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New Moon Sailing
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
The best day of your vacation will be spent cruising aboard your private sailing sloop, the New Moon ...The New Moon is a beautifully appointed, fully equipped 39 ft. sailing vessel with full facilities and enclosed head for your comfort. You'll see the islands from the fresh and exciting perspective of Gulf and Bay waters, the dolphins with their perpetual smiles, swimming beside the boat, the manatees barely showing themselves and the sea otters playing around the docks are all just a part of our world.
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46 reviews
Very good

Illinois4 contributions
Run Down Boat, Insulting Captain
Mar 2018 • Family
Captain Mick was 12 minutes late and with no promised cooler of ice. It took another 10 minutes to get himself organized. He asked us to be 10 minutes early so in fact, we didn’t get off the dock until we had been standing around for 32 minutes. Once on the water, he was gruff, rude, insulting and sexually inappropriate. My children are Elementary School aged. For example, my husband got rope burn on his fingers and the Captain said (in front of my children mind you) “That’s too bad. You won’t be able to use those fingers later tonight. Sorry Wife.” Constant insults. Called my children insulting nicknames. Spoke down to all of us. Asked my daughter to “shake it” in front of the South Seas pool. Fashioned his hands into binoculars and looked at girls only in bikinis that sailed by. Taught my son how to make his hands into binoculars. It gets worse if you can believe it. Something in the engine broke. He said it was no problem and went below to fix it leaving us in charge to sail the boat. The wind had died down. He taught us a zig zag pattern of trying to catch as much wind as was available. Yet we have NO idea what we are doing. We skimmed over a sandbar and almost ran aground. He came up from below (STILL trying to fix the engine) screaming that we could have gotten stuck. It would have been a $300-400 tow. He realized he crossed the line and tried to apologize. Too late. My one child was crying and terrified that we’d never make it back. He tried to calm my child - again too late. As we FINALLY approached the crowded marina he was barking orders at my husband on how to dock the boat. Belittling him in front of everyone. We have NO boating experience. So he asked another Captain to nudge us into the dock. That other Captain was friendly and agreed saying he does this for Captain Mick all the time. So? Captain Mick’s sailboat is often broken?? He kept making comments about hoping his next group was still there because our 3 hours turned into 4 hours and 20 minutes due to the broken engine. To top it off, when calculating the bill, he charged us more than we agreed on. My husband was so over it he paid the higher amount and even more as he couldn’t wait around one second longer for change. This was a low class experience. I’m not sure my kids will ever want to sail again. So disappointing, violating.
Written October 7, 2018
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Hickory4 contributions
This was NOT the relaxing sailing experience we hoped for.
Jul 2018 • Family
I booked this 3 hour sail for my two teenage kids (17 and 14) and myself as my husband was working. I love to sail and have booked many sailing charters in my life and wanted to share this with my kids, even with the $400 price. When we arrived about ten minutes early, the boat was not yet rigged, and Captain Mick immediately begin apologizing for the dirty nature of his boat saying that he forgot his pressure washer and was unable to properly clean the boat. That would’ve been fine, but his “sense of humor” definitely riled my children (who are very well-adjusted) from the start. He began the trip by “nicknaming” my kids “princess” and “stinky” which I told him would not go over well and please use their names. He got us to help rig the boat and wanted to engage the kids in learning different parts of sailing which would’ve been great except that his tone was gruff and impatient and somewhat inappropriate (he told my 17 year old daughter to get the sail ready, she needed to "put her bottom into it" and then noted that maybe she didn't have enough bottom to put into it). Whenever the kids would do something incorrectly, he would raise his voice in irritation and make them feel stupid or inadequate. “No, not THAT way!!, etc”.
I could tell they were stressed and hoped that it would get better once we got out into the bay, even nicely suggesting that the kids probably were not used to his type of personality. He said that they should “get over it“ and have a sense of humor. When we were sailing around a bend and my daughter was using the wench to bring in the jib he again was gruff and yelling at her for not doing it right and she had tears in her eyes, to which I finally lost my patience and emphatically told him “do NOT yell at my kids. We came out for a nice sailing experience and it has been very stressful.” He seemed surprised, as I really don’t believe he has insight into how he comes across. He apologized but the rest of the trip was just awkward. I love sailing and being on sailboats and wanted my kids to love it too, but this was not the best way to get them into the experience. Captiva is lovely and Captain Mick knows his stuff when it comes to sailing and history of the island but I definitely suggest that if you go out with him, you need to set your expectations for your trip from the start.
Written July 23, 2018
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Cynthiana, IN11 contributions
Sailing with the dolphins
May 2018 • Couples
We didn't go this trip but we always go when we bring the children and grandchildren. They loved getting this experience and watching the dolphins on the cruise.
Written May 17, 2018
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Roberto C
1 contribution
Not what we signed up for
Oct 2017 • Friends
I have to say that this was a spur of the moment thing for our 3 couples.
It was not a great experience, the sail boat was not maintained properly,one of our friends had a lot of difficulty getting on the sail boat, no provisions were provided. The boat was not ready for us when we arrived and we were told to go wait until he was ready. He then sat down with us and decided to take his sweet time to.set sail.
Once on the boat we were not given any safety instructions at all. The Galley was a mess, and them he lecture us on how to sail. We had to do everything for him and some of the equipment didn't look like it was in good working order.
He did make some not so nice remarks that in my opinion were rude and down right offensive to the women on board. We cut the so called cruise short and couldn't wait to get of the boat.
We would not recommend taking this cruise for anyone
Written October 6, 2017
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Debbie A
Dimmitt, TX71 contributions
Big disappointment
Jul 2017 • Family
We had reservations for Sunday morning for my husbands 60th birthday, the captain said he would confirm Saturday, he did not call we had to call him. He said everything looked good call again Sunday morning to check the weather. Called he said looked good so we arrived at the marina 30 minutes early, he was not there, we had to call him again he finally showed up over an hour later & told us the weather wasn't good enough to go out. Had he just told us to begin with he didn't think the weather was good enough, we would not have wasted all morning waiting on him. We called & found another charter, went out & had a great day, overcast but no bad weather.
Written July 23, 2017
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Lori F
6 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
Captain Mick does an excellent job of teaching the art of sailing. We and our kids 21, 17, 15 each learned so much and had a great time. Sailing is so incredibly peaceful (no motor noise and so smooth). Would definitely do again!
Written July 5, 2017
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Chris W
Blue Ridge, GA3 contributions
Sunset Cruise
May 2017 • Couples
Captain Mick put together a custom sunset cruise for the four of us at the last minute. He times it perfectly as we saw the sun set right in the middle of redfish pass between Captiva and North Captiva islands. He entertained us with his local knowledge and sharp wit while we enjoyed the breeze and our cocktails. Highly recommended!
Written May 14, 2017
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John N
Ann Arbor, MI120 contributions
Great time had by all
Feb 2017 • Friends
If you need a break from walking the beaches, shelling, biking, shopping, fishing or motor boats... give Captain Mick a call and enjoy a sail. Everyone must experience being on a sailboat in their lifetime and I can't think of a better location to to it than off the docks of Captiva. Heading out into the bay for a few hours was a relaxing, beautiful,calming time. Mick definitely will put you to work if you want, that was fun for our crew for sure. Raising the sails, reefing the main, steering the boat were just some of our duties. Yes the boat if on the worn side but that didn't detract from enjoying the peace you feel with the wind in the sails and hearing nothing else. We brought snacks along and had fun talking shop with Captain Mick. I would highly recommend this trip for a fun change of pace with friends or family.
Written March 7, 2017
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Canton, OH13 contributions
Great evening of sailing and fun
Jan 2017 • Couples
This is a great trip for people who want to be part of the fun and get to act as the crew. Capt. Mick is very knowledgeable about sailing and the local area and lore. He is excellent in giving instructions as he presses you into service to crew the boat. My "crew mates" had a wonderful time steering the boat and raising and lowering the sails. If you just want to sit and watch the water go by you may wish to get a pontoon and go out and float around but if want a good time we highly recommend the New Moon.
We also appreciate that Capt. Mick rescheduled are trip when the weather turned cold on the original date.
Written January 6, 2017
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Christine F
University Place, WA2 contributions
Mick the skipper
Jun 2016 • Couples
Sitting on the dock at Tween Waters Inn waiting for the Sunset sail with Mick and his sailboat we had a wonderful cocktail and reminisced about life and the wonders of a beautiful Gulf sunset aboard a 42 foot sailboat cruising in the light late afternoon trade winds of the Barrier Islands. Romantic, relaxing, and a great way to glide through the sun saying goodnight. Is was amazing.
Written June 22, 2016
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