Idaho's Mammoth Cave

Idaho's Mammoth Cave, Shoshone: Address, Idaho's Mammoth Cave Reviews: 4/5

Idaho's Mammoth Cave
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7 miles south of shoshone, 1 1/2 miles off highway, Shoshone, ID 83352
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Paul C
94 contributions
Jun 2020
LOL. I did not tell my family any details I read in the reviews, and they thanked me for it afterwards.

Quirky. Creepy. Mysterious. Fascinating. Absolutely memorable.

The museum is chock-full of the odd and intriguing. Natural & human history from around the world. Artifacts need a good cleaning, but the fact that they haven't been dusted for years makes them that much more "charming". Water damage on the placards was unfortunate (the roof was leaking badly during a torrential summer rain while we were there) but it added to the feeling that we were rummaging around in our grandparents attic.

Bummed they only let you explore half of the cave, but the overall experience (including free use of lanterns, the museum, and a dozen free-range peacocks) was well-worth the stop.

Highly recommended experience, but not for the "normal" reasons. Do it!
Written July 7, 2020
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North Las Vegas, NV109 contributions
Aug 2020
This cave is the largest I have been too. you don't have to have your own flashlights; they will provide them.. Self guided tour which inside if on a time crunch. The museum is great but is quirky. Has many animals not just birds as well as other artifacts.
Written August 17, 2020
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Twin Falls, ID289 contributions
Jul 2013 • Family
I've driven by this place countless times, thinking I'll have to check it out someday. Finally did, and was amazed at what I found!

The cave itself is pretty cool (literally) -- a half-mile lava tube, into which you can hike a quarter-mile with a provided lantern. It's an easy hike, not too steep, but the trail is narrow and wouldn't accommodate a wheel chair.

The natural history museum -- included with the $10 adult admission (cash only!) -- is incredible. You'll never come across a museum with so many artifacts of all different ages from all over the world displayed up close and personal. Local Indian artifacts, 2,000-year-old items from the Holy Land, treasures from the Mayan and Incan cultures, Inuit tools, ceremonial masks from Africa, dinosaur and mammoth fossils, and on and on. There are mounted displays of animals from around the world, too. All housed in a unique round building constructed of lava rock.

If you are into natural history at all, this is a must-see. Figure at least an hour. Posted hours: 9-6 daily during the summer.
Written July 7, 2013
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Idaho Falls, ID68 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
We went to Mammoth Cave in Idaho. It is a self guide tour. You are given hand held lanterns with LED lights. Round trip walk, is about 1/2 mile. 40 degress inside. Some of you might need a jacket. NOT HANDICAP FRIENDLY!! NO DOGS ALLOWED!!
The outside looked like an old junk yard. Overgrown wees, not pavd, very dusty. No shade, either.
You went inside to pay. No Senior discount or military discount. NO discount of any kind in fact. They have a museum full of stuffed animals (taxidermy) and other items. Quite a collection in all. It was Very dirty. It was Very dusty. You could tell it hadn't been cleaned in several years. Some of the animals' skins were coming apart at the sewing lines. Spider cobwebs all over the place. No A/C in the room either.
The cave it self was quite interesting. It is actually a lava tube. You walked on a bumpy path (not paved), also, there was no way to get a wheelchair in there.
No snack bar. No gift shop. No free brochures about the place. If you had to go to the bathroom, they had an outhouse. A REAL outhouse. No water to wash your hands after wards. No sanitary gel either.
We went over to to see the 4 emus he had on the property. NO WATER in the pen. NO FOOD in the pen. We saw some dried out bagels on the ground. we threw them in the pen and the emus ate like they were starving. No way to treat animals for sure.
It is a place I recommend you DO NOT go to.
Written July 14, 2017
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1 contribution
May 2019 • Friends
It was, for lack of a better word, bizarre. When we first got out everyone more or less agreed that we felt like this place was a setting for a horror movie. The "Bird Museum" was a bunch of peacocks wandering around freely and some ostriches in a pen. The whole area looked like a cross between an abandoned mini golf course and a junkyard. The cave was pretty cool (but 10 dollars cash only seemed a bit steep) but it was really short. The Museum was this really dusty collection of random things shoved into a single room, there was also a mouse trap on one of the cases with a warning not to touch it. Overall it wasnt a BAD experience, just a really really weird one.
Written May 6, 2019
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Washington802 contributions
Jul 2017 • Couples
WE had gone to craters of the moon and added this to our day ,when you go there are three cave attractions and it is impossible to tell them apart as it seems clear they are all trying to confuse you and get you to go to their cave. But after reading about these caves this is the one I wanted no matter which way you come to the cave this one is the second one you come a crossed. You turn and go up a gravel road this place is a junk pile LOL just neat crap everywhere old truck ,art projects ,Emus ,peacocks tires just tons of junk, the restroom is a outhouse with a iffy handle ! Looking around you figure out which building to go into we met a guy who could not care anything about the place he took our money barely answered our questions and he was busy watching tv. We went down the path to the cave and for reasons I do not understand along the path were literally HUNDREDS of yellow and red dragon fly's! The landscape was dry and hot and they were resting on the tips pf the sage brush, honestly it was just beautiful and you would get really close and they would stir it was just fantastic! Normally I am scared of bugs,but it was like being surrounded by butterflies so cool! Of course my pictures did not turnout well ;( We went mid july not sure if that is some special time in a dragon fly life cycle or something but it was spectacular.
The cave was cool not beautiful or anything but it would be so cool to own a cave ,think about it you could charge people 10 bucks to go in it .
The Museum is really cool someone really put out the money and collected some rare things ,it is dirty and unorganized but worth seeing.
Honestly this over all is so bad it is good,have low expectations if you go !
Written August 7, 2017
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Washington14 contributions
Jul 2017
We love to visit caves and this cave and it's museum are interesting.We visited both Mammoth Cave and Indian Ice Cave in the same day. We couldn't find reviews that compared them so I think I will leave a comparison here.

Mammoth Cave is like stepping back in time. You drive out into the middle of no where and land "back in time." You step out of your car to the bird farm area. We saw emu and seagulls. The "outhouse" is out amongst the bird area. Continuing on you enter the "museum." You pay in the museum for your self-guided tour through the cave. There is a walkway down to the caves, it is a ramp and we did see a wheel chair being pushed through the cave. They provide lanterns and they have information signs spaced along the trail. The trail is marked, there are no other lights in the cave except the lantern you bring in with you. This cave was not really "cold" as we walked through. We did have hoodies with us but we did not need them. We did visit the "museum" after walking the cave. The museum consists of hundreds ... no, thousands of artifacts, taxidermy wildlife, and interesting things from nature (two headed sheep, two bodied sheep, other two headed beasts, etc). The amount of items in this museum compares to non other I have ever visited. We did speak with a member of the family who owns the cave, though he didn't give lots of information very freely. Mammoth cave is less tidy/kept up as compared to Indian Caves.

Indian Ice Cave is clean, it has green out houses, it is mostly a gift shop with a small museum to look at while you wait for your guided tour which begin on the hour and half past the hour. This tour does require walking on uneven ground and has multiple (100+) stairs. The cave is well lit and has a wood suspension walkway that has a hand rail but is damp not slippery. The ice is definitely visible on your tour of the cave. The temperature being below 30 degrees really wasn't noticeable with just a light hoodie after being in the heat.

After these two reviews I have to say these locations were very different from each other and my teenagers preferred Indian Ice Caves. I think each location had unique qualities and hopefully this review will help people who only have time to visit one location decide which fits their individual needs best!
Written July 3, 2017
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Angela R
Twin Falls2 contributions
Jul 2015 • Family
Honestly, the only good thing about visiting Mammoth Cave except the peacock feathers my son collected, was the sighting of a lovely gopher snake. Other than that, the cave is not very long and you have to stay on a dirt trail, the museum is a hoarding nightmare with buckets of water and dead rats rotting in them, the property itself has trash everywhere and looks like most of the stuff on it should be at a dump and the poor animals have no clean water and are not taken care of. The donkey had tufts of matted hair sticking out all over, there was a dead, rotting carcass of one of the ducks in front of the pen and the land was covered in weeds and tumbleweeds. I don't know how they stay in business!! Way overpriced at $10 a person!! Don't waste your time or money!!
Written July 21, 2015
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Patty W
Ogden, UT916 contributions
Jul 2013 • Couples
This cave was used as a fallout shelter in the late 50's, and was used for 20 years. There is no electricity on the site. When you go into the cave you are handed a propane lantern. It is like going back in time. There is a museum in a building that has all kind of cool artifacts from around the world.

There are peacocks walking around the area. The cave is actually a lava tube. If you liked usual places and things, Mammoth Cave is for you.
Written July 7, 2013
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162 contributions
Oct 2018 • Family
I have to say that the lava tube was worth a look. My grandsons enjoyed the adventure, and I thought it was very intriguing. I loved the signs and the stories behind the "cave". I was glad we stopped to check it out. And I liked the faces on the rocks. They were bizarre, but pretty cool. The little "museum" filled with old dead stuffed animals, I could have lived without. But my grandsons thought it was pretty cool, they liked the alligator and the bears. It's very dusty and dirty. I would not suggest anyone with asthma or any allergies to wander through. I'm not really sure why it's referred to as a bird museum. There were some peacocks and a few other animals wandering about, but most everything I saw was dead. Very bizarre collection. Very odd and eclectic, but the lava tube was still worth the visit.
Written October 3, 2018
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