Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall

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Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall
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Very good

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia108 contributions
Dec 2019 • Family
No need for a guide. As long as you are healthy and relatively fit you do not need a guide to take you to explore the waterfalls. Smile nicely at the guides waiting at the top of the steps, pay the 10000 entrance fee, but a coffee from the refreshment place and set off on your walk.
Written January 4, 2020
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Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia2 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
Short walk to Sindeng Gile with clean waterfall. More interesting walk to a lava soil filled Tiu Kelep waterfall.
Guide is not necessary but good to have guide for the Tiu Kelep waterfall to explain the area and help take photos of the group.
Have seen better waterfalls though
Written February 2, 2020
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Mataram, Indonesia445 contributions
Mar 2021 • Friends
We hiked to both waterfalls yesterday in the pouring wet season. The scenery is amazing.

However the little guides group at the second entrance ruined our good experience. Everyone in tourism is doing it tough and these idiots using pressure tactics and lies to get work only backfires on them.
Written March 10, 2021
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New York City, NY49 contributions
Dec 2019
There is no entry fee to these waterfalls, however be warned that there are many locals asking for a fee to be your guide. There is no need for a guide at all especially the first Sendang Gile waterfall. There are stone steps all throughout and its fairly easy to get to it on your own there is only one direction down. The steps get steep in some areas when you climb back up so if your elderly or have difficulty you can just slow it down. When we arrived our driver brought us to the locals who were asking for 800,000 rupiah to take us to the 2 waterfalls, we were shocked as we read that they were free entry. They said all kinds of things such as dangerous animals, will get lost, etc. We finally agreed for around 200,000 as they said Tiu Kelep is difficult to find. When we went there were so many tourists and none of them had a guide. Sendang Gile is straight down about 15min, Tiu Kelep is not its about 45min more and you do have to go through some ankle deep water, but if your experienced this will also not be anything to you. The waterfalls themselves were lovely and if you like nature and hiking then you will want to visit these. Just don't get sucked into locals trying to make money off you.
Written January 9, 2020
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3 contributions
Dec 2019
We have to walk for an hour to reach this huge waterfall, and there was a rainbow below the waterfall there! the first time I've seen a rainbow upclose. I don't know its even possible to happen. The waterfall itself is beautiful but sadly we can't swim in there.
Written March 11, 2020
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Utrecht, The Netherlands10 contributions
Dec 2015 • Friends
The Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls are a "must-do" experience when you're visiting Lombok. It's almost as if you're in some kind of movie, that's how surrealistically gorgeous nature is in these locations.

That being said, I tend to further amend this review with our own story of "guide scams", "getting there by motorcycle" and some tips about finding your way once you're at the falls.

First of, the plentily mentioned "scams" that are supposed to take place at this tourist-magnet. Maybe it was because it was low-season (first week of dec 2015), maybe it was because of the eruption of Mt Rinjani earlier november, but it was almost confusingly quiet and calm. Once we got to the entrance (see further below for the motorcycle experience), we paid the 10k RP and off we were. No so-called "guides" heckling us, no intimidation, no pressure from whoever. Just smooth sailing.

From the entrance of the park (did I mention it's actually a big nature reserve? Jungle and all), you take the long winding "stairway" towards the first waterfall. There's absolutely no need for a guide on this stretch, you literally can't miss it. Once you've conquered the stairway, you're greeted by the beautiful first waterfall. You can take a shower beneath it if you dare (not recommended) or just sit and watch in awe at the grandeur of Mother Nature. To the left and right you can see monkeys scooting through the trees.
It was here when we first encountered a "local guide" who kindly offered to take us to the second fall for 200k RP. This, obviously, is a scam. We refused after which he immediately dropped his price to 50k RP. Judging we would be able to find the path ourselves, we again declined and set about to following other tourist groups (who perhaps had guides).

This brings me to the route to the 2nd fall. It's actually remarkably easy, once you know where to start. The key is to actually backtrack a little bit of the "stairway" until you see there is a left turn (easy to miss when you go down first time and are staring at the first waterfall). This new path leads you to a small bridge over a chasm (bridge can be a little scary, it only has a fence on one side and at the deepest point you can fall like 15m or something). Once over, you keep on following the path (there are even white arrows every now and then pointing the way). You cross some concrete waterworks after which the only tricky part comes: you need to cross the little river twice. Following the path, you get to the little river shore which you need to cross to the right. The water is only calf high and its about a 5m crossing, but I managed to lose one of my flipflops in the first 2 meters. Thankfully, I also had some normal shoes with me. Tip: tie you're flipflop to your ankle with a little piece of rope or at least bring extra shoes.
Once over the first stream, you need to "climb" over some rocks and trees while keeping a little to the left. After some 15m, you need to cross the stream again, but this time it's a little farther. After that, it's all straight ahead (with some moderate climbing over stones) to get to the second falls.

Now to the last part, the trip itself. Our hotel being in Mangsit (near Senggigi), we tried to find an affordable tour to take us to the waterfalls. Pitifully, all tours comprise of more than just a trip to the falls. Often they combine the tour with a rice paddy visit (we did that in Ubud already, no need to do it again), a trip to the monkeyforest (which is acually quite nice, but we had done that the day before on a rented motorcycle) and visit to local villages (been there, done that). Hiring s driver would amount to 600k+ RP, an amount we weren't inclined to pay. Leaves one option: going by motorcycle.
Renting a motorcycle on Lombok (especially in the tourist area) is pretty straightforward. They only ask if you can drive, not to see your license. Some say an International Drivers License is mandatory for the police. Having forgot mine (I only have a Dutch license), we actually asked the local Senggigi police dept. if it would be a problem to rent a bike. They could hadly keep from laughing at this obviously insane question and told me that it would be no problem whatsoever with only my Dutch license.
The route to the falls (from Senggigi) is absolutely stunning! The roads are in great condition and you pass over so many gorgeous cliffs, see great shorelines, drive through green ricefields or brown and dried up fields. You will proably be stopping quite a bit to take photos or just enjoy the view. You can buy fuel literally everywhere on the roadside for the bargain of 10k RP a litre. It really is a great experience! The route basically follows the larger part of the western and northern shoreline. Once you get to Bayan, follow the signs to Senaru until you see the entrance to the park. Motor parking is right next to the entrance, 10k RP per bike.
Total cost of this trip was 30k in fuel, 60k in motor rent, 10k for parking and 10k for park entrance.

Written December 4, 2015
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Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia1 contribution
Dec 2012 • Family
My family and I hired this driver who charged us IR 500,000 to take us to the north of Lombok and the itenerary covers the 2 waterfalls. Upon arrival at the site, a guide approached us and we asked the driver about it and he suggested we speak to the guide.We were taken to their shed of an office where there was a map on the wall showing the location of the waterfalls. Then we were shown the rates: IR450,000 for the three of us. Look, you don't even need a guide to go to the first waterfall (Sendang Gile); buy your tix at the entrance and it's just 10-15 minutes down the steps. Just before reaching the Sendang Gile (near end of the steps) there's a beaten path on the right that takes you to the 2nd fall- Tiu Kelep. I'd suggest you ask your driver to take you there ; after all you are going to pay him a tip at the end of the day: I suggest a 10% tip off your day trip fare.Alternatively, join those who are heading in the same direction.

Remember, those guides at the entrance to the waterfalls are not official guides. They are touts! I suspect our driver either work in cahoots with those guides, or he just left us to their mercy.

By the way, we met another driver after our trip to the falls. He told us his rate to go to the falls was IR300,000. This driver took us to Kuta for IR200,000. I gave him a IR50,000 tip.
Written January 4, 2013
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Philadelphia, PA17 contributions
My husband and I visited the Tiu Kelep waterfalls at the base of Mt. Rinjani with another couple in April 2014.

We were told to bring out bathing suits as we could swim. Before going in the 'guide' (a 12 year old kid who showed us the way there) cautioned us not to go too deep but no one heard him.
My husband and his friend went in. They got a little too close to the waterfall when the currents pulled them in. They fought against them for a bit unsuccessfully. They were pulled all the way into the cave. My husband was able to pull himself into a small cave behind the water stream. Our friend was pulled underwater and miraculously did not get stuck under the waterfall and drown but was spit out by the shallow end. Luckily some French tourists arrived with their guide and all together they found a rope and pulled my husband to safety. Then the kid who took us there told us that someone had died there some time was insane to think that my husband almost died at a stupid waterfall. The falls are nice to look at but there is no need to go in.
Written May 12, 2014
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Marcel L
Greater London, UK32 contributions
Feb 2018 • Couples
An amazing experience. The waterfalls are beautiful and well worth the trip from Gili Trawangan.

I’ll break this down into two parts. First, how I got there and how much and second what you see or experience at the waterfalls.

I paid 400IR / just under £20.

This included:

A return boat from Gili Trawangan to Lombok. A driver in Lombok for the day. It is about 90mins from the harbour to the waterfalls.
Entrance fee to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls.
And a guide.

Now, I’m not saying that this was cheapest option but how much are you trying to cut from £20?

I could have done it all on my own and it would have probably been cheaper but then I would have had more hassle and this would have taken up my time.

So, the waterfalls.

There are pathways leading to the waterfalls so you can do it without the guide. But it would still take a bit longer because it’s not like they are signposted. Also, having a guide is good if you have any questions about the waterfalls or the area. He will also help you in tricky parts if you need it. There are two streams you need to walk through and some slippery rocks. If you’re under 50 you should be fine. The guide will also take photos for you and look after your belongings.

Be prepared for a lot of walking and steps. I would recommend that you wear sea shoes. Your feet are going to be in water and you need grip. Hiking boots will take too long to dry and seeing people walking on rocks in flip flops is amusing to see. There will be people selling rain jackets. This is also amusing. Don’t go to a waterfalls if you’re not prepared to get wet. Also, you’ll get so hot, you’ll feel like you’re in a greenhouse. Just bring a bottle of water. There are stalls at the first waterfall if you forget. You can also swim in the second waterfall.

To summarise, the waterfalls were amazing. Worth every penny and the trip from Gili Trawangan. Just be prepared to work your calf muscles. I tipped the driver 50 IR and the guide 50 IR. Not much. Just a gesture of goodwill.

Just to address the negatives people have posted.

Rubbish - I have noticed plastic rubbish is a general problem in Indonesia. They need some top-down infrastructure to clean up what is a beautiful country. However, I didn’t notice rubbish at the waterfalls.

Scam - getting scammed is someone clearing your bank account, paying for something like accommodation that doesn’t exist or turning up and no one is there. It is not paying a couple of pound for a guide to walk with you or ahead of you as they respect your privacy. I never understand westerners (I’m from London) that don’t want to support locals when they would spend more on a coffee in Starbucks back at home.
Written February 16, 2018
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Melbourne, Australia15 contributions
Mar 2014 • Couples
The waterfalls are beautiful especially the second one but we were not WARNED enough by the tour guide about the under current in the pool below the waterfall. It costs us Rp 200,000.00 entry fee for a package, including drinks, snacks and a local guy to carry our belongings and to assist us in crossing the river. We met people who just walked along by themselves without paying the entry fee. So you SHOULD negotiate the entry fee from Rp500,000.00.

A big word of CAUTION, please make sure that you wear the reef shoes for crossing the river and climbing rocks. It is very slippery. Again we were not warned about what to wear before coming here, I was only wearing the beach flip flop and it was broken as I crossed the river.

To get to the second waterfall, we had to cross a very dangerous bridge, one side is not secured, and the other side is in a very poor condition, if you fall you are DEAD.

This is not the only challenge, we also had to pass through a river with very big slippery rocks and strong current. Swimming is fine but extreme caution is needed. Do not swim near the falls, unfortunately there was an accident where a man was dragged under the falls and killed.

We are both very fit and used to walking, but after this trip, we would not recommend elderly people to visit the second waterfall and to be honest even for young people, it can be dangerous too. We are glad that we have seen it.

It is a beautiful spot to be visited and enjoyed but do not underestimate the power of nature !
Written March 22, 2014
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