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Jungle Cruise
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Don't waste your time
Nov 2021
Don't waste your time. I would give less than 1 if it were possible. The wait was supposed to be 70 minutes and ended up being 2 hours and 15 minutes, for a horrible corny 3 minute ride, with animatronics that were bad. The jokes were horrible, wouldn't even qualify as dad jokes, a total waste of time. Spend your time at the real safari in Animal Kingdom. Don't waste your time.
Written November 22, 2021
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Dyer, IN1,739 contributions
Apr 2021
This attraction is not what it used to be, many sections of it have been removed (you can make up your own mind as to why). Supposably something else will replace the sections that have been removed. Time will tell if this will improve the ride or not.

The boat captains do tell corny jokes and that is part of the charm of the ride. Unfortunately the captains can't hide the missing areas but do try to joke about it.

The ride still remains very popular and there tends to be a long wait for it.
Written May 25, 2021
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Austin, TX2,612 contributions
So bad it's good!
Dec 2020
I always look forward to the Jungle Cruise. The Dad jokes are really bad but lots of fun. This time we were in for a treat as we were there for the Christmas/holiday version of the ride where they have different jokes for much of the ride and there are some different themes around cruise. It was nice to hear some different ones.

The boats were installed with plastic shields between every fourth seating spot and there is a plastic barrier protecting the boat pilot from the unwashed masses. No actually for COVID protection!

The boat captains are given some leeway on this ride and the best off the cuff jokes are at the end of the ride as people disembark. That is totally unscripted.

If you have never been on this ride, it is a cruise through the "jungle" and you are treated to some surprises by the native animals and indigenous people. It is an older ride that Walt Disney played a major role in creating. There are many concept sketches for sale on Main Street showing early renderings of the scenes depicted in the ride. The boat captains guide you through this ride and add their perspective with a healthy dose of bad dad jokes! Being a dad, I love this ride, although I want a royalty for a few of those jokes!
Written January 10, 2021
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Columbus, OH260 contributions
Do not recommend
Dec 2020
Slow boat ride through the "jungle" with lots of animatronics involved and usually a tour guide with "dad jokes". Can be something nice to do for a family to relax and see some scenery for a bit, but not worth the long wait at all. Nothing exciting or surprising happens on the ride, even the younger kids were bored.
Written January 1, 2021
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Scott Failmezger
Oregon City, OR867 contributions
Jingle all the way
Dec 2020
You can never go wrong with the Jungle Cruise. A classic ride with cheesy jokes and with the Christmas overlay it adds a special touch.
Written December 27, 2020
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Ward D
Satellite Beach, FL1,737 contributions
Jingle Cruise during the holidays!
Nov 2020
Located in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in the Adventureland portion of the park (to the left of Main Street). It is just past the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house and before Pirates of the Caribbean. They have 6 foot markers on the ground to maintain distance and many are out in the sun with no shade so try to get to this ride early to avoid waiting in the sun. While you are waiting in the shade be sure to check out the knick-knacks on the walls. Very cute. They have renamed it the Jingle cruise in keeping with their humorous theme. If you have never visited then you should definitely ride it being careful to check your serious side at the dock. It is a boat ride that takes you through the jungle with the captain providing numerous jokes and puns as you travel through the various lands. Every captain is different and each time I ride it, I enjoy it. I expect you will too.
Written November 23, 2020
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Levon M
Raleigh, NC6,873 contributions
Nice relaxing ride
Jun 2019
Very relaxing ride. We had a very good guide who kept the trip quite entertaining. We were lucky in that our boat was only about 3/4's full so we had a little extra room.
Written May 31, 2020
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Detroit, MI662 contributions
great place the guide was boring though
Feb 2020
very boring guide made it no fun, at least pretend you are enjoying it these are little kids not your college dorm mates
Written April 13, 2020
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danielle G
Belfast, UK14 contributions
We were on the sinking boat
Feb 2020
This was our first ride in the magic kingdom and it went beyond horribly I don't quite know where to begin. I notice a lot of people who weren't on it are relishing laughing at the situation and saying it was no big deal but that is not true for everyone who was actually on it. I also noticed people joking about weight and neither my partner or I are overweight but seriously why are those people being rude to those who are? This boat should have been built to hold the people on it and it was Disney's responsibility to ensure that before loading it up. First, it began taking on water and the skipper was informed at this point she didn't seem overly concerned at all and it wasn't a massive amount but was still enough to be alarming. She kept apologising and was really nice and at the time I thought she was calm but she sounded nervous too on looking over the video I recorded. As tourists, all we heard was about any body of water possibly having gators and snakes and this added to the terrible feeling as we went from taking on water to quite very much sunk. I am autistic with a history of multiple traumas so I don't deal well with worst-case scenarios or the unexpected and I am pretty much always alert and stressed out even in times when I wish I could relax and have fun. As I was up past my knees in water all I can remember is my fiancee trying to calm me and telling me to look at him. I was shaking so much because the water was freezing. I saw some people around me laughing it off and that's great but not everyone felt that way. Some of us were very afraid my fiance said he put a brave face on for me. When another boat offered to take some of us off we had to stay put in the sunken one. We were surrounded by the horrible smell of what others were saying was gas and my throat hurt pretty bad breathing it in for what seemed like forever before we were finally transferred off. I remember crying and say I just want off the boat. I have never been in a sinking boat and I am quite short and can't swim. It was anxiety-inducing listening to the other people panic as well. People trying to figure out if they could get to land because there is stuff under the water and when they enquired they were told as long as they stayed inside the boat they would be safe. Disney was great afterwards giving us hot chocolate and towels to keep and replacing our shoes. The shoes I was given were four sizes too big but I didn't make a fuss I wasn't concerned about financial things and I was still in shock. I tried to focus on the good afterwards and we used our fast passes we got about four I think. We each got $25 gift cards for Disney store. After they were used up and we got back to our hotel we were quite sick on the bus on the way back I was shivering non-stop. This continued every day up until our last day there. We had to cancel experiences such as ohana which we were really looking forward to. The next half of our honeymoon was ruined much to our dismay I really thought once we got dried off everything would be ok but we ended up very sick. I had swollen feet which my sister and mum were worried about when I got back. I had aches and pains all over and I and my husband are still both very sick now. I have been advised to sue and I don't intend to but I do hope Disney will ensure no other guests go through this as the last 5 days of our 10-day honeymoon and our first time in Florida and Disney were absolutely ruined. It would have been somewhat calming if the skipper had filled us in about the substance we were breathing in because I literally thought we might die. I was so shocked though I don't know how much I would of been able to pay attention. I don't know about boats or gases and hearing others losing their minds with worry about it was terribly frightening. Still, I think the skipper was also anxious and this wasn't pleasant for anyone and Disney were not prepared. I have read online people who worked in the jungle cruise saying you need medical attention after being in the water and we were covered in it for a long enough period of time. None of this was communicated to us but there was a lot of room for worry and proper communication from someone who knew what was happening could have made this a lot less frightening. If theres any risk of anyone being in the situation we were I don't recommend it to anyone but if it is properly maintained and lessons are learnt from whatever happened then its another great ride at Disney and worth getting on. To be honest, though I don't think my husband or I will return to Disney after this. In spite of all the good things and there were some lovely cast members including the one on the boat. I am not bad-mouthing her this was after all totally unexpected.
Written March 10, 2020
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Jean J
43 contributions
Nice ride
Jan 2020
Boats are nice. Trip was fun with automated animals. Guides told really bad jokes but kept it interesting. Relaxing and you were off your feet for a bit. Good break from walking.
Written February 27, 2020
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