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Sep 2021
I live on Okaloosa Island but enjoy day trips out to 30A to shop, dine and spend a couple hours at the beach. Well no longer!... at least not out to Seaside. I was extremely disappointed to spend hundreds of dollars shopping in the local stores and having lunch only to then find out I could not access the main beach entrance by Bud and Alleys as I have been doing for years. Fighting the traffic to drive over for the day used to be worth it, but I will no longer go to Seaside. Why should I spend my money in your town if I can not even so much as look at the beach from the boardwalk? They put up hideous fences and hired teenagers to chase you away if you do not pay outrageous fees for chairs and umbrellas. All I need is my towel and sunscreen- I mean come on! This used to be such a cute town to visit... I was even going to plan my wedding out here. After this last experience, I'll now be following suit with the other disappointed locals and will be taking my money elsewhere. There are plenty of other beautiful towns that support the locals and still welcome public beach access. Goodbye Seaside!
Written September 26, 2021
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Nacogdoches, TX341 contributions
Aug 2021
Seaside Beach is one of my absolute favorites ! You can rent houses of all sizes in Seaside and ride your bike to the beach pavilions and park them. You can rent chairs & umbrellas from Cabana Man and they will be set up each morning waiting for you. Or you can take your own chairs & umbrellas if you choose. You get a code to the gate and bathroom for the pavilion designated for your house. The white sand beach is so clean and everyone is always so nice. You can pack a lunch or order from the restaurants up at the main pavilion. We've done both. We always take family pictures on the beach at sunset. Absolutely beautiful ! I take a girls trip every year and we take family trips several times a year. The beach is beautiful and a great place for families, singles, couples, or friends.
Written September 2, 2021
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Liv W.
Germantown, TN2 contributions
Aug 2021 • Solo
Charging $15 dollars for parking alone, not to mention the $35 dollars you have to pay for a beach chair to even get ACCESS to the PUBLIC BEACH. Everything is gated with coded locks, and guarded by eighteen year old cabana boys who are all too happy to literally chase you down if you set foot in the “seaside” area. If you do happen to get a beach chair, they’re nearly three rows deep, with barely any room to actually access the water. I’m really disappointed by the changes that seaside has made, and most definitely won’t be coming back.
Written August 2, 2021
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Chris H
Glasgow, KY190 contributions
Oct 2020 • Family
Used to enjoy the town of Seaside and 30A, but now it’s overcrowded with people who think they’re rich.
Written July 25, 2021
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Alisa W
1 contribution
Jul 2021
Horrible experience, we paid a lot of money to rent a house in Watercolor and use the seaside beach in front of town square however, in order to use the beach guarded by cabana man you have to pay to rent a chair and umbrella $50 a day per person. Then there is a 8:00 curfew for anyone under 21. If you want to use the public beach it is a small roped off area packed with rows of people and umbrellas while you look off to the left or right that is a private beach area that had empty chairs that you cannot use!! Pandemic strikes again???? Or is seaside just trying to make a buck! Waste of time and money and will never return here!
Written July 20, 2021
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Atlanta, GA60 contributions
Jul 2021 • Family
An interesting business model Seaside has going.

They market their beaches as a wonderful destination, but then deny you access to the beaches once you get here… unless you want to pay the mandatory $80/umbrella rental fee to get on the beach, then you will not be getting on the beach without a mile walk to the nearest “public access point” to the public beaches.

No, thank you. We will not be back. Ever.

Purely a capitalist decision. Seaside is not providing what it says it is, while charging an arm and a leg on top of the already high prices. There are thousands of miles of beaches within the same driving range from our house. We will find a destination that enjoys tourists relaxing in their town and on their beaches… while we spend our money there.

Don’t waste your time and money being frustrated with this nonsense.
Written July 4, 2021
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Inlet Beach, FL3 contributions
Jun 2021 • Solo
Just don’t. What used to be the most peaceful, scenic, enjoyable beach community has been fast tracked to “the Gatlinburg of the Panhandle.” It’s absolutely lost all of it’s charm and serenity. The shops aren’t the same caliber as they used to be and neither is the clientele. Famous, popular restaurants in the past are now overpriced, low quality, and the expansions have completely taken that wonderful old school beach ambiance straight to the gutters. I’ve lived in a neighboring community for about 22 years and have watched the steady, horrifying changes that have taken place. But, in their defense, what else could they have done? It’s overcrowded, overpriced, and so built up that there is not even a breeze from the once unobstructed view of the gulf. It is ruined forever. It’s heartbreaking. I heard another person call it the Disney World of the Emerald Coast. Unless you are staying ON PROPERTY… do not bother visiting. You will regret it unless it’s in February. You will have to pay to park and not get to touch the sand. The only time that residents in neighboring communities can even get close to it anymore is during the winter. Bye Seaside.
Written June 30, 2021
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Hereford, TX424 contributions
May 2021
We did not stay in Seaside, but were treated very well by Cabana Man Beach Service that provided perfect place on beach with chair & umbrella set up. Very much worth the price for the setup. Could then go back and forth up to food trucks and drink vendors. Could not have asked for a better beach experience. Went back for 2 days of this. You will not be disappointed. Yes, no public access without paying, but this classed it up and helped limit the crowd.
Written June 29, 2021
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Kristin M
Fort Worth, TX8 contributions
Jun 2021 • Family
We usually stay in neighboring communities because Seaside is always a bit too crowded for our liking. We come down to walk the town, dine and shop but this time was just sad. Sure, the parking fee is a bit ridiculous since you can’t pay by the hour but forced to pay for the day even though a lot of people will only stay a few hours. But the real disappointment was what they’ve done to the main beach access near the tower. It’s now closed off by a gate and you can’t even walk down without either staying in Seaside or purchasing something from some cabana company. (I’ve heard minimum of $80) It’s even more ridiculous that they’ve put fencing up on either side as if crazed beach goers will go insane and climb over the bushes in hoards to get to the beach. FYI, Seaside beach looks the same as Grayton, Watercolor and so on down the beach. The fact that we couldn’t even walk down with our boys to just look out at the ocean and take a picture after we spend money in your town is absolutely absurd. On top of that it looks terrible. It’s sad a town that already makes so much money on tourism has lost its charm to greed.
Written June 22, 2021
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Malcolm L
4 contributions
Jun 2021 • Family
We have been coming to Seaside for years. Granted we rent in Watercolor and spend a pretty penny to rent a house, we always enjoyed the Seaside Beach for its convenience to the house and trailers. Well....the pandemic strikes again and now the beaches of Seaside look like a prison. We reserved a couple of chairs and an umbrella for my wife and I and usually use towels or beach chairs for the kids- they don’t sit much. We walked up to the prison gates to be told that each person going through the pearly gates must rent a chair ($35 a person) to have access and must have a wrist band. This is not a joke- we saw 18 year old workers chasing down people without wristbands and telling them to leave. The excuse was “Social Distancing” but they had no problem adding additional chairs for a fee. I have even heard that public parking is now for a fee. The good news was the beaches at Seaside are relatively empty and the trailers no longer have lines. We are going to the Watercolor beach today and will spend our $$$ in that area the rest of the week. Wonder if it is worth the $35 a person to lose all of the revenue from patrons spending at your stores and restaurants.
Written June 21, 2021
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