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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Neighborhood: Paradise
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  • MGM Grand Station • 5 min walk
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Kathy H
Newport Beach, CA10 contributions
May 2013 • Friends
If you can afford it, purchasing a daybed for the day at Wet Republic is totally worth it. You'll actually have somewhere to set your bag down and you wont have to wait in line for drinks. But you should know that if they don't charge your card immediately and give you a receipt, its because that daybed at the great location near the stage is up for bid, and they're gonna make you move to a bed in the back unless you pay another $500 to $1000.
Written July 28, 2013
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Kristina B
Laval, Canada36 contributions
Aug 2018 • Friends
I went for Kaskade's show and it was amazing. The only reason that I took out a star was because I wasn't allowed to bring my bag in...it was a really small backpack, followed the measurements on their website, and I still had to check it for 20$. On their website it says you're allowed to bring one, so when I asked the girl at bag check why I couldn't bring it in she replied "You're allowed but not today"...they should have advertised it more on their social media or website which events you're allowed and which ones you're not but why would they do that if they can get 20$ off you.

Anyways, besides that, I had a really great time. It was one of the best parties I went to when I was in Vegas. I recommend bringing a small clutch that you can wrap around you to leave your stuff in, but the best thing is to bring a waterproof clutch that wraps around your neck. I had to get one (they sell some in the women's bathroom for 20$) because your stuff WILL get wet at this place, people start splashing like crazy when the booze hits their system and when the beat drops lol. Here are some recommendations:
1) Bring a REALLY small clutch, or better yet NO BAG AT ALL.
2) Wear minimal clothing. Your clothes will get wet, better not to bring that much.
3) Buy pre-paid tickets. The line for pre-paid tickets was way shorter than the guest list line. Try to get there early too to avoid the long line. I got there around 12:45pm and I maybe waited 20-30 minutes.
4) Make sure to follow online what IDs Wet Republic allows, I was waiting in line and the guy behind me was from Bermuda and only had his Bermuda driver's license (DL) but he needed to bring his passport and caused a scene. Wet Republic refused him entry and he had to leave. They only accept Canadian, American, British and certain European DLs (if I remember clearly), everyone else needs to bring a passport. Bermuda is a British overseas territory, but they still didn't accept his DL. When in doubt, bring your passport.
5) Bring a credit card or lots of cash. Prepare to pay a lot for your drink. You're in Vegas, everything is overpriced, get over it. I recommend buying the big plastic cup for 50$, they put A LOT of booze in there and it will do you just fine. If you're a guy, you'll be fine after 2, trust me.
6) If you're going to be in the pool, be aware that it could get dirty. I mean they put so much chlorine in there that it kills everything, but people still smoke in the pool, drink and God knows what else.
7) If you're bad with the sun and having booze in your system, bring a cap and drink LOTS of water. You have no idea how many people passed out due to sun stroke while I was there.
8) Be prepared to deal with drunk people and watch your stuff at all times. My friend and I had put our stuff on the edge of the pool and this drunk girl came along looking for her phone and she tried looking through our stuff...had to call a staff member to help this girl out because she was clearly lost.
9) HAVE FUN. Don't worry about your makeup leaking and stuff like that (I wore no makeup which was probably the best thing I did). Just have fun, enjoy the good music and the rest will be great. I met a lot of cool people while I was there and everyone who's there just wants a good time. You will probably have one of the best experiences in Vegas by coming here.
Written August 12, 2018
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Anna A
Allentown, NJ72 contributions
Oct 2014 • Couples
I went with my husband and we were skeptical because we thought we'd feel out of place (we are early & mid 30's).. but we love Calvin Harris so we decided to go anyway. Everything was fine!! I mean, the reviews on here are harsh, but some people have too high expectations going to a pool party and need to lighten up. It is Vegas after all! We had pre-paid tickets for Calvin Harris and arrived at 1130am. There was a line to get in despite pre-paid tickets. The guest list line was twice as long.. we were very grateful to have pre-paid tickets. Once we got through the line, the security line was even longer. It was shaded though, so it wasn't bad. There were 2 lines going at once. Despite what other reviewers say, I think you are allowed to bring sunscreen as we saw many people applying it at the pool. I would hope so, unless the staff at Wet Republic promotes skin cancer. They are very strict with security and go through each and every little pocket of your wallet and purse. Actually, you prefer them to be strict because we did feel safe while we were there. We ordered the 32 oz Coco beach drink which was delicious and refreshing (and you can bring the huge cup in the pool, it is waterproof). The prices are all average for Vegas. At the pool area, everyone's right, there is no where to put your stuff. You just have to leave it at the side of the pool or by a planter. We luckily found an empty blue beer pail and put our belongings inside it and placed it by a planter within our view. There are lockers there, but the area is sooo crowded, and the lockers were expensive. No need unless you have valuables. The other reviews are right though, bring the bare minimum! The pool water itself does look very murky, probably from alcohol, sunscreen, and who knows what else. But close your eyes and just go in because the water is so refreshing in the hot sun!! It got very annoying because guys were splashing water everywhere and it would have been better if security stopped them. The water was splashing in my eyes and I didn't want my contacts to fall out. And plus its dirty water; you don't want that in your face/mouth/eyes. The pool was crowded but it was still fun. Calvin Harris was amazing, he arrived earlier and played longer than I expected. Security was not mean at all! So many reviews complain about the staff, but we thought everyone was great. Overall it was a fun time, even for married mid30's couples like us. If you get uncomfortable around a younger crowd and can't hang, then this is not the place for you. But if you lighten up and relax and just go to have a good time, you'll definitely have fun!!!
Written October 18, 2014
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Kurt K
1 contribution
May 2021
This will be a long and truthful review of Wet Republic.
First off I would like to start by saying the venue is beautiful, and our waiter named Julian had impeccable service.
Now, let's begin: Our day pool club experience at Wet Republic.
We went in as a party of 8. We bought one of the cheaper tables ~$2000 min. table.
Our experience started off great. Our host Daario brought us up to our table, and passed us off to our waitress Jess, and waiter (or Jess's assistant) Julian.
We started off by ordering a typical $1300 bottle (yes this is what you pay for the large sized bottle). But this was expected.
What we didn't expect was for our waitress to constantly push us to finish our drinks so that she could refill them.
Jess was very pushy and it was uncomfortable at times. We get it, she is trying to make money, this is her job.
But, I think she could've acted more like a waitress rather than a saleswomen.
Next, Jess began to push us to order more bottles, so we did.
Our friend's birthday was this past week so we celebrated it as well, Jess INSISTED that we do a champagne spray, so we did.
One thing lead to another and we ended up ordering another bottle when we only wanted beer or claw buckets.
The worst part is, after all the drinking a security guard or bouncer with a low self-esteem begins to attack us verbally stating that one of us needs to be kicked out for being belligerent. No second chances, no excuses, nothing. The bouncer didn't even look at my face as I was trying to rectify the issue. I wish I could've caught his name.
At this time, as he is forcing my friend to leave. We are aruging, stating that we've paid all this money for this table we don't want to leave.
As that is all going on Jess comes and begins giving us our check, not even advocated for our side. She calculates tip for us, and everything as fast as she can to get us out so that someone else could fill our table.
Our bill came out to $5800. Then we left.
Yes we are responsible for ourselves, and blame ourselves greatly for all of it.
Hopefully some people who are going to wet republic read my review and be cautious. Do not let the waitress's pressure you into anything. You are there for a good time, not to pay a down payment on a house.
Did we enjoy our time, yes, but it was ruined by the bouncer's pride and Jess's saleswomen tendencies.
To conclude, I will probably never visit this place ever again, and it sucks because we have heard many good things about wet republic prior to our first visit.
Written June 3, 2021
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1 contribution
Sep 2021 • Couples
The people at the bar were very nice but the bouncers were the most inconsiderate and rude people I've ever came across. One actually said he needs the space and bumped me out of the way (I am a 110lb woman). They yelled at my husband who was just waiting for me to get out of the restroom. If you are not doing bottle service or reserving a table be sure that nobody will care about you and will treat you badly even if you are just minding your business and not drunk at all. Go to Encore beach club, they are really nice and the bouncer will treat you better, not like you are disturbing them.
Written September 5, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Anish K
1 contribution
Jul 2017 • Family
This review is for WET REPUBLIC (HAKASAN management) only!

We didn't stay in this hotel but got passes for wet republic pool party on 3rd July 2017. It was a decent event with all of our friends enjoying inside the pool. Suddenly out of the blue 2 guys jumped on us from the edge of the pool. I was hurt and led to minor nose bleeding. Everyone was shocked, the security guy took me out and escorted to an office room, where they gave me a medical tape to hold the bleeding. It wasn't much and i volunteered not to go to hospital as its wasn't severe and wanted to enjoy the rest of the party. However i also wanted those bunch of guys to be taken out of party for senselessly jumping over people in the pool and making it terribly unsafe for everyone. It could have been worse for us, there were many girls around that area where they jumped and the injury could have happened to anyone to any extent.

However we were extremely disappointing by their callous attitude of the security people, especially the manager who was in charge. We didn't think the security there were keen on taking any action and their sheer ineffectiveness, made my wife to tell them to take an action or we call the cops. When the security management fails to help you, you seek out other ways for help. But the manager, felt 'calling the cops' as THREAT and THEY THREW ALL OF US OUT OF THE VENUE !!!! The victims were thrown out because we "threatened" them !!!! Threatened them to call cops because they were not helping us at all.

We were thrown out, helpless to do anything ,we tried calling the cops. They said they will arrive soon but they didn't. It seems the entire security in Vegas doesn't care.

The guys who jumped on us continued to enjoy their pool party, we were thrown out. No help from Security or cops. It is hard to comprehend the level of frustration we went through.My name was 'black listed' such that i wont be allowed to enter any club managed by HAKASSAN management. We came to know when we tried getting in JEWEL the same night.

Advise: Try to avoid any hakassan events in Vegas if you are concerned about your family's safety & security or any expectations of just action to be taken. There are many better events around Vegas , better managed . more secure. Don't come to Wet republic or any hakassan event and don't waste your Vegas trip. Simply because no one cares!
Written July 12, 2017
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Daniel C
Ashburn, VA1 contribution
Jun 2014 • Friends

We went for my bachelor party to see Calvin Harris. This was our second time going to Wet Republic and we had a blast last time (which was about 4 years ago) and couldn't wait to go back. This time was completely different!

They haggled us on price, dress code, etc. - fine.
Once we got settled, we had a good time, That didn't last for more than an hour or so until they started singling my group out and kicking us out one by one for NOTHING!

I know when my friends can be over the top, but we weren't being rowdy, or obnoxious or rude whatsoever! I was sitting at our table and when I asked why my friends were being kicked out, I was told I had to go too! I DID NOTHING!

The bouncers were COMPLETE DOUCHEBAGS! They didn't even give us a reason why, just that "they didn't want our service any longer". They made a huge scene - dumping out our bottles and taking the table away. Everyone around us was in shock!

Turns out they ended up re-selling our table to another group. Not to mention they charged it all on my friends credit card!

I'm almost 30 years old and have never been kicked out of a bar in my life. To be treated the way these tough guys treated our "VIP Table" was absolutely mind blowing.

They singled us out for being a bachelor party, kicked us out for no reason, poured out all the alcohol we paid for and robbed 4 grand from us. Make no mistake about it, it was a robbery.

It was the worst experience I've ever had in my adult life. Please do not give those doucebags a dollar of your money - they will likely force you to pay more and make you leave anyways!
Written June 27, 2014
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2 contributions
Sep 2017 • Friends
It was fun for a couple hours because of the music but the atmosphere is absolute trash -- everyone is stuffed like sardines. The whole time I was either getting splashed in the face with piss water or getting my butt slapped by drunk dudes. The reason why I am giving one star is because of the security guard that literally grabbed my arm, got in my face and yelled at me for no reason. I was walking towards the exit, when I realized I forgot something. Keep in mind, I didn't actually go through the exit door, I was still by the pool area, just walking towards the exit. I started turning around and the security guy told me "You can't turn around, you need to go." I said "I forgot something." (I was STILL in vicinity of the pool area!) So I started turning around and he grabs my arm, gets in my face and loudly says "Don't run away from security! You are not supposed to be here!" ...I'm not supposed to be there? How does he think I got to the exit exactly? It's not like I snuck in some how and was trying to leave and then go back... I was there for 3 hours!!! I am a petite 5ft2 24 year old. Getting manhandled and yelled at by a security guard is not my definition of fun. I started crying afterwards because I couldn't believe what had happened! Luckily I only left behind my sunglasses case. (I seriously was not allowed to go get it).

The lockers were 60$ so most people just put their stuff on a pile by the pool. It looked like a long pile of wet laundry. How upscale is that?

Needless to say, I will never come here again.
Written September 10, 2017
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2 contributions
May 2015 • Couples
We booked a bed 3 months before arriving in vegas , stood in a line and told 5 mins - which went on for a hour ,with other people still going in and getting there requirements , We were then told they a had been a mistake and all the beds were taken , and if we came back at 12.30 , they would see if there was any left , which meant the management had told us bare face lie , and they were beds still a available, we think they were trying to sell our bed for more than we had payed or maybe or faces just never fitted in , , The management are lower than low , the guy called joe (BOSS AT THE SWIMMING POOL ) is a compulsive liar , and actually believes his own bullsh@t, just a little reminder joe your no oil panting yourself and your only a door man at a swimming pool , nothing more , so think before you judge others !!!!!!
Written May 1, 2015
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5 contributions
I actually didn't get to go inside - my review is only based on my experience with the security. I got there yesterday shortly after they opened and was on the guestlist. The guy checking my ID wasn't too sure about my ID and gave it to the security manager on duty - who looked at my florida drivers license saying it looks cheap and flimsy. He took me out of the line saying I won't be able to get in because he cant accept my Florida drivers license. Okay. I wasn't happy but Sh.. happens and it wasn't that big of a deal to me. As I walked away some guys asked me why I dont go in - and the security manager walked up and told them I have a fake ID and I am banned from the property, and then they all laughed dirty. Excuse me? I told him that its ok to deny me access for any reason, and I don't wanna come in anymore anyways, but that he still has no right walking around telling people my ID is fake, when it really isn't!!! All he did was laugh and say "of course it is " No its not, I am freaking 27. I didnt make it a big deal tho, so why is he?

He might not be sure on how to check an ID but why accuse me if you don't know? Just say nothing! It just isnt cool. And I am not bad looking - I am paying for my masters with paid modeling gigs. He maybe just didnt like the fact that i am not with a w group of barbies..
Again, I am really displeased with how disrespectful he was .. I called my husband who is a monthly regular and he told me he'll call the GM who is his buddy, but I said no thanks, I'll take my business somewhere where I get treated with respect. The hubby and I will be in vegas together next month with friends and every time they spend easily 5 figures at one place . Easily... I'll def make sure that money is spent at Moorea instead, much classier!!
Written May 9, 2014
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