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Michigan's Adventure
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Classic amusement park combined with a water park and Boogie Beach wave pool.
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Educated C
Scottsdale, AZ14 contributions
Jul 2021 • Family
KNOW WHAT YOU ARE IN FOR!!! They are severely understaffed right now. I thought that we were picking a date in advance so that they could limit the number of attendees. No way, it is more crowded than ever! They do not have enough staff to open all of the food stands, nor do they have enough staff to make the ones that are open run efficiently. The only way you could potentially enjoy this day is to purchase a fast pass for the rides, and either eat before you come or bring someone who will just wait in line for food. My kids had fast passes and they rode around 16-17 rides. The food line was about an hour and a half (and bad food) but I waited while they rode. So we had a great day but we paid a LOT of money for what should’ve been standard procedure!
Written July 27, 2021
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Gretchen M
Waterloo, IA12 contributions
Jun 2022 • Family
I love amusement parks and no family vacations is complete without visiting one, at least for me. After reading all the negative reviews about Michigan's Adventure, I was worried.

We went on a very, very hot Wednesday in June. The crowds were minimal, probably scared away by the heat. The park is not well shaded, so we sure got our share of sun. But staff was kind. Most rides were open, as were the food stands. We waited in zero lines. The water park, which we ended at due to the heat, had so much to do we could barely fit it all in for the 5 hours it was open. Nice slides and variety. I honestly enjoyed pur time at the park and think for the ticket price, it was right in the pocket of what I'd expect. I know 2020 and 2021 were very hard years for even the best parks. I hope folks will give MA another try, now that some of the issues the last two years have normalized.
Written June 15, 2022
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Indianapolis, IN67 contributions
Jul 2021
We loved their amusement park, great pricing and available in the Midwest. It was during covid times therefore there was reduced staffing which mainly impacted the restaurants and drink refill stations. Some rides were closed, but it felt ok with the smaller population in attendance. Loved the lockers in the front which allowed you to open and close them as many times as you needed. Drinks are not free. However you can buy a refillable cup which we mainly used for water, not sodas. I think next time I would have us share these. Disappointed that the cabana rental reservation website didn't open up sooner in the spring, as we were not able to get one. We enjoyed being outside in the open air and felt like people had room to space out from one another. Except the waterpark was crowded. We stayed until sunset. :)
Written January 19, 2022
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1 contribution
Aug 2021
First time at Michigan Adventure and probably the last. Expensive and over crowded. Most of the food places were not open and even with a refillable drink cup had to wait in long lines. Many rides did not open till late in the day which meant with long wait times we did not get to ride them. Their app is supposed to help you plan as it gives you wait times for rides but the wait was more than double what the app had said it would be. Our group got in line for the Mad Mouse at 11:30 and did not get off the ride till nearly 1:30. They were running the cars not full (2 instead of 4 people). It was hot and no shade for the lines. The only actual food place open at lunch was Cruisers which had ok food though the burger was dry. Staff was not overly friendly though they are so understaffed I would guess that contributes. Waterpark was the only bright spot of the day ...but extremely crowded and no where near enough lifeguards for that number of people so if you go with children be sure to keep a close eye on them. Frankly would not be surprised if the lifeguard to guest ratio was below what is required by law. Fast lane passes cost more than the entrance fee and contributed to long wait times for people who did not want or could not afford to purchase them. This park reduced its hours and does not fully open all attractions and still has the nerve to charge you full price. Save your money and drive the extra distance to Cedar Point or better yet wait for the pandemic to end and go to Disney World. At least there they are friendly and helpful while they pick your pocket.
Written August 10, 2021
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Chris Lang
1 contribution
Jun 2022 • Family
We went to play a game on the way out because my daughter wanted a specific prize. In order to get the prize she needed to win 2 medium prizes first. It was the water squirting game. I spent $20 bucks for my family of 4 to play and she won the first prize. The second game she was winning and the game stopped working. I asked the game operator if they could just keep my money and not refund me the second game and give my daughter the prize she wanted. He said no because of policy. Then a manger game to refund the money and she also said it is against policy. My daughter was in tears and highly disappointed. If we were at Cedar Point (which we are season pass members for the last 5 years) they would have made it right. Thanks for ruining my daughter's vacation. Uncalled for! Will not be back to this Cedar Fair Park and we will be contemplating renewing our season passes going forward.

Shame on the ride operator and shame on the manager. I work in hospitality and I would have never let a customer walk away with their child that upset
Written June 17, 2022
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T. George
Grand Rapids, MI1 contribution
Aug 2021
Every year we have gotten season passes, including this year. This year was horrible. I have never been so disgusted with them and I will never go back there again. They are understaffed but yet still allowed full capacity of people in the park. They only have 5 food courts open and 1 drink cart open in the entire park. For the amount of people that allow in, we were standing in the food or drink lines for over 45 minutes and their food was nasty. The French fries were hard as a rock and cold. The hot dog was over cooked and dry. Not all the rides were even open due to low staffing. Then to top it all off the park is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and they reduced their hours even more but yet they charges full price for the season passes and tickets. Due to being closed down two days out of the week and limited rides available it was always over crowded and you had to wait in long lines. They wouldn't even offer a refund for our season passes even though we only used them one time and we even left early because it was just ridiculous. I understand them not having enough people to staff the entire park but knowing they are understaffed they should have not allowed so many people in the park. What is the point of making reservations if your not a season pass holder if they are just going to allow the park to be filled at full capacity? They also raised all their prices on everything, Food, drinks, games, merchandise. They really rip people off. I just can't believe people were paying $4.25 for a bottle of water. WTH! I guess if you are out in the hot sun with not much shade and you are getting dehydrated then people are willing to pay the outrageous price for a 20 oz bottle of water. $14.00 for a hot dog and a small handful of fries that were hard as a rock and cold. I couldn't even bite into them they were so hard. I am so over the park and was very disgusted at how they did people this year. I will never buy another season pass again and I will never go back there again.
Written August 9, 2021
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Henry S
1 contribution
Sep 2021
I've been going to Michigan's Adventure for over the past 30 years. Yes, they have added different rides along the years. However, the service and failures are getting worse each year. This past weekend, 75% of the games were even closed. The following rides were even closed and we were still even charged full price:

1. Zach's Zoomer's
2. Logger's Run.
3. Rip Cord

More than 1/2 the dining options were closed. This causes major lines in all the rides and you have to wait for over an hour just to get a drink or something to eat. Yet there were 4 employees standing around with gossip at the photo pickup in the front of the park.

The "Fast Lane" is really the only way to ever be on a ride and that is an additional $125 per person on top of your normal ticket costs.

Security is a joke and didn't even check our bag on the way in. Then we noticed that several other customers bags weren't being checked on the way in either.

Don't waste your time or money at this place. Not worth it at all and we have decided never to go to again. Suggest that everyone else do the same.
Written September 7, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Gainesville, FL245 contributions
Jul 2021
Michigan's Adventure is in a death spiral. A third of the rides and retail stores were closed and they seem to be consistently trying to gauge their customers. Parking, your first looong line, is a mess. They tell you no food or beverages in the park but what they don't tell you is you'll be hard pressed to even find food or beverages in the park even when you are resigned to spend $5 for a bottle of water. The vending machines generally don't work and, as mentioned, many of the retail points are closed.

If you are a glutton for punishment and still want to go here's a tip. The employees seem to recognize the no food or beverage rule is oppressive and do not enforce it.

Here's my advice. Go to Mac Woods dune rides, the Little Sable lighthouse / beach and have lunch at Whippy Dip. You'll get a much more "Pure Michigan" experience and have $200 left over to deposit into the kids college account.

Soon enough, Michigan's Adventure will be closed permanently and maybe they'll put a cool golf course in its place.
Written July 20, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Mandy R
2 contributions
Aug 2021 • Family
Not worth the price. We paid for the Fast Lane wristbands at $50/each plus the cost of admission. The regular lines were over an hour wait, the “Fast Lane” averaged about 20 minutes wait time. I’d read the Fast Lane was limited but there were times there were 20 people in front of us. When they opened the Shivering Timbers (at 5pm) we waited in line while they loaded/unloaded 3 trains before they loaded us from the “Fast Lane”. When we got in line for the log ride our friends who did not get Fast Lane passes went through the main line and it went through faster than thr fast lane. They were loading the ride again, 3 boats regular line to 1 boat fast lane. Their line was 8x longer than ours and they were done and in line for other rides before we got to our boat, the wait was 30 minutes.
There were several main coasters/rides not running all day which condensed everyone into only a few rides. The park now closes at 7 (water park at 6) so you’re paying full price (plus the “Fast Lane”) for less time and less rides. Some of the main attractions did open at 5pm but the lines were so long you could only ride it once before the park closed. I read online that Fast Lane passes could only be purchased in advance and there were a limited number of tickets available but they were selling passes for fast lane same day.
We also paid $13 for refillable cups. They have drink stands all over the park that were closed leaving, again, only a few booths open. We waited a minimum of 30 minutes for every drink refill, once we waited over an hour, even for water, to fill cups.
It was obvious they were well understaffed but that should be considered when determining the park capacity. Just because you have the space does not mean you should fill it and hope for the best. Less staff should equal smaller capacity.
Written August 6, 2021
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Grand Rapids, MI6 contributions
Jul 2021 • Family
$40-$50 per ticket over age 2. I estimate one third of park venues were closed including rides and food which created long lines for venues that were open. With hours of operation 11am-7pm and each venue with at least an hour wait you do the math on how much activity you pay for. Nothing worse than keeping little ones entertained while waiting in line for EVERYTHING! I suggest families bring their own food. Because online tickets are mandatory to enter it would be only fair for Michigan Adventures to reveal to customers that not all venues are open. At least consumers know what they’re paying for. If you bought a bag of chips and the container was half full…should one pay full price?
Written July 20, 2021
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