Harrah's North Kansas City Casino

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Harrah's North Kansas City Casino

Harrah's North Kansas City Casino
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Tom L
Oshkosh, WI110 contributions
Okay Place Except
May 2021
The hotel is nice -- clean, well equipped, spacious. The casino is like any other big corporate one -- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you have fun and it's nice. Staff all clearly well trained and dutiful.

My beef? We arrived for a five-night stay with a fair bit of awkward if not heavy luggage. Now this hotel is putting on like they are a classy world-class establishment, but "because of covid" they have NO luggage carts available or porters to help you carry your luggage in.

It seems to me that if you can sanitize thousands of slot machines, you can sanitize three or four luggage carts. Budget hotels I've stayed in during the pandemic manage to do it -- why is a corporate giant unable to do so???

So I made several trips in and out, up and down the elevator, a 65-year-old geezer schlepping all his own luggage. I was pretty sore about it. To her credit, the young lady at the desk, to whom I expressed my displeasure in a loud and angry voice, did not respond in kind but merely kept repeating that she was sorry but there was nothing she could do.

I feel bad being rude to her like that. Not like SHE made up the rules. It was the fat-cat corporate tycoons that own the place to whom I really wished to direct my opinions. You know, the sorts that never have to schlep their own luggage or check TripAdviser.
Written June 5, 2021
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Chicago, IL10,122 contributions
Old and dirty feeling
May 2021 • Business
I went here when in town for business. The casino feels old and kinda dirty. There are two floors. A decent number of slots and some table games. It’s ok if you are in the area but not worth a trip.
Written May 23, 2021
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Omaha, NE60 contributions
Poor Service, not Covid clean
Apr 2021 • Friends
Stayed 2 nights, spent a boatload. Service and experience. So sad. Watched a cocktail waitress for several minutes explaining to an older man how to press the Service button and she'd be right back to get him an additional drink. Several of us in the area had turned around, waiting for her to finish with him, so we could place our orders. Nope. She turned immediately away and did not even acknowledge us. Saw this same waitress do it on 4/13 and again on 4/14! Upstairs, by the clown machines. May not be a 7 Stars, but am a Diamond player. Pitiful enough we have to pay for drinks as it is. Return to Player % is abysmal. Ameristar and Argosy much more friendly and pay better.
Written April 15, 2021
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Kansas City, MO1 contribution
Terrible Experience and Horrible Payouts
Mar 2021
Harrah's NKC is absolutely horrible. The place is filthy, no perks for high limit players like a lounge, free drinks or free snacks, they recently removed 12 lightening link games (which are very popular) forcing people to wait around for hours to play one and the bonus rounds absolutely suck especially on larger bets. It didn't used to be this bad but after they were recently acquired I noticed the place just went down hill. I also noticed my bank account going down hill as well, logging fewer and fewer wins - now it's a guaranteed loss every time. The food choices definitely suck unless you want to spend $75 for a steak. Restrooms are always closed for cleaning and remodeling forcing players to travel from upstairs to the downstairs area all the way to the back - trust me, it's a long way when you have to go.

When they removed the lightening links, I was told they were old - except 4 they removed were brand new and the ones they left were actually old. I also noticed that they disappeared when the Grand prize was really high and wasn't moving any higher. This is very unusual because there is a sign on all the machines that says "This machine cannot be capped". Basically, they're running out of money and collecting on a progressive jackpot that they do not intend to payout. IMO, this should be illegal. Advertising a high number they don't intend to payout combined with low bonus payouts makes me think they're just stealing people's money and is completely unfair to gamblers.

My most recent visit, I was waiting to play a lightening link game and security showed up demanding my ID claiming I was loitering and was asked to leave the property. I was not drinking or causing trouble, just waiting for a seat to open. I'm a Diamond Plus player who plays nearly every week and recently dropped around $10K in the past month (due to poor payouts and lower bonus payouts). I'm not upset with the loss as I have plenty of money and a good job but telling me to leave because I'm loitering is absolutely ridiculous and they've finally gone too far.

I left and went to Ameristar, which is literally a few miles down the street - WOW! What a difference! The place is clean, no waiting, lounges everywhere and I actually didn't lose for a change - which was a bonus. I'm still new at Ameristar so still discovering, but so far so good. Restaurants look good and the steakhouse doesn't charge $75 for a steak. Also, I noticed there's plenty of room to 'loiter' if I want to wait on a specific machine as they're more spread out - which is important these days for the obvious reason.

Harrah's NKC will no longer get my business for sure! Thanks for making me see the light!
Written March 14, 2021
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Richard B
Kansas City, MO116 contributions
Tight and Boring Slot Machines
Visited the casino the evening of December 25th. Had a miserable time playing the slot machines this evening. Played for 3 hours and hardly ever hit a bonus game on the slots. A very boring and expensive evening. I have no desire to return any time soon. My New Year 2021 resolution is to stay away from Harrah's. There are other casinos nearby that offer a better overall experience.
Written December 26, 2020
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1 contribution
Oct 2020 • Couples
Terrible experience. How is this rated a 3.5 hotel? I would give it a rating of .5. The hotel manager who checked me in was rude. The room wasn't clean. The photos on the website were nothing like the outdated 1980's decor. The bed was lumpy and uncomfortable. Bathroom was rickety and barely cleaned. Glad that I had my own Lysol products with me, because I would not trust them to have sanitized anything.
Written October 30, 2020
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Fayetteville, AR53 contributions
Visiting During Covid Pandemic
Sep 2020
Just returned from a trip with friends for a couple of days. Before we left I read some of the latest reviews, "rude employees" "dirty rooms" "worst casino".. many many. Frankly, after this trip which was at least my 20th at this hotel, I'm not sure why the poor reviews.

YES! There have been some necessary changes which are hopefully temporary. Dining is limited depending on the time of day. Some of the machines are disabled for social distancing. Valet parking and Bell Services are not available. Room service and housekeeping are not available. THIS IS THE LAW right now! Hey, roll with the punches.

Our rooms were lovely. They were clean and very comfortable. The beds are extremely comfortable. Obviously, some of the normal amenities were "missing" due to the pandemic! What do you expect things that others have used or touched? I think they have done a wonderful job at this hotel/casino. If you need extra things, they are happy to supply them. Hand sanitizers and masks are available several different places in the hotel AND the casino.

The hosts and the staff ARE friendly and do their best to accommodate your requests. They DO remind you if you are not using your masks properly. If you are unable or unwilling to follow these LAWS then stay at home. Don't criticize or leave bad reviews due to them remind and insisting that you keep your mask on properly. They are trying to do their job!

We missed Marty, the bellman, who was always so helpful. Hopefully, Harrahs will soon have all the staff back and everything will be back to "normal" We all hope so. But until that time, just be prepared and you will not be disappointed.

Lots of people in the casino were winning and having fun. "Roll with the punches".. It IS different but it CAN be a lot of fun!
Written September 26, 2020
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Kim M
1 contribution
Bad experience rude dealer and pit boss
Aug 2020 • Couples
Today my Dad and I visited your casino. Something we have done many times since moving to Missouri 10 years ago. But will never again. My dad plays baccarat and the dealer and pit bosses which were all old ladies were unpleasant and extremely rude. I did not get the dealers name but today is Tues. Aug. 20 2020. The pit boss I believe her name was Patti Patricia. She should not have allowed the dealer to be and speak as she did to us. Being treated as we were caused us to leave and go to your neighbor casino. Where my dad was surprised to see four of his fellow baccarat friends. Who all dont go to your casino anymore. Even as we entered the elevator to leave a gentleman entering the elevator with us mentioned how the people working there were uptight. Hope you have a nice day. You almost ruined ours.
Written August 19, 2020
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Aurora, CO1 contribution
worst casino experience time after time after time. take your money to one of the other casinos in town. for real
Jul 2020 • Couples
Harrah's is a worthless floating POS casino. This place will take your money so fast it's sickening. Seriously I dont expect to win every time I go to a casino, but come on people this is unbelievably bad. It doesn't matter if you take a little money or a thousand dollars, it's gone so fast you'll feel violated. No ups and downs, no evening of entertainment... If you roll up in an Uber, odds are it'll be the same driver who picks you up, they will not have gone very far. Play at Ameristar or Argosy, or try harrah's if you didn't heed my warning, I look forward to reading your rant soon. No BS, harrah's sux, and it's sad.
Written July 29, 2020
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Cupertino, CA604 contributions
Dated rooms, but very friendly staff.
Mar 2020 • Business
This property is so smokey! The hotel lobby was the only place in the casino that didn't reek of cigarette smoke. Everywhere else--even the restaurants we visited--smoke wafted in.

The hotel has several elevators depending on the tower. After requesting a non-smoking room, we were given keys for the Las Vegas tower. Upon exiting the elevator, the floor reeked of cigarette smoke. We thought maybe our room wouldn't, and it didn't seem to at first step into the room, but there was a vent above the bed where smokey air poured into the room. It was unbearable. Our sinuses began to sting and swell. Upon calling the front desk to ask about our requested non-smoking room, the clerk apologized, saying the Las Vegas tower is the SMOKING tower. WTH? Terrible customer service to not listen to the guest's only request. The room itself was rough around the edges, very outdated. The carpet in the hallways was stained, loose, and in need of replacement. Cleaner and healthier to have no carpet, actually.

With new keys in hand, thankfully, the non-smoking Kansas City tower did not reek of smoke upon exiting the elevator, nor did the room. But the room was very outdated. The bed was lumpy. The WiFi was slooooow--come on, this is 2020!

Unfortunately, there was black mold on the bathroom ceiling--gross and unhealthy. The bathroom had a shower/ tub combo with just ok water pressure, but the hot water stayed hot.

The restaurants are all modernized. But the hotel rooms need a major renovation to be brought up to modern day standards, including reliable WiFi.
Written March 6, 2020
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