Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum

Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum

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The host of Travel Channel's #1 rated series Ghost Adventures is giving everyone a chance to experience the spine-chilling vibe of the spirit world. Reality star and author Zak Bagans has turned a historic downtown Las Vegas mansion into a mecca of the macabre - a haunted museum. The 11,000-square foot property built in 1938 is located near South Las Vegas Boulevard and was originally owned by Cyril S. Wengert, a prominent businessman. Through the years, hostile spirits have been rumored to roam the halls terrorizing past occupants, family members who passed away there whose energy remains. Long-time Las Vegans even claim dark rituals took place in the home's basement during the 1970's. Paranormal enthusiasts visiting Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum will venture down creepy winding hallways and secret passages into more than 30 rooms that rival scenes from Hollywood horror films, setting the stage for frightening facts about each paranormal pieces.
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2-3 hours
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Very good

Ashley M
7 contributions
Sep 2022 • Friends
The tour itself was great, and the collection is impressive and interesting, but they have you stand outside for up to 30 minutes in line (granted, they do have misting valves and awnings set up in the waiting area, but we got there right when they opened, and as we were leaving the lines looked even longer). That, coupled with the intense smells at some points inside the building (the sideshow area smells strongly of artificial popcorn), makes me question whether or not the frequent fainting is really due to the spirits, or just the heat, smells, tight spaces, single water break, lack of air circulation, etc.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in the paranormal, macabre, or who is even just familiar with the shows. We got the RIP package, and I would definitely recommend it since they kinda just had general admission visitors sit to the side and wait while we got to explore other areas - if you’ve got FOMO, you’re going to want to spend the extra money!
Written September 4, 2022
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Casey R
Colorado Springs, CO1 contribution
Oct 2022 • Friends
I dragged 10 of my friends to Vegas for my 40th birthday specifically for Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum. Some of them were skittish and hesitant, some were excited, and one is a BIG fan of GA (like me.) This was my third trip, my husband’s second, and everyone else was visiting for the first time. We had a reservation for 11 people for the RIP tour.
Everyone there from security, guides, gift shop employees were great! Fun, helpful, knowledgeable. We did have to wait a bit to get started because our new friend, Ricky, needed to get to 13 people for the tour starting before us. No problem for us, it’s impossible to predict or plan the number of walk ups and people arriving with reservations. During that time we chatted with Ricky and other security guides about their experience working for the museum and their interactions with Zak. That was pretty cool, and we had fun joking around with all of them.
The tour was great! Being my third time, I had my dollar ready so I could get the ticket out of the Zak fortune teller machine. Sorry folks, it was my birthday, and I do what I want! I appreciate that each time I’ve visited, the tour is slightly different. There was much more time to look around each room, and some of them were slightly rearranged or modified. I appreciate the attention to detail in every corner of the museum. The temperature, music, and smells change in order to fit the theme and level of comfort and uneasiness. You can tell that Zak and his team put a lot of thought into every detail of every room.
I’ve seen reviews that say “it’s not scary” or “it’s fake” or “I didn’t see/feel anything paranormal.” Well, it’s a museum. There is a ton of history in those walls, and on top of that, it’s a really cool house with cool stuff to look at! It’s a GOOD thing not to feel or see anything paranormal, unless you really want to bring something dark back home with you.
All in all, we all had a blast and will always remember our tour and our experience that we had together. It’s not every day that you get to make your friends do spooky stuff because it’s your 40th birthday and your wish is their command 🤭. Thank you to Zak for letting the public traipse around your museum and look at your collection, and thank you to the staff for welcoming us in and telling us your stories. I will be back ♥️
Written October 18, 2022
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Jim R
12 contributions
Nov 2022 • Couples
Even if you have a casual interest in the paranormal, this is a "Must See" if you go to Las Vegas! You are led through an actual Vegas mansion that was originally built as a home for a wealthy family, but has been added to over the years. Tour guides are knowledgeable and well-spoken people who lead your small group from room to room, and add some interesting info to each exhibit. Our guide was "George", and he was glad to answer specific questions. I rated this 4/5 stars, but it would get 4.5 if that was possible. The museum was very clean, the staff very accommodating, and my ONLY reason for not giving 5 stars was because I thought it was very "stuffy" inside and they could have turned the thermostat down a few degrees. I recommend getting the "RIP PASS" (a pun on VIP Pass), so you can see a few things that aren't accessible to standard admission guests, plus you get a cool lanyard AND a free museum T-shirt! This was my wife's 2nd visit here, and my first. I'll definitely visit again!
Written November 9, 2022
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Kasota, MN30 contributions
Feb 2022 • Couples
I will preface this by saying that I was SO EXCITED to go to this, but my disappointment was greater.

Pros: there were a few neat artifacts. The house itself was really cool.

Cons: where do I even begin? This place films everyone on every tour, then uses their occasional medical emergencies like fainting (since you cannot sit, have water, or use the bathroom for over 2 hours and it is HOT and CROWDED in the rooms) as "evidence" of people being "affected" by the paranormal. You cannot opt out of being recorded, and the videos are shown while you wait for your tour. Keep in mind that this was February, so it was cool outside. I can't even imagine it in the summer.

Our group was 13 people plus the tour guide. Each time you go into a room, the door gets shut so you're packed in like sardines. Remember this is an old house so the rooms are quite small and there's no air movement. The tour guide gives an overview of a couple interesting things and then you move on. There's no time to look at anything or read any of the signage, but the rooms are so dark it would be hard to see anyway.

Most of the artifacts just seemed like someone went to random thrift stores and bought the weirdest crap they could find to fill this giant house. I was also disgusted by the long piece of wood on display that a serial killer used to sodomized his victims. That's not an artifact, that's just sick. Half the tour is just the guide talking about how much the artifacts cost. In hindsight, the house itself was way more interesting than anything in it.

The VIP package was not worth it at all. I was excited about the basement but you literally just go down some stairs and see a pretty empty, dark space. The people without a VIP pass just have to stand around and wait.

4 tickets was close to $400 so I found this way overpriced after seeing what a joke the whole experience is. I would definitely NOT recommend taking anyone who can't stand for at least 2.5 hours straight and/or who is claustrophobic or sensitive to smells and temperature. I brought my in-laws who are in their early 70s and they had a really difficult time. Had I known what this would be like, I would not have gone, let alone brought them. I felt so bad for them.

This should really be split up into probably 3 different tour experiences at an hour max each and the price should be WAY less. Knowing what I know now, I'd still feel ripped off if I'd paid half what I did for the VIP experience.
Written March 31, 2022
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Miamisburg, OH2 contributions
Oct 2021 • Friends
Second time going to the tour. First time was two years ago. It honestly was much better two years ago. I would have given it 4 or 5 stars then. No angry Joe out front. No scares in the fun house.. They changed some of the rooms. They added a VIP ticket which really was everything from Two years ago you just have to pay an extra 33 dollars for it. Paid for the VIP tickets and didn't mind the extra money. After the tour I realized the only big difference was the basement access. All the other extras are walking into closets to see a couple extra items that you use to be able to do for free in the past. The poor people who didn't pay for VIP just have to wait around while everyone else is certain rooms. The tour guide was awful I just felt like he wanted to tell me how much money Zak paid for every item instead of focusing on its paranormal history. I'm sorry I can't remember our guides name (older gentleman with black pop bottle glasses.) He ruined it for me. The tour is so dependant on your guide. It almost seemed like they are having trouble getting people to work
Written October 16, 2021
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Teri K
Denver, CO121 contributions
Oct 2022
I would not recommend this tour unless you're a fan of his show and all the hokey-ness and drama. If you do go, be prepared for a lot of standing around waiting. Even showing up at our appointed time, we waited outside for more than an hour for the tour to begin, and then waited another 20 minutes or so inside a small dark "lobby" area. Tour is too long for what you actually see which is really just a collection of creepy old stuff. They try to make it so dramatic that by the time you actually see the thing they're talking about, it's just "meh".
Written October 11, 2022
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1 contribution
Feb 2021
The museum was definitely full of some crazy items. I read a lot of information and reviews before going to prepare myself for what was inside. If you are sensitive (clairvoyant, clairaudient) I recommend making sure you ask for protection before entering. Lots of dark and scary exhibits. We chose to do General Admission for our experience. They do give you the opportunity to upgrade before the tour starts. I will say that a positive to general admit is that while everyone else is off doing the “VIP” portion, you are able to take extra time looking at exhibits, which to me felt rushed because of so many people coming to the museum and the staff trying to stay on track with fulfilling time slots. For me, this is when I felt I experienced activity. Before going to the next room, in the hallway, I experienced chills and my legs became freezing cold to the point that I was shivering with ringing and plugging in my ear (one of my tells with clairaudience). This could possibly have been from air conditioning as it was too dark to see. We waited alone in the Ed Gein’s cauldron room for about 5-6 minutes while the VIP group went to the basement. The lights were flashing for effect, however I believe that I saw a shadow figure in the loft area dash across the room. My husband is not a believer, but he did say that when we were alone in the room he felt like someone was pinching him on the neck. We chose not to talk about it until after leaving as we didn’t want to look crazy. Another downside was that a lot of our group was younger and seemed to be provoking items on the tour and proclaiming that they “felt things” at every exhibit. Overall, the experience is definitely worth the money no matter what package you choose. The staff is funny and knowledgeable and will answer any questions you may have. A definite must for lovers of the show and anyone interested in paranormal things!!!
Written February 17, 2021
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Kristy C
Washington, PA15 contributions
Apr 2022 • Couples
My husband and I have been wanting to get to the Haunted Museum for years. We flew in from Pittsburgh for a long weekend and we went to the Haunted Museum last night - it did not disappoint.

Our tour started promptly and the tour guides were very knowledgeable about all of the exhibits. Our guides were enthusiastic, engaged, witty, and able to answer the questions that our group had. There was 12 of us in our group and the majority had the RIP pass, so we had opportunities to do and see a little more then a guest did who had a regular pass. The seriousness of the exhibits were never undermined, and there was never any pressure to go into one if the guest wasn’t comfortable doing so.

The attention to detail throughout the museum is incredible as is the theming. I was blown away by how many artifacts are in the building throughout — I had no idea that there would be so much stuff, and still can’t …. Almost 24 hours later, my mind is still reeling over everything that I saw.

Our tour took about 3 hours so make sure you wear comfortable shoes, and it is an old building so the rooms do get warm; I suggest dressing in light weight clothes.

All and all my husband and I were very pleased with our tour and experience overall. If you are a fan of ghost adventure, the paranormal, or are looking for something different to do in Las Vegas, I strongly recommend that you check this place out, but I do caution, a lot of the museum is serious dark stuff and not for the faint of heart.
Written April 23, 2022
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Becca K
Cheadle, UK10 contributions
Nov 2022 • Friends
I really really want to give this 5 starts but I just did not enjoy the tour as much as I thought I would 😔
Myself and mother travelled from the uk to visit the museum, we got the vip pass.
There was 13 of us in our tour, which was fine we all got on fine and had fun!
We was warned before going into the rooms about people passing out ect.. they told us they have people passing out multiple times a week which we thought was crazy!
Ourself and everyone else on our tour afterwards had felt the same way about the tour.. the rooms with the artefacts in are so small and cramped with all of us being in there, the rooms are in the pitch black as they turn the lights off and shut you in the rooms and everyone has to watch quite a lengthily clip of Zak speaking about the item your about to see. The rooms get very hot quite quickly and as you’re made to look up at the tv you do feel very sick and light headed like you’re going to pass out. Everyone was stood there fanning themselves saying it was too hot and they wanted to just get out of the room
There is also fog or smoke that is put into the corridors of the museum to make it more scary looking, I myself didn’t mind it but I know it really got onto my mums chest and she was bad with coughing the next few days after our visit. But walking through it, everyone was covering their faces and pretty much running through it to get out of it.
The tour is also pretty rushed, the museum has items in the corridors as well as the rooms.. but you are not given the chance to stop whilst walking down the corridors to view or have a look at the items shown, when you do stop you get told by the tour guide to keep moving.
One last thing I really didn’t enjoy, the lighting is so bad! I know Zak wants to probably make the museum look creepy ect by dimming the lights and adding little effects.. but we pay a lot of money to go into the museum to see the items in there, but it’s that dark in some places you can’t even see the item on display. It wasn’t until the tour guide put her flashlight on one of the items I actually seen the full effect and I was shocked at how amazing it looked!
Over all I did really enjoy it, it’s got some really amazing items in there, but I just think Zak could change a few things in there to make it a lot better and people would enjoy their experiences better!
1, smaller groups and less rushed
2, less or get rid of the fog/smoke (the museum is creepy enough)
3, better lighting
Written November 7, 2022
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Hannah R
3 contributions
Feb 2021 • Couples
My husband and I went to Zak’s haunted museum back in Feb. 2021. My husband has always been a skeptic but I’m a longtime fan of Ghost Adventures and deeply intrigued by all things paranormal. I really didn’t have high expectations as far as “feeling” something while there but that’s exactly what ended up happening. As soon as we got into the museum I began to feel a bit off balance/dizzy. Then when we were standing by the stairs to the basement my husband and I were blasted with cold air. I found out we were standing directly above the basement chambers where the pentagram was. At that exact moment my iwatch alerted me that my resting heart rate was high which it has NEVER done before. We then went into the basement (we did the RIP tour) and we felt a very dark energy down there. Our guide told us to not linger down there for too long as they have had people get physically affected down there. I said a protection prayer before we went down. Each room had its own energy to it and I felt physically/emotionally affected by a few of them. At one point my husband said he began to get a headache and just felt “off”. As soon as we walked out the door to leave the museum my husband got a bloody nose (staff warned us this could happen), and I felt extremely emotional. I nearly bursted out crying and it felt uncontrollable. I have no idea what affected me so much but it was overwhelming and I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. Needless to say my husband now believes in the paranormal lol. That night I had a very hard time sleeping because I kept reliving some of the experiences there and couldn’t get certain images out of my mind. I made sure to pray for protection and all was well after that. I do caution that you take this museum and all its haunted items seriously. I definitely recommend going but to know the risks and some of the things you may experience while there/after leaving.

If you’re a ghost adventures fan, you must go! I recommend doing a bit of research about the items in the museum before going as this will add to the experience once you’re there!
Written September 5, 2021
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