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Very good

Karen B
Becket, MA12 contributions
This business no longer exists
Jan 2018
This business needs to be removed from your site as it no longer exists. It closed in November of 2016.
Written December 19, 2018
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Brownie G
1 contribution
Great classes and teachers
Sep 2018 • Family
I attended several courses at the K.I The experience was unique. The meals were delicious and abundant. Losts of choices. The place was peaceful, filled with the tranquility a cancer patient needs. I was one of those. I was able to beat it.i feel very sad that it is closed. I was s patient of Michio. He taught me how to take care of myself and listen to my body to stay away from sickness
Written September 11, 2018
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Kenneth S
1 contribution
Macrobiotics Cures Cancer
May 2017 • Solo
Don't give up on Macrobiotics. I know it works because I have seen it work many times. I speak the truth so help me God.
Written April 6, 2018
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Taste L
Hammonton, NJ52 contributions
Great Place to Heal
Nov 2015 • Solo
I can't believe the negative reviews of the Kushi Institute, I was a student there in 2001 and have returned over the years for R&R and their Summer Conference. I was recently there in Nov. 2015 for R&R and it was just a beautiful as always great Vegan food, with some fish occasionally. Really lovely students and staff from all over the world. The main house which is over 100 years old does need work but, it's so charming. My room was spotless and I did not have a private bath, the hall bath I used which was shared was always very clean. My room was almost to hot, I cracked open a window one night because it was so unseasonably warm. No problems with the water when I was there. The Dorms and Kitchen are old but they are not unsanitary or dangerous, some of these other posts sound like big babies. I love returning to the Kushi even though most of my old friends have moved on, it still feels like home.
Written January 26, 2016
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La Crescenta, CA35 contributions
Took my girlfriend for a 2 day personal course
Sep 2014 • Couples
one-on-one instruction of macrobiotic food preparation. Lovely setting in the Berkshires. My girlfriend went back for a long-term instruction program.
Written February 22, 2015
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Ed S
4 contributions
Jan 2015
The Kushi institute was a bunch of run down dilapidated buildings. The pictures you see on the websites are taking from a long time ago and only showing the "better" sides. My stay at this institute was a bad experience. I checked in January of this year. Upon my check in I was told that they were having water problems but it was going to be fixed by nightfall Sunday evening. Second in my room I notice fecal matter on the rim of my toilet seat, still no running water so trying to flush the toilet was not happening. Couldn't wash my face or brush my teeth that night. Monday morning still no water, again could not flush the toilet or take a shower. It was freezing cold out and all the walkways were ice covered and at night no outside lights, walking was a complete hazard. Still promise to have the water problem resolved by 9pm Monday evening I went to sleep only to wake up with still no water in building 1. In the cafeteria there was no hand sanitizer out to clean your hands and no CPR masks or AAD machine. I got a full refund and left Tuesday morning, still no water, I called the board of health on this place because it needs a lot of work! My experience there was crap. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND CHECK OUT YOU TUBE and you will see all the instructions in the comfort of your own home. I feel bad for people who would spend there last dollar cling for help from this place!! In closing you have been warned!
Written January 7, 2015
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Hello, I am writing this in response to the very honest review of a former guest of the Kushi Institute. I am the Programs Manager here and feel the need to bring balance to his review by sharing what he may not have been aware of. As Murphy's Law dictates, on Sunday, January 4 (the day all of our guests checked in), we began experiencing water pressure problems on our 60 acre campus. When it was brought to my attention by a guest I immediately contacted our maintenance manager and we addressed the issue by changing the water filter. Usually when our water pressure drops it is because the filter needs changing. Everything went OK that evening but the water pressure was still not strong enough to be comfortable. Due to the fact that we could do nothing about it that night (according to the 4 plumbers we called), I typed a letter that I slid under the doors of each room updating all of the guests on the situation and regrettably informing them that it would affect the water the next morning. I did not want anyone to be surprised by the continued problem so they received a memo from me and that memo would be the first thing they saw when they woke up the next morning. The company we contracted to work on our plumbing arrived early the following morning and quickly diagnosed the situation as being extremely serious - our well pump had died and the water had completely stopped coming through the pipes. We worked through the day and paid whatever service fees were necessary to get the work done and the students were never kept in the dark. I personally updated them several times throughout the day and never sugar-coated the situation. As a matter of fact, it was not until 6pm that evening that I gave the guests a time estimate as to when the water would be restored because it was only at that time that I was able to get a confident time estimate from the company working on the well. At 6pm I announced to the guests that the water would be back on at 9pm. We turned all of the faucets on and 8:41pm water began running again. We ran the water for 45 minutes to clear sediment and everyone was happy. The next morning we all were met by low water pressure again. Our maintenance department immediately checked the filter and found it full. Once we changed it the water ran at high pressure and has been running problem free since that day. The reason why the water pressure was low again the next morning is because when we ran the new pump, it forced a bunch of sand and sediment out --doing its job-- and the filter caught all of that sediment and sand so that it did not make it to the faucets, thereby doing its job and protecting us from consuming the sediment and sand. Within 10 minutes of us being notified of the problem the problem was fully corrected. Unfortunately, I only came to know of the problem when I suddenly started hearing this gentleman screaming and swearing through the halls of a peaceful community about the fact that he has no water – which was not true. He informed me that he had called the health department, etc. and I welcomed that because we have nothing to hide. This gentleman and his wife were immediately refunded their full payment and we shook hands as he left. Commercial well pumps have a life expectancy of roughly 10-12 years. Unlike more modern pieces of equipment, well pumps do not have a monitoring system that allow you to keep track of the life of the equipment and when one breaks, the situation escalates immediately. It is unfortunate that this guest cannot understand an emergency when he sees one, but what is fortunate is that the building inspector and health department do. They arrived at our property within an hour of the call and were given access to any and every space that they wanted to inspect. They left with an understanding of the emergency situation we had experienced and issued no citations or fines for the water or any other health code violations because there were none. With regards to the iced over driveways and walkways -- that is true. The entire region was blanketed in ice and snow and we did everything we could to sand, salt and gravel the walkways. It was very dangerous out there and we made ice grippers available for use to all guests – they just had to come to the office and request a pair. I announced this to all guests in the orientation and those who felt that they needed the ice grippers were given them at no charge for the duration of their stay. We normally charge for them but due to how dangerous the entire area was (not just our property), we only held a deposit in case they were not returned and made them available to anyone who wanted them. We hire a professional company to clear slush and snow before it becomes hazardous. Unfortunately the company we contracted was not faster than Mother Nature and we found ourselves with a slippery situation which we took very seriously. I repeatedly made announcements to remind the staff, volunteers and guests that they should be very careful and we physically cracked and shoveled sheets of ice from the walkways as much as we could. In the meantime we continued to salt the walkways and to spread gravel chips all over. With regards to the lack of lighting, he is absolutely correct. We have been and continue to work diligently to resolve this issue. This problem should not affect our guests and make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe and agree with that 100%. We began an effort to repair some of our exterior lighting back in December and due to the weather we were not able to have it completed by the time our January programs began. We have since completed enough work to repair 4 additional exterior flood lights. I hope he takes comfort in knowing that we are on the same page regarding the exterior lights, and that we had already begun the process of addressing this situation, including fundraising efforts. With regards to the claims of fecal matter on his toilet -- When this gentleman approached me about the condition of his private bathroom, I asked him for 15 minutes to make my way there to inspect and clean it. He offered (and even insisted) on cleaning it himself -- which was extremely generous! -- but I explained that it is our responsibility to make sure we offer the best of what we have. I went to his room as soon as I could and inspected the toilet. The 'fecal matter' on the toilet seat was actually a piece of the chips of gravel we use to create traction on the ice outside. This could have been kicked off of his shoe or the housekeeper’s shoe when she cleaned the room. I picked the item off of the toilet with my fingers to confirm that it was not fecal matter. I cleaned the entire toilet using organic cleanser followed by a bleach and vinegar solution that we use for the toilet seats. The bowl itself had some sediment in it and the water level was low creating a faint ring on the inside of the bowl. This is because the water pressure in that building had been declining without our knowledge since we had been closed the week prior for the holidays. Our housekeeper cleaned the room 2 weeks prior to this guest checking in and it sat locked and vacant since then. By the time he checked in, a ring had formed inside the toilet marking the normal water level. Had our housekeeper checked the room just before check-in she would have noticed that and could have cleaned the bowl one more time so that it would be perfect. We run programs 51 weeks out of the year and turnover rooms as often as every week so a toilet that is not cleaned properly is rare. Nonetheless, it affected our guest and rather than engage a guest that was tired from traveling all day, I simply cleaned toilet and inspected the rest of the bathroom to make sure everything was OK. I asked them if they needed anything and was assured that they were happy and comfortable. This guest's experience was an example of a perfect storm but I think it started with the fact that when he arrived, he and his wife were expecting more of a hotel. We are an educational institution with rustic housing. Our buildings are in need of repair, updating and modernization in many ways but they are not unsafe and they are lovingly cared for by our two housekeepers and two maintenance employees. This gentleman has every right to be upset because the experience was very uncomfortable and the timing just could not have been worse. He was refunded upon request and we wish him well on his journey. We will always be grateful that they gave the Kushi Institute an opportunity to make a difference in their lives and only wish we could have avoided this entire crisis. Out of the 28 guests we had with us, only 2 left upset about that emergency situation -- this guest and his wife. We received subsequent sentiments of gratitude and encouragement from other guests who were impressed by how we handled the crisis. I personally look forward to the day when the Kushi Institute is able to overhaul all of our buildings and offer some of the amenities that make a trip anywhere worthwhile! In the meantime, we make up for what we lack in appearance and amenities by offering an educational experience that is highly informative and life-changing for many. We pride ourselves in our guests learning in an environment that is relaxing and enjoyable, and one in which each guest has the full support of our small, yet dedicated team.
Written January 26, 2015
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Nina S
Phoenix, Arizona, United States1 contribution
Highly recommended
Nov 2014 • Solo
I went to the Kushi Institute Way to Health and Way to Health Plus to deal with recurrent panic attacks and anxiety. It helped me tremendously. They teach you to take your destiny into your own hands by cooking whole foods, exercising and living in harmony with nature. The facilities themselves are run-down but clean. Stay at the Main House, if you can. The staff is friendly and helpful and very positive. You feel taken care of and accepted. There's a great sense of community at this place. The nature surrounding the Institute is magnificent--maple and oak forest with brooks everywhere. The peace and quiet alone will rejuvenate you, especially if suffer from a nervous condition. I really enjoyed my time at the KI and hope to go back sometime soon. If you need a place to recharge, heal or simply escape from it all for a little bit, this is it.
Written November 17, 2014
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Meiyer A
New York City, NY1 contribution
A wonderful place to be
Jun 2013 • Solo
All I have to say is that the classes are wonderful and the food is outrageous. I was very sick when I got there and after following the macrobiotic diet my health improved and now I'm healed.
Written May 24, 2014
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Fort Myers, FL2 contributions
very disappointed
Dec 2013 • Solo
I took level one at Kushi. A teacher passed away from cancer while I was there. It was freezing cold and we ran out of heat several times. Facilities are runned down. I too saw people crying and hungry. .The diet has some good things but it has not evolved thru the years and now long time macro's are dying from cancer. The teachers were very thin and unhealthy looking. I too saw alcholism,smoking and a teacher that acted unprofessional . The people running it in my opinion are rigid and unwilling to take a good look at what is happening up there.Most of the quality faculty has left . You have to go into a basement for the computer .The kitchen that you have cooking classes in does not have running water or refrigeration, it is in a room that was a chapel. I had such hopes to go and learn but left very disappointed. The certificate you get is useless . Don't waste your money.
Written March 3, 2014
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Charlottetown, Canada17 contributions
Simply wonderful
May 2013 • Family
I read the negative review below and couldn't help but comment on the wonderful experience I had at the Kushi Institute. I am planning to return this spring with my children for the first time. My mother and I volunteered and just ate the food and enjoyed the scenery while weeding the garden and doing office work. The accommodations are very basic and monastic but affordable even if you just want the package where you get a room and thee meals. The price for this package is far less per night than the cost of just a room at any of the nearby B&Bs or Inns.

The macrobiotic diet isn't easy but it has saved the lives of many people with cancer. A family member with advanced prostate cancer went to the Kushi Institute for three weeks and ate the "healing diet" which is very strict. When he returned home and had a check-up by his oncologist, his prostate cancer was essentially gone according to his doctor. His wife, who stayed with him at Kushi for that here three week period came back having lost weight, gained energy and muscle from daily walks and yoga and looked like she had a natural face lift. The macrobiotic diet is very hard to maintain but I took away a couple of simple dishes from my previous visits that were easy to incorporate into a more "normal" diet of clean foods. The barley tea, whole oats, miso soups and daikon radish on salads are all things I learned to make form attending the Kushi Institute and they have been in my cooking repertoire for about 15 years, if nothing else that alone is worth the visit to the Kushi institute.
Written January 11, 2014
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