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Taguig City, Philippines7,478 contributions
Simply a World Class Venue for many of us
Dec 2019 • Family
This is the biggest indoor venue in the world . Porched on a province in Bulacan , exudes so much promise and hope for every of my countrymen. I am not a Church of Christ in religion. Inside it can accommodate 50-60 thousand per activity. Impressive magnifying screen and the acoustic volume approach is said make everyone availing it satisfied.
What I liked was the many restrooms. What I don’t like was the disorganised handling of traffic specially when leaving. I watched the U2 concert last month.
Written January 3, 2020
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Anna May V
Pasig, Philippines2,510 contributions
World Class Venue - Needs Help for Parking and Accessibility
Dec 2019
Impressive and awe-inspiring in terms of build, lighting and use of space. Fitting 50,000 or more in a recent international concert, it boasts of an incredible sound and audio visual system that can rival other venues around the world.

It is still not easily accessible to commuters, though, and for those with private vehicles you can spend hours entering and exiting the venue during high-traffic events.

There are supposedly other areas within the property you can visit (like a zoo), but will probably have to check it out another day, and book accommodations so I can explore fully.
Written December 17, 2019
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Manila, Philippines83 contributions
Good Indoor Venue- Awful Parking Lot ClusterFunk
Dec 2019
I went to see U2. I was excited to see both the band and what is touted as the worlds largest indoor arena. The show was billed to start at 8:30 PM. I was within 5 Kilometers of the venue at 8 PM. Unfortunately the infrastructure and roads were so limited it took me 2 hours to get to the venue entrance. I was directed by local security to follow a long line of cars to get to a parking lot far far far far away. That took another 45 minutes. The parking area could not handle the volume of cars it was stressful to say the least. After finally parking the car It took me another 30 minutes to walk to the venue. There was no other option other then walking. What a joke. There were thousands of people like me disgusted with this. Thousands of people who were now very late and all angry. I finally got in to the show at 10PM. This could be one of the worst clusterfunks experiences ever in going to a show. The band came on at 9 PM. I missed one hour.

The venue itself was big and modern. But the staircases and aisles were skinny. The biggest indoor arena with small arena infrastructure. Well anyway I made it down to the floor and I was in awe of the brilliant video screens encompassing the entire stage area. It was a technical marvel. The sound for such a big venue was very good. I was impressed.

Getting out of the venue was not difficult. But I then started my long journey back to my car. it took me about 30 minutes walking very fast to arrive to my car. Unfortunately the limited roads to get the highways were packed and the lack of coordination by local security to get out of the parking lot itself was nothing short of a cluster funk. Having experienced this before I left my car in the lot and visited the after party concession area called the "After Concert Tail Gate". This was a great place to chill out drink, eat and relax meeting many concert goers from around the world. What a great host and how cool the concession was.. I walked back to my car after 90 minutes only to discover the cars next to me had not moved more than a few feet. People were not happy. What a mess. I returned to the tail gate and hung out till 4 AM when the parking lot was now emptying. Thank god for the tail gate. I later found out that this was the only open concession after the show. The only one. I was so lucky to have parked near it. There should be a dozen like it surrounding the parking area. And by the way. There were no public toilets in the parking lots. Imagine having to wait 4 hours after the show and not have a public bathroom near. Wow.

I liked the show. I liked the high tech music experience. I loved U2. I am not sure that this is enough to ever get me back to this venue. The biggest indoor arena with the biggest parking area infrastructure ClusterFunk to match.
Written December 13, 2019
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Rax Yabut
20 contributions
World class arena - poor service & facilities.
Dec 2019 • Friends
I love the arena - it’s humongous that as you climb the steps, it really commands awe. Now that we have settled that, let me tell you where my problem lies with. Service service service!!! Just like with hotels, it doesn’t matter if the hotel is paved with gold if the customer service is awful. The staff at the ticketing counter were truly beyond words. We ended up lining for hours and hours for vip tickets that we have already paid for. No sense of urgency whatsoever. We started to get in line at around 4pm and were still in line at 8 which is the start of the concert.And the comfort rooms on the grounds were hideous as well. Never mind the line - but ladies would even bring pails outside just to fetch water! Doors were very flimsy that most of them are broken. Door knobs were hanging loose. You have to pee while holding the door closed to prevent some unfortunate soul from walking in on you. If you guys are going to rent out the arena, fix your facilities and your staff.
Written December 13, 2019
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paisley road
Las Pinas, Philippines282 contributions
Dec 2019 • Friends
I watched the U2 concert & i was impressed w/ the arena facilities. But beware the gridlock post concert. It took us 4 hours to leave the INC compound. The folks of INC & Bocaue city should do something about that.
Written December 12, 2019
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1 contribution
GNR Concert
Jan 2019
My uncle and I were seated and I understand that there were securities for the GNR, securities from the organizers and securities from the Arena itself. You will know them by their uniform. Please take note that we were seated near the railings and policemen are just in from of us.
I decided to take a video of one song and one security from Arena kept asking me to shut off my recording. A policeman came to him to stop him from doing so as I was starting to get annoyed and Im also starting to raise my voice as well. It was so unfair for someone to get reprimanded from taking videos when 90% of those watching were also taking a video?
My uncle and I were just watching and not even causing a commotion to attract the attention of securities (again, policemen were just in front of us). Some policemen were also taking a video. I even followed the Arena security who reprimanded me by looking at him and saw him passed by a lot of those taking videos and didnt even asked them to stop.
Seriously from my Iphone 6s phone? What clarity of video could I get from how far I was seated. I was only recording only for my own keep. Somehow my experience was not so satisfied just because of one guard who just wanted to reprimand his favorite person.
Thanks to the policeman who came to stop him.
Written December 11, 2019
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4 contributions
The Garden and the Mini Zoo
Aug 2019
We went there on a school field trip. Aside from the arena itself we were able to go around the garden and the mini zoo and I can say they have the cleanest zoo I have ever been to in the Philippines. I love how their animals looked healthy and you won't feel bad after seeing them. Of course the smell was normal but the animals were in good condition and you will really see they are well taken cared of.

The garden too was really beautiful. My favorite was the airconditioned garden and the cactus garden.

It was a nice experience. We hoped we could have explored the other attractions though.
Written September 11, 2019
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Ray Tarol
Quezon City, Philippines24 contributions
Ciudad de Victoria was ok but the restriction was a negative for them
Apr 2019
I went there with my friend to take some photos as we got curious if the place is like Miracle Garden in Dubai. I was at Dubai Miracle Garden for 2 times already & my recent visit there was January 2019. Me & my friend were just in our casual attire as we just want to take travel & landscape photos of Ciudad de Victoria / The Garden. Entrance was P 450.00 & parking was P 50.00. I am a travel photographer & blogger so it is natural for me to bring a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera wherever I go. We already paid for the entrance & parking then we entered The Garden / Ciudad de Victoria. There was inspection of bags by the security & to our surprise they told us that my DSLR CAMERA IS NOT ALLOWED!!! They say that it is a professional camera and there should be another fee to pay & the rate is for Pre-Nup or Wedding Shoot! WTF I told them that we will just take our personal travel photos & I always use high quality cameras for high quality photos. They still insist that mobile phones are only allowed. The light during that day was not favorable that a mobile phone cannot match the shots of a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. I shoot places, hotels, restaurants, other tourist attractions to promote for free and this place is a NEGATIVE PLACE to go for me due to such kind of policy in photography. Imagine paying P 450.00 just to take selfies or other photos limited to mobile phones only? Not a good place to go for photography enthusiast like me, very frustrating.....
Written June 24, 2019
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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK93 contributions
Garden at Philippine Arena
Feb 2019 • Friends
The Philippine Arena is a large sports facility just off the North Luzon Expressway. As well as the arena, there are other leisure facilities there.

The Garden was was constructed by Iglesia ni Cristo and is next to their church.

There is a 350 peso entrance fee and camera photography is not permitted (but you can use the camera on your phone!!).

There is a really nice collection of bonsai but the rest of the plants are mediocre. Very well maintained with nicely trimmed plants.

There is a basic cafe selling the usual food and drinks. The staff are friendly and helpful.

But. They have assorted birds and animals in tiny cages. With little shade from the hot sun. The two monkeys were clearly distressed. No zoo would be permitted to keep animals in such disgraceful conditions. Shame.
Written February 9, 2019
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Melbourne, Australia13 contributions
World class but..
Nov 2018
The arena itself is very impressive, the lighting, massive screens and sound system will enhance your experience but.. The aircon is very effective to the point of being a bit chilly and the parking situation seems a bit chaotic, my advice would be to leave the venue early to avoid being stuck in there for hours trying to get out.
Written November 22, 2018
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