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Very good

Batley, UK35 contributions
Awful- full of flies
Dec 2019 • Couples
The food was ok (apart from the cheesecake), it was warm, the presentation was good but the standard of the food was poor.
The place is extremely soulless bar was empty and only a few other diners. The main issue was the cleanliness of the staff and the flies, we were surrounded by flies eating our meal, we counted around 10 on the wall next to our table.
Written March 7, 2020
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Zoë Patrick
Oldham, UK321 contributions
So disappointing!
Dec 2019 • Friends
Can’t believe I’m writing this but what’s happened to this place? It used to be so vibrant and welcoming but it’s seriously gone downhill since our last visit.
I think today was our 3rd or 4th visit for afternoon tea here and my Mum and I have been looking forward to this festive treat all week...
There were fruit flies flying around all over our food and and drinks the whole time, the general cleanliness has definitely slipped down a peg or 3 as well. Just wanted to mention in particularly has tired the bathrooms look; no hand wash or anything to dry your hands on after going to the loo! Also, the benches that are used to present the afternoon tea in looked a bit dirty too.
The food was OK but we’ve definitely seen better there. It was still really busy with almost every table booked out on the right hand side. The bar, however, looked deserted, dark and gloomy, no one in the other half of the restaurant (if you could call it that).

To top it off... the service was quite slow and we couldn’t pay on card as there was no cash machine working... apparently we should’ve received a phone call before arriving regarding this but that never happened. This meant I had to walk to a cash machine to draw money out and leave my Mum there to wait before we could leave.
Overall, a disappointing experience and we won’t be returning I’m afraid. There are much better options about! Don’t waste your money.
Written December 21, 2019
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10 contributions
Nov 2019 • Friends
I don’t usually go out of my way to write a bad review but I just really wouldn’t want anyone to waste their money here or have an event spoiled.
I went for a baby shower of one of my friends & it was quite a bizarre experience.
On arrival a member of staff didn’t seem to have a clue where the party was & told me to ‘maybe have a look upstairs.’
Upstairs the atmosphere was a little strange, it felt more like someone’s unused living room than a restaurant, but they had let my friend decorate etc so all seemed well.
The young staff however seemed genuinely perplexed with every request for a drink, as if they didn’t understand the concept of waiting staff/a restaurant, so it was all just a bit awkward and stilted. They weren’t rude at all, just seemed very inexperienced or as if they had no management direction.
We had all ordered the afternoon tea ‘picnic benches’ weeks in advance, with a couple of requests for vegetarian ones.
These being brought out was a complete farce..some were for 2 people, some were was for 1. They kept recounting us to figure out how many more were needed..There was no organisation whatsoever, the veggie/meat ones were on the same bench (just different sides) & the novelty benches themselves were too big for the tables so it was quite awkward watching the staff try to place these on the tables whilst trying not to knock over all our drinks.
Now for the worst part. The food. I could have honestly coped with all the above if the food was nice but, without exaggeration, almost every item I received was inedible. And I can eat most things. There was a ‘biscuit’ shaped like a man, which was so hard I physically could not bite through it.
There was a cupcake which, when the cake wrapper was peeled off, revealed that the entire cake base was jet black and burnt to a cinder, concealed by the frosting on top.
There was a cold metal cup of almost cold mulled wine which was about 1/5 filled & tasted like paint stripper.
Oh & a scone which was stale and had a huge blob of whipped cream (not clotted) and a dot of jam inside so small that I had to scrape off all of the cream to actually find it.
I have blocked out the rest but I ate about 2 mouthfuls of food in total & a small cup of Luke warm tomato soup.
I don’t know who made the food but it’s clear they don’t taste or even look at what they make, as I cannot imagine why anyone would deem any of it acceptable to serve to humans.
Clearly the picnic bench is entirely style over substance & must be the only reason it draws customers still.
I left £28 lighter and stopped at a shop on the way home for a package sandwich as I was starving.

I came here years ago & it was amazing then, I really have no idea what has happened to this place, but please do not waste your money.
Written December 16, 2019
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Manchester, UK20 contributions
Worst customer experience we have ever had
Dec 2019 • Friends
Arrived at the Riverside and from the start the experience was poor. We were placed at a table in the cold and the seating area was grubby and stained next to toilets which we couldn't even fit in. We asked to be seated elsewhere. We ordered drinks and asked for water. Had to ask 4 times for the water and did not get the water until out benches arrived. The table was booked at 3pm and we did not get food or water until 4:16. When the food arrived the food that should have been warm was stone cold. We asked for fresh food and it was just heated in the microwave. The portion of roast potatoes was literally one chip chopped up!! The deserts where substandard. The mince pie was shop bought and cupcakes looked like they were too. The mulled wine had clearly been watered down! There were flies all over the place! We ordered coffee which never appeared. The tea and coffee we did have were served in chipped pots and cold. They also did not have soya milk. We asked to speak to the manager who never came to us. We had to ask someone agin to speak to. At no point did the lady we dealt with apologise for the poor service or substandard food. She said it looked like we had ate enough even though there was loads of food left on the benches. She said that they had over 100 bookings today and thats why they had been stretched, if they cant manage with the amount of bookings they had, then they shouldn't take them. She also said no one else had complained but there was another group who came up and complained as well. We tried to explain to the lady what was wrong with the food and the chipped pots we had recieved them in and she was very dissmissive and rude and she wondered why we got irritated. We explained that we did not want to pay for the food as it was not up to standard. At this point she rang the police! What a waste of police time! went to speak to her calmly as she said we were ganging up against her and again there was no apology just abuse again. She said she wasn't the manager and I asked who do we speak to and she said there was no one in charge. In the end she asked us to just leave which we gladly did. Extremely disappointed that our day out was completely ruined and will not recommend this place to anyone. We have been to the fox 4 times and had high expectations and have never had such an appalling experience in my life
Written December 1, 2019
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Shannen C
1 contribution
Nov 2019 • Friends
Went for the afternoon tea benches and the whole experience was very disappointing!!

We had to ask to order drinks 20 mins after arriving despite it being quiet. We repeatedly had to ask for tea spoons and sugar.
It took 55 mins for the benches to come.
The food was cold, one of the desserts advertised as part of it was missing, their was no mozzarella in the mozzarella salad, the soup was cold with a thick rim on the top.
The fish and chips came after the benches and was warm at least but was all batter with no actual fish.
Cutlery was dirty and the food was very average.

We had 25% off as an offer through booking online but we were charged full price and didn’t notice until after we had left.
When we made contact with the actual manager about this she was downright rude.

Will never be going there again and will be advising everyone I know not to bother either.
Written November 12, 2019
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Katie A
Huddersfield, UK21 contributions
Massively gone down hill!!
Oct 2019 • Friends
What a disappointment! I had my baby shower here a couple of years ago and it was amazing so thought I was in for a treat today.... I was so wrong.

The afternoon tea today was very average, the cakes just looked like they been bought from the local co op, nothing fresh about them what so ever, in fact we left most of it.

The place itself is grubby and tired looking! We kept smelling a really strong smell of cigarette smoke, we were sat right next to the kitchen (so nowhere near the front door) it seemed to be coming from there I just hope and prey it wasn’t the kitchen! The staff were nice and friendly it’s a shame it’s gone this way but I definitely won’t be going back.
Written October 10, 2019
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Katie N
Brighouse, UK1 contribution
Let down by its service
Sep 2019
Visited last weekend for afternoon tea on the picnic benches. Came a few years ago and everything was excellent sadly this was not the case last weekend. Food on picnic benches was average and the service was terrible. Had to wait 20 minutes to get a drink, when they arrived one was wrong and we called the waitress over who went to find out and never came back to us, picnic benches dumped on us by an uncaring waitress with no explanation of what was on there, when the table next to us got there's everything explained to them by another server, had to ask for our tea and cooffee, had to ask for the benches to be cleared and to bag items up with a sigh from the waitress, never checked upon just left to sit there. If you have been before a few years ago and fancy another visit DON'T until they sort there service out and train staff as the overall feel is you are made to feel a burden and everything is too much for the staff who don't seem to want to help or work their.
Written October 3, 2019
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Bradford, UK17 contributions
Extremely disappointing
Sep 2019
Visited to try one of the afternoon tea benches after hearing so many good things and overall left feeling very let down. The bench advertised online was the autumn bench, all of which looked excellent and we were quite excited to try it and try the fox having heard it get so many good reviews. However, on arrival we were told the autumn bench had just changed and the dishes on the new bench sadly did not look anywhere near as good. I did call to book and stated we were going to have the autumn bench so they could have said. Bearing in mind it costs £40 it needs to be good this was a bit annoying. The lad who served us did say you could change things around but did not clarify each party got one dish each so rather than cause any confusion we settled on it as it came..

The lad who served us was very polite and pleasant but seemed a bit confused. He didn’t know what beers were available and as these were also all in process of changing and I think he forgot the water.

The food was a let down too.. again considering the price you expect quality. Fish n chips were fine, chicken burgers were tiny, salad not attempted - it was just cheese and lettuce, sausage roll - mine was decent but my partners had no sausage in it and the soup, whilst nice, was lukewarm (started with this) Muffins ok, scones and shortbread fine but the lime pousset was dreadful and made me gip.

Also considering it’s advertised as afternoon tea was surprised not to be offered any tea or coffee with the bench despite the menu advising it comes with it. I pointed this out to the lad on the bar when I paid and he didn’t charge for the wine and beer but he didn’t seem overly bothered about the poor experience.

So all in all a big let down and boy worth the money paid. When you charge this price you’ve got to deliver and the fox sadly did not manage this. Looking at the recent reviews it seems this is a common experience and I wonder if they’ve got new people in or they’re simply not trying as hard. The place was 3/4 empty and it was Saturday night so this and the recent poor reviews need to be a wake up call to those in charge.

A massive shame because it could have been so much better. I hope they get it sorted.
Written September 28, 2019
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Huddersfield8 contributions
Absolutely Terrible
Aug 2019 • Family
Visited here for the 1st time last Saturday for the afternoon tea. What a disappointment! The fish and chips were dripping in oil,garlic mushrooms were just cream no garlic what so ever. Then the cakes gosh they were rock hard and tasteless! They were not made even the day before never mind that day. The cream on the scone wasn’t fresh & the same rock hardness. Teapot for 2 people with 1 tea bag in. The chef came out of the kitchen & I’m not kidding her whites were so dirty I couldn’t see any white! Normally I would of mentioned the problem’s but I was with my teenage daughter who asked me not to complain. Very saddened as it was a special occasion. Won’t return & wont be recommending.
Written August 29, 2019
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Charlotte Flynn
Leeds, UK9 contributions
Aug 2019 • Friends
Came here for the third time after the first two times been amazing, was really disappointed with the afternoon tea, the cheese and onion pasty had little filling in and was all pastry, the fish and chips were so oily! The garlic mushrooms were cold, there was bearly any beef in the sandwich. The cakes on the top were hard. Wouldn’t come back for this menu, all of my friends were so disappointed.
Written August 27, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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