The Murder Mystery Company in Tampa

The Murder Mystery Company in Tampa: Address, Phone Number, The Murder Mystery Company in Tampa Reviews: 2/5

The Murder Mystery Company in Tampa

The Murder Mystery Company in Tampa
Looking to Solve the Case of the Perfect Party?Here's a clue! The Murder Mystery Company is the nation's most popular, interactive, mystery troupe.
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42 reviews
Very good

Christa P
1 contribution
Total waste of money
Jan 2018
Wow! My husband doesn’t even complain like that but this was terrible. It gets 2 stars for 2 reasons. 1) We had fun, mostly because the couples we were placed with were fun and 2) It was harder to solve than I thought.

This one was held at the Holiday Inn. When making a selection for food on the website it gave 3 choices; roast beef with mashed potatoes and veggies, pasta with sauce and veggies, or lasagna with veggies. We chose the roast beef, as did the majority of the guests. What a joke. We got 3 slices of deli roast beef, rolled up with a tiny bit of “gravy” along with luke warm potatoes and veggies on a CHILLED plate. Most people took a few bites of their food and pushed it aside. There was a salad with room temperature garlic bread waiting on the table for everyone as they were being seated.

There’s NO point in purchasing the VIP package to be “closer” and get a crappy picture to go with it. Everyone is close no matter where you sit, at least at this place. We only had VIP because we had purchased tickets for a show a month prior and it got canceled an hour and a half before it was to start so they offered the joke of an upgrade for an upcoming show. I would never go to this again and I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone waste their money either :-(

Written January 16, 2018
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Ronda L
Spring Hill, FL20 contributions
Skip it
Sep 2016 • Couples
We have been to other Murder Mystery dinners and enjoyed them very much. The set up for this one was terrible! I understand and enjoy involving the audience in the show but it seemed like some of the actors didn't show up so they just made random people fill in. It was pretty much impossible to follow everything that was happening as you couldn't see or hear the actors from where we were sitting. The quality of the acting is something else that must be addressed!!! I have seen the preschoolers in my daycare do better!!! Last but not least....the food was average at best. Small portions and we were forced to leave a $6 per person tip!!!
Written September 22, 2016
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Marianne C
Brandon, United States2 contributions
Murder Mystery? Not Really......
Sep 2016
We attended this show recently. It was held in The Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant. We were off in a side section while public diners were close-by. If you are expecting a "mystery show" this is not the show for you! The very young "actors" acted out a very short "murder" then gave each table a notebook with certain clues. After the "actors" gave a few clues about this "murder", the audience was expected to mingle amongst the other diners in a small tight dining room area and ask THEM clues leading up to "who done it"... All the while trying to eat your dinner, which by the way, was very good food... It was so jumbled up and not a "show" we really didn't like anything but the photographer who lets you dress in props then sells you the photos and the great food... We felt it was not worth the price (even with a Groupon) but we would go back to just eat at this iconic restaurant in Ybor City...
Written September 13, 2016
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Florida117 contributions
Who shot the ?
Nov 2015
We arrived early, had pictures taken and sat down where ever we wanted. The top dollar seating doesn't seem worth the extra bucks as the drama company walks around freely. The evening was ok. We did get annoyed with all of the 'shut ups' that we heard throughout the night. They assign parts, one to one person at each table, instead of asking for volunteers from those who would really like to participate...then rag on them when they don't really get into playing their part. It started out being very confusing for almost everyone but then it settled into place after a while. The actors were playing their parts well, but the whole concept was rather vague. We were ready for it to END well before it ended. We made the best of it, introducing ourselves to our table of eight and we were enjoying playing along the best we could. We don't highly recommend this one but if you're clearly in need of something to's something to do. Food was ok: small, average salad & parmasan chicken topped spaghetti for us. Cheesecake for dessert. It was all very average. Wish I could say more good things but it would be a reach. Oh, the two pictures they took were $20 and we did buy the set. When do you really get pix of you and your spouse?! The sangria with bourbon (if I remember right) was $7 glass & was indeed tasty, although again, in a very small wine glass. The gal that played the bride played a Bridezilla very well. Hope this helps. (At the end, the whole mystery is solved and all of the clues explained.)
Written November 28, 2015
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Cindy K
Holland, MI42 contributions
No mystery here.
Nov 2015 • Friends
I attended the Murder Mystery Company dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Tampa on Sunday, Nov. 22. My friend and I did our best to dress for the 80s themed event, channeling our inner Madonna and Flashdance character.

When we arrived, our pictures were taken, even though we had not upgraded to the premium package. Then we were shown to our seats. This is when the evening took a bad turn. We were wedged into the two seats up against a brick wall. There were already 6 persons seated at the table and we had to squeeze past them to get to these last two seats at the table. As the wall was on my right side, I could not even lift my hand t get my food to my mouth. Finally had to ask everyone at the table to move down a bit to make room. With people seated behind me also, My chair was wedged up against the person behind me. The other three people on my side of the table had he same issue. There was no way to get a waiter through there. No way to turn around to see the action of the murder mystery, no way to eat. My food and drink had to be passed down the table. I had no silverware. Dirty dishes could not be picked up simply because the waiter could not reach me.

As the actors came out and a murder occurred, I could neither see nor hear what was going on. It was impossible to turn in my seat. Nor could others on my side of our table.
The sound system was not adequate and one entire half of the room heard nothing.

When it came time to get up and do our 'detective work', it was impossible to get out from our spot at the table. My friend decided to be the 'secretary' for the group. I just tried to stay included in the happenings.

The acting was campy cute, but the actors should work at making sure that they can be heard by everyone. I heard from the three tables near me that they could not hear, either. When 'guest actors' are speaking, the real actors must either make sure that they are heard over the microphones, OR recap what was said, so that everyone can hear.

Speaking of a recap: my friend and I had a VERY expensive spaghetti dinner with some campy actors and very uncomfortable seating. Since we could neither see nor hear what was going on with the 'murder', it was just an uncomfortable dinner. No mystery.

Wanted it to be fun. It wasn't.

Suggestions would be to have the actors on a raised stage. If you want people to be involved in the murder mystery there should be fewer tables and/or seating in the round so everyone can see/hear the action.
Written November 22, 2015
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Ormond Beach, FL30 contributions
Very entertaining
Jun 2015 • Friends
We enjoyed every bit of this company. Food was excellent, participation was NOT mandatory but so exciting and entertaining that you want to join in. Dressing up (optional) for the occasion with the cast made it better, made you feel included.
Written October 22, 2015
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Greetings Detective, We are so glad you enjoyed the show. It is always great to read about the parts people enjoy the most. We would love to have you experience the show again. Especially since themes do change about every 6 months. Please use promotional code 25TIXMURDER to receive tickets at at $25 dollar rate. Thank you, Brandon
Written November 10, 2015
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Tampa, FL207 contributions
Fun Night Out
Jul 2015
Great fun at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Ybor City. Show appropriate for pre-teens and teens. Best seating is in the trolley center; you are looking out at most of the action in the center of the room. Patrons were selected to "act" in the show and be suspects; they are interviewed by the detective and everyone follows the directions in a notebook you are given. The outcome changes each night.
Written August 1, 2015
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West Palm Beach, FL1,161 contributions
Awful food, bad acting--don't waste your money
Jul 2015 • Couples
We went to the show at Shout Karaoke in West Palm Beach, FL.
The food was TERRIBLE! It was like a cheap TV dinner, but worse. I had the chicken marsala & couldn't finish it--it was so gross. My husband had the baked ziti & his, too, was way below "decent" food. The salad was literally just lettuce in a bowl. The dessert was some strange cream thing that tasted like chemicals. Don't go here if you're excited to get a meal out of it--you'll just have to eat somewhere else after the show. I also had a cocktail--The Backup Singer--& it was the worst drink I've ever had. I'm not sure if this is the fault of the show or Shout Karaoke, but it tasted like bile. Horrible.
The acting was pretty bad, too--their accents were not done well, & it really looked more like a bunch of regular people got up & tried to act. Some members of the audience were actually better actors.
It was extremely crowded, & only a few people in the entire group get randomly chosen as a "suspect"--so they're really the only ones who get an active, engaging, fun role. It should definitely be organized into much smaller groups with more people (or even everyone) playing a role. The crowdedness limited being able to move around, ask questions, etc as you're supposed to do, & half the time your food is on the table so you don't want to just leave it & walk away...Another table didn't even get to have a suspect at their table; they were the "hippies" who were just there to "hate on the billionaires"; they had no suspect at their table & no role whatsoever. So basically they were overflow who were allowed to come but barely given an opportunity to participate--too many people, not enough roles, still want their money? I would've been furious if I had been gipped in this way!
Overall, this was a terrible experience. It's a fun idea, but it needs to be executed much better. We paid for this with a Groupon AND my husband was chosen as a suspect (AND ended up being the killer!!) AND our team won by guessing the correct killer/motive--so basically, we got the ultimate experience--but we still did not feel it was worth it & would never do this again or recommend it to anyone.
NOTE: I have no idea what the Gold Circle upgrade is--I couldn't see people having a more luxurious experience anywhere--so don't bother paying for it
Written July 30, 2015
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Giovanni Y
Tampa, FL197 contributions
Only when you're really desperate to be out with other people
Sep 2014
If you've attended your child's school play, that is five times better than this! It's not exactly terrible, so I awarded this two stars. This is best for senior citizens or small children, that will view this "theater-esk" experience with little interest.

People that really enjoy "who done its" will be totally disappointed, as I. The actors don;t really sell their scripts well (even when they improv) It's a job, type attitude. If you're with a large group and need to satisy some of the people then I'd say go...otherwise, pass. You'd likely solve more mysteries by cleaning out the trunk of your car.
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Written July 8, 2015
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Carmen S
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States325 contributions
Well lets just say if you are expecting a good or partially decent meal... don't expect it here
Jun 2015 • Family
We went to the show in West Palm Beach at 109 N Olive Ave at a venue called Shout Karaoke.I am a fan of theme dinners and shows and have been to several in the Orlando area. I make my entire family dress up in full costumes to attend them, yes they are thrilled every time. I have always wanted to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner Show and was excited to get tickets to see one in West Palm as opposed to making the drive to Orlando. The theme was Murder in The Masquerade... perfect. My husband, daughter and myself all had masks and coordinating attire. As excited for the adventure as we were it came to a halt shorty after we took our pictures once we entered. The host at the door was good, and I have to admit it was worth the upgrade alone if only for the framed Pictures you get to take home with you. But once you walk in there are banquet tables crammed in the room.... literally, banquet tables with plain linen and our had Gold because of the upgrade. The organization was fine, intro's were good and the audience participation added to the event. It was a good experience in that you got to meet different people and interact with them individually. Now the food situation.... hmmm how can I out this delicately... does any one remember the old banquet tv dinners like salsbury steak? Well those would be considered a vast improvement over the meal served. I had the chicken and it definitely looked like it was in just gravy a tv dinner.... ughhh. We literally had to go out to eat right after the show because we were starving. By far the most un-appealing meal I have ever paid for. Had I paid full price for the tickets I would've been really upset especially since the meal didn't include beverages, but I had purchased a living social and still I think I over paid for the venue and food. But alas I must err on the side of caution, grade on a curve... tie goes to the runner.... and give this a 3 instead of my overwhelming urge to rate it a 2. If it wasn't because I truly love the picture and I thought the actors and participation was good.. it would definitely be a 2... would I return... ummmm probably not which is unfortunate because I had such high hopes.
Written June 28, 2015
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Hello Carmen, Your review has been extremely helpful to us. I want to thank you for your positive feedback about the audience participation and your photos! We appreciate that very much. I'm and deeply sorry to hear about your experience at our show. I understand that you feel completely dissatisfied with the food and I would love to offer a few different options of compensation. Please contact me anytime via email at, and I will offer some options to make this up to you and anyone else that attended with you. Thank you so much for making us aware of the issue and I look forward to making things right for you. Anna S.
Written July 23, 2015
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