Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs, High Springs: Address, Phone Number, Ginnie Springs Reviews: 3.5/5

Ginnie Springs
Bodies of Water • Caverns & Caves
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This diver's paradise offers shallow spring, river and cave diving.
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Very good

Dublin, GA58 contributions
The water is cold but beautiful. I would probably not get a tube next time, they are very hard to navigate due to the water is still and not flowing. It is also very crowed. People hang around the steps to go into the water, so it is difficult to get in. They could use some staff members to monitor the grounds.
Written August 4, 2022
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New Port Richey, Florida20 contributions
Very busy. Almost too busy. Be careful, there are highs and low spots in the floor of the spring. We lost footing numerous times due to unevenness, log under the water and rocks. Would recommend getting a camp site for the day, or night. Make sure to jump on a float, raft or boat, exit the spring at the end and go down the Santa Fe River to the last tube exit. Super neat and fun time.
However, there were not enough tables or grills. We had to find a nook in the trees to put down our cookout food, towels and bags. One family was so rude and would not allow hundreds of people to use the grill because they had aluminum foil on top. We know, everyone in our party asked and we witnessed hundreds more ask. Yet, they had no food or charcoal in the grill for over three hours. Signs should be posted to allow all visitors an opportunity to use the grills. They also monopolized three tables and would not allow anyone to use them even though there was no one around and only one person and one bag per table. Seems as if some feel they are super special. Signs should be posted for this issue as well. This would allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy the ability to sit and eat.
We allowed everyone to pass by us and to find a spot next to us and even helped people in and out of the water. Yes, there are stairs leading in the water for use, except we were on the other side of the water. Everyone else we met seemed very nice. I would recommend bringing sunblock, a folding table, chairs, umbrella and food/drinks.
We stayed for 5 - 6 hours.
Also, people need to be monitored, as well as having an authority figure patrolling the area. We saw some things that were not for children to see or hear. People play loud music and most of it is not censored. Their behavior is questionable and could be related to Spring Break or Frat house behavior. I am young enough to appreciate differences yet, some may not approve. Please be aware of some of these issues before you go.
Written July 13, 2020
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Diana D
West Hollywood, FL5 contributions
If you plan on going just realize that this place is VERY unorganized. From the beginning of trying to research things online to actually getting there and trying to get started was really difficult.
There isn’t a number to cal to ask questions prior to going and when you get there, there are no directions or signs explaining what you need to do. Just know that they do it have any lockers for your stuff so leave everything in your car. Only bring with you what you can actually take on the river. You are allowed to bring your own tubes but since the website didn’t let us know we didn’t bring them. Had we brought them it would have made it much easier. It’s extremely crowded but if they were a slight bit organized it wouldn’t be too bad. There are no signs directing you as to which line to stand in to rent tubes or where to get the tubes or anything about how long the tubing trip is. It’s not 100 percent clear if you can bring coolers either.
They really really need to have someone completely organize the process.
Now..... once you FINALLY get through the initial process and get into the springs and start going it’s really nice. Water is clean and had a good family time. You are able to stop along the side of the river where it’s shallow and hang out. Once the tubing is over, the walk back isn’t terrible but just remember that the more you take with you done the river, the more you have to carry when you walk 20 minutes back to the parking area.
Written August 16, 2020
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Chris W
1 contribution
This place has the potential to be one of the best campgrounds in Florida. However, it is not managed properly. Instead of charging like traditional campgrounds where you pay for your spot and are charged for additional people, they charge strictly per person. There seems to be no limit on the amount of people they allow in. There are more tent camping spots than RV spots yet they allow the tent campers to reserve RV spots and pile up to 15 tents on each spot. The partying is out of control and you cant's go 30 minutes without seeing or smelling the drug use that goes on there. The bath house I was near never had hot water and it was disgusting. Water was backing up and flowing out of it.

We lost power at our site multiple times during the weekend. It was confirmed not to be just our site but apparently everyone that was on our line. We even lost water at one point. When we contacted the front office, we were advised that they have been having issues with their electric and it would be reported to management without sending anyone out to check it out. Almost as if they didn't care.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors only cares about packing the place with as many people as possible. They do not care about making it a pleasurable experience for guest. It's a shame, the place could be great under better management.
Written August 2, 2022
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Christal B
1 contribution
Terrible customer service, grounds were dirty with trash everywhere and at the tube exit there were men set up camping that were playing excessively loud and vulgar music that offered my underage teenagers alcohol and let them play beer pong with them. While we were entering one spring from the river, there was a group of 6 people and they were openly smoking a joint, we had small children there. I understand that we can't control what others do, but there were no employees driving around monitoring the place to make sure that rules were being followed. My 17 year old left an hour after we did and he couldn't find his entry tag so they made him go back into the main office and pay entrance again, which was $60 bc there were 3 adults, so he paid a total of $120 for the three of them that day. When he got back to the guard gate he found the original pass and they told him to go back in and he could get a refund for the 2nd entry fee he paid. My son went back in and the cashier said she would have to speak with the manager, he said he didn't want to wait, which is his fault, but he was worried about being late for curfew. I called the next day and the original person I spoke with said they would not refund because there was no proof, i asked to speak with a manager. Before the manager got on the phone she must have asked the cashiers what happened because when she got on the phone she knew the story and told me that he left because he didn't want to wait. Again, I understand that he should have waited, he is 17 and didn't want to be late for curfew. I explained this to the manager and told I her I understood, however, i am his mother and this was my money and how could we correct the problem now. She said there was nothing they could do at this point, he should have waited. I think this is very bad business, they basically took money bc they could, we paid cash so there were no credit card fees, nothing. This facility could have offered me a voucher or anything and that would have helped, but instead, they just said, nope we can't do anything, he should have waited.
Written July 1, 2021
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Carmen L
1 contribution
Ginnie springs is a beautiful area with beautiful springs. The sad part is that it’s obvious the owners care more about making profit than preserving the environment. It’s also apparent they cater to college kids and party goers as alcohol is allowed and beer bottles are everywhere. I was very disappointed with the amount of litter around dogwood springs and twin springs. I would recommend supporting a different springs in the area if you want your money going to actually help preserve the environment and protect the animals that live there.
Written July 22, 2022
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Lu C
2 contributions
We drove from Atlanta to visit Gennie Spring over the Memorial Day weekend and had a real nightmare. Upon arrival after waiting in a long car line up at 9:30AM, we were told that day visitor needs to turn around and they will only let you go through if you buy two days pass ("it's up to you if you want to sleep in your car"). So we bought the camping even though we were staying in Gainesville. BTW, my 13 year old was considered an adult for full price. Once in, the whole place is basically trashed. All space were overran by half naked people smoking and blasting loud music. Large signs of foul languages are on public display everywhere. People got in fights and others stood by to enjoy the scene while eating popcorns. It was quite a zoo. We stayed a grand total of 2 hours and left. It is a shame that we went to FL to subject ourselves to this and blew hundreds of dollars on such a bad experience.
Written June 2, 2021
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Anthony P
Columbus, OH118 contributions
The good... I'll start by saying that the beauty of the natural springs here is amazing. That's about all the good i can say about this place.

The bad... The cost to get in just to swim was $20/person, which is ridiculous, especially considering there are several other natural spings in the area that are just as pretty but only cost $6.

Just getting to the desk to hand the staff my money to gain entry to the park took more than 1/2 hour. The Office/Lobby area was in complete disarray. There were probably 100 people in there and most of us had no idea where to go to get our passes. There were people registering to camp, dive, or just swim, but there was no organization to it whatsoever. Also, in that jam packed room, I counted five people with masks on, not including the staff. I will say the woman who waited on me was informative and friendly.

This park, which one would think would be a family atmosphere, seemed more like a concert venue. Every other person had a beer in their hand. Many were on the boardwalk while others were standing in the water or floating down the river. You know most of those beer cans are just getting dumped into the river and springs.

There was music blasting from every direction.

Pot and cigarette smoke filled the air.

Droves of people jammed the entries to the water and you either had to wait for them to move (and they were in no hurry), or enter near one of the cypress trees with their sharp roots and knees.

Several people were very rude and many were drunk.

The only solace this place offered was while freediving into springs and caves. Most people can't venture very far below the surface and it's quiet and peaceful down there. But when you come up, you have to avoid kicking feet and people loaded on tubes in every direction.

I am a huge fan of Florida's springs and love freediving in them. I'd wanted to visit Ginnie for many years, but hadn't had the chance. Now that we've been there, we will be sure to never return. What a dissappointment!
Written October 28, 2020
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Goose Creek, SC4 contributions
I have been diving at Ginnie Springs since the mid 1970's. I have seen it grow from a great place to dive and train to what it is today. Just 3-4 years ago I was taking SCUBA Classes there on a routine basis. After last weekend I will never return. It seems that the current management is more interested in packing people in like sardines and collecting dollars than they are about giving visitors a quality experience. I had tried to call for days before coming to Florida to get more information but no one would answer the phone. a recording simply said that they were open. Our family of 3 arrived there on Saturday morning and paid the very high entrance fee of $35.00 each. It was then that I was informed that the dive shop was closed and we would not be able to get more air fills after diving. Once we got to the spring there was literally no parking. The thousands of tubers were parked in the adjacent fields. Yes, I do mean thousands of people, elbow to elbow. the spring was so full that you couldn't get into the water. (Look it up on Youtube ) it is ridiculous. After suiting up and finally making it to the water we managed to get underwater for a brief dive. there were so many people in the Spring that I will never ever go back again. After the short dive we packed everything up (wasting our money) and headed away to a less congested place.

It's disgusting that the owners and managers there don't care anything about the environment and the experience there. They really don't care about divers at all. they are more interested in getting all the dollars they can by cramming thousands of people into the Spring. It's a wild party crowd with girls running around in thongs and generally an intoxicated crowd of people that won't move aside to give you access to the Spring. People cruise the parking area with big trucks, 4 wheelers and other vehicles racing back and forth with (way to loud) music playing. Trash is everywhere and you don't want to even go in the restrooms which are disgusting.
So I'll keep my good memories of Ginnie Springs when it was managed by divers who cared about diving. If you are a diver, do yourself a favor and go to one of the State Parks like Manatee, where the admission is capped, the environment is protected, and you can have a truly wonderful dive experience.
Written July 20, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

2 contributions
Arrived on Saturday August 1,2020. First time, thought to visit to rent a canoe. Arrived at 9:15am $20/person at entrance where I asked about canoe rental and was told to go to guest service building. I was shocked by how crowded Ginnie Springs was. Inside the building, no one wearing masks, not even employees setting any kind of good example, so I felt awkward with my mask on but I just had too, almost shoulder to shoulder in that place. Was told canoes were sold out, asked if I can get a refund since I paid at the entrance to park at guest services and was about to leave, they said all sales are final. Would be nice to have been told at entrance canoes were sold out. I left mainly because of how crowded it was. My friend stayed with her family, she had her own kayaks and rented floats. She was unable to use her kayak because it was so crowded in the water she would not have been able to paddle without hitting someone. She was not happy. She sent me pictures of how crowded it was in the water. Not a good experience and what makes it worse is the amount of money spent. I recommended going to silver springs but read due to covid they lowered their capacity and it's been harder to get into so we went to Ginnie which seems to not be monitoring any level of capacity and definitely free-for-all vibe.
Written August 2, 2020
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