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39 reviews
Very good

Perth, Australia3,822 contributions
My friends and I dined here last night as part of a large pre- booked group.

The scenery is amazing, overlooking the vineyards below.

Service is good too, friendly and professional staff.

The food was a bit of a letdown. The antipasti platter was delicious, however the gnocchi wasn't nice and tasted gluggy, and the dessert was hit and miss. The panacotta was nice, but not the accompanying piece.

Despite being a pre-booked event, they ran out of biscotti at dessert time and they were very slow delivering dessert - some of the party had eaten dessert and left the venue before we'd been served dessert, so they need to focus on time management and making sure they have enough food for the amount of people booked to attend.
Written January 22, 2017
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Ian B
Perth, Australia202 contributions
Western Australia is blessed with some of the most wonderful wineries producing fantastic wines. In the South, just a couple of hours from Perth, the Margaret River wine region boasts some of the most excellent wines you are likely to encounter anywhere. Closer to home, the Swan Valley is a wine-lovers haven. Less well known is the beautiful Bickley Valley hidden away in the magnificent Perth Hills, and the wineries here can boast a product that is a good match for anything the Margaret River and Swan Valley wineries can produce. Many of the wineries also boast excellent café and restaurant facilities with some of the finest food you are likely to encounter anywhere.

A visit to the Hainault Winery was something of a 'visit by default' as the establishment I had intended to book was unable to accommodate due to a wedding, so this was a first visit.

Immediate impression on arrival was excellent. Set in a valley between forrested hillsides, this really is a beautiful location. On presentation at the cellar door we were greeted by the owner who was welcoming, friendly and attentive, and there appeared to be no limit on the number of wines that could be tasted. The sparkling Pinot Noir was absolutely delightful, as was the Semillon. The 2017 rosé (recently awarded a silver medal) was excellent. The Port is a match for many.

Where the problems started, and the only reason I have awarded just three stars, was when we sat down to eat. Water was forthcoming very quickly, but it then took well over 15 minutes before a drinks order was taken, and another 10 before the food order was taken and a further 10 for the drinks to arrive at the table.

In the event we had been seated for just over an hour before the food arrived. The food itself was delicious, but the portions were on the small side and we all felt that there could have been more on the plate.

No attempt was made to clear the table for at least 15 minutes after everyone had finished and then only half the settings were cleared, the waitress disappearing to clear a further two tables. In the end we had to call another waitress to clear the remaining places and to order desserts and coffee. The desserts were equally good and the portion sizes were more what one would expect - in particular the figs poached in the winerys own port were to die for.

In the event, having sat down at just after 13:00 we left at 15:45 - 2¾ hours for just 2 courses.

Whilst I would certainly return again I would hope that the issues around service would be addressed, and perhaps thought could be given to portion sizes of the main courses (the entree portions - especially the platters - looked decidedly more substantial).

The provision of lavatory facilities also needs to be addressed as there appeared to be only one uni-sex (out of order), and one disabled, which refused to flush.
Written October 1, 2017
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Port Hedland, Australia767 contributions
This restaurant could be so much better.
On a not so busy day with some tables actually empty, customers were waiting over an hour for very simple meals of burgers, chicken 'flip the top piece of pasty pie' in a bowl and extremely small platters for three. The man that was serving the wines was heard stating very loudly to a group that they were very busy and they had not been waiting all that long for their meals. We had watch as this small group and asked about their meals for over 40 minutes and were told each time that it was being made. Considering it was an extremely small platter, missing items listed from the menu, the comments by the man serving wine could be deemed as rude. These people had sat there for over an hour, the time he quoted as their ordering time was incorrect as we too had been sitting for over an hour for our simple meal of burgers. There certainly were people getting meal before others whom had arrived before them which this 'wine man' had try to make out was not happening. A review on professional behaviour would be a good idea. We were surprised the group had not walked out after how they were spoken to.
The food is generally fine but the portion size for the platters would suggest they were running out of food as the platters we saw were missing items that were listed on the menu and the items on the platter didn't even have enough for three people for lunch.
It is a beautiful setting and has the potential to do so much better.
The toilets are two 'porta loos', ones which really do not fulfill the requirements a restaurant with this many covers. These 'porta loos' were smelly and dirty so it had been some time since they had been cleaned. Once again there is a requirement for restaurants to be cleaning their toilets not only more than once a day but every day at least. These were dirty. Patrons were seen, and heard, whilst standing there holding the door open looking in side, "I am not sure I need to go that badly."
All in all, an average rating today but the restaurant has the potential to do so much better.
Because of the slowness of the kitchen, one would suspect that this kitchen is not a professional kitchen and possibly needs reviewing by authorities to see if checks out to have the covers that it does. The 'porta loos' also need spot checking as they definitely were not up to industry standards.
The two wait staff were friendly but obviously at a loss with the slowness of the service so could not be blamed for that.
Advice, if you want to go here try and get a quite day as any more than three tables of people and this little place does not have the capacity to cope.
Also, industry rules: NO dogs in the restaurant even though they are brilliant kelpies everyone loves to have around.
Written June 4, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Hello Bobby. You have raised a few issues here that I will address. I will try to be brief. Your assessment of a not so busy day couldn't be more wrong. On Sunday we turned away about 20 people and on the public holiday Monday we turned away at least 35 people wanting lunch because we were full. Yes, we have excess tables for when we hold large functions, that were not occupied. The table you are referring to made their order at 1:35 (our wait staff write it on the order so we know how long people have been waiting). At 2:20 they claimed to have been waiting for an hour and a half. We won't be bullied by exaggerated claims so I politely corrected them. They angrily insisted that other tables had their food before them. I pointed out (very politely) that the other table had received their entrees and that their own meal was almost ready. They angrily claimed that the other table had received their main course which was absolutely incorrect. Nice of you to go in to bat for them though! If anything was missing from their platter it's up to them to let us know. Your simple burgers took over an hour - if there are 30 meals in front of yours and each one can be done in 2 minutes, yep there's an hour! Our staff were not slow, they did a great job. People are often surprised that we have portaloos for our toilets but are usually more than happy about it once they read the information inside explaining our reason for having them ie. we are in Priority Water catchment area and do not want to risk polluting the waterways. The toilets are cleaned spotlessly every morning before we open. As you have pointed out, our staff were run off their feet and did not get time to check them. I am sorry if other patrons before you had not been as clean as one would hope. Our premises are regularly inspected by the Health Inspectors. Feel free to call them and give them a nudge if you want. Not sure where your industry rule came from - perhaps you know something the industry doesn't? Dogs are allowed on the premises, just not in the kitchen. Again, call the inspectors for clarification.
Written June 6, 2017
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Cebu City, Philippines140 contributions
This was so disappointing. $45 was the cheapest wine and I can compare it to a $14 2litre cask which is so much better value and quality. Wine very ordinary … too ordinary to warrant further discussion
Food :
Another joke …. Mains come in kiddies portions as is… duck just the duck …. Lamb 3 small cubes as is nothing with it …. Salmon the same .. $53 for 2 courses is so so so overpriced for what they give you. Why the hell couldn’t they add some simple vegetables which the chef couldn’t understand that would enhance his plate …. Money for nothing …. Idiot chef !!!
All the good reviews must be from people who have never eaten out before ?!! …. My God what a complete rip off of money plus it’s an insult to foodies or wine connoisseurs .

Overpriced and daylight robbery

Had to stop in Kalamunda to get a decent desert because I was still hungry
Written November 27, 2021
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Ruanda W
1 contribution
If you enjoy waiting an hour for your very average food (below average really), then this is the place for you. Yes, I understand places get busy but surely you have been in the game long enough to know that Saturdays are busy. So either get more staff or have less tables!

If you take the time to read through some of the reviews here on Tripadvisor, you’ll see that other patrons have complained
about this before, so surely you would’ve make the effort to change things by now?

No apology was given. Instead we were rudely told the kitchen was really busy. Not our problem! You could’ve offered some appetisers while we waited for our food.

Good service is as much part of the dining experience as decent food. Without good, friendly service, people simply won’t come back!

Written January 8, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Dear Ruanda Same response as before on other sites ...your group arrived at 1:30 for a 1pm booking and received your meals at 2:15. Not an hour. Your "review" is dishonest and is a result of your children smashing a glass-top table by fighting over it and you not liking the suggestion that closer supervision might be in order.
Written January 9, 2018
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Perth, Australia2 contributions
Really disappointed in this place. Customer service BIG.FAT.ZERO 👎😨

If you have children, I suggest staying away from this place. Their 3 dogs roamed freely throughout the restaurant whilst we dined.

One dog in particular nipped at my daughters ankles as she played on the grassed area and as she screamed in fear, rather than help my daughter, the employees said, “she’s only a puppy”. It also sat between my wife and I and watched us as we ate, it may as well have been sitting on my lap. We politely asked the waiter if she could remove the dogs as my daughter was distraught and despite not making it a priority until we raised our voices at this dog this same dog came back out several times. Not a single apology given to us or our children. Whilst inside, we saw this dog walking in and out of the kitchen and because of the negative experience we left before getting our dessert.

When we went to pay our bill, we saw the same dog jump on to our table and finish our food.

I posted this photo of their Ruby Port because it is so delicious but we will sadly not be returning. #badexperience #worstcustomerservice #wholetthedogsout #experienceperthhills #winery
Written April 21, 2018
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Perth, Australia28 contributions
Dropped in here a few months ago, with the family, and had a reasonable experience. Specifically visited yesterday, to get lunch and pick up some wines etc.
To cut to the chase:
Was never given, nor made aware of any specials menu,
Ordered wine took 15mins, Ordered apple juice took 25mins and two reminders to waitstaff (making a 5y/o wait.... thanks for that)
Dirty cutlery never changed out (read unused dirty (not properly cleaned) cutlery)
Used dishes and cutlery not cleared away promptly (needed to request removal after sitting on table, lined up, in a conspicuous way for 15-20 mins)
Main course - beef pot pie.... barely warm small tasteless lump of 'pot' cooked meat/veg/gravy, thrown into a small baking dish, with a slab of independently cooked, and burnt along one edge, puff pastry.
Main course - chicken pot pie..... barely warm small salty as hell lump of pinky tinged chicken/veg/gravy thrown into a small baking dish, with a slab of independently cooked, and burnt along two edges, puff pastry. (yes almost ditto)
And thats at around $25 each hit, not some '$10 pub special'
Then to cap off this amazing experience, you asked my wife for feedback, and when given such (as above) you proceeded to argue (on what constitutes a pot pie), make excuses for tardy service, and become rude. Dont waste your patrons time asking about their meal if you are not interested in a reply.
We were ok with walking away from your establishment, at our loss, but your belligerent attitude prompted this post as a warning to others.
Too bad we also had a pocket full of cash to spend on your wines.

Written July 10, 2017
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Perth, Australia2 contributions
What a wonderful addition to the Bickley Valley Wine Trail. Now known as Mistelle, gone is the unwelcome four legged friend, replaced by delicious food, delightful wines and insightful service. The maitre de/owner (?) clearly has a passion not only for quality ingredients but local ingredients. Looking forward to the Spring Menu!
Written June 18, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Perth, Australia33 contributions
Unfortunately, the experience of eating out at Hainault Vineyard was a massive letdown. For starters, the parking. There is barely any available spots to park here and the ones that are available are pokey and are impossible to maneuver around. This was only the start, however. Before we came, we booked a picnic table. We waited for a little and did some wine tasting. (This was the most positive thing about the experience as according to family members, the wine was delicious.) However, it went downhill from there.

We ordered our food next. There aren't any positives in regards to the food that was served to me today. The chips were most likely packet fries (that cost $8 and the bowl was half filled) and the majority of them were overcooked and oily. The gnocchi was bland and the portion was more like an entree. Finally, the most disappointing platter of the day was one that was ordered by a family member. He ordered a cheese platter that came with a small slice of brie, small slice of cheddar, a dash of onion relish and exactly five water crackers. Five... Very underwhelming.

However, this was on top of everything else. The food itself took over 45 minutes to come, and when it did arrive, one person didn't receive cutlery for another five minutes. Also, another family member, a young child, was nipped multiple times by one of the dogs who is allowed to freely roam around, jump on tables, enter the kitchen and hover under tables begging for food!

The view at Hainault is lovely but isn't enough to make up for the rest of the letdowns. However, the young girl who served us was very sweet and was doing an amazing job, considering that the restaurant had most likely accepted too many people. I also understand that Sunday's are very busy, however, maybe consider hiring more chefs and or waitstaff to accommodate the number of people that you wish to serve.

I wasn't going to write a review after reading your other responses to people's reviews as it seems that you are very defensive and are not taking peoples feedback seriously. However, I felt that I had to write this review in the hope that you will listen to some of my suggestions and so that there is a slight chance of us ever recommending your restaurant again. I also hope that you will respond professionally and will see this as constructive criticism.
Written June 3, 2018
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Hobart, Australia16 contributions
Nice spot, food ok, service average.

We wouldn’t return because we found the owner rude and condescending.

This man clearly doesn’t have the word ‘sorry’ in his vocabulary and has forgotten who provides his livelihood.
Written April 1, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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