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Longnook Beach
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John G
New Hampshire86 contributions
Last minute escape to the Cape - Longnook Beach in Truro
Aug 2021
Corrected Review:

Hurricane Henri had past, and my wife and I had a perfect beach week on the Cape in Truro enjoying Longnook Beach.

Truro has several nice beaches – Balleston, Longnook Beach, Corn Hill etc. The Town of Truro requires parking stickers to park in the parking lots at the town beaches. As a visitor you need to fill out and application and have the hotel, B&B, or house rental owner confirm your visit and pay $75 for a sticker. In my opinion worth the price of admission.

We decided to spend our time at Longnook beach based on the reviews that have already been posted. What a beautiful beach. It goes on forever, and if you walk far enough you will hit Balleston Beach to the south.

The beach has spectacular dunes (see pictures) as a backdrop giving you the feeling that you are on your own private beach. The limited parking ensures that the beach is never crowded. There are portable bathrooms by the entrance but there are no other facilities like food etc. So, bring your food and favorite beverages.

Once you arrive to get to the beach you have to walk down a very steep sandy hill (see pictures) with all of your stuff. Not bad going down, but certainly a challenge on the way back up. Each morning my wife and I would buy our coffee and breakfast, and go to the parking lot where we enjoyed breakfast and waited to utilize the facilities before heading down to the beach (too long of a walk to go back and forth)

We walk down towards the right to be far away from the families and young children. Looking for peace and quiet so we can enjoy or books. The nude section is ¾ mile right of the entrance for those who enjoy a seamless tan.

Once we set up, we felt we like we were on our own private beach. Beach goers were friendly and respected privacy. We would walk several times sans suits during the course of the day and had friendly conversations with the other walkers.

The water was wonderfully refreshing – not to cold, not to warm! While we were there, we saw a black seal swimming back and forth along the shoreline.

Our first day was idyllic – temperatures in the high 70’s, a consistent breeze, and great water. We stayed on the beach until the sun was behind the dunes.

The second and third day was a bit less idyllic. Although day 2 and 3 were warmer and the water was just as nice, the breeze was less and must have been coming from a different direction. The result was that we were attacked by flies, and they were relentless. On day 2 they started in the afternoon, and we toughed it out. More walks and trips to the water to escape.

Day 3 they were there right from the morning. We ended up leaving earlier and decided that for Friday we would try a different beach.

Quick tips – sand is very, very, hot late in the afternoon, so make sure you have shoes! Bring insect repellant for the flies. Pack as light as you can as the hill going back up can be a challenge.

Cape Cod National Sea Shore in Longnook is amazing!
Sand and water are perfect.
The dunes as a backdrop provide a wonderful, picturesque setting and privacy.
Parking spaces are limited thereby ensuring a very small beach population.

Steep hill to climb back up with all your gear at the end of the day.
Parking is limited so plan on getting there earlier (provided you have a parking sticker).

I would have given Longnook a 5 star rating had it not been for the flies. Probably one of the nicest beaches I have seen in the New England area.
Written September 6, 2021
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Georgetown, MA278 contributions
Nice Beach, Access Is Troublesome
Jul 2021
I gave this beach only 4 stars for access problems, which to me means parking and walking, especially to the nude section which is what I was interested in. Other than that it's fine, in fact excellent. There are no facilities so plan accordingly with fluids and food. Don't bring too much gear tho as it is a long and difficult walk over the dune.

I solved the access problem by parking at the school on Route 6 about 1 1/2 miles past the entrance to Longnook Road heading toward Provincetown and riding my bicycle. Then it's another 1 1/4 miles to the parking area. The approved area is about a 10-15 minute walk to the right when you get onto the beach.

I went early on a Saturday and people gradually arrived until there was a decent crowd, many older folks, more men and a number of couples. I spread out my blanket not too far from several of the older folks so as not to be too alone and lay there happily naked and undisturbed. I walked down to the water nude but wore my bottoms when I walked along the shore. I talked to one male ranger who was checking bird's nests on an ATV and was happy I wasn't completely nude for that close encounter especially since he openly admired my bare bosom.

Couple of notes. Some mention an ice cream truck coming to the parking lot but out where I was I don't know how you know he's there. Also, and I didn't notice it last time I was there, the tide came in rather high and limited the size of the beach. I was up near the dunes to avoid people wandering about the shore checking me out so it was OK but a few people had to move. Also, make sure you bring sunscreen. I do a little topless stuff so my breasts have a bit of a tan but my bottom is snow white and you can get a burn really fast on stuff you usually don't uncover.

Anyway, I'd recommend this beach for the nude experience. That makes it worth the access problems but for regular beach going there are easier places to get to.
Written July 25, 2021
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Groton, MA40 contributions
Not a nude beach
Jul 2021
This is a beautiful beach but some may find the steep dune paths a challenge, especially on the way back up. The waves are abundant and the water is a bit cooler than the bay side beaches. Nudity is prohibited on Truro's beaches and within the boundaries of Cape Cod National Seashore. Some beach goers walk down the beach where there are few, if any, other people around and may go minimalist, but they are discreet and usually cover out of consideration for others who pass by taking a long walk.
Written July 25, 2021
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1 contribution
A beach made for able bodied people
Jun 2021 • Friends
Beautiful looking beach but it’s not friendly for disabled people or people who have a hard time walking. There is a huge sand dune that is very narrow that you have to walk up and down to access the beach. There are also a ton of rocks in the sand that make it really difficult to walk or even stand in the water. I’ve seen people slip many times. If you’re looking for the nude portion of the beach it’s about a mile to the right once you get off the dune. No signs that say anything but you’ll see other nudists.
Written June 20, 2021
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1 contribution
Beautiful Beach - even tried the nude beach!
Jul 2020
Beautiful Beach - Like others said there is a dune that you need to walk down (and up!) We rented in Truro so we qualified for a beach pass. (June through Labor Day).

We were curious about trying out a nude beach, so we pre-planned to visit this one before our weekly guests at our cottage showed up. Reading the other reviews here, we strolled about 10 minutes to the right and unpacked . We were the 1st ones there (9:30 am) so we were unsure if were we ok, but set a blanket out and disrobed. It was fun. We got a little nervous as people came near us , but the second couple that came set up about 20 yards from us and started to take their clothes off too. We got comfortable and did go to the water a few times.2 issues on the day we went 1st it was windy and the sand kept blowing. 2nd was the people going for a "walk" on the beach sneaking a peek. Overall we will go back maybe in Sept if not next year - Came back during the week to see the sunset and seals with family and friends
Written September 1, 2020
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Karen B
Somerset, MA160 contributions
Unexpected stop
Aug 2020 • Family
I turned down a side street off of Rt 6 and ended up here. I’m so glad I did! Breathtaking views! The dune was a tough climb back up though! The sand was also like razors on the underside of my feet, it was so abrasive, but totally worth it all!
Written August 17, 2020
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Paula W
Yardley, PA103 contributions
Beautiful Vista
Aug 2020
This beach is full of high sand dunes and wide beaches. There is a long, steep walk to get on the beach and back up again from the lot. It is a good hike, but worth it.
Written August 15, 2020
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1 contribution
Plenty of room, awesome nude beach.
Sep 2019
Had heard so much about this beach, and all of the reviews were true. The parking lot is small and limits the crowd, and it it is a bit of a climb to get back up from the beach. But, the nude beach is sufficiently far from the family area that I had no problem as this was my first nude beach experience so I was a little hesitant. What surprised me was the vastness of the nude area! There were about 50 people there yet no one was even close to another (except of course couples or friends). Most there were men, but there were a few older couples and one or two single women. So nice to experience people respecting each other in such a beautiful setting! Oh, I'm definitely going back. One big drawback, you have to have a town beach sticker which you can only get by showing proof of residency/rental in town. A bummer, but it is nice that it limits the number of visitors.
Written December 31, 2019
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Ithaca, NY4 contributions
Beautiful Beach at Truro
Aug 2019 • Couples
MA State Park with a beautiful clean beach facing the open ocean! Plenty of seals and sunfish to watch. Large waves that day. Great place to sit with your feet in the sand and taking long walks. I bring sunscreen and water. It’s a wonderful and relaxing beach I visit once or twice a year!
Written September 28, 2019
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Georgetown, MA278 contributions
Very Nice Clothing Optional Beach
Aug 2019
People have been telling me for many moons to try out Longnook Beach. Finally made it twice on a Tuesday and Thursday morning in August. Parked the car at a school in Truro (school was still out for summer) and bicycled to Longnook Rd and down that to the parking lot. It's too far for most people to walk but I am told one can purchase a beach pass in Truro. Before mid-June and after Labor Day one can park in the smallish beach lot. Don't know if there is a fee. Also did not see any facilities tho I guess an ice cream truck does show up.

There were very few people on the beach, certainly early and not that many more by noon. The walk down to the beach is longish and kind of steep. Folks with mobility issues might not be happy. Turn right and walk ten minutes to the clothing optional section which is unofficial and unmarked. There are huge sand dunes behind the beach.

Early on there were actually more folks at the clothing optional area than the main beach. Though there are no signs, no one seems to care what you do. Uniformed rangers drove by on ATVs and I talked to one who happened by as I emerged from the water stark naked and he said they go out to check on the bird nests that are in fenced off areas. He complimented me politely on my body and went off. Later on a female ranger came by without any interaction.

I would go back here and in fact did two days later. I'd recommend it to anyone who has no mobility issues. It is an older crowd, I was certainly the youngest there. Saw no gay people but no indication they were unwelcome. Don't forget the sun tan lotion. I did get a bit too much sun on my bottom. Bring your own food and DRINKS and some money so you can buy from the ice cream man. Again there were no other facilities.
Written September 23, 2019
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