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Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay offers more than 70 thrilling rides, coasters and water attractions! In 2014, we doubled the size of Hurricane Bay Water Park, adding eight new attractions and the world's tallest body slide, Deep Water Dive! We also introduced Lightning Run roller coaster- a steel coaster with a 100 foot, 80-degree drop; T3, a suspended looping coaster with five gravity-defying inversions - sure to make you flip head over heels, literally; on our award-winning coaster, STORM CHASER! Storm Chaser is the first coaster in America to feature a barrel roll drop from a 10-story lift hill – and don’t get us started on the 78-degree angle of that drop… that’s nearly perpendicular!
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May 2021
We went to Kentucky Kingdom over Memorial Day weekend. There were 4 of us, 1 40 something, 2 young adults, and 1 teenager. We did the out of state deal which consisted of 2 days and free drinks for $40.(we did this deal 2 years ago as well This deal is really the only reason we go. Parking costs $10

The first day we went was Saturday and it was a very drizzly, grey, cool day. The crowd was way down and it was definitely hoodie weather. The water park only had a couple things open as it was just too cold.

Our second day on Sunday was much nicer, It was warm and sunny and the park was packed. Even with it being busy we never waited more than about 20 minutes for rides, although we did not do anything in the water park.

We ate at Casa Mia which was just ok. We also ate at Taco Tequila on our second day and it was so much better. Lots of food, tasted great, would recommend. The funnel cakes are excellent. The longest line we waited in was for ice cream, which was about 30 minutes. It would be helpful if they had a list of the flavors posted so you could decide before you got to the window All they had was a piece of printer paper written in sharpie of the flavors on the counter at the window. I would skip the Scoops ice cream and just go with the Dippin' Dots carts that are all over the park. Sadly the cinnamon bread shop had not opened yet so were didn't get to try that.

The rides are fun, Storm Chaser is our favorite, especially in the back. The ride operators were nice and friendly. When boarding T3 my restraints were too tight at first and they redid it which made for a nice ride(I know many complain about the restraints being too tight, so speak up, makes the ride much more enjoyable) Thunder Run was nice having been re tracked, however they were not very thorough on checking restraints and we only rode it 1 time.

Overall we had a fun weekend for under $300 for 4 people and 2 days. The park was clean and the employees were good.
Written July 2, 2021
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1 contribution
Jul 2020 • Family
First let me say that I would love to go back in 2 years after COVID to see them when things are normal. I was very happy they were open and the price was great, staff was helpful and friendly, many just following the orders they were given. Here is the bad. Social distancing guidelines was not consistent or even well thought out. I go to ride with my son on the drop ride but can't sit next to him b/c social distancing, huh we live together? Later in the day head over to the King Louie area - no social distancing going on at all. Kids are maxing out rides. Also the park seems to allow local residents to use their park as a daycamp for young teens. Many children ages from 9-15 with no adult in sight causing all sorts of issues. My wife had to yell at the staff to not start a ride b/c some of these kids had jumped the fence to find a lost article. I truly think she saved some of those kids from serious harm. They have you dump your water before getting in but then you must 10 minutes in line throughout the day to refill your water. Not great when it is over 90 degrees. They check your temperature at the gate if you are too high you are turned away, ok not horrible, but then as I am waiting in line to enter park the child in front of me pukes and they don't even recheck her they just allow her into the park, huh?
Written July 21, 2020
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Thank you so much for your feedback. We have passed your information along and are addressing your concerns. Overall, we are so glad you were able to enjoy your visit, and thank you for spending the day with us.
Written July 27, 2020
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Camp Hill, PA16 contributions
Jul 2022
We visited on a Sunday in July during a heat advisory. While the water park was busy, the rest of the park had very short lines. In fact, we were able to stay on and ride Storm Chaser several times. The park was clean and the employees were friendly and helpful, even going out of their way to give directions. After seeing previous bad reviews, we were hesitant to visit, but I am so glad we did. Lightening Run and Storm Chaser are now in our top 10 coasters list (and we just visited Cedar Point this summer)--very fun rides with lots of air time. We would definitely go again!
Written August 1, 2022
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1 contribution
Jun 2021 • Family
The park itself is decent. I cant say its bad. What i can say is if its hot you will become dehydrated. I found it very difficult to get drinks even though we had a unlimited free drink band. You stand in long lines with everyone. Theres typically one person ringing people up for drinks at the slowest pace ive really ever seen. Then theres one person(sometimes two) filling drinks once again very slow. So even if you have band you sit and wait. I say half the time the fillers are standing waiting on the cashiers to cash people out. I think maybe they think their saving people from covid by not letting us just get our drink like at Holliday world but its really counterproductive considering were all huddled in lines. Then you have the people with refillable cups that hand cup to worker for refil. Well now we have contaminated hands touching my cup and breathing and sweating over my cup. Its really dumb. Expect to stand in line for at least 1.5 hours during day to get a drink. Cups are small so you will have to do it many times. Also if in waterpark and your dying of thirst dont wait in line inside water park with 35 min of waterpark closing because even though you stand there 30 min as soon as that clock hits 5:55 they tell you there closed and dont get you a drink. Then you have to go outside waterpark to drink station that thousands of people leaving waterpark stop at on way out and wait in now longer line. I ended up finding a gift shop and buying 8 water bottles for 28$ . O. Also dont send your wife to get lunch for family why your kids stand in ride line because when you get to her with kids she will only have 2 drinks as thats all they will give her with the band even though she has 6 meals. So then you will have to go thirsty or wait in line for 30 min again why your food sits. Real problem with drinks here people. Could be so simple. Forget the fillers. Put the filler there to make sure people have bands. Keep the people who have bands flowing creating much smaller lines and happy people. People without bands wait in line. People with go through. Or better yet raise the price of admission 5$ and just let everyone gets drinks free
Written June 5, 2021
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Rosemary L
Kankakee, United States44 contributions
Sep 2021
We live in Illinois, we bought season passes not knowing anything about the park. We were not disappointed. The first visit was to check it out. It was early in the season. It was short staffed, not fault of the parks. There was still plenty to do with some of the rides being closed.
The 2nd time we went, it was our family Christmas. There was 15 of us. We got a canopy for both days of our stay. It was an a fantastic experience. Of course I wished the season pass holders got a bigger discount, but we did get a small one. The 2 day pass for out of state people was outstanding. I went to buy 2 pizzas to bring back to the canopy, there were no accommodations for carrying them from the restaurant to the canopy. That is pretty much my only complaint.
The 3rd time (Sept.) we went, it was just the grandparents and grandson. Again, it was a fun filled weekend at the park.
Written September 29, 2021
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Brentwood, TN100 contributions
Sep 2021
This was a school trip with 30 6 to 8th graders. Now - this is not Disney nor six flags. I think it is more water park with some rides surrounding it (although some of the rides were pretty darn good if they were not on fire). I realize this was the last weekend and likely there were many vacancies for employees so I give them a pass for many rides and eateries being closed. The crowd was thin all day and also likely a cause of eateries being closed. The one eatery that was open was Swampwater Jacks - For the love of peter paul and mary, they should have closed this one and opened another. As the young long haired brunette making pizzas moved about, her hair was brushing across the tops of the pizzas she was making. Apparently Kentucky state law regarding hairnets does not apply at this place. While she sampled the pepperoni, her co worker whom appeared to like her a lot poured water in her mouth above the pizzas she was caring for.... Another woman taking orders was obviously dreaming she was elsewhere. Later we see the super friendly pizza couple getting frisky outside. We snapped some pics since they looked so sweet together - might be safer to go get that pizza now? We loved the drink pass and it was super convenient. The large rides that were open were really good for a smaller park. Stormchaser and lightning were great. The wood ones beat the crap out of me, but were better than most.
Overall the day was ok, but I will likely not go back unless I knew T3 was not going to catch on fire and more rides were open. Even the giant ferriswheel was closed. Wavepool looked cool though
Written September 27, 2021
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Crystal C
Jeremiah42 contributions
May 2021 • Family
This place is out of control wild. Today my family and I visited the park. Teenagers running wild, being rude, using terrible language, and fighting. This place is dangerous! I guarantee if things don’t change someone will get hurt bad here. I saw people jump young children in the parking lot. Multiple fights of people being attacked as leaving by huge groups of teenagers. I’ve never saw anything like this mess. Completely unsatisfied with the experience my family and I experienced today. Staff was rude as well. David working the antique cars allowed 9 teenagers to crawl under the bars in front of me and everyone behind me without saying anything. David also allowed two cars to never unload and keep ridding while we waited. Be safe if you visit.
Written May 15, 2021
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Indianapolis, IN1 contribution
Jul 2022
Don't go if you are planning on water rides. The park really isn't worth visiting anymore because all of the good rides are closed down. We spent 2 days there on 7/23/22 and 7/24/22 and all of these rides were closed. T3 rollercoaster, Deep Water Dive and Wave Runner "both drop slides closed", Mt. Slide Hai, Mega Wedgie, the enclosed blue body water slide, and Wikiwiki Wai. The water rollercoaster they used to have is also closed for good it seams. The water rides left are only a few slides and the lines are an hour long because everything else is closed. We would not have gone if we knew all the water rides were closed down and we would not return again. There are plenty of other parks to chose from.
Written August 1, 2022
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Roanoke, VA1,525 contributions
Aug 2020
Experienced both good and bad during my visit.

First, rides were pretty good. Although the coasters are the biggest or fastest, Kentucky Flyer and Thunder Run are both excellent wooden coasters and Storm Chaser is a great steel coaster. I didn't get to ride T3 as it was out of service. The employees were okay, but not as friendly as some of the other parks I've visited.

Now, the not-so-good. I love theme parks and even during these crazy times, I have visit both Busch Gardens Parks, Dollywood 3 times, Kings Island, and even Camden Park in West Virginia. I never felt uncomfortable in any of them, but I can't say the same about Kentucky Kingdom.

I arrived at park opening on a Sunday and got to ride a number of rides quickly with zero wait. Several times, I was the only person on a coaster, which was even cooler. No one was there and social distancing was easy.

Than around noon, the crowd started arriving and everything completely changed. The park’s official policy is “masks are required to enter the park, but may be removed on outdoor midways when practicing social distancing.” Fair policy, and fine if executed correctly. But it was not.

At one point, I found myself in a roller coaster station, looked around at the people standing shoulder to shoulder, and I was the only person out of 25+ that had on a mask – and that included the 3 ride operators. If the ride operators are not following best practices, then how do you expect the guests to do so.

Since I had already gotten a number of dozen rides, I elected to leave early, which I NEVER do. Enjoyed the time I was there, but it also have a better appreciation for the policies and processes of other parks.
Written August 13, 2020
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Char Latte
Cincinnati, OH11 contributions
Sep 2022 • Friends
Park overall could use some upgrades and freshening up - faded paint and facades. Lots of friendly ride operators and staff though. We had Kingdom Hot Chicken for lunch - food was cold and Nashville Hot very messy with the sauce. They didn’t have napkins but gave me some sort of cleaning cloth from under the counter, so at least they tried. Storm Chaser and Lightning Run are definitely the best coasters and worth coming for if that’s your thing. Lightning Run has some pretty intense airtime (especially those first 2 hills). I could honestly ride Storm Chaser over and over. That was a truly fun ride.
Written September 13, 2022
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