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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

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Sterling Heights, MI297 contributions
Fun if you have the time
Feb 2020 • Family
Card game you get 1 pack of cards to use each time you go to MK. Find the portal stations to use the cards to battle the villains if MK. Super fun if you have more then 1 day at MK if not rise the rides.
Written February 23, 2020
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Collegeville, PA98 contributions
Fun to play with kids
Feb 2019 • Family
Two New things we did on our Disney trip Was this game plus pin trading. Kids had fun getting new pack of cards on each visit to MK and seeing what they got. We played one evening at MK when we had no rides planned to wander around park. The one annoyance was the game decided which land I did. I would like to pick where I played. We did Main Street first but then it told us we had to go to adventure land. I would like to decide which land to do. Otherwise the game was fun and my kids were excited playing it. We also thought the cameras that tried to see what card we showed didn’t work sometimes. One station didn’t work at all and I decided that was the end of the game for the night. But it’s nice free collectible cards and activity to do with family.
Written February 12, 2019
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Carl S
Bradenton, FL65 contributions
Fun game, but beware the hidden cost!
Sep 2018 • Couples
Others have told about the game, which is a lot of fun. I want to talk about the cost of getting a complete set of cards. Understand that it will take MANY trips to the Magic Kingdom to get all of the cards. If all you care about are cards 1-60, no problem, just attend and play until completed. With only 5 cards/pack, it would take a minimum of 12 visits (or combination of visits and family members). I was surprised at the number of duplicates I have after just 5 visits. More on dupes later.

However, if you want cards 61-70 be prepared to pay an outrageous amount. The Emporium on Main Street (next to Fire Station) sells a package that includes 7 cards (along with a few other things). What they don't tell you is that of those 7 cards, only 1 is in the 61-70 range. You will need to purchase many more than 10 packages, as you will get many duplicates before scoring all 10. The cost? $14.99 (plus tax) per package!! That means even if you are the luckiest person on earth and get all 10 cards in just 10 purchases, you will end up spending over $150 to complete this "Free" game. Probably closer to $300 when you account for duplicates. Yes, you may be able to trade some of your dupes and Annual Passholders do get a 20% discount, but it is still expensive and the cast members kind of forget to mention this cost when explaining the game.
Written October 5, 2018
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David B
Huntersville, NC4,921 contributions
Like A Scavenger Hunt With Animation
Sep 2018 • Couples
I had never heard of this until my adult son brought out his cards at the park and started looking for all these keyholes. I was curious and then began to enjoy watching he and others play. It's a neat way to do other things while at the park.
Written September 28, 2018
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Daniel R
Blackburn, UK148 contributions
Makes walking fun and it’s free!
Apr 2018 • Couples
Me and the wife stumbled upon this whilst exploring the town square of main st.

You start at the fire station and sign up to help merlin through out the park. Each land has its own adventure.
You get a really cool pack of cards each abit like top trumps and whilst walking around the parks you have to find special portals.

You can only play if you have a magic band.

We loved it and you get a really cool set of free souvenirs too.

I think this could help convince your little ones to keep walking

Written April 17, 2018
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Calgary, Canada416 contributions
Fun to do in between rides
Oct 2017 • Couples
It was fun. Got the cards at the Fire Hall at the beginning of Main Street. Some of the ports in Fantasyland were closed due to construction so we kept bouncing back and forth between 3 ports. Some ports get crowded just by people walking. We only finished the first quest. Wish it was a combination of digital and animatronics like Harry Potter world. But it was still fun. Plus it's free.
Written October 11, 2017
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Toronto, Canada8,740 contributions
This is a free thing to do at Magic Kingdom and you get map and trading cards too.
Aug 2017 • Family
This is a free thing to do at Magic Kingdom. When you enter the park go to your left it is located in the Firehouse. You will get a map and cards, one pack per day per person. It is fun as you will find the locations to use your cards throughout the park. Some of them are near food so something for the kids to do while you are in line. Makes a good souvenir for the budget minded.
Written August 27, 2017
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Sterling Heights, MI297 contributions
Fun to do at night
Apr 2017 • Family
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - If you have read the Kingdom Keepers books – they are about WDW and other Disney locations being overtaken by the Disney Villains – recommend these books for ages 9 – 12. This is kind of like the books – you pick up I think 6 cards per person who register to play the game. There is a map that they give you. You pick up the cards – check the map near the front of the park I think by city hall. They can explain the game in detail to you. But the jest of the game is to use the map to go to various place in the Magic Kingdom park to defeat the Disney villains using the cards. You hold up the cards to the portal to battle the villains.
Written April 24, 2017
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Christina P
Holly Springs, NC146 contributions
One of the highlights of our day, but still has some glitches
Apr 2017
Following the signs when we entered the park, we decided to try being sorcerers for our 2 days at Magic Kingdom. We went during Spring Break week, so many of the rides had ridiculously long wait times, but this was something we could do on our own away from the crowds.

At arrival, you get a pack of cards and one person in your group is assigned as the "key" to unlock the portals. Everything happens with your MagicBand by the way, so if you don't have one I'm not sure how it works. Each card has a spell based on a Disney character. Kind of like a deck of Pokemon characters or Magic cards. We didn't see much difference between the cards, each one seemed to work just as well as others, but we did notice that the spells became more powerful as we used them. There are literally grown men walking around with binders of cards playing this game, so apparently the cards do mean something eventually.

The portals are located in little nooks and crannies around the park. You get a map, but there is still some sleuthing to be done once you get to a spot. Some are inside buildings, but most are outside in what looks like display windows until you unlock the portal. In the first level at least, each story line is based on a villain from a Disney movie coming back to help Hades take the crystal of the Magic Kingdom. I won't tell you which ones because that was part of the fun. At the end of each little scene you are shown the next location. It appeared to be randomized since we crossed paths with other people playing the same game and their locations were different.

Overall, though we thought we would try it and get tired of it, my girls were determined to see the story through and we made it to Sorcerer Level Gold after defeating Hades and all of his minions. It was a lot of fun! I hope they still have this next time because we're keeping our cards!
Written April 10, 2017
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New York490 contributions
Battle the Villains at Magic Kingdom
Dec 2016 • Family
A fun interactive game for all ages. For newcomers, be sure to stop by the Firehouse on the left side after you pass the railroad near the entrance. The game is free and each person receives a free pack of Sorcerers cards (5 cards). Tell the Cast Member you are new and they will be happy to explain and show you how the game works so don't be shy about asking ANY questions you may have. There are a total of 60 Sorcerers cards (#1-60) which are free (it will take quite some time to complete based on how often you visit Magic Kingdom park and/or you can trade your duplicate card with a Cast Member at the Firehouse or anyone else you see playing the game), #61-70 can be had through purchase of their Booster Pack (like Cracker Jacks you never know what you're getting) and Special Edition cards by attending the Mickey's Halloween and Christmas event party. The Sorcerer Spell Binder and Booster Pack are sold at the Emporium Store near the Firehouse. I usually play during a long lull between rides and/or shows, however, don't play at Frontierland/Liberty Square or Main Street during parades because of the difficulty of navigating from portal to portal and at Fantasyland at night when most of the portal is closed during the fireworks show. I don't recommend spending the major part of your day playing the game as it should be more to fill the time when not going on rides and/or shows because after all you did pay a lot of money for the park ticket.

If after playing the game and you think you will continue on playing and/or collect the cards, Google and search Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. You will find there are at least 3 different websites/Blogs where it will provide pictures of all the Sorcerers cards that is produced, some tips for playing Medium and Difficult levels and explaining how the game works. You can also go to Disney Parks Blog and search for more information there as well. It also helps to know that the cards are broken up into 5 categories. #1-22 are rare, #23-40 are uncommon, #41-60 are common, #61-70 are ultra rare and #01/P-10/P were issued during past Mickey Halloween and Christmas Party Events so they are essentially ultra rare too. You can find these numbers on the lower left side of the cards. Each pack you receive will contain 1 rare, 1 uncommon and 3 common cards. Once you are familiar with this, it will help determine what to trade away and which to trade for in your quest to have a complete Sorcerer set. Each person who paid to enter MK park is entitled to 1 pack of Sorcerers cards but remember to play at a portal least once after receiving it. So if you went to MK 5 times, you should have 5 pack of cards for a total of 20 cards. If you went with a family of 5, you should have a total of 5 packs for a total of 25 cards. If you forget or didn't have time to play at a portal after receiving a pack of card and went to back to MK the next day or sometime in the future to pick up a new pack, the Cast Member will tell you to play at a portal first and then come back. If you don't remember which portal, the Cast Member at the Firehouse will tell you which portal to head to. When you complete the entire game, you can go back to the Firehouse and they will give you a new pack of cards and you can choose begin the game again at Easy or for more challenge at Medium or Difficult level. To play the 2 higher levels, it is recommend you have the complete set of cards because you will need a certain combination of cards to defeat the villains otherwise it will take a longer to complete the game.
Written January 17, 2017
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