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David S
Hudson, NH586 contributions
Not good for college sports
Sep 2021
We came for the Purdue Connecticut game, First, the college football atmosphere is really lacking. This stadium is too far from the school with almost no student involvement or college atmosphere. If you buy tickets, make sure you get in the middle of the stadium as the outside seats are aluminum benches. The seats between the 40 yard lines were very comfortable. The beer selection is excellent.
Written September 17, 2021
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Manchester, CT1,310 contributions
Wonderful field/sports space
Apr 2019
This stadium is a wonderful space for both football games and for other events (like job fairs and the Color Me Rad 5K). The seats are surprisingly spacious, with ample legroom and more comfort than I would have expected. The lawn is always well-maintained and clean. I've been inside for private events, and everything is clean and well-organized. You can tell how an organization values its activities by how well it takes care of the space, and clearly, UConn values both its football team (even though UConn is better known for basketball) and its representation as an institution dedicated to community events.
Written January 31, 2020
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Mrs Fine
4 contributions
Huge place
Oct 2019 • Business
Love the games here whether win or lose. Great food and drinks. You gotta try the homemade liquor. Great ticket prices.
Written October 9, 2019
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Meriden, CT181 contributions
UCONN Football
Nov 2018 • Family
Most events we've attended have involved UCONN Football, some of them have been small, and held inside the private banquet facility overlooking the field.

True, access and parking to the games can be a nightmare, though tailgating can bypass most of the problems. One annoying traffic flow issue is the use of hundreds of orange cones earmarking the lanes, while police and attendants oversee, coming and going. I often wonder about those "over indulgers" trying to navigate the exit process.

One issue we suggest solved, is the rest rooms initially made available pregame for tailgaters, did not last long, and no longer available.
Written June 18, 2019
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Hartford, CT309 contributions
Good Visit
Oct 2018 • Couples
The facility is well cared for. The seats we had were bleacher-type but had plenty of legroom. Having a stadium seat was helpful. There were numerous food vending areas and we were surprised that the concessions were open until the end of the soccer game. There were plenty of bathroom facilities though the half-time rush would stress any bathroom. There was plenty of security around.

The only problem we had was accessing the facility off of interstate 84. It took us a half an hour to move perhaps a half a mile. Plan ahead and try and get there more than a half an hour before the start of the game.
Written October 17, 2018
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Harwinton, CT133 contributions
Decent stadium bad parking
Aug 2018 • Friends
Went for a Uconn football game even though the place was only about half full we ended up parking a very very long distance from the field. This was made tolerable by the shuttle busses. However if the place had been full the shuttles would have not been enough. The views from any seats were very good. There were enough concession stands of all sorts never a line even at halftime. Beware of the seats they are aluminum benches without backs except for the expensive seats. They are also very poorly designed seats if it rains the benches hold water and you end up sitting in puddles. When it gets cold you better have a couple of blankets to sit on. The prices were fine for food 5 to 10 dollars. Sausage and peppers for 6, chicken tenders 8 this is not bad for a stadium the beers were 8 not a bargain but not out of line . It is a good place to see a game. The parking lots a long way from the stadium and the stadium is not a quick in or out it empties into a city street so you have to get there very early to get in and then make it to the stadium and expect to spend a lot of time there after the game.
Written August 31, 2018
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John B
New Haven, CT70 contributions
Jun 2017 • Family
It is a good looking stadium but everything is overpriced.Also get a local phone number and answer the phone.
Written May 13, 2018
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Easthampton, MA527 contributions
UConn football game
Oct 2017 • Couples
Made first visit to Rentschler Field for UConn vs Missouri football game. Parking was easy to get to, right off of I-84. $15 for parking was a little on the expensive side.
The stadium was setup ideally for watching the game. A lot of different concessions to choose from. Tried the steamed hamburgers from Ted’s and it was excellent. Overall food was pretty expensive but I guess that is to be expected ($6 for soda, $9 for beer).
Bathrooms were very clean.

Getting out of stadium was very quick and easy. However many fans had left early because score was a blowout.
Written October 29, 2017
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Glastonbury, CT619 contributions
Great place for joining in a fundraiser.
Sep 2015
Not only is this good for sports, it is good for helping others by joining in for fundraisers - races, or coming for a beer tasting, great tailgating for sports events. So easy to get to - absolutely right off the highway exit.
Written July 14, 2016
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Paul T
Shelton, CT212 contributions
Nightmare parking and traffic flow
Apr 2016 • Couples
My wife and I attended here for the USWNT soccer game against Columbia. First off the stadium itself is fairly nice, there are plenty of bathrooms and we sat in section 121 which had a great view of the field. Although note that if you aren't at the half way line you will be on bleacher seats. There are plenty of food options although don't bother trying to go at half time because you won't be able to move with all of the lines.

Now for the down side. It took us 45 minutes to get from the RT 84 exit to the stadium parking! Note that with no traffic this is a 3 minute drive. The traffic crawled from the exit all the way into the stadium, past the stadium and around to the back where the parking is. One of the main entrance/exits was closed off by police for no foreseeable reason. This stadium has by far one of the worst designs for parking I have ever seen. All the cars that arrive are funneled into 3 lanes that goes all the way around the stadium to the back. Then I got to park in a muddy field and pay $20 for the privilege.

The kickoff time was 7:00PM, but at that time when we were sitting in the gridlocked traffic next to the stadium on our way to parking around back it was maybe 25% full (note at game time it was about 75% full). Luckily for us the game was postponed for 35 minutes so we didn't miss anything, but this further confirms my point that it was very poorly managed. Two-thirds of the fans were not in the stadium at kickoff time forcing them to postpone the game!

Next I get my water bottles taken from me upon entry and charged $6 to buy one inside. What happened to just taking the caps off? Its a 2 hour soccer game not a concert.

After the game we stalled for about 30 minutes and took our time getting back to the car because I feared how long it would take to get out of there and my fears were confirmed after we had to crawl through the same gridlocked traffic through the same bottleneck of 3 lanes around the stadium and back out to the main road. Again, it took 45 minutes just to get out of the stadium parking lot. There were cops around but they did nothing to help with the traffic flow, and when we got to the main road they were not even directing traffic at the main light. So basically you have 20000 people exiting a stadium through 3 lanes, all waiting at a light. From the point that I could see the light we waited for about 6 cycles of light changes. Could the police not direct traffic at that light and give a little bit more priority to the people exiting the stadium?

Overall we had a good time at the game but the design of the stadium traffic flow and parking was an absolute nightmare. I have been to lots of games and concerts and this is by far the worst design I have ever seen. I can only suggest if you have to go to this hell hole to get there very very early, and then wait around, get some food and expect the game to be postponed. If you want to get out without waiting you really have no choice but to leave before the game ends. We stalled for 30 minutes which didn't help much and all the food vendors are closed as soon as the game ends. For the first time I actually understand tailgating both before and after the game.
Written April 7, 2016
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