Great Escape Delaware

Great Escape Delaware, Newark: Tickets, Tours, Address, Phone Number, Great Escape Delaware Reviews: 4.5/5

Great Escape Delaware
While plenty of escape rooms immerse you in a cinematic-like experience, Great Escape Delaware gives you a chance to play around in your favorite movies. Their games springboard off beloved books and films, creating the escape-room equivalent of fan fiction starring you and a few friends.
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
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19 reviews
Very good

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Good times
Feb 2019 • Family
Had a blast. Was a lil stressful, but was the best escape room I have done out of all the ones in the area.
Written February 14, 2019
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Jacob B
Bear, DE37 contributions
Great Escape Room
Jul 2018 • Family
We did the In the Galaxy Far Away and it was a great room. We got out in under a with in a second. The only downfall is they don't take gift cards online when booking. But a great escape room.
Written July 15, 2018
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Bear, DE329 contributions
Great Fun!
Jul 2018 • Family
My wife, 2 kids and I did the Star Wars' themed room. It was great fun. This was our 1st time with this company, but after the experience we will come back. We really liked that the clues could be customized to our experience, and not set clues like most places we have been in the past.

Would recommend to anyone that enjoys escape rooms.
Written July 15, 2018
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Samantha C
Plymouth Meeting, PA10 contributions
Very Hit and Miss
Apr 2018 • Friends
We drove down from Pennsylvania on Saturday to do two rooms at Great Escape Delaware. This was our first time at this particular location but our group has traveled all over the area and done many escape rooms in the past.

Even though it’s tucked back in a strip mall there is great signage and the place was easy to find.

They offered us a discount of 10% for booking two rooms back to back on the same day.

Since we called to book they did not make me put down a deposit for the price of both rooms and we could each pay our own fee when we got there.

Very friendly employees who seem to like their job.

The Lost City has great decorations. It is very immersive and really made you feel a part of the expedition.

There were a variety of puzzle types in the rooms.

The rules video - In general we enjoy the more personal touch of the expedition guide explaining the rules to each group, but this video in particular was cheesy and we felt didn’t go over all the rules and procedures necessary for a room. Though we have done multiple rooms before, which we indicated, we all commented on the fact that no one explained a directional lock to us before the game or asked if we were familiar with one. We knew how to use it when we got to that part, but if we had never encountered a directional lock in a game before we would’ve been totally lost.

It was HOT in the rooms. I’m talking hard to breathe, take off your clothes, no air moving, had to leave the room to get air kind of hot. It makes it hard to think and have fun when you’re sweating buckets.

The Indiana Jones room was not reset properly before our game and we ended up stuck for about 15 minutes because one of the clues was locked away inside the area that it unlocked. This made it impossible to solve. We asked multiple times for clues regarding this specific puzzle because it felt like something was missing, and it took forever for the guide to realize that we didn’t have the crucial piece of the puzzle. Once he finally did realize (after tons of questions from us about the specific puzzle and us basically standing around because we needed the missing piece and couldn't do anything else) he did come in and give us a copy of the missing puzzle to figure out. After we asked, he also added some time back to our game. Being at a standstill for so long really disrupted the flow of the room and was extremely frustrating. Repeatedly when we asked for clues to the missing puzzle we received clues for puzzles we had already solved because our guide didn't realize the room was not set properly. Additionally, at the beginning of the game the guide let us know that a particular feature of the room was not included in the game, but then it turned out that it actually was. The way it was worded in the explanation was misleading and caused us to totally ignore the puzzle until receiving a clue about it.

The majority of the Harry Potter room was problematic for us. I won’t go into specific puzzle details here because it would ruin the game, but there were many things we found frustrating with both the décor and the actual game play. Additionally, there was a reset mistake in this room too. It did not impact game play this time, but did cause at least one clue to be incorrect.

Overall we decided to give the Wizards Journey a 6/10 for room design and puzzles but give our specific game play experience a 5/10. The Lost City as a game gets a 9/10 (almost 10/10 except for a few minor repairs that need to be made), but our particular experience was only a 7/10 due to the heat, the incorrect reset, and the misleading instruction. We would recommend the Lost City, especially if it is reset correctly. I would not recommend the Harry Potter room without some serious changes and upgrades. Our main problem was with the lack of care that seems to be taken with the rooms themselves and specifically with the resetting of the game.

We are considering returning to try the other two rooms, but will probably stick with companies in the area before making the drive back down to DE.
Written April 17, 2018
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Linda S
New Castle, Delaware15 contributions
Fun For All Ages
Sep 2017 • Friends
For my son's 36th birthday, I took him and a couple of his college friends to Great Escape Delaware. We did the Harry Potter room. This was a very unique and enjoyable experience. We had so much fun that the hour just flew by. Sadly, we did not escape the room, but I'm sure we would have if we had another hour (and a few more clues. LOL!). I definitely would like to come again and again until I've done all of the rooms. The staff was great, very friendly and helpful.
Written September 23, 2017
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Matt W
King George, VA14 contributions
Back for more, and more, and more! And will come back again!
Jul 2017 • Couples
Refer to a year ago or so when I posted this company's first Tripadvisor review as a veteran of 50+ escape rooms, when we were amazed by their Wizard room. I'm now a veteran of 200+ escape rooms, and there's a reason I keep coming back to this location.

On this trip as were headed north my wife and I were able to secure a last minute booking with the very flexible staff, did the Galaxy Far Far Away room, had an epiphany filled fun time as usual, and then on the way back south stopped by again to do both their Walking Dead room and their versus/challenge rooms.

The challenge rooms are a new element that seems to be making its way around the industry, but having done several, I can say this is by far the most cleverly implemented,competitive, and adrenaline pumping version that I have completed. Just beware, you may beat your partner/opposing team, but you might be walking home. ;) If you're starting to crush other supposedly difficult rooms in 30 min and wanting to recapture that thrill of victory and get bang for your buck, seek no further.

This company is expanding and opening up additional rooms this fall, and we will be back eager to play them.
Written July 16, 2017
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Pennsylvania70 contributions
Platform 9 3/4 Room!! Definitely recommend!
Jul 2017 • Family
Went today and did the Wizards Journey. Awesome for Harry Potter fanatics! Had a group of 6; 3 had done rooms before. It was a hard room (rated 4/5), and we got off to a slow start. A LOT of locks in this room and we were thinking we might not get out at all! Finally asked for a clue and then things started rolling. Clues were well given - just enough to make us refocus and think a little differently than we were. Also appreciated a subtle announcement over the monitor that let us know that what we were about to do would get us nowhere, without telling us what to do instead. Well priced at $20 per person or $150 for the room privately. Taking a family would become expensive, so you might not go often, but I wouldn't hesitate to work my through all of their rooms for birthdays or something different to do. 2 additional rooms coming soon... The props for photo taking was a nice touch I haven't seen before. I love the idea of the Challenge Rooms and definitely would like to do that!! They also have gift cards which is a great idea.
Written July 8, 2017
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Canton, GA99 contributions
Love this place!
Jul 2017 • Family
2nd visit with kids (13, 13 and 10) and loved both the wizard room and galactic. Wizard room was slightly harder but was also our first time so we didn't know what to expect 1st time. Kids thought both were entertaining and I felt like it was a family Bonding experience! Very friendly and fun place! Would go again! Thanks Ralph!!!
Written July 2, 2017
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Bob M
Landenberg, PA67 contributions
Star Wars Theme Escape Room
Dec 2016 • Family
Our family (adults and teens) had a great time in the Star Wars themed escape room. The friendly staff did a good job of explaining the room and the process since none of us had been to an escape room before. It was obvious that the staff was paying attention and monitoring our progress because when we asked for a clue, the clue was well-timed and related to exactly what we were working on at that time (not the case at another escape room that we visited more recently). The staff was fun, spending some time with us and taken our picture with Star Wars themed props as a memento of our visit.
Written March 5, 2017
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Char W
Delaware280 contributions
Awesome Team Builder
Dec 2016 • Friends
We decided to go to the Great Escape room for a Team Builder and had an amazing time. The staff was awesome and gave us a warm welcome when we arrived. The safety video was hilarious. We were in the Shaken not stirred room (James Bond Theme). Mason was so funny and keep us engaged throughout our time. We escaped with 4 minutes to spare. Our group had a great time and we will return soon.
Written December 31, 2016
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