Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City
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This location was reported permanently closed
Make summer's best memories at Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark. Experience unique adventures like King Kaw, the longest inner-tubing ride in the Midwest and Boogie Bahn, the only surfing ride in Kansas City. Plus challenge an uphill water coaster, surge through whitewater rapids and cruise a lazy river while the little ones explore our specially designed play pools. At Schlitterbahn parking, tubes, life jackets and boogie boards are free! You can even bring your own picnic. Its the most fun!
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Very good

Reeds Spring, MO12 contributions
4.0 of 5 bubbles
Sep 2014 • Couples
We went to Schlitterbahn for two reasons this past weekend: 1) To have fun and 2) To ride Verruckt. Check and Check! We followed the wise advice of others here on Trip Adviser and arrived to the park an hour before it opened, which seemed like a great decision when the doors were opened about 30 minutes early to accommodate everyone getting their wrist bands to enter the park. We then waited in line to enter the park and get in line for a reservation to ride Verruckt. Once the Park opened, we walked to the Verruckt reservation line and placed our cooler and towels on a picnic table along the way. We waited about 20 minutes to get our reservation, and once we had been weighed and received our reservation time, we split up to get in the locker line and get tubes to ride on. (Tip: Bring cash for the locker ($10 should be good)...they may have a second worker offering locker keys to those with cash...and that could save you a good deal of time). After this, we were off to have fun as we waited to ride Verruckt. Even though the park was packed the day we were there, we had a great time. We brought our own lunch in a cooler and that also gave us more time to play (the lines for food can get quite long). Then we went to ride Verruckt...and it was a blast! If you like thrill rides, it is for you! The climb up was good exercise and while it may seem a bit intimidating, it is well worth the wait! The variety of other rides and attractions were fun, too, including the rapids. We recommend the park and Verruckt.
Written September 5, 2014
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Whitney L
Wichita, KS28 contributions
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Jul 2014 • Couples
This park is really, truly a blast. The various lazy rivers are awesome, the water temperatures are pretty perfect, the slides are really could be a fantastic place, but it does have some big issues.

First, you need to either bring water shoes to wear while you walk around the park or prepare for your feet to be on FIRE. Almost all of the walkways are made of concrete, and are scorching. We were there yesterday, and it literally hurts to be on my feet now because the sidewalk burned them so badly.

There are a couple of bridges made of wood, and the wood appears to be untreated. I got a splinter in my foot, and heard/saw multiple other guests experience the same. One wood bridge has been covered in some sort of plastic-like material which keeps it from getting too hot and keeps you from getting splinters while walking over it - maybe they should consider putting that everywhere.

Lifeguards let people get away with way too much, while nitpicking over things that don't REALLY matter. Parents drop their kids off in the lazy river or wherever and expect lifeguards to keep track of them. Not fair to the lifeguards - they're too busy to babysit, so expect to be kicked in the face, hit with pool toys, splashed, knocked off your tube, someone else's kid. Annoying.

Food service is bad. I'll just leave that there. Bring your own food - it's allowed, and you will be glad you did.

Bathrooms are, no exaggeration, some of the nastiest I have ever experienced in my life. I didn't even want to change clothes in there. At 11am, an hour after open, many stalls were already out of toilet paper and the whole bathroom was disgusting.

Some bugs are to be expected. It's outside and there's water. I get it. But there is clearly a wasp/bee problem here. They are EVERYwhere and have no fear of park guests whatsoever.

Finally, Verruckt right now is by reservation only, and it books up basically as soon as the park is open. You have to get there hours before the park opens to get in line, and even then there's still no guarantee you'll get one of the time slots. No time slot = no riding Verruckt. Not terribly fair when people are traveling from all over to ride it. It was booked up by the time we got there, so we were unable to ride it & it was one of the main reasons we went. Disappointing.
Written July 22, 2014
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Overland Park, KS90 contributions
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Aug 2012 • Family
This is great place to go if you... want to bring in your own snacks and picnics, are staying close to the Legends Shopping and entertainment area and don't want to pay to park.
Cons - Expensive for a park that is 3 seasons old and still not complete. Has a swim up bar in the "shallow/baby pool" area where people are sitting at the bar and smoking in the pool. This is gross and not good planning. Concessions are average and expensive. There are good attractions that are open but the place is still under construction and wondering if it will ever be complete.
Written December 15, 2012
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Just so you know the Swim up bar is going to be divided away from the kids section this next year and there is no smoking except on the other side of the bar which is not by the kid's play area. As far as construction in the park, with the doubling of the size of the park in 2012 Schlitterbahn Kansas City Water Park has completed all major construction phases planned inside the water park. Of coarse, as will any major attraction, Schlitterbahn will continue to offer new, exciting, and fun attractions in the future. In fact we even have some pretty exciting new additions on the drawing board for 2013. We want to make sure our guests have a great time in the park so we do offer normal theme/water park concessions. Over that though, unlike most attractions we allow guests to bring in their own food, as well as providing free parking and tubes to minimize additional costs when visiting the park.
Written January 11, 2013
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Bentonville, AR81 contributions
1.0 of 5 bubbles
Jul 2016 • Family
We chose this particular Schlitterbaughn Park due to its proximity to our home (3 hrs vs 10 hours to the other Schlitterbaughn locations). Coming into property, lots of evidence of recent construction,very plain not many trees planted (which was fine by me because it meant everything was tidy and new -WRONG!!!!!)
The entrance was very nice & ticket counter/gift shop as well but once through there, I started getting disappointed. The bathrooms were dingy/dirty and VERY worn!! (Make sure you look at my pictures).Shockingly scruffy for a new park! I was appalled by the lounge chairs as they should've been in a dumpster and the lifevests were severely ripped/ faded and should've been in the dumpster as well. Wish I was exaggerating but I am not. The metal seating throughout the park was rusty,bumpy and SUPER uncomfortable to sit in. Worn picnic tables were the best choice. The outbuildings & shacks were made to look rustic (I totally get it so no complaints there with the metal roofs and the raw edged siding). You can clearly tell they don't power wash very often & if you go barefoot be careful, many tiny pebbles and pieces of dried dropped mortar/concrete to hit feet/toes!Staff members knew little of where any of the rides started or ended up (which I would expect if it was newly opened). all were very young. There were hundreds of dead bugs washed up in one of their bays that should've been cleaned up maybe because there was a storm the night before so maybe that's why...but again, it should've been cleaned up as my kids hate bugs! Five of us went to the park & 2 had their bums scraped/ bleeding and I have a big purple bruise on my tailbone from the Storm Blaster (the other two got skinned up on the rapids in the lazy river). We made sure to have our bottoms up in our floats (just in case) but still got banged up a little. The food was pretty average (comparable to other park food ) gotta note the hamburger....was very bad:( wrong taste & texture) though the portions were nice (that is if somebody loved the food). There is one area that looked kind of swampy (an overflow area that they keep the excess tubes in)?? that I think is a huge potential hazard if some child slipped in & under as you would NEVER see them as are so many tubes blocking lifeguards views!
Was not aware that the water coaster had a requirement that all three riders had to meet the 400 pounds (probably oversight on my part) which was inconvenient for little kids that wanted to ride from my observations as they had a wait for some big person to get on with them to be able to ride. We found somebody to put the weight at 400 pounds, so we climbed the 264 steps up. The structure was swaying a bit which made me a little uneasy but what made me the most uncomfortable was the coaster unit itself. It looked like cheap plastic coated prototypes.. No logo written on the side either as you would see at a legitimate "themepark." There were thin Velcro straps instead of seatbelts that were held by loosened interior foam material which was clearly dislodged (someone duct taped them back on a few coasters). The ones without the duct tape were barely attached! Maybe the ride does not need seatbelts & it's safe and only installed for scaredy cats. After seeing that, made me a little leary (and I'm used to riding high thrill roller coasters at Cedar Point) I never have any elevated blood pressure but upon seeing the condition of this ride, my BP was up for sure. I will not be back this park unfortunately. I feel they don't take pride in how it looks & i'm not sure if the lawnchairs, lifevests,bathroom stalls /hardware were given to them but clearly didn't look like it was bought new. No way it could be in this type of condition being a fairly new park. They should not charge as much as the other parks due to the condition & the lack of rides.
Written July 13, 2016
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Kansas City, KS1 contribution
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Jul 2014 • Family
Unless you get at the park at 9am you wont get to ride it even if nobody is there at the time. ,Prepare to run when you get in and it/s all the way at the other end of the park if you do get to ride it could be three hours so enjoy standing. this park SUCKS.
Written July 14, 2014
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We are sorry to hear that you were somehow disappointed in the process we have in place to help our guests enjoy everything Schlitterbahn Kansas City has to offer. Everyone who got in line for Verrückt, the day you visited, got to ride. Just to clarify on how the system works, instead of getting to the park, getting in line for Verrückt and waiting until your turn to ride, guests can make a reservation, day of at the ride, for their preferred ride time. It does help to get to the park early but since to park opens at 10 a.m., 9 a.m. might be a little early. This allows our guests to not only enjoy Verrückt but the many other attractions at the park including a Master Blaster™ uphill water coaster, six tubing slides and chutes, 2 head first mat slides, four tubing rivers including the world’s longest tidal wave river, 13 mini slides for kids, six relaxing beaches, a giant heated pool with a swim-up refreshment bar and more. For those who don't get to the park early enough to make their preferred reservation time, there is also a walk-up line were the wait time can be considerably longer, but, barring unforeseen circumstances, everyone that gets into line also gets to ride. Regardless, everyone I have seen coming off Verrückt is all smiles! If you still feel inclined, please contact the park and we would be happy to discuss any concerns you have about your visit.
Written July 20, 2014
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Massachusetts102 contributions
1.0 of 5 bubbles
Jul 2012 • Family
Normally I wouldn't leave such a negative review, but this place deserves the bad review. This place is advertised as a great waterpark, great family place. In reality it is expensive, over crowded to a point of being dangerous, and it is a poorly run business.
1. There is no sign at the entrance. A multi million dollar business and there is no sign. GPS brings you past the entrance and you end up in the Cabalas outlet mall. Total waste of time. I should have known better at this point.
2. Over crowded to a point of being dangerous. I don't know the fire codes of the state of Kansas or the city of Kansas City, but this place allows an unsafe amount of people in. There should be a limit. There are not enough rides, bathrooms, eating facilities, picnic tables or tubes to handle the crowd. I timed my two sons in the line on one water slide. It took an hour and 20 minutes of waiting in the sun and heat for a 30 second water slide. Do the math.
3. Tube envy. We have been to a lot of water parks. Yeah a few charge a fee to use a tube for the day. This place didn't charge to use a tube. People grabbed as many tubes as they could and held on to them all day. When we finally found a picnic table, the people next to us had 8 tubes on their table that they were not using. People were in food lines with their tube. They were in the bathroom with their tubes. In every other water park people leave the water and leave their tube in the water. When you go back in the water there is always seems to be a tube available. By noon time there were no more tubes available and people were taking them from unattended tables and what not. Crazy crazy sytem. Leave your tube in the water and there will be one for you when you go back. Just a little common sense.
4. Bathrooms. There are not enough bathrooms and they are disgusting. Worst I've ever seen. Enough said.
5. Food service. Probably the worst mismanagement I've ever seen. We were fortunate to get a table in the shade under a gazebo. We were two tables away from the corner where five food carts were set up to sell food. I had been talking to a grand mother next to us that brough five grand kids. At 12:15 (this should be lunch time, right) the grand mother tried to buy hot dogs, but came back empty handed, food wasn't ready. Keep in mind there were about 10 adults watching this whole thing unfold. There were five kids with royal blue shirts working this food station. 15-20 minutes later the hot dogs were still not ready. Along comes a supervisor in a navy shirt. He can't solve any problems and he leaves quickly. There are a lot of people trying to buy food. A little while later the hot dogs are ready, but the five geniuses in the royal blue shirts can't find any hot dog rolls. The navy shirt comes back followed by someone in a red shirt with a walkie talkie. A meeting of the minds. There were only suppose to be 3 stooges, not seven. Now they figure out that the cash registers aren't working and they can't sell anything. Still no hot dog rolls. Seven people and not one of them can figure out how to sell anything without a cash register. Its like the kid broke his video game and they don't know how to cope without it. This went on for over an hour and a half. People were really upset. How has this place stayed in business???? This was comical to watch and a lot of people were watching. You could have put two of the grand mothers behind that counter and they would have had the problem solved in a snap.
6. Water quality. Poor, gross water. It is not a salt water system, it is a chlorinated system. The lazy river was extremely slippery with plenty of green slime growing.
7. Safety in the water. Now this is a hugh lazy river with conveyer belts that bring you up and then you float down the rapids. Good idea, but this place is very unsafe. The lazy river was so crowded that it becomes very unsafe on the conveyer belts. While approaching a big conveyer belt we saw a young female life guard walking away from her station. We went up the hill on the conveyer belt then down the other side only to crash into a an overcrowed bottleneck in the river where no one could move. Some younger (lighter) kids and their tubes were thrown over the wall and out of the lazy river. some of those kids were crying. Keep in mind when your in a tube your butt is stuck and you can't move. As amany more people came crashing down onto us an older women in front of us was flipped into the air, her legs went up and her upper body went under the water and the space her tube took up dissapeared. She couldn't get up because she was underneath everyone and their tubs and her legs were pinched between other people's tubes. Some how we were able to grab her arms and pull her to the surface before someone finally shut off the conveyer belt. This woman could have very easily drown. Never shoudl have happened.
8. Number of rides. Not enough variety for all ages. There are three big slides with long lines, a kiddie pool, and a huge lazy river. No hot tubs, no wave pool, not much to choose from for middle age people and grand parents. Who brings the kids to this place in 100 degree weather? There needs to be more water facilities for older folks to cool off. More common sense.

I probably could go on, but I won't. I wish I could have the $144 back. Stay away from this place. This was a Saturday and probably their busiest day, but still not acceptable. We were on vacation and this was the only day we could have gone. It might be less crowded during the week. The only positive thing I can say is they allow you to bring in a cooler with food and drink, which we did. We stopped at a subway and bought sandwichs and brought our own soda with ice. Like I said we have been to many water parks and have never experienced any of the nonsense we saw at this place. Go to the Wisconsin Dells or any other water park. DO NOT GO HERE. I would give them no stars but you have to give one
Written October 24, 2012
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Becky C
4 contributions
2.0 of 5 bubbles
Jul 2016 • Family
Me and my husband visited without kids three years ago and was under the impression that the park wasn't finished. We visited again yesterday with a preschooler. After the two visits we have experienced, we will not be coming back for a very long time.
#1. Had to wait 30 minutes to get a locker because printer receipt paper was out. This is a big deal when you have a back pack of valuables like money and cell phones and a small child who is ready to play. No offers to make up for this wait time such as a discount or larger locker for cheaper.
#2. Waited thirty minutes for two jot dogs and nachos. This is a big deal because five people who ordered after us got their food before us. The staff seemed confused and realized they forgot our order. Try waiting 30 minutes in the sun with a hungry three year old.
#3. Food prices are higher than Disneyland's. Literally. We just got back three weeks ago from Disneyland and shocked to see the food prices at this water park were at least 30 percent higher than Disneyland's.
#4. Saw two people get hurt on King Kaw. Wasn't surprised. It looked as though it was designed to have more water. Water was way less than halfway full. I'm shocked nobody hasn't been seriously injured at this park unless media didn't find out.
#5. Prices are ridiculous. Just not worth the value for what you get. We are avid travelers so my viewpoints are modern on prices for attractions.
#6. Never have seen so much debris in a pool before. Bugs, hair, dirt, band aids, etc
#7. Husband and three year old have chemical burns from the chlorine. Will have to call doctor soon.
#8. Slides hurt my bottom. I am not overweight.

Just an overall less than desirable experience. We debated between this and another local water park. I should have went with my husband's suggestion of the other water park based on our first experience three years ago. Just not worth it.

Written July 28, 2016
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Alamosa, CO128 contributions
2.0 of 5 bubbles
Aug 2014 • Family
This Schlitterbahn location is unimpressive and, frankly, not worth the drive to KC or the money we spent to get in. All other Schlitterbahn locations we have been to are very pretty. This one looks like it is still under construction. There are portable bathrooms, a dirt road running around the property and pieces of what look like construction materials lying outside the fences.

We were there on a weekday and the place was packed. I expected lines, as it was August, but these lines were ridiculous. There are simply not enough rides for all the people who come to the park. There are two towers with three rides on each tower, the Torrent River, a water coaster (that is nothing like the Master Blaster), a Boogie Bahn, and some river tube rides. We waited 45-70 minutes for most rides, and these are the regular rides, not Verruckt. Around 5, the park started clearing out some and the lines got shorter, so it might be worth it to wait until 3 when park admission prices decrease and you can avoid the crazy lines.

The staff did not appear to be well-trained. For example, at other Schlitterbahn locations, staff are always walking around collecting tubes from "tube hoarders" who like to keep tubes at their picnic tables. Not so at this park. For most of the day, it was almost impossible to find a tube to use in the crazy crowded Torrent River but I saw many stacked up by picnic tables. Another example...the lifeguards at the bottom of the mat rides were letting people get off the ride and take the mats back up instead of requiring them to give the mat to someone waiting in line for a mat. We ran into a handful of friendly staff members, but most seemed annoyed to be there.

And Verruckt...the 400 pound weight requirement was quite the disappointment. My children and I are all on the small side. We were 100 pounds short of the requirement.

In short, this park is simply not up to Schlitterbahn standards. We won't go back.
Written August 2, 2014
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Bobby A
Omaha, NE26 contributions
2.0 of 5 bubbles
Jun 2018 • Family
First I will preface this review by stating management did provide us with seven complimentary passes after we complained about the park. Now I will give you an honest review.

We have been to Schlitterbahn Waterpark over a half a dozen times. Over the years the park as always been ran great, we've never had a problem. This year though things are different. The park is ran like a bankrupt company about to close it. Before we went down to KC which is a THREE hour drive for us I checked the calendar on the website to ensure hours of operations and if there were any warnings. The calendar showed 11am - 6pm normal operation. The calendar DID not show that certain main attractions would be closed and not opening. All in all five attractions were closed that day, the large rapids (forget the name) and the wave pool river the two largest items in the park were closed. The best slide the black slick slide was closed, Wolf Pack closed, AND to top it all off at 4:35PM an hour and half before park closure they closed the mighty mo and the body mat slides (half the park). I find this to be RIDICULOUS! WE paid for the park not for a portion of the park, and it is SUMMER not spring. We were told various excuses and lies by various employees until management informed us that corporate provides a lack of budget to have only certain amount of lifeguards on duty at any given time and because we were there on a Thursday and attendance is low they only budget X amount of lifeguards for Y amount of attractions. Therefore only Z amount of rides can be open. Essentially they are too cheap to provide full staff on low attendance days. This is poor in my opinion as people travel to come to this park, and expect it to be open. I will say most of the staff are friendly however there are those lifeguards and staff that are just rude. I expect more after dropping $300 at admission, and another $200 in the park at the gift shop buying water shoes, and merchandise.

Outside of the complimentary tickets I WILL not be going back to this park. I highly recommend you call before going to see what attractions are open. To close the main ones in my opinion is just not fair. I would seriously go to Worlds of Fun if you are down in KC. There you get waterpark and an amusement park and its open later than Schlitterbahn. They should just close this park.
Written June 18, 2018
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Sherry V
Pella, Iowa, United States38 contributions
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Jun 2016 • Family
This waterpark was overall a big letdown. Had purchased online tickets in advance and still had to wait in a long line at arrival to get wristbands. After entering the park you are greeted by pool chairs that look like they should have been replaced about a decade ago. Very nasty staining and discoloration on them. Bring big towels to cover them up. The "pool" is tiny, the slides average at best, and the thrills...not really existent. We didn't go on the big attraction ride because we didn't sign up immediately upon entering and then didn't feel like standing in line for 2 hours for a 20 second ride. The rest of the slides, I think there are only 7, were very basic. The most fun we had was in the lazy river in the rapids section. Don't get a cabana, they are a total ripoff. They are plopped in the middle of a concrete area with dead grass, no immediate access to water or a pool. Defeats the whole idea of a cabana! The two pros of the park were free parking and you can bring in your own cooler. My two teenage kids both agreed that the other major water park in KC was by far superior.
Written June 27, 2016
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