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Fairytale dreams come true for children of all ages at Magic Kingdom Park. Delight in classic attractions, enchanting fireworks, musical parades and beloved Disney Characters across 6 whimsical lands. See fantasy become a reality as you explore Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A. areas. Zoom through space, become a swashbuckling pirate and watch fireworks light up the sky over Cinderella Castle.
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Jessica M
Wrexham, UK83 contributions
Nov 2022 • Family
Review of Magic kingdom Disney world.
We visited as a family of 11, 6 adults & 5 children the youngest being 5 & the oldest 12.
It was magical & undeniably special especially to hard core Disney fans. However just some advise to get the most out of it means early starts & long days. Our children were exhausted & were actually asking for rest days at the hotel. I would say they had the most fun at the hotel pool so just my opinion but I really don’t think younger children fully appreciate it. I would say wait until they are 8+ otherwise why spend all that money if the children don’t fully appreciate it. This is just my opinion based on our children. Also you need a smart phone with plenty of battery or a battery pack. It’s virtually not do able without one. You need to be monitoring the que times throughout the day, and to use genie plus you need to have the Disney app on your smart phone. I would recommend look at the que times before you go & see which has the biggest ques in general. Go to that ride first & book the lightening lane if you can for it. Again I did not find the app, genie plus or lightening lane easy to navigate but luckily we had someone in our party who is good with things like that. So if you are like me, research, play around with the app beforehand & read about what these things are and how to work them. I recommend taking a packed lunch with you during the day found a lot of people doing this as food & drinks are expensive. Then maybe if you want to experience one of the restaurants or diners book that for the evening & book in advance. We took water bottles & re filled them with the water fountains throughout the day to save buying drinks. Also a lot of the food is fast food & a lot of the same things such as 99% of venders all selling popcorn & churros. I was disappointed we didn’t see more characters just walking about. I assumed it would be full of the various characters walking about but not so much. You have to research to find them. Also if you want thrill seeking rides the magic kingdom is not for you. All rides are pretty tame.
Written November 27, 2022
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80 contributions
Mar 2022
We expected Magic Kingdom to be unbearable since we were there over spring break. On the advice of a friend who had recently been, we bought into the whole Genie+ / Lightening Lane service and it worked. Each morning at 7:00 a.m. we bought our lightening lane pass and also reserved our first genie pass. Throughout the day, as our Genie+ window opened, we would reserve our next attraction. I think you could book a maximum of 3 genie passes per day so you have to choose wisely. We ended up waiting in line for about an hour to go on splash mountain (we were very lucky to get on - Splash Mountain went down 3 times while we were there.) All our other waits were under 45 minutes or quicker on those rides where we had a genie pass. We got through 11 attractions. That's better than we have every done at Magic Kingdom. Of course we spent nearly 11 hours at the park and we can do that because our kids are older. We were able to book a last minute lunch at Be Our Guest which was very nice. Of course there were some things I was not happy with. First, the cost. After paying $133 per day for a ticket, add on $15 for the genie+ service plus another $10-15 for our one lightening lane. No more complimentary airport shuttle and magic bands cost $10-25. What's next? Will they start to charge for bus service to the parks? Corporate greed at it's finest. I thought the fireworks show was fantastic but very difficult to see because the park was packed. I also found that most the "cast members" seemed unhappy and bored with their jobs. There were no"magical moments." Characters stand 10 feet away from the kids, ride attendants are grumpy, etc. Wait staff at sit down restaurants were very good. Has Disney last some of its luster? For sure. But if you know what you're getting into and if you are willing to play the game (spending extra money on genie pass) it can be a fun day.
Written March 24, 2022
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Sandy B
175 contributions
May 2022
I need to begin this review by saying we are a Disney family! We have been here six times. The most recent was with my husband and adult children. The good news is that the place is still magical. But unlike our previous trips I felt like this trip had some glaring shortcomings. I thought that because of the new reservation system that parks would be less crowded than in previous trips. This was definitely not the case, We have visited at peak times in the past and didn't experience wait times like we did on this trip. We got to the parks for early entry and still found many of the rides had ridiculous wait times soon after the park opened. I couldn't imagine being there with small children and enduring the lines. The new Genie and Lightening Lane system had me longing for the old Fast Pass System. This new system is an additional cost on top of your paid park ticket and it is far less effective than the old system that was free. And don't get me started on why there are so few character greetings. Since we were there with adults it didn't effect us to any great extent. But please don't say you don't have character greetings and characters at meals due to covid concerns. Disney is not concerned about covid. There are no protocols in place so why have they not brought back characters greetings in the parks? I know that Disney is not an inexpensive vacation choice, but we found that to be even more the case on our last visit. The price of everything seemed over the top even by Disney standards. I still feel like the Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on earth , but be warned it seemed to be more crowded and more expensive than it was on any of our previous visits.
Written June 26, 2022
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Katriona M
Kilchberg, Switzerland93 contributions
Oct 2022 • Family
Genie pass is terrible.

We fly to Disney from Europe and have done 6 or 7 x and always stayed in the Grand Floridian but this time we are in the Contemporary. Previously we have never had any problems using the fast pass system combined with normal queuing and day planning and in doing so we achieved quite a bit each day.

This time there is the Genie Pass (which means you can only book one lightening lane per two hours) you cannot plan your day beyond a two hour window, that for us is not relaxing. My husband spent so much time on his phone trying to book things.

Then we also had another bad experience with lunch. Again a new system!!! We went into a big diner to pick up some “fast food” which ended up taking nearly 40 minutes to be ready before we could collect it and eat it. Basically there is less staff in the restaraunt and more self service eg you order through an app and then you just wait and wait and wait for your not so fast food! On the app when we placed our order it said 10 minutes not 40 minutes!

I could now start on the Contemporary which has apparently just been renovated. To us Brit’s I feel like I am in an EasyJet hotel! Plasticy form the floor to the cushion on our bed. We are even on their 12th floor which is apparently premium with its own free dining room and concierge. It is not cheap and for the money you get plastic disposable glasses to drink out of and polystyrene cups for tea!!! Green and environmentally friendly not! Classy and stylish not! And I am embarrassed to say what one pays for this per night!!!!!

All that said, I realise that we are fortunate to be here and I am grateful for many things but feel like we have ripped off re what we have paid and what we get for it. Our money will go else where next October holidays.
Written October 9, 2022
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Manchester, UK17 contributions
Aug 2022 • Family
To start I’d like to say I don’t leave negative feedback and never complain as it’s not something I enjoy doing.

I have been to Magic Kingdom many times as a child/
Young adult and saved to take my own children. I had been telling them for months how wonderful this place is and how excited they would feel when they walked in. As promised, they were!

However this didn’t last long. We soon discovered that Genie plus is a disaster for anyone who has not got $15 per person per day as it extends queue times significantly. On a number of rides the extensive Genie plus queue all went on before the rest of us and extended our wait hugely. They didn’t alternate - simply allowed the whole Genie plus line on each time they came whilst us mere mortals had our long queue time extended even more. The more people who buy it, the more the wait times increase for everyone else as they get priority every time regardless of how long everyone else has been waiting.

I think the thing that got to me most was the fact that my 6 year old queued for nearly 2 hours (in the heat on our first day) for the run away mine train and it broke down as they got to the front. They were simply told that it was broken and they didn’t know when it would open. We asked if we could have a pass to get on quickly for next time (like they used to do) and they said no, but we could wait for an undetermined amount of time if we wanted to.

The customer care has disappeared and it is all about making money. We did not feel like it was magical or enjoyable and we left at 1pm disappointed and despondent. It was meant to be a brilliant first day of our holiday, as well as a birthday celebration and it was a huge let down.
Written August 4, 2022
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Eileen P
10 contributions
Oct 2022
Replacing the old Fast Passes, which gave you free scheduled access to the most popular rides, there is now Genie Passes at $15 per person on top of the $109 entrance fee. Without the Genie pass, you will spend the vast majority of your day waiting in a hot and very slow moving line. And as more people buy the Genie pass, the regular line further slows to allow them in, AND the Genie pass, which gives you access to the "lightning" lane lengthens such that it can be 30 minutes, which should be the limit for a regular line especially when the rides last a few minutes at most. Everything has also become louder. The Winnie the Pooh ride used to be a relatively quiet and low key ride - perfect for young and tired children. Now it is as assaulting as every other ride.
Written October 6, 2022
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Baltimore, MD29 contributions
Mar 2022 • Family
This was by far the worst Disney trip we have ever taken. I cannot understand why some people go to the parks annually. They must be a glutton for punishment. Due to the new Genie system, you get to pay extra to ride one or two popular attractions at a shorter wait in line all day. That is if you’re lucky enough to get a genie time slot. The corporate greed is apparent everywhere: extra fees to have genie plus, paying even more for reserved individual tickets for premium rides (if you wake up at 7am to log in and they haven’t sold out), six dollar popsicle. I have a child with autism, so we had a special reservation program for him in addition to paying for Disney genie, however you can’t use the disability pass on the most popular attractions, so there was no way he could stand in line for three hours for one ride without going into sensory overload. If we hadn’t had that pass, we couldn’t have stayed in the park for more than three hours. I am extremely grateful for Disneys assistance for the disabled and I felt horrible for parents of small children waiting in hours long lines in the sweltering heat. Magic kingdom was slightly less miserable than Hollywood Studios and Epcot, but we will take our money elsewhere. They really need to limit attendance in the parks. We couldn’t even look around at the scenery due to the lines and crowds. It felt like Time Square, except we spent a $1,000 to be squished and packed like sardines in the hot Florida sun.
Written April 22, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Lana A
1 contribution
Jan 2022
I'll start by saying I was spoiled as far as Disney goes. I grew up in California, an hour a way from Disneyland. My mom took us every six months and it was such a great place back in the 90's. I would go back about once a year as an adult, and I've been to Disneyworld three times. Needless to say, I can call myself a fairly experienced Disney patron.

I'm sad to say the last 2-3 times I've been, I feel less and less magic. This final trip to disneyworld with my husband is sadly the last straw. We actually left two days early is was such a miserable experience. There's a lot to unpack.

We stayed at the port Orleans hotels. Our toilet stopped working on the first day and it wasn't fixed till the day before we left, three days later. We called several times to get it fixed. First time a guy came and told us it's probably just refilling, which wasn't the case, then we called again and no one showed up for over 24 hours, so we called again and finally someone came to fix it, and it broke again after one flush.

Our favorite park by far is Epcot. Sadly our favorite tours were closed due to covid. I know there's nothing that can be done about that, so no fault to anyone. We usually just like walking around the park and looking at all the beautiful decorations, stopping randomly at places when we get hungry. Unfortunately the park was absolutely packed, and we had to make reservations on our phones to do practically anything. This goes for the other parks we visited as well. The whole experience was so draining, it just didn't feel worth it. One day we skipped lunch because even the food stalls were so packed, there were hour long lines just to get a poorly made burger at the magical kingdom. That's absolutely insane. Then I learned about the pay to ride system that was recently implemented. What!? Such a blatant display of class separation. I felt truly saddened. To make matters worse, it obviously isn't doing anything about the crowds. The price for the park just keeps going up and the crowds just keep getting bigger. Soon the only people visiting the park will be rich people who can fight over the newly implemented DisneyPass bathroom reservations.

Finally, the overall vibe of Disney is becoming more and more commercialized and cash grabby. I miss the more general concepts of space travel, futuristic city concepts, and loving nature, etc. Now each new attraction is based on what ever movie is popular.
Written March 22, 2022
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Holly D
Sarasota, FL11 contributions
Mar 2022 • Family
I've been coming to Disney for over 30 years and sadly the "Magic" has left the building.

We essentially paid $1200 (3 days/3 parks for a family of 4) to walk around the in overly crowded conditions and not be able to enjoy any of the attractions. The Magic Kingdom was the worse out of the 3 and the most dated. Every aspect from simply getting into the park to getting food was long and painful wait times. Expect an hour wait (with passes!) for the Ferry to get into the park. Disney is still enforcing a mask policy for enclosed transportation (monorail), so if you don't have a mask, which is almost everyone, you need to take the Ferry. I was surprised to learn that Disney is still enforcing this policy even though there is very little statistical COVID risk and all CDC guidelines have been relaxed. Disney should change this to optional masks.

The crowds are absolutely staggering. Shoulder to shoulder, people are understandably rude because there is zero enjoyment; park goers and cast members. Wait times for rides are 75-90 minutes for nearly every ride. Food lines and restaurant wait times are ridiculously long, waiting 30 minutes for an $8 hot dog is to be expected. There are no water refill stations and the drinking fountain water tastes like swamp water, so in order to stay adequately hydrated, you'll spend $60 in bottles water per person, per day. It's insane. What average American family can afford this?

The Genie Plus is an overly complicated, cumbersome system and cannot guarantee entry to attractions. The service costs extra to use but there is very little return on the added cost plus a very convuluted app that doesn't even save time. Cast members were encouraging us to use the app to order food, but we received our food order at the same time as people who were in the regular line. There was no time saving aspect. We tried to reserve a table at a park restaurant and the restaurant was sold out of reservations at 7 am.

Ironically, the souvenir shoppes are well stocked and no wait, so you can spend even more money on souvenirs instead of enjoying any of the attractions.

I used to love Disney, but now it's absolutely shameful what it's become. I really hope Disney reads these negative reviews and works on fixing what is clearly a huge issue in guest experience.
Written March 11, 2022
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Myrtle Beach, SC466 contributions
Sep 2022
What could be better than a day here watching those kids eyes light up when they see the castle for the first time. A must do for all families just wished it was more affordable. Since the pandemic the prices have skyrocketed on everything from a soda to park tickets. Not the $3.50 it was back in 1971 that is for sure. Park attendance has been very high and advanced reservations are now required on the app unless you purchase a one day ticket.
Written December 12, 2022
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