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Medieval Times
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Leslie P
Hoffman Estates, IL55 contributions
Feb 2020 • Family
Ok, if you asked me to write this review 2 years ago, it would definitely be different. I had gone a couple times in the past and felt it was way overpriced, mediocre food, and and definitely a struggle to keep my attention on their performance. However, driving with my grandson, he saw the castle and asked me to please take him. So, of course, I did. My two grandchildren, my son, his wife, my husband, and I all decided to go. From the first moment we walked in I could already feel the vibe is quite different. Everyone was genuinely happy to serve us and to make sure that this was a great experience. The drinks at the bar were incredibly well-made, the food was delicious, and the service was better than it's ever been. Watching the show, we could not get enough. It is very expensive but, it is worth every penny. I truly cannot wait to go back! Thank you Hank Bonnette for truly making this a very memorable night. He greeted all the guests thanking them for coming. Quite frankly, that impressed me so very much!
Written February 13, 2020
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SW Lower Michigan17 contributions
Aug 2021
The people who work here are excellent! From the vendors in the gift shops to the ticket takers and wait staff, everyone is friendly and helpful. Our wait staff was able to accommodate my mobility issues when seating our party so I didn't have to climb up or down stairs. Our teen agers LOVED the show and we all had a good time!
Written August 23, 2021
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HUZZAH! We are glad your family enjoyed the dinner and show! Thank you for choosing to visit our castle for your family "Knight" out. :)
Written August 25, 2021
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Nic P
Crown Point, IN16 contributions
Oct 2012 • Family
Ok, so I know that there's a lot of mixed reviews on this so you may be a bit worried to do it. I pride myself on writing reviews objectively and make sure to just state the facts and my personal feeling of places. I don't go extremely positive or extremely negative.

First should be noted that not everyone will like this. Not this attraction itself but this type of experience. If you don't wanna just have a fun time without being uber critical, than don't go.

There are three types of tickets. The regular, the royal, and the celebration. The regular includes seats and dinner. The royalty adds better seating, a waving banner, and a DVD, and a picture. The celebration adds all that the royalty does with a special announcement in the show and birthday cake.

Seats - There really isn't a bad seat in the house, of course, some are better than others...but don't worry about seats

Food - The food was fantastic! So flavorful and freshly prepared. This is basic food so don't expect 'fancy' dining. You get tomato soup, garlic bread, half a spice rubbed chicken, a spare rib, two fried potatoes, an apple turnover, coffee, and two drinks (Pepsi products, lemonade, and water). They do not provide silverware as you're supposed to be eating medievally. Sneak some in if you can't stand to get your hands messy.

Cleanliness - Pretty clean, could be a bit more clean though.

Service - Great service. Our waiter made lots of funny jokes and was very attentive. They do actually ASK for tips which was a little bit rude in my opinion, but the way they asked wasn't pushy or rude...just common courtesy to not ask for tips.

The show - As I said before, don't come here unless you're ready to have a fun time and are able to embrace the little bit of cheesiness of it all. It is very entertaining. Some parts were a little slow but when It picked up, it was lots of fun. The main plot is that each section of guests has their own knight who competes in games against other knights. The knights were well trained and were incredible at fighting. With the swords creating sparks and real jousting, it was very believable and exciting to watch. The horses were great! The show is about an hour and a half.

Other things - The castle, inside and out, is beautiful to look at . There is a torture dingeon museum inside that's a few bucks more. A weapons and souvenir shop. And a bar.

Altogether...I highly suggest this. It has some flaws, but its a unique experience and, with the right group attitude, can be huge amounts of fun. A big rowdy group that loves to cheer their knight on would be great! Good value too, they have deals all time. we got tickets for 60 a piece. and for a long show, a four course meal, a paper framed picture, a DVD, and an announcement in the show...i think thats a good deal. GO! You'll like it :)
Written October 14, 2012
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California City, CA3 contributions
Oct 2019

It would be a good idea to investigate all the people who have been talking about horse abuse in this company for a long time.

because I think we are already too many people we know what happens to the horses in medieval times
many of the knights do not know how to ride well and stick too much to the horses and
we have good information about some trainers that beat the horses
For a long time , nobody has done anything for these poor animals , The first abuse begins at the medieval times ranch with a spanish trainer working over there for a long time
It seems that this man only knows how to train horses with a whip and we know that some horses ended up very hurt..
This man is the first punishment for the horses of this company

just visit any castle and you can see the nervous and scared and tired horses

Written April 24, 2020
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Chicago, IL1 contribution
Dec 2017 • Family
We used to love coming to Medieval Times.. always such a good time whether your knight wins or loses, but the new story plot has completely changed our minds & we won't be coming back unless it changes again. A few other disappointing aspects to this visit, as well, so I'll get to that first. It's been a few years since we last came to medieval times (Schaumburg) & wanted to come back when our children were old enough to understand the story- our kids are 5, 7 & 8 now. So, let me get to the little things first. The Menu: They took out the spare rib & replaced it with corn- boo! Secondly, they replaced the apple pastry with lemon pound cake- yuck! After they brought out the cake, my daughter asked "where's the dessert?", to which I replied,"that was it", & my daughter then replied with a quivering "Whhhhaaattt???". Not a very kid-friendly dessert, at all. They could have replaced it with something chocolaty, at least! Next, The Service: our wench was completely out of character. She didn't care whatsoever, so it was discouraging for us audience members that wanted to get into character & play along, especially for the sake of our children. Now, to the worst part: The Show. *Warning: spoilers ahead* The old show consisted of a threat, a dark knight (black knight as they called him) & the goal was to eventually eliminate him, once a victor knight rises through competition, challenges & such. With the new storyline, a queen has now taken the throne, & to that, I was wondering if it was going to be a message of being "politically correct," & sadly, it was. Mind you, I'm a female writing this, but am so sick & tired of this being shoved down our throats-- & yes, this storyline went there. This is where the storyline brings all your excitement crashing down & leaves you utterly disappointed, empty & cheated, especially if your knight is the one chosen to carry out the "bad guy" storyline. I couldn't believe it as it was unfolding before my eyes, but instead of demonizing a knight like the black knight, as in the old storyline, (one who had no audience cheering section), the new story demonizes one of the knights of the realm- in our case, our own red & yellow knight, by having him defy & insult the queen because she's a woman on the throne (see what I mean by "yes, this storyline went there") & his comments stated such. Moreover, he is portrayed as a knight who wants to kill all those he defeats, instead of merely injuring them- evil, right?. Our knight *was* coming out victorious, until we were surprised by this twist toward the end, in which you sadly discover that the knight you've been cheering on all along is actually the "bad guy" of the story, who now has to be eliminated by the remaining "good guy" knight to restore peace & honor to the kingdom. What a let down! Who the heck thought this was a good idea?!?! My 5 & 7 year olds were crying at the end of the show, saying "mommy, we were the bad guys!". How is a parent supposed to respond to that? We even bought red & yellow flags ($5 a piece...) My kids never want to come back again! Why did they eliminate the black knight? That was the only "unifying aspect" of the audience as a whole, because even if your knight doesn't win, audience members can still cheer on & rally around the knight who fights against the black knight, since he is the bad guy who wants to bring down the kingdom, after all. So, at least, with the old storyline, you can leave with some kind of satisfaction. With the new one... well, just hope that your knight is not the one who is revealed as the bad guy in the end.... Very poor story writing & nothing in the new story keeps you enticed & on the edge of your seat as the old one did.
Written December 28, 2017
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Thank you for sharing your thorough review with us. We strive to provide top quality entertainment with exceptional service to our guests and take all feedback into consideration. If you would like to speak further about your visit, please reach out to us at
Written January 3, 2018
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Grand Rapids, MI69 contributions
Apr 2018
This experience was recommended by a friend and after visiting I can safely recommend it as well. My family had never attended anything like this before so I wasn't sure what to expect. The information I received after booking online recommended arriving 45 minutes prior to the show. We arrived 30 minutes prior and there was a long line out of the door. We did visit during spring break so maybe it isn't always this busy. There was a large group of young adults in front of us who all had souvenir beer steins and wine glasses from Medieval Times and it was obvious that they had visited more than once before. I wonder if they can get discounted refills. I was also surprised because I thought this was more of an attraction for families with children but I can see how adults could also enjoy this show on their own. I also saw many children in line with swords, even glowing light sabers.

When we got through the first part of the line we checked in with our digital tickets and were given cards with our table number. Then each party went to an area to get crowns matching our knight's colors which remind me of the old burger king crowns. We then took a photo with one of the cast members and went into a little area themed like a castle with various souvenirs. We weren't there long and were soon filing into the theater/arena for the show. This area is not very large. There is really no bad seat in the house. There are about 6 rows of tables surrounding a court smaller than a football field, but larger than a tennis court. Our table was more like a row of theater chairs with a narrow table set in front of the chairs. There were others in our row/table already so we were not able to sit along the aisle as we may have preferred. I don't know how they decide on seating but I bought my tickets about 4 weeks in advance and although we were sitting in the second from the last row, we were kind of on the 50 yard line of the arena which I liked.

The food is fine, but you don't come for the food. My 8 year old daughter is a vegetarian (and generally a picky eater) and she didn't like the vegetarian bean and rice stew. They also gave her carrot and celery sticks with a side of pita and hummus.
She also got the the non meat items in the traditional meal. One of our table mates had a food allergy and although I did not know the details of her allergy, I saw that she received a bowl of cut up fruit.

Here is a tip. You have to tip your waiter/serf. Bring extra cash. They work hard and I wish I could have simplified our waiters job by having cash to tip. Then there was the question of what to tip. The food and show are all one price and there were no recommended tipping guidelines. In the end I estimated what I might have paid for a meal and drinks for my family at an Applebees and tipped him $10. I had no idea if this was normal.

Cheering for your knight is lots of fun. There is a substantial portion of the show that is horse showmanship and since I know a little about horses, I knew that it was quite difficult for the horses to do some of the tricks, but I think that point was lost on most of the crowd, especially the kids. The knights throw carnations to the audience after each competition and that was cool too.

There are various ways to save on this experience. Look for coupons/groupon, etc before you book. For my family the cost was a little over $40 per person with a discount. When I asked my children if they preferred this experience over the only other dinner theater experience they've had, Disney World's Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review, they overwhelmingly preferred Medieval Times and I think it was quite fun. I paid more than twice as much for Hoop Dee Doo, so $40 per person was a bargain for us. I've heard complaints that the experience was expensive, but although this was a little more than taking my family out to dinner and the movies, it was actually less expensive than dinner and tickets to a Circus/Disney on Ice type of show. I did not get any special royalty package this time. The package comes with a few extra souvenirs, but really your paying for slightly better seats. I suppose for a special occasion I wouldn't mind sitting a little closer and being able to look the knights and the horses right in the eye. But the souvenirs for sale were very reasonable. A little flag to wave in our knight's colors was $2. When was the last time you could find a souvenir for $2? I also purchased slushies in a souvenir cup for my kids. Each was $5.50 which isn't bad and they weren't pushing the extra drinks on us. My son was seeking out a special drink after watching other guests with their souvenir mugs and wine glasses. Overall we had a great time and I wouldn't mind coming back in a year or so. I'd even bring friends next time!

Written April 8, 2018
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Waukesha, WI20 contributions
Bought the expensive, upgraded package for my daughter's birthday, drove 2 hours to the castle and found it CLOSED! They cancelled the performance and didn't bother to phone or e-mail us. My daughter cried all the way home, her birthday was ruined, and worst of all, we can't get anyone there to refund our money. Would not recommend at all.
Written January 26, 2008
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Green Bay, WI697 contributions
Jun 2013 • Couples
Medieval times is a dinner theater chain with a location in Schaumburg, Il, a bit north west of Chicago.

TIP: Google “medieval times discount” then find code’s at various websites. After two codes did not work for me I found Ultimate coupons 40% off special code. I used this code at the Medieval times website.

Dinner + non-alcoholic beverage and the show is included in the ticket price. Waitstaff (called Wench) Tip’s, other beverages and anything you buy like souvenirs or photos costs extra. The employs do pass you and your children several times offering various items included things that light up although they did not seem pushy. They will also bring you a photo of your group for purchase.

Seating is first come first serve. Early arrivals get the seats closest to the arena, however there really is not a bad seat in the place. With your seat card there is no reason to push and shove. You are going to be at the same table in the same row.

As you enter you purchase your tickets or bypass this step if you pre-purchased. After you give them your tickets you get a card with a color and number. This holds your seat for you.

Then you are given a paper hat / crown. Next you get a photo taken with some of the characters.

As soon as you enter the holding / pre-arena area there is a full bar, gift shop and down the hallway is a ‘torture chamber’ self-guided tour for an additional $2 person fee.

Before the show starts they announce the colors and tell you what door to go in by your color. The color is on your card and on your crown.

Once everyone gets in they start the show. The show is a mixture of pomp and pageantry followed by some displays of skill then after your desert they have some jousting. Its entertainment for the young and young at heart.

You do not get silverware; you eat with your hands. This includes Tomato soup, bread, chicken, BBQ rib, potato and an apple filling stuffed pastry.

She show is going on as you are served dinner. The show continues on after the dinner for about another ½ hour.

We enjoyed our visit to Medieval Times.

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Written June 17, 2013
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Iowa City, IA3 contributions
Mar 2015 • Couples
The show was amazing. This is worth the money, however we recommend you dine somewhere else. The food is just awful and looks under cooked. Go for the show. Drinks are very overpriced.
Written March 30, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Iowadreams, We are very happy to hear that you enjoyed our show as we strive to provide a great experience for all our guests each time. We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the food as our staff diligently prepares meals our guests will enjoy. We usually get good comments about our food and compliments on the chicken. We are sorry you felt your chicken was undercooked. We will continue to work with the kitchen staff as we have been for over 30 years to make sure that what is served to our guests is of the highest quality and great taste. Thank you for your review.
Written May 5, 2015
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Kalamazoo, MI99 contributions
Me and my wife we're coming from out of town, and I got an email and they cancelled the show only giving us a 6 day notice. The reasoning was stupid in my opinion too. They felt like they didn't sell enough tickets up to that point for that night. That's not my problem! I paid good money to go, and I don't care if me and my wife are the only ones there. It's simple, I pay for food/entertainment, you provide food/entertainment. They offered us a reschedule but we can't go any other time. We live outta town and we would have gotten it in on the date we preordered. This really made me angry because we booked a hotel to stay at after and now we just lost a bunch of money on a hotel that we won't use. If you preorder tickets, just know it isn't set in stone and they'll cancel on you without a sufficient notice in my opinion. Just a warning for everyone.
Written September 5, 2014
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We am very sorry to hear that your experience with our castle was not a good one. We cancel very few shows but alas there are times when it does not make business sense to put on a show. When this happens we offer free Royalty upgrade for a future show that is rescheduled. We understand that you were from out of town and could not reschedule and we apologize for the inconvenience this caused you. We hope you will give us another try in the future in you are in the Chicago area.
Written September 26, 2014
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