Trinidad Lake State Park

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Trinidad Lake State Park
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Under construction
Oct 2021 • Couples
We made reservations to stay at the park a couple of months ago. When we arrived, we learned that it was under construction. The roads are being redone. There was hardly anyone in the park which was great for us. The grounds had a lot of tumbleweeds my poor dogs kept getting stickies on their paws. There were trucks moving stuff all day, so the construction sound was annoying. The bathrooms were nice and clean. Paid showers! $1 for 5 minutes.. not bad. There’s a laundromat but machines were small. Not sure that I would return. Rv spaces were weird.
Written October 23, 2021
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Melbourne, FL196 contributions
Nice state park
Sep 2021
We camped here in a 40' motorhome. Sites large enough for us. Electric onsite, but shared water and that may not be close if you need to fill your tank. Nice park, quiet and nice hiking nearby or bike riding. We stayed here the end of September so the weather was gorgeous to have windows open.
Written September 25, 2021
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Great space
Jun 2021 • Family
We stayed here one night on our way to Yellowstone from Texas. It was nice, clean, well maintained and we did one short hike that lead from Carpios Ridge which is where we camped. Water spouts are shared but easily accessible. Our site had elect. The bathrooms were clean, there is paid showers, multiple stalls and a family shower. A laundry/washateria area. We stayed on the last day of June and it was packed but everyone was friendly and the play area/ jungle was enjoyable for our kids. Everyone was nice about kids riding bikes around on the roads in the camping area. Overall nice scenery and weather.
Written July 9, 2021
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George K
Cape Girardeau, MO119 contributions
Nice lake with numerous picnic areas
Jun 2021 • Solo
A very nice lake in a beautiful setting. This is a Corps of Engineers like that looks like the pool has been drawn down quite a bit. There are numerous picnic areas, and many places to hike. A nice setting to just relax
Written June 11, 2021
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ralph g
19 contributions
Not dog friendly
Sep 2020 • Friends
Unless you fish or have a boat its not worth the time .just travel further down to pueblo state park.where they have beautiful trails and not cliffs and rock.there is not one place here to take a flat walk with your dogs
Written September 12, 2020
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rio rancho nm18 contributions
Better than expected
Sep 2020
After reading recent reviews, we were pleasantly surprised at what a nice state park this is. The sites were well maintained and spaced well apart. The trail above the lake was an easy hike and I did not encounter any other hikers while taking in the views. The park ranger came by often. Overall a nice experience.
Written September 10, 2020
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Houston, TX22 contributions
Hidden GEM! Best Kept Secret in Colorado
Nov 2019
Trinidad Lake is absolutely gorgeous. I never would’ve thought I’d end up loving Trinidad so much. However, this is part of the state that’s as good as any other. It’s just one of those areas that people have overlooked for a long time. To be honest I didn't want to write a review so we could keep this beautiful place to ourselves but hopefully this will help someone who is considering visiting the park. Take my word for it - it's a HIDDEN GEM! I was shocked that we haven't heard of this place before as my husband and I are frequent visitors of Colorado state. The views at Trinidad Lake are absolutely spectacular! A must see! You always hear about Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, etc. but in our experience these places are indeed beautiful but packed full of people and tourists and have lost a sense of charm. Trinidad is a beautiful little mountain town that has tons of charm and hasn't been ruined by the crowds of people. The town has absolutely everything you would want/need when visiting Colorado and more. My husband and I were the only ones at the lake when we visited!! The park would be great for mountain biking, hiking, and if I lived in this area I would be at this lake all the time. We have found our new vacation spot.
Written September 5, 2020
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Aug 2020 • Friends
Camp neighbors were racist and extremely rude. Calling the park rangers making complaints for anything they could. As soon as we pulled up at our camp site our fellow camp neighbor who apparently stays there frequently proceeded to curse us out and tell us we needed to turn down our music at 1pm which was on 3 volume in the car. We then turned it off within two minutes a park ranger greeted us about our camp neighbor complaining about it. We then asked for fishing spots which the lake was beautiful and the fishing as well as scenery was great. But then upon returning between the judgmental looks and rude remarks being made because it was three young college men including poc. We then decided to cook out and barbecue after the rain stopped. Our camp neighbor made a rude remark referring to my friend who is a poc as a certain profanities because the wind blew the smoke from the fire pit towards there campsite. We then proceeded to call out the fellow neighbor and being quite agitated just tried to enjoy our cookout to then be visited by park rangers again for apparently being loud and disruptive offending a fellow camp neighbor and using profanity. Then the park ranger decided to sit outside our campsite. Us being quite agitated proceeded to finish our cookout and because of the constant harassment before things escalated decided to leave the campsite. We stayed at Caprios Ridge and never will I be staying there again. This is not a campsite to enjoy the scenery without being harassed by other members of society. Also not the place for poc either apparently. The park ranger even followed us all the way out of Trindad. Absurd. We weren’t kicked out we left on our own accord and actually drove 4 hours to Arkansas Headwaters up by Buena Vista. Where our camp neighbors were friendly and we could actually enjoy camping. I wouldn’t recommend camping here to anyone. Views our amazing but the people are terrible.
Written August 4, 2020
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Albuquerque, NM80 contributions
Damn Fishermen
Jul 2020 • Couples
Let me start off by saying that my boyfriend and I go to a lot of state parks with our dogs. We love them! Trinidad Lake State Park was a lovely park, and I can't deny the beauty of the lake itself.
However, the people who visit the lake and the park Rangers are horrible! My boyfriend is a drone pilot and wanted to get aerial photos of the lake for a client. We saw no signs at the entrance to the park about drones so he sent his up after we had breakfast in the park. Within 2 minutes of lifting off, a Ranger was driving up yelling at him to bring the drone down. No drones in Colorado state parks. Ok, fine. We're from NM so we don't know the laws for CO. He brought the drone down, and we proceeded to try to enjoy the rest of our day.
About 45 minutes later, we are down by the rocky shore of the lake enjoying the sights and avoiding all of the fishing paraphernalia and alcohol bottles left by lazy fishermen. Our dogs are normally very good at avoiding these types of things, but one of the them was enticed by the bait left on one of the hooks left on the shore. She swallowed it! Of course, the hook got lodged in her esophagus! We started to freak out!
We had to navigate our way back to the parking area, and the whole time we were yelling and waving at 2 Rangers sitting at the top of a hill talking. They never saw or heard us! We finally got back to our car, and I ran to get the Rangers. I told them what happened and they were able to get a hold of a local vet.
Thankfully, after a very harrowing drive back to Albuquerque since the Trinidad vet did not feel comfortable doing the procedure on our dog, she is hook free and recovering well.
Moral of the story: drones will get you attention but potentially life-threatening fishing gear left on the shore is just fine at this park. Beware! Keep a close eye on your pets or children! This situation completely ruined our outlook on the city and this park.
Fishermen: clean up your crap! No one wants to see your used up fishing line and beer bottles. Quit being lazy and take your trash out of the park with you! Unacceptable.
Written July 28, 2020
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San Francisco, CA4,497 contributions
KT boundary amazing
Jul 2020 • Solo
I flew from San Francisco to Albuquerque then drove from Albuquerque to Trinidad Lake State Park. That's how much I wanted to see this place.

I came for the KT boundary and it did not disappoint. Use the long canyon trail entrance. There is a very convenient parking lot 0.25 miles from the KT boundary exposures. In fact, the entire Cliff face has KT boundary exposures. There are even exposures on county road 18.3 before you enter the park.

The park scenery is beautiful. It would be great for mountain biking or even some relatively simple bicycle riding. If I lived in this area this would be one of my favorite Hangouts.

Don't forget to bring $9 in cash. To pay for parking and park entrance you deposit $9 in cash in an envelope then drop it in a slot.
Written July 6, 2020
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