better stand-up comedian than photograper. The pictures were distorted and odd sizes making them difficult to frame. For example, 7x10, 3x7, etc. There was a lot of pressure to purchase these photos at $40 a piece unless we bought the $500+ package. We did not realize the extent of the distortion until we got them home and viewed them on our own computer.
4. Coordinator was to reserve a specifice room and to arrange a specific buffet and cake reception at Hennessey's Tavern for which I paid a large amount of money. The reception was a nightmare:
a. room was downstairs in the back not upstairs with a view of freemont street from a private balconey as discribed. The wedding coordinator knew about the room but failed to tell us so we were shocked when we arrived at the restaurant.
b. the food was supposed to be served buffet style but was changed to family style without our consent or knowledge. The wedding planner waited until an hour and fifteen minutes prior to the reception (just before the wedding was to start) before telling us that we would not be getting the buffet we had paid for. Result was cold food, small portions and terrible service (one server shared with the main dining room). I even had to bus the table, myself, of dishes to make room for the dessert plates. Complaints about the cold food went unaddressed resulting in much of the food being left uneaten.
c. cake was not set-up as we were told and then was set on table but left on cardboard box. The cake had been left unrefrigerated and as a result was slightly lopsided.
d. efforts to make a satisfactory settlement with the chapel who arranged the room and reception and the restaurant for the poor food and service were unsuccessful leaving me to seek other means of reimbursement.
e. Live music in the main dining hall was not suppose to start til 9, when the reception ended, but started at 8 p.m. making conversation at the reception difficult and leading to complaints from our guests.
I do not recomment this chapel for your Las Vegas Wedding experience.
Written September 3, 2007
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Minneapolis1 contribution
Aaron and I decided to head to the courthouse. After getting lost, we came upon the Wee Kirk. We decided to stop in and ask for directions. The Lady who helped us was great. She was not a pushy salesperson, nor did she anything about us getting married at their chapel. Once we got to talking with her, we knew we had stopped in the right place. From there, we made our big 'appointment' for 6pm the following day. The minister was great, and the photographer was also wonderful. I would recommend this chapel to anyone looking for a cute, small chapel with a lot of history. THANK YOU!!!!!
Written May 25, 2005
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Damon W
1 contribution
My wife and I got married at Wee Kirk O' The Heather on 9/4. This is the first time I have ever felt compelled to write a review of a business establishment.

We chose WKOTH on a whim, as it was near the courthouse and our hotel, and it looked quaint. The name was so weird, we had to see what it was about.

The main issue we had was that Michael, our wedding coordinator insisted on CONSTANTLY throwing out tired jokes about how the wedding "was all about her", that I should "just hand over the credit card" to my wife now, that "they locked the doors so that I can't make an escape", that "this was my last day of freedom", that "she may look sweet now, but if I forgot that anniversary, she won't be so sweet!", and ON and ON and ON.

Midway through assisting us with all the paperwork and directions associated with the ceremony we were about to have performed, he left to answer a ring at the doorbell. What transpired next was about 10 minutes of him trying to give directions in broken Spanish to a couple that spoke no English. He left us waiting at the desk as he assisted the new arrivals that hadn't even gotten their license yet. He also was making defaming jokes in Spanish to this couple! Then he came back and asked to take our wedding license to show these people so that he could continue to explain every step they needed to take, with liberal jokes thrown in of course. So he takes our license with all of our information on it and hands it to the dude. We could barely believe it. Eventually Michael said goodbye to his new friends, and returned to our transaction.

We selected a civil ceremony with no photography package. Michael took us into the chapel to give us a walk through of the ceremony, making inappropriate and offensive jokes about how terrible marriage is basically. It was all I could do to sign the papers at the end and leave the room without a very ugly confrontation.

The ONLY saving grace was our minister, Van. I can't say enough about what a wonderful meditation on love he delivered, and how he allowed us to just be ourselves, while Michael had been non-stop with the assignment of stereotypes and tired old tropes that made us feel awful about getting married. Van was eloquent, dapper, and kind. He had a voice like warm whiskey and a southern gentleman sort of charm to him.


Michael, if you are reading this - Stop trying to work on your tight five for the open mic comedy night, and let couple BE HAPPY that they are joining together, and CUT THE ROUTINE ABOUT HOW ALL WOMEN ARE MONEYGRUBBERS, etc. Keep the part about explaining the history of the chapel, and lose the rest. Be a professional.
Written September 7, 2017
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Houston, TX5 contributions
My husband and I were married at the Wee Kirk on March 2, 2005 and we had a great time. We went with one of the Elvis packages - Kent Ripley was great as Elvis. He walked me down the isle while playing his guitar and singing "Love Me Tender". During the service he sang "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love" and then at the end he sang "Viva Las Vegas". What a wonderful time we had at our wedding!! The pictures turned out really well, too. I definitely recommend this chapel and Kent as Elvis for anyone's special day!! Thank you Wee Kirk!!
Written March 8, 2005
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NM1 contribution
After asking Sara to be my wife. 24 Hours and 50 bucks later there we were in beautiful Las Vegas. We searched and searched for the right chapel and this was definitely the right one. We found it about 10:15PM and made an appointment for 11:00Pm only we were in jeans a tee shirts. Well a drive all the way to our hotel near Ballys to get ready seemed impossible. So we hopped in the car and spead away anyway. We were right on track at 15 till when I decited to take a "short cut" After getting stuck behind some jerk who wouldnt move from the valet line at the Imperial Palace I stepped out of the car and knocked on his window and told him politely he would have to move his car. Being in a tux he thought I worked there. SUCKER!!!! Five minutes later there we were right on time. It was wonderful. We stepped out of the car and people were honking and taking pictues! Once we got in the attendant (super nice guy) explained what what we had to do. I had to wear her ring on my pinky and she had to wear mine on her thumb, which we had already done. Then I sat nerviously at the alter and then she came in. WOW!!! How wonderful it all was. The video we got was wonderful. After the ceremony they played "At Last" be Etta James. We paused to kiss and the music faded. After that we started to slow dance so they cranked it back up and let us finnish the song. We will never forget that night for the rest of our lives.
Thank you Wee Kirk !!!!!!!!!
Written November 6, 2004
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Aberdeen, UK422 contributions
It really was the best day of my life, and I think it's because we got married in the right place. I cant say enough good things about the people who work here and the atmosphere.... It was amazing. A special shout out to the photographer John, who not only gave us perfect photos of our big day, but took us out in Vegas and became our friend.

Great place, amazing people, perfect wedding day.
Written November 16, 2004
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