Jomblang Cave
Jomblang Cave
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4.5 of 5 bubbles573 reviews
Very good

Teo Chin Hin@SEU338E
Penang Island, Malaysia113 contributions
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Jun 2019
The cost of going into the cave is quite expensive at first i thought. But after I walk over to the cliff to go down (which I thought we need to abseiling down ourselves) turns out not that case. There are ten to twenty people there getting ready to support you down into the cave and now the price makes sense as the locals need to be fed too!
The walk down there is muddy and adventurous. Miss your step, and you will fell down and injured yourselves. So make sure you be very cautious.
Into the main attractions parts aka Jesus Light, we get to see the mesmerizing lights for a short while and that's considered lucky for us on a cloudy day!
Make sure you plan your time properly before coming here so that you get to make the most out of it!
Written April 17, 2020
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Jakarta, Indonesia61 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Feb 2015 • Couples
I went there on Feb (raining season) which is not a good time to go because this attraction kinda depends on the weather.. it need the sun light to get the view of the sun ray inside the cave..

Me and Hubby went there by car. We booked the tour from one of reliable travel agent in Yogya. They arranged our car rental and trip into the cave. It was 2 hours driving from Yogya city to the site.

You gonna find bumpy road when entering the location. There's no sign board or so, that's why booked this trip from travel agent is recommended.

There are shower and changing rooms in the location. It was a well-managed place. You gonna find the shower all clean and neat. Bring your own soap shampoo towel etc. You gotta need socks for wearing the sharing boots they provided. Be ready to get dirty, muddy, wet, tired and happy! :)

The depth of the cave is about 60 m take or give. They will descent you down and lift you up using rope. They're capable and I felt safe. Totally. Just don't look down if you are afraid of height. No climbing skill needed, just need to be in a fit condition.

The trip into and outta cave took about 90 mins, it depends on how many people are in your groups. You gotta experience this trip into the cave and see yourself the sun ray the light of heaven. You can hear underground river flowing so hard. Amazing.

If you aren't really an active person (never hike or climb before), your thighs might trembling. Lots of steep trail. There is a certain spot that completely pitch black so you need to bring your own flashlight otherwise you should wait the guide to come to you.

They also provide you lunch box. Local food but taste good enough. Booked the tour in advance and make sure the travel agent is reliable. If you wanna know the one I booked, DM me I'll reply. :)
Written March 9, 2015
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Singapore, Singapore538 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Mar 2018 • Couples
Key to enjoying this to the full is to be prepared. (And there is one group going down a day - around 10am and back out between 12 and 2pm.)
Recommended clothing
Some people cam prepared, most did not.
I'd recommend wearing slippers/thongs/flip flops (according to your accent) taking a pair of hiking socks. They provide boots, limited choice of size (25 is the smallest, 30 the largest. Roughly size 5 to 10 UK) if not bring your own wellies. It is seriously muddy down there.
Long pants, long sleeve shirt, bandana or something (like a shower cap) for your hair in the luscious safety helmets.
Bring a torch. Don't believe anyone who tells you that you don't need one. Sure camera phone is good but remember the mud I mentioned?
Bring clothes to change into afterwards if you don't want to stink the car up.
There are showers available (no towels that I saw).
You want a strap for your camera around your neck (or on either of those fancy sports cameras better still) and leave your bags with your driver.
Jomblang cave is a good 1.5 to 2-hour journey from the city. The last 2km is a bumpy dirt road.
We arrived first at 9am and had full choice of the boots available. Apparently, there can be 80 people some busy mornings. And there ain't 80 pairs of boots for sure. Sign in and pay (450k) each.
We left at 10am after waiting in a covered area (plenty of mosies at the waiting area to give you the real jungle feel).
You descend in pairs by arrival order. Safety and checks are excellent. And the equipment is well rinsed off (but I can't say 'clean' hence long sleeves and trousers!)
The drop looks frightening and letting go is not for the faint-hearted but once off the edge, it's a comfortable and easy descent and really not at all bad. 60m down two guides will ask you to sit, they release your harness and you can stand on shaking legs.
You'll wait for the rest of the group (we only had 24 ppl in the group, so how they do it with 80 I don't know)
It's hot and humid but you will be grateful for the long pants and long sleeves again soon.
Then off to the cave led by a guide. The first 'steps' down are slippery and steep, take your time.
At the cave mouth, there are steps atop the mud. Sometimes, they disappear under water and you gingerly seek the firm footing and you soon need a torch to see the next step and least slippery footing.
It's a slow and steady trek 300m to the heavens lights at the end. Hearing the roar of the river some 40m below. You'll stand awhile waiting for the group to catch up and take photos.
Then it's an easier walk out and back up to the rope elevator (rappel is misleading cos you do no work at all just sit while 20 villagers do all the work).
Whilst waiting for your turn back up you can admire the mud caking everything and be glad that you were better prepared than others.
At the top you can collect your photos (50k) taken just after you set off down, collect your very tasty local lunch box with water and either hang around to eat or set off back down that bumpy dirt road and your next adventure.
This is a must do. Though be prepared with the right clothing and a torch.
Written March 12, 2018
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Singapore, Singapore67 contributions
3.0 of 5 bubbles
Jun 2016 • Family
I guess it was a rather overcast morning when we were there so we didn't get to see much of the beautiful rays of sunlight streaming into the caves.

In any case, let me get to the details of the review. I was there with my family which included 3 children aged 8 through 13.

1) Journey there: 2 hour ride from Jogja with the last 30 minutes on a very bumpy off-road trek, passing by villagers carrying stacks of grass for their cows

2) Payment: Once u get there, you'll have to sign in and make payment. It's IDR450,000 per person, regardless of age.

3) Booting up: Next, you go boots-hunting for a pair that fits you. This was quite a challenge for my children as they didn't have much children-sized boots. My 8-year old girl had to squeeze into the only child-sized boots which was slightly small for her and they gave her blisters halfway through the trek. The boots were rather slimy and damp inside which was rather unpleasant. Wear a pair of socks if you are squeamish. Wearing too large a pair will also give you problems later as they tend to get stuck in the mud. I had some difficulties trying to get through the mud without the boots coming off.

4) Gearing up: Select your helmet and get a harness. The helmets smelt rather bad but I can understand why. My helmet was all soaked through after the whole activity and I doubt the helmets were washed and dried after each climb. Select the helmets that still have the foam padding on. (There was a family in our group who wore shower caps below their helmets)

4) Get in line: If you want to be the first few to get down, make sure you wait near the coconut tree. You'll see it when you get there. Else, it could be a long while before you get down if there is a crowd.

5) Getting down: this is the most exciting/scary part. You will be paired with someone for the journey down. As your feet leaves the stone ledge, a photographer will take a pic of you and your partner as you dangle and hang on for a dear life. (The pic will cost you IDR45,000 if you want to purchase it later). Its an amazing 40 seconds glide down to the bowels of the cave.

6) The Trek towards the Sinkhole: this is one muddy slippery trek. I don't recommend it for any child younger than 8 as I don't feel that it was very safe. The ropes that were lined along the steep trek down did not provide any support at all as the stakes that were supposed to be driven into the ground were mostly coming out of the ground. My youngest daughter couldn't manage the steep climb but one of the guide carried her down (and later up again) with such ease although I had my heart in my mouth watching him leap down with such nimble footing.

7) Into the darkness: Huge cavern leading into a dark tunnel. There appears to be some rock fall and it's completely pitch dark inside the tunnel. Bring your own torches.

8) And into the light: Grubug cave. We waited for about 30 minutes for the rays of light to filter down. Like I mentioned earlier, it wasn't a very bright sunny day, so the rays were kind of muted. Was rather disappointed. We just hung around, taking some pics but there wasn't very much to do in the gloom of the cave. We wanted to make our way back earlier but the guides didn't allow us to as the other group had arrived not too long ago. Finally, someone just upped and started hiking back and we followed.

9) Through the darkness and back into the light: I'm glad we were one of the first few to reach the bottom of the cave. It would have been a very long wait down below as each of us had to be harnessed and pulled up.

10) Surprised: Once we got back up to the top, I was taken aback to see that we were manually pulled up by 20 or so men. For some reason, I imagined we would be winched up through some mechanical means.

11) Washing up: The toilets are clean for washing up and each of us were given a packet of food comprising of rice, tempe, a small piece of fried chicken, tofu and some veg. It was a good meal. Maybe we were all starving. Bottles of water were also provided.

Would I recommend someone to Jomblang?
Perhaps but if you were tied for time and on a budget, I would probably give this a miss. The distance and the cost do not justify the trip there. And leave the kids at home.

Oh, and remember your mosquito repellent too.

On a positive note, I'm hoping that we are contributing somewhat to the local villagers with employment opportunities, given that they were labouring hard to pull us up.
Written June 14, 2016
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Aldia S
Jakarta, Indonesia26 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Feb 2015 • Friends
i share other reviews' sentiment: get a knowledgable driver and proper car because no roadsigns leading to the location, and it's a very bumpy ride. i heard the owner does that intentionally to preserve the natural atmosphere. well the good thing is, it'll keep it from being too touristy.
bring an extra pair of thick socks that you're willing to throw away after, unless you're ok lugging a smelly lump of dirt home.
also beware if you're afraid of height. it's a long way down with your life depends only on a harness and piece of rope.
but i promise you, you won't regret the journey. although i've seen the photos before i went, i was still dumbstruck when i saw the light from the second cave. the view was just nothing i've ever seen and experience before. nothing short of magical. all the slipping in the mud, groping in the pitch black cave, all forgotten.
you won't regret it.
Written March 18, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.

Zurich, Switzerland22 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Oct 2014 • Friends
We started in Yogyakarta and had to do some research on how to arrange the excursion to the cave as not everyone in Jogja (including the hotel staff at the reception of our 4 star hotel) knows about this stunning place. After some rearch we manged to arrange the trip directly with the owner Mr Cahyo Alkantana (+62 81111 7010). His driver Gito picked us up at the hotel early in the morning. Aleady during the drive there we enjoyed seeing Jogja's scenery and Gito turned out not only to be super friendly and fun but also told us many things about the region on the way (including fresh harvested Cashwews from the tree). The total cost for two pax was 1,350k IDR (450 entrance/pax plus 450k for the transport).

Upon arrival we were offered tea and after we had chosen our rubber boots and helmet we were brought to the entry of the cave. There is a maximum number of 25 people allowed in the cave each day (entrance time is around 10am-11pm as the light is best then for stunning pics) and we were extremly lucky to have the cave (and the guide) just for the two of us.

The crew helped us into a harness and a few moments later we were ready for the adventure. The view while the rope put us down (we going down together) already was great. I recommend to bring mosquito repellent as there are many at the entrance of the cave.

After walking about 250m inside the cave we reached the second entrance and underwater river - time for a spectacular look upwards and around and certainly stunning pics!

After walking back to the entrance we could not wait to get back on the rope as it was so much fun! Gito was waiting above with a lunchbox with yummy local food. After lunch he drove us back to the hotel and even stopped for us to buy a fresh coconut on the way home. We had a perfect trip - thanks again to all of the crew - you were amazing!
Written November 5, 2014
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Chloe E
Melbourne, Australia11 contributions
2.0 of 5 bubbles
Oct 2016 • Couples
We visited the cave on our own, renting a motorbike in Yogyakarta and driving here ourselves (road was in really good condition most of the way and the way was easy to find). We're the type of travellers who enjoy a good adventure and thought rappelling down in to a cave and then exploring the cave sounded like our idea of fun. Unfortunately the rappelling was not rappelling and was rather being strapped to a harness and hoisted both up and down, no input from you necessary! Once you've waited for everyone to be kitted out and 20 or so people to be hoisted down with you (30-40 minutes later), you follow a short and not too challenging muddy stairway with a rope and then enter the cave. We didn't realise we had a guide or had to wait for a guide and we set off, torch in hand, down the clearly marked path towards the part of the cave with the lights (approx. 200m). It was beautiful having the silence of the cave and emerging out to the part of the cave with the lights by ourselves. The lights were certainly pretty. The way was clearly marked and easy to follow and it was beautiful to be alone in the cave for the 5-10 minutes before the hoard descended and we were swamped with selfie-snapping, chattering tourists. Approx. 60 people in total in a tiny small space. We were not allowed to venture away from the main viewing area and found it very stifling so we walked our own way back to the main entrance of the cave and waiting there ourselves for the group to return.

Unfortunately this cave, although pretty, is not worth the extortionate 450,000 entrance fee (especially when considering you can get to the top of volcanoes, ancient monuments such as borodbodur, boats to tropical islands etc. for almost half this price). If it's adventure you're after and some legit cave exploring unfortunately I would suggest that you re-think coming here.
Written October 12, 2016
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Canberra, Australia1 contribution
1.0 of 5 bubbles
Jan 2020
First negative review I've ever wrote. I found the tour to be extremely misleading. The pictures on tripadvisor all show awesome pictures of people standing on a rock in the light coming down. Turns out, they do not let you take pictures on there anymore, but are still advertising those same photos (hence the misleading part). I was scolded for trying to take a picture there. You pay a hefty price to see something that is realistically done and over with in under 10 minutes minus getting up/down the cliff. Pictures will be sub-par esp if the light is bad.

You are essentially paying the fee of getting down and coming back up via the people holding the rope and a small meal/tea/coffee.

Overall, have appropriate expectation management. You pay a lot of money to get to a quite isolated area and get little in return in my opinion, but the expectation was you would get to take some cool pictures, which is no longer the case, and see something amazing (it's just like a cenote in Mexico with less water realistically so if you've ever been to one, that's what it's like). I would not recommend or do again unless the price is significantly lowered and they change the policy on pictures.

Staff was nice, limited English capability though (at least the guide was). Strictly speaking on the tour, it was 1 star for the experience and price you pay for it. Maybe their policy has changed recently, I don't know, but wouldn't do again or recommend to my friends.
Written January 22, 2020
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New York City, NY287 contributions
3.0 of 5 bubbles
Jul 2016 • Friends
This experience is not for those who are nervous about safety -- this is a reasonably a dangerous experience, not because there is imminent danger, but mostly because of questionable safety practices with no safeguards in place and no business accountability for consumer safety. I was swayed by all the awe inspiring photos to do this caving experience.There is a serious risk involved and there is very little to protect from injury or harm. With that said, many have obviously done this and have rave reviews to write insisting it is safe, but if you are one who enjoys risk, but still values some degree of precaution, then this might not be for you.

I was swayed by all the awe inspiring photos to do this caving experience. Clearly, I did not go through with the entire experience because I thought there is high potential for something to go awry. Also, I am not placing my life in the hands of the staff, who were smoking, chatting, fooling around and disinterested while pulling a rope to lower you into a cave. The maintenance of the ropes, pulleys, and harnesses is questionable as well. The attendant hurriedly helped with the harness and had little interest in the process, I was nervous so I kept checking if the clips were actually working. No one inspected our harnesses thereafter. You stand in a line waiting to be lowered into the cave and there is no platform to stand or to test your harness. You are literally on the edge of the cave, 100 meters above, and basically have to hold on to pole waiting. How easy is it to lose your footing, look down and panic and fall? What is the business' plan B if something happens? The rope is often left unattended and with no precautions or safeguards in place. How often is this rope replaced? The nearest hospital is not for at least hours drive away?

There is no governing body for consumer safety in Indonesia coming to assess the safety practices and as this is locally run, I can almost say with certainty that there is no intention of doing so. There is no safety record to look at, no disclosure given about the risk involved, and no safeguards in place -- only the exchange of 9,000,000 rupiahs and the line that "we've been using this method to lower up to a ton of weight". I have done high risk things before and there is always a disclosure and waiver, so you understand what you are getting into.

So if you enjoy taking risks and aren't afraid, good for you! Enjoy the experience!
But if you are like me and like calculated risks in life, go to Pindul Caves, much less to be concerned about there.
Written August 17, 2016
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Singapore, Singapore51 contributions
3.0 of 5 bubbles
Apr 2016 • Couples
To get to the Jomblang Area, you have to go through about 15-20 mins of bumpy road once you're out of the outskirts of the village. Once reached, you will have to choose your own rubber boots, harness and hard hat. Due to language barrier, there was no announcement or briefing on when or where to take the equipments. I was from Singapore so I understood Bahasa Indonesia.

Be sure to bring your own torchlight as you will need to walk into the very dark cave before you see the "light". Wear clothings that you can throw after this activity because the mud cannot be washed down, it stains on the clothes. Wear half-cut gloves as you will need to hold on to muddy and slippery ropes to help you go into the cave. Carry the waterproof dry-bag meant for water activities to keep your belongings inside without fear of it getting wet.

I went on Sunday 1st May 2016 and there were about 50 people who needs to be lowered into the cave and they had to be split into two groups, I was lucky to be 1st grp as it took some time for the first 20 people to be lowered and we managed to catch the light at the best timing between 11-12noon. After us, the light seems to have slightly faded and I pity the 2nd group as they couldn't really get the much light coming in as it takes about 1hr or so for one group to be lowered down and the 2nd group missed the best timing to view the lights. I suggest to book your date to go to Jomblang Cave on Mon to Wed when there are a lot less people and you can certainly appreciate the "lights", avoid weekends if possible.

I applaud the safety crew for ensuring that your harness are strapped properly but the harnesses are not enough and you would have to wait for your turn and the harness are quite rusty. I believe they can renew the harnesses from time to time as well as the hard hats.

The infrastructure there was very poor especially the toilets. You would need to change or a slight wash up after you enter and exit the cave due to the soil and mud . The mud will reach till about 1/3 or half way to your leg and that's why you need to wear the rubber boots, I suggest to wear long socks before wearing boots for hygiene and comfort purposes as it will rub against your skin. Please also wear bandana/headscarf before wearing their helmet for the same hygiene reason, you will know what I mean. :) This activity in my opinion is not safe for children below age of 10.
Written May 3, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.

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