Worlds Of Fun Oceans of Fun

Worlds Of Fun Oceans of Fun, Kansas City: Address, Phone Number, Worlds Of Fun Oceans of Fun Reviews: 3.5/5

Worlds Of Fun Oceans of Fun

Worlds Of Fun Oceans of Fun
Amusement & Theme Parks • Water Parks
The midwest's premier amusement park, featuring 235 acres of rides and slides. Two great parks for one great price in 2013. Experience both parks for one low price! Slide all day and ride all night! Experience seven roller coasters, huge water slides, thrill rides, Planet Snoopy for the whole family, and a brand new Oceans of Fun!
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Very good

Tracy M
1 contribution
Jun 2021 • Family
It was horrible! Just to get a slice of pizza and drink was 30 minute wait! These employees need more training. Also we came to let the grandkids have a wonderful time but half the rides were closed! I would love my 375.00 back!
Written June 5, 2021
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Topeka1 contribution
Awful experience
May 2021 • Family
Waited an hour in line for parking. Paid for my 2 yr olds ticket just to find out she should’ve been free. Waited hrs in lines for them to shut down rides just before getting on. Half the rides were closed. The waiting time on the app showed “0 min” wait time on rides when in reality it was hours. Had to change my toddlers diaper in a food court because there were no changing tables in the bathroom. Spent 5+ hrs there and rode TWO rides!! Then got a $3 off coupon when I left because they were “so sorry for my poor experience”. Called for days after to get my daughters ticket refunded and no one could give me an answer. Promises of supervisors calling me back and no one ever called. They wanted me to submit a birth certificate that proved my daughters age when it wasn’t required for the original ticket. All around the right hand doesn’t know what the hell the left hand is doing. Overpriced and underwhelming to say the least.
Written May 31, 2021
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shawnee, ks7 contributions
Terrible now
May 2021
I was really shocked and disappointed, I have been going to Worlds of Fun for 40 years,! So I know what a fun time it used to be, at WOF. We went to WOF on 5/23/21 and got there within 45 minutes of the park opening, so not late in the day. We were there 6 hours. Except for when we first stepped into the park--the Mamba was a 30 minute wait when we first arrived in the AM- afterwards it went sharply downhill from 12pm on. All ride waits were 1.5- 2 hr waits. Factor in---you will be in line, and they suddenly say "Sorry- the ride is out of operation." And you were forced to go to only about 60% of their rides that are in operation!!! These lines were LONG....due to: 1. LACK OF STAFF. 2. Lack of RIDES. With so few rides open, and the horrid wait times, we rode 2 rides in 6 hours. One of these hours was spent waiting for pretel bites, a snack that should take 15 minutes tops to get, took 1 hour of waiting . The Fury of the Nile had a 2 hour wait. The park itself was not even totally full. It was truly a frustrating experience, and it was not fun.
Written May 24, 2021
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Isabel C
1 contribution
Don’t go here if you need to rent a wheelchair.
May 2021 • Couples
We needed to rent a wheelchair for my boyfriend who is having hip problems. He can drive and walk short distances but he can’t walk long distances. We haven’t been doing much lately and he can’t work so he doesn’t have his own wheelchair so we decided to rent one in the park. We drove thirty minutes to get there and walked to the rental center INSIDE the park to rent a wheelchair. When I got there they charged me $20, made us wait twenty minutes and then told us they didn’t have any more available. They asked if we wanted to upgrade to an electric wheelchair for $50 (no discount because they ran out of manual ones and we’re broke college kids so that’s pretty expensive for us). We said we couldn’t afford it. They then offered us a coupon to use at the rip chord (he can’t do the ripcord) or to get a free sandwich on the other side of the park which were only redeemable today. Without a wheelchair he can’t walk that far or far enough to ride any rides. He barely made it to the wheelchair rental station which was all the way inside the park. They said there was nothing that they could do for us so we left. I did address the concern with guest services and they basically told me to shove it. There’s no option to reserve a wheelchair in advance and I doubt they have very many so that you have to pay the extra thirty dollars to rent an electric one. We have season passes so it wasn’t an issue of needing a refund for the day (although with the lack of customer service and decent policies for the disabled I highly doubt we would have gotten one). I’m just beyond sick of companies jacking up the price on wheelchairs and other things needed for the disabled to participate.
Written May 22, 2021
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Jiu-Jitsu Nerd
Little Rock, AR41 contributions
Just as Fun as 30 Years Ago!
Aug 2020 • Family
Except even MORE fun with MORE exciting coasters and rides! Vegan friendly food options with Beyond Meat burgers cooked on separate grill so there’s no cross-contamination.
Written September 9, 2020
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Overland Park, KS42 contributions
This is the best time to visit Worlds of Fun: Cleanliness, fewer people & more distancing
Aug 2020
I haven't been to Worlds of Fun since I was in graduate school, but at this point in time, we are happy to get out of the house and go anywhere that is open for the sake of our sanity if nothing else. So, I took my teenager and Worlds of Fun exceeded expectations. We went on a partially cloudy day right after a rain, which is the best time because lines are shorter. The park was immaculately clean and surprisingly the employees were friendly and welcoming, even though they were constantly reminding people of where to stand and to put on their masks. They seemed to understand if you needed a breathing break and had just pulled yours down for a few seconds. I think they just didn't want people abandoning their mask all together. After all, it was very humid.


The dividers to create the lines were constantly being wiped and re-wiped down while we were standing in line. The rides were cleaned every other trip with a spray they allowed to sit and soak, and then the train was sent by itself through the coaster to be dried. The employees were all wearing gloves, and were washing their hands between customers in the food service places. The grounds were constantly being swept and the benches wiped down. There were hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere, though I brought my own. The bathrooms were maintained.

The employees were well-trained. There was someone going through a couple of the lines reminding people to social distance and wear their mask. The employees were well trained with professional delivery of whatever they had to say, but still courteous and welcoming of guests. I really appreciate this nuance, in that a lot of businesses are missing the curtesy and professionalism right now. We all understand there's a pandemic, but do you want our money or not? Well, Worlds of Fun wants your money and have trained their employees well.

Social distancing
Worlds of Fun is doing a great job of posting signs in writing everywhere about the social distancing policy. They have posters and even tape on the ground in the lines of where you are to stand. Additionally, there was an employee going through some of the lines to verbally clarify where to stand. There were also videos on social distancing on monitors. You'd have to be without common sense to miss all of this. Unfortunately there were plenty of people who either missed or ignored most of this, which was why the employee was needed to explain and enforce. This employee in most cases looked about 16 years old, but was probably in reality between 18-21 years old, but really had a future in Communications because the information was delivered very professionally. Whenever there wasn't an employee in line to tell people, I had inevitably a family too close behind me. But, most of the time there was about 10-20 feet between parties, way further than the required 6 feet. I liked this.

Some of the other people in the park didn't seem to get social distancing or the flow of coming and going which was obvious if you looked at the arrows on the ground or the signs. One woman in a restaurant decided to come back through the line and sideswipe people when there really wasn't room for her to do that. At least we had time to turn our backs because there was no stopping her. I think it's more likely that these people just didn't care, and I really shouldn't be surprised considering the kind of person who would be going to an amusement park (including myself) right now is not mortally afraid of contracting COVID-19. Still, I would prefer if the public would keep to the social distancing rules and I was somewhat irritated with families who didn't try. My only suggestion is for the park to have more of the courteous enforcers of (social distancing) for the sake of the rest of the guests. As a healthcare worker, I don't really care about the masks as long as people keep their distance. It's the aerosols we are worried about along with skin-to-skin and skin-to-surface contact. We have no protection from breathing each other's air, because the masks don't prevent that.

We visited 2 weeks ago and only one ride was closed that we saw. All of the roller coasters and water rides were open. I only saw one closed restaurant. We ate where we had planned to eat without problems. Personally, I could have used cleanliness, social distancing and better customer service in amusement parks long before the COVID-19 pandemic. I was very pleased with this experience.
Written August 19, 2020
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Los Angeles, CA1,833 contributions
Meet Wally World. Huge. Clean. Fun.
Jun 2020 • Family
What a fun amusement park that is not your typical Disney or 6 flags. It’s a mix of everything and done well. We all had a great time. There is something for everyone. We recommend going early and then back for a siesta so you can stay late. Best for lines and crowds. Have fun.
Written August 14, 2020
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Stewartsville, MO61 contributions
Park awesome, mask police 👎🏼
Aug 2020 • Family
So, upon arrival we purchased Gold passes, parking and entering was great, even did the online health questions they asked of us, and then we had to go the health tent where they checked temperatures. We didn’t mind all that. The park was barely populated. They had us all spaced in lines per party, we came another family with younger kids.
Now the part that started to piss me off was the workers (mask police) who constantly asked for us to have our masks over our noses, even when we were on our little family boat rides well away from everyone else! Listen, we could barely breathe you ask my 4 year old to put a mask on one more time! I’m going to walk out!
We are all outside, try to get fresh air, fresh air! And they want us masked up! The zoo’s aren’t even doing this!
Ridiculous policy!!!! Especially since we all passed through several health procedures to get in! O and don’t buy the $15/$30 refill drink you can’t refills barely anywhere in the park!
Written August 7, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Lou V
Bartlesville, OK3 contributions
Wait until COVID restrictions are lifted
Jul 2020
We visited the park on July 8 after it opened to the public following COVID-19 protocols.

Pros: hardly any other people. We never stood in line unless they were sanitizing the rides, which they did as quickly and thoroughly as possible. On opening at 11 they played the (one and only) Star Spangled Banner.

Cons: There was heat advisory in effect, the vending machines had no water, and many of the food places were supposed to have "free ice water" but we were unable to locate any. Despite the website saying that masks are not required in Relax Zones and water rides there were NO water rides open. There were no shows open, which I get because of social distancing but another cut in cooling off areas. There was one air conditioned restaurant open and at half capacity so we felt like we needed to gulp our food and get out so the next people could come in and eat. All in all the kids had a good time. We planned to close the place down (at 7, because the virus is worse at night) but only made it to 5 and even the kids were ready to get back to the hotel to swim. They are still taking pictures of people going on the roller coasters but I bet they're not selling any because the whole fun of buying your picture on a roller coaster is the expression on your face which is now masked. For the price they should maybe offer a lot more ways of cooling off.
Written July 9, 2020
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Windsor, CT77 contributions
Worlds of Fun was much better than expected.
Jul 2020 • Solo
I go to theme parks primarily to ride rollercoasters. I have always heard that Worlds of Fun was on the lower end of the Cedar Fair parks. My expectations were low which I’m sure helped as I found the park to be very beautiful and well themed. A new rollercoaster is definitely needed as the last one was built 11 years ago. That being said Mamba and Prowler are both great coasters! The amount of land still available for expansion is abundant and I would love to see Cedar Fair give a bit more attention to this park. All employees I met were very friendly and helpful. My only complaint (and it’s minor) is the kid coaster didn’t say on the website that adults couldn’t ride without a child. The operator told me it was a new rule this year.
Overall, it was a really good experience and having my Cedar Fair Platinum pass made the value that much better! 😀
Written July 8, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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