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From high-speed water slides and exhilarating wave pools to tranquil beaches and the remarkable animal habitats that are the hallmark of SeaWorld(R), Aquatica(R) Orlando delights all ages and interests. This one-of-a-kind waterpark is home to some of the world's most thrilling water rides, featuring 42 slides, rivers and lagoons and 84,000 square feet of sparkling white, sandy beaches. Get ready to brave a watery free-fall on the new Ihu's Breakaway Falls(R), the tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower slide of its kind in Orlando. Aquatica offers exclusive attractions that promise unlimited fun, sending guests on amazing undersea adventures and through breathtaking animal exhibits.
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Neighborhood: International Drive
International Drive is a perfect microcosm of the wonder and adventure found throughout Orlando. It’s also close to all major theme parks and connects SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort. No Orlando trip is complete without visiting it!
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Orlando, FL78 contributions
Had a lot of fun during my visit. You are permitted to enter water bottles, but not food from outside. They have various locations to purchase food or drinks with snacks. Make sure to arrive early to get a good spot with shade, but private cabanas can be purchased for an additional feel. I really enjoyed the lazy river called Loggerhead Lane. I would not recommend The Roa's Rapids for small children while being unattended or seniors, as it can get very fast at times and when you try to exit, there is nothing much to hold on to and the current may take you away for another ride. People may bump into each other while going around, but lifeguards are situated in multiple spots.
Written June 20, 2022
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Lockport, IL43 contributions
I’m going to call this a “covid” review. I think this park as well as seaworld is drastically understaffed. If it’s in your budget I would highly recommend renting a cabana for the day or any other secured space and doing so well in advance. I’ve always thought the meal pass was an excellent option however the lines will be LONG because of staffing so be prepared to wait easily 30 to 40 minutes currently to get food. And quite a few of their pay snack options are closed as well. You can get food once per hour with the meal pass. While we were there on June 18th, the banana beach cookout ran out of chicken? Really? How does a park run out of food ? Anyway the cashier was nice and said save your receipt and come back in 30 minutes and we will get you your chicken. So we come back in 30 minutes and they had completely closed the restaurant! Talked to the cook and he said he had to close it because he was running out of everything! This is unacceptable. Hopefully they will get back to full staffing sooner than later to enhance the guest experience. Charging the same prices for not “same” guest experience is not good. Any questions feel free to reach out.
Written June 24, 2021
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Dee K
New York City, NY42 contributions
We are huge fans of water parks and Aquatica was fun. The rides are great! They have a lot of tandem (two-person) rides which we love. We bought the Quick Queue, and it was worth every penny. We cruised to the front of most of the lines and we rode some rides multiple times. HOWEVER, there are definitely things Aquatica needs to work on, hence the "Average" review. Admittedly, we braved a water park in July on a Sunday, but I feel like these inefficiencies would cause issues any day. Firstly, we had a tough start to the day. The entry process needs to be revamped. There was a terrible bottleneck to get into the park. We bought tickets in advance thinking it would save time, but when we got to the entrance, we had to navigate around the folks who were buying tickets at the booth, then we joined a huge, disorganized crowd of people with tickets which got funneled into three entrances manned by ONE person each!! Took 40 minutes just to get into the park. Then, we waited on the customer service line to get our Quick Queue wristbands, which took another 20 minutes, because, yet again, only one person was working. The lunch line was another 45 minutes; and we went to eat at 11am trying to beat the crowds. There were 2 people taking orders at registers in front of the restaurant. Then, inside, the staff was standing around waiting for customers to come in with their printed receipts to fulfill the orders. There is a HUGE line outside, and they are just standing there waiting for these 2 cashiers to take the orders ... really? And the menu is so small and plastered to the front of the cashiers, so people are standing there deciding what they want. Instead, there should be a big menu above the cashiers so people can decide while they wait (45 minutes!) to order. There is a big menu when you first walk to the line, but it is waaaaay far from the cashiers. And, finally, the Quick Queue is definitely worth the money to get on the rides faster. But the experience as a Quick Queue customer is uncomfortable. They split the lines into 2 narrower lines; one for general and one for Quick Queue. So, you have to say excuse me to get through. You get side eyes, dirty looks, people who won't move over, people yelling "cutter" or "do you even have a Fast Pass?' etc. Also, the staff is rather inconsistent in their adherence to the Quick Queue policy. Some still make you wait so more general riders can go. And while it might sound snobby, to say this, we worked hard to pay for the extra benefit of the Quick Queue so we really should get what we paid for. I probably won't ever go back but the kiddos had fun and we enjoyed the rides.
Written July 26, 2022
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Mike C
6 contributions
After a month in Florida visiting all the Disney parks and many others we decided to come to Aquatica on our last day. To start off you can’t buy tickets online if you are from outside USA - probably 75% of visitors. That means you can’t take advantage of the early bird offers and have to buy at the gate. $107 per person over 3YO. After $45 to park the car, we are committed, I am now $500 deep when I join the line to enter.

Upon entry we find that the place is massively oversold, the shortest line is over an hour for lazy river. I go to buy a waterproof lanyard for my phone, the one I purchased in Disney for $20 was in the car. Aquatica price $44 !!!… I should add this exact same item is in Walmart for $2.

This is just the start. Everything is Disney price x3 and the worst part is they are still stuffing more people in and you can’t do any ride, get a sun bed, buy food or go in the pool because there are simply so many people jammed into this hell on earth.

I won’t go on but will summarise in saying every singe detail of the Aquatica existence is to separate you from money. It is beyond disgusting how expensive they have made things. Their is clearly no maximum occupancy. Their is no interest whatsoever in the guest experience. Every single detail is to screw as much money out of you as possible. For comparison I purchased an 18 day genie plus ticket for my family of 4 are cost of £2600. You can do the math on the daily cost PP but we were able to do 8+ rides per day with lightening lane. A burger was $12. Aquatica single day was over £500. A burger was $28 (and was mystery meat). Disney parking $25. Aquatica $45. Disney have a maximum occupancy that ensures you can do all the rides you want. Aquatica don’t. They need an extra $100 per person for a line priority pass

Overall I ca guarantee this is the most vile experience of my 49 years on this planet and I will never return. I urge everyone to avoid this place as their is simply no pleasure to be had here
Written July 17, 2022
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Meghan S
6 contributions
We recently returned home after our first family trip to Seaworld / Aquatica . My overall impression with Aquatica is that it is dirty and disorganized . Masks and various other trash all over. The wait to get food was extremely long. I would not recommend getting the pay one price and eat all day because you will never make it through the lines . We did not buy the quick que as it was sold out after just an hour . Aquatica is unique because it has a couple of aquariums . The aquariums also did not seem clean . One slide goes through a dolphin inclosure and the clear slide you are suppose to be able to see the dolphins was covered in green scum . Someone needs to seriously clean this place up ! My kids did enjoy the couple of slides and the fast river . Will not return .
Written July 19, 2021
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Alan D
Glasgow, UK16 contributions
This place is a rip off. Half the park was closed today despite it being 29 degrees Celsius. However, this was not because of maintenance to the slides it appears to be entirely a cost cutting excersice. Rides that were closed had water running down them and were clearly operational but it was clear they are just cost cutting by only opening half the park. Even those that were open were running reduced staff and as such the wait times were way longer than they needed to be. What is the point in building more slides when you don't even open the slides you have? What makes this even worse is they still charge the same price. Pretty disgusting behaviour to be honest. Let's not even talk about the price of parking, lockers and food which is astronomical. Total rip-off. Go elsewhere.
Written February 17, 2022
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Gina T
Tampa, FL37 contributions
We just went last Sunday, June 6th, and it was out of control crowded and way understaffed. I saw online you could not bring in any outside food and when going through security we saw huge barrels of chips, crackers, etc. they had taken away from people going through security before us. I mention this as if they had enough workers and food places open inside it might be ok but you are literally held captive once inside and cannot get food at any location without waiting for hours in line. There is ZERO social distancing and they are packing people in. We booked on a certain date as they said they limit capacity each day - but that was the most crowded I have ever seen it. We waited over 2 hours in line for lunch with our bare feet on scorching hot pavement. I asked 3 workers if they could please dump water on pavement as kids were crying standing in line and our feet were all burning and finally the 3rd worker I asked got me some bottled water. My feet are swollen from being burnt so bad. Sanitizer bottles outside restaurants and rides were empty and lines for rides were very long. I saw a poor mom with her crying kid finally give up and leave the food line after standing in it for over an hour. Once inside you are snaked through more lines packed next to people and then the line would just stop and not move for 10-15 minutes. It was like they were running out of food and then having to make more food while everyone waited about every 10th person that was lucky enough to make it through the line. It was horrible but we were trapped as there were no other options and our kids were all starving. Finally after about 6:00p until closing at 8:00p crowds thinned out enough you could actually ride rides. The rides are fun and it would be a great place if they did not let that many people in daily and they allowed people to bring in a few snacks and doubled their staff. I would highly recommend waiting to go as you will be very disappointed until they correct all these major issues.
Written June 10, 2021
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Atlanta, GA12 contributions
My husband and I went over Memorial Weekend 2021 and each bought a FunPass totaling $183 USD. Our first encounter was trying to enter and park which took us over 1 hour in mad traffic. We started off the Beachline Expressway at about 9am and there was already a line. There is incoming traffic from three directions, one traffic light, and just two lanes to enter the park. Drivers were cutting each other off and no one was there to manage traffic. Parking was $30 and they tend to close the gates by late morning/noon due to capacity. In addition, there's a $50 locker rental, limited restaurant options with each over 1 hour wait times so don't bother with the "Unlimited Dining" package, plus the overcrowds. We avoided the extra $84 per person to advance queue as we couldn't believe the price tag. After waiting 45 minutes in line to "get lunch" at 2:30p, we gave up and just went home. We regret so much spending close to $300 for just a few hours in this park and don't think we'll want to go back...even after having bought the FunPass. The amount of people there felt like there was a huge promotion / deal where everyone who could and couldn't afford the park was there. So much for paying a "premium" price when the entire world was put into a small place like canned sardines. We will be trying other parks like those of Disney. Hopefully, we won't be disappointed.
Written May 31, 2021
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2 contributions
Made reservations for 06/05/2021, why they have people making reservations is beyond me. Have been here several times but will not go back. Over 1.5 hours to park ($30) got one of the last lockers ($20) lines were so long you can barely get any rides in. Food lines were too long to even bother, we left. Ruined day, don't waste your money.
Written June 7, 2021
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1 contribution
I have been to this park several times as it's one of my favorite parks. This past weekend was horrible you buy tickets with a date so they can monitor capacity but it seemed as if I were at a concert. It was about an hour to get in park and was not able to do any of the rides. Stayed most of the time between pool and lazy river and even then it was full. The lines for food over 45 min wait. By far the worst experience. To get out was over 2 hours as they had the parking lot closed. I would not recommend going here until management can do better for their customers that come to enjoy time with their families. Several fights broke out that day as well.
Written June 20, 2022
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