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Immerse yourself in wonder at SeaWorld® Orlando, where the aquatic world comes alive. Only here can you experience Orlando's new tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster, Mako, named for one of the ocean’s fastest known sharks. Then, see the world through the eyes of a penguin in the thrilling, chilling adventure of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin™, and laugh to the all-new Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High™ show. Here you can also climb aboard and ride the mighty Manta®, experience the power and grace of killer whales in the awe-inspiring Shamu® show One Ocean®, and share an epic voyage with sea turtles on the 3D 360 TurtleTrek®.
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Very good

Camberley, UK13,112 contributions
Mar 2022
To be honest, I doubt you could fit everything into a days visit. Park currently opens at 0900hrs and closes at 1900hrs but car park opens dead on 0830hrs and we entered straight after parking. Booked tickets online for around $95 per person plus $30 for the privilege of parking! The Orca and Dolphin shows are a must see and our 5yr old grandson really liked the Sesame St parade. For some reason a lot of snack outlets were closed and there was a long wait time for the shark restaurant, which we unfortunately had to give a miss as our grandson wouldn’t wait for his lunch. A handy tip is to take your phone charger as there are a number of free USB charging stations, also the refillable soft drinks bottle is excellent value if you share it. The Manta ride is popular (upside down rollercoaster) but to be honest queues for most attractions were reasonably short when we visited. Be warned - the Infinity Falls water ride will get you seriously wet!!
Written March 22, 2022
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Phoenixville, PA4 contributions
Apr 2022 • Family
Our family visited Sea World during Spring break. The shows were excellent and the timing of them was great (approximately 15 minutes) which kept the attention of our young kids. Great food and drink options but lines were super long and Mobile
Ordering didn’t seem to be a option at most of the food places. If you go during a busy time I highly recommend making the investment for their version of a fast pass or be prepared to stand in really long lines.
Written April 18, 2022
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West Fargo, ND139 contributions
Oct 2021
Okay first I think it's worth paying $100 per person per day to go to SeaWorld? No. However, Seaworld currently has amazing package pricing with it's other sister parks, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, and Bush Gardens Tampa. You can get amazing package deals directly through Discovery Cove and get cheap passes to all of these parks for 14 days plus free parking! This is an amazing deal that my family has taken advantage of and you can too. I technically like Disney better than Seaworld but the lines have been so much shorter and we are going on some many rides! Also, the dolphin and orca shows are quite spectacular and the Atlantis ride feels Disney Esque. Save some money this vacation and wait in shorter lines. Try something different and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. :)
Written October 18, 2021
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Beth B
3 contributions
Feb 2022 • Couples
We were avid seaworld fans, we have been there numerous times over the last 30 years but they have unfortunately ruined it. Firstly they now charge a staggering $30 just to use their carpark, and more if you want to park close to the entrance. Then it's $110 to get in and they try and sting you a further $59 to reserve a seat at the arena shows and $75 if you want a quick queue pass. It's over $5 for a coke and they tried to charge us over $20 for a coke and popcorn before my wife complained and got $7 back. The Arctic Adventure ride is gone, the Kracken is gone and the Atlantis ride is gone. All they have now are a couple of rollercoasters. We enjoyed the Orcas, dolphins, penguins and sealions but everything else is about selling you tat or extortionate food. We will not be going back as seaworld is now clearly all about the money. Very sad.
Written February 19, 2022
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Ethan F
1 contribution
May 2022 • Couples
Pay an extra $130 to see the orcas. Another $40 to see the dolphins up close $40 to see the otters, $20 to see the rescued animals, and another $70 to see the penguins and another $70 to see the beluga whales. Pay extra to store stuff in lockers between rides, and feed the animals. Don’t forget the couple hundred you have to spend to actually get in the park. I would recommend going to your local aquarium because you will get a lot more enjoyment and animals out of it for less.

Staff were mean and didn’t know anything. I had to ask multiple employees the same question about quick pass and got different answers. Staff were mean to guests and other employees over the all day dining. The checkout machine sucked and caused food lines to go much slower than they should to the point where my food was cold before I was able to pay.

The app is not very good. The wait times were different on the app than what the signs at the park said.

The all day dining was good. I feel like that was a good deal.

They had cool rides when they were functioning. Two rides got shut down due to technical difficulties.

Would not recommend.
Written May 26, 2022
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Omaha, NE11 contributions
May 2022 • Family
We came here several years ago on a family vacation and it was the highlight of our trip. This time around we were left often unimpressed. The coasters were great except the fact that even when you pay for a fast pass they try to ding you for an additional $30 for one to ride the Ice Breaker. As a family of five we bought tickets, fast passes, and the all day dining so our day here definitely wasn’t cheap. Our biggest complaint was the dining pass situation. We spent over 1 hour and 30 minutes of our day waiting in lines to use these since they obviously over sold them. Then in addition to the over selling they then closed 2 of the 6 locations through the park pushing even more traffic through the ones that were open creating a giant mess. This is exacerbated by the fact that they only have one lane open at these locations again creating a bigger mess. The staff all seemed less than impressed with their work conditions and even being at work no one moved with any sense of urgency with anything at all. My last complaint is with the Manta. The coaster itself is awesome. The problem is with the loading of the coaster and the fact that we hung in the prone position for over 15 minutes while they attempted to get another car out of the way. Had our day gone differently up to this point I probably would have let it go but with the giant crap show that was the entirety of our experience at Seaworld it was one of the last straws of a less than impressive day.
Written May 23, 2022
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Anna K
1 contribution
Jul 2020 • Couples
I’ll start off by saying that I think SeaWorld Orlando is an amazing and exhilarating park in terms of attractions. We had a Disney/universal/SeaWorld trip planned for May 2020 and bought our tickets through Undercover tourist (third party) in February 2020. Then covid happened. We had to cancel our trip and were able to easily get our money back for both universal and Disney (both exceptional customer service). The Universal third party tickets even said no refunds and they happily refunded us. SeaWorld however was a completely different story. We are a young Canadian couple and were expecting our first baby the following year so we had to cancel the trip. Despite the fine print through undercover tourist saying we have 365 days for a full refund, they refused to refund us stating that SeaWorld wasn’t refunding them. I still don’t understand how this is legal to be able to change your terms and conditions as it suits you, this is not something that should be subject to change, even through a pandemic. All they offered us was a ticket extension until January 2022, however like stated before, we are international and expecting a baby and cannot travel especially during covid. We spoke to managers at undercover tourist who told us to contact SeaWorld directly and explain the situation which we did, and corporate told us there’s nothing they can do and to contact undercover tourist, leading us to this neverending loop of customer service that just washes their hands of you and sends you to the next person. Disappointed is an understatement. We lost over 400$ Canadian on these tickets, which is a lot for the average family and peanuts for SeaWorld. I have shared this horrendous customer experience with everyone I know and will continue to do so. This should not be allowed to happen and I will not be silent about it. Sadly, SeaWorld is a selfish, bottom line focused, greedy company that has no heart or consideration for unique circumstances, which is too bad because we love the park itself, it has our favourite rides out of all the Orlando parks. We were even willing to accept a credit/further ticket extension until we were able to travel again, but they wouldn’t even do THAT for us.
Written June 23, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Natalie V
Amarillo, TX56 contributions
Dec 2020
If you are considering going to SeaWorld I'd recommend printing your tickets and I suppose print proof of a reservation date. They are requiring reservations now during covid. I made a reservation under my annual pass. Then when we were in SA we called customer service to reschedule due to weather. Customer service is horrible in most of my experiences with them. And you may find the website to function poorly. The rep I finally got to speak to for rescheduling (on hold for 1 whole hour) was nice and made the new reservation easily. However, I directly asked if the email I received with tickets could be used for entry and she responded yes. If a rep tells you that you can use tickets on your phone for entry don't believe them. If you notice online and at the park signs indicating they've gone digital--don't believe them. Have your tickets and reservation tickets on hand. I'd also suggest if you created an online account to have all your information available on hand if you run into an issue. I was bombarded with a terrible employee needing me to login into my account and show proof of my annual pass. My family and I returned to SA specifically to go to SeaWorld and utilized tickets under my annual pass. After being tossed around to at least 4 or 5 employees and not being able to speak to a manager after requested (an over 2 hour process), we finally gave up and left. I will say toward the end of that day, with persistence to get in on my part, a rep finally printed tickets for me. She never acknowledged a mistake on their end or explained to me what the issue even was. We stood in line once again and the employee scanning tickets was unable to scan the printed tickets. My poor kids were even fed up and miserable at that point and asked to leave. I requested a refund for my annual pass and it was declined. Took a full month to even hear back from them. I was offered 3 tickets upon return to the park. I would never return. How would I believe those 3 tickets would be honored and even be accepted at the time of entry? I also submitted to BBB and Sea World still did not want to resolve the issue. Several other less than desirable things happened too but I think I've provided enough at this point to either have you reconsider going or to be extra prepared when you do go. If you've never been be ready to go through several check points (very different than Disney :) ) and one for COVID now that has you go through an area where you'll feel like cattle being herded. There's not clear direction of when you have finally entered the park. Customer service is right outside actual entry. If you want to use the photo club having your pics taken there's a customer service kiosk specifically for them right inside entry. You might get mixed messages from their photo club photographers as well. Be aware of hotel or other types of reps for time shares.
Written February 10, 2021
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Staten Island, NY30 contributions
Feb 2022
The shows are still top notch but there used to be a lot more. Pets-A-Hoy and the special evening Shamu show are non existent. There were only three shows to choose from The Dolphin Show, Killer Whale and Sea Lion Show that use to be the Clyde & Seymour show if you've ever been there. Food options, not very much. I had to walk my family across the park to find something for lunch. Mobile ordering needs to be implemented at food locations so you don't have to stand on line for so long. Parking yeah $30 is too much especially when the Disney parks near by only charge $25. My main pet peeve were the bigger adult rides that were NOT open when the park opened at 9AM. Rides were actually being tested for the day at park opening and not ready for guests. This is not the first time I've gone to this SeaWorld park with the same experience. Manta for instance wasn't ready for riders until 9:30AM, 30 minutes after park opening. This would NOT happen at Disney.
Written March 22, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Smithfield, VA232 contributions
Dec 2021
Given that we attended over Christmas break, we were expecting a ton of people at the park. Unfortunately, the Park allowed way too many people with their staffing shortage. As others have stated, the park was not as clean as it should be and the lines for food were absolutely ridiculous. We did enjoy the dolphin and orca shows and our two young boys enjoyed many of the rides as well as the parade and the water park (though the wait time for the rides was typically 45 minutes). We purchased all day dining passes as an add-on after we entered the park, but were able to eat only once as the lines were sometimes over an hour, taking too much time away from enjoying the activities in the park. Although guest services refunded our dining purchase fee when we complained on our way out, they simply should not have offered the passes initially, knowing their staffing situation. I believe this could be a nice park to visit at a time other than Christmas break with no health crisis.
Written January 2, 2022
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