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Closed until Mar 1, 2023
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Visit Seven Falls and bask in the majesty of a magnificent series of waterfalls located in a 1,400-foot-tall box canyon. Parking is at 1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd, located at Norris Penrose Event Center, where there is a shuttle service to the park entrance. Parking and shuttle transportation are complimentary. Seven Falls is a dog friendly, walking park with many other offerings to enjoy in addition to the beautiful falls. From delectable dining options at the exquisite Restaurant 1858, a gift shop, walking and hiking trails and the optional Broadmoor Soaring Adventure-a thrilling zip line course above Seven Falls! (Please note, tickets and parking for Soaring Adventures are separate). At night, white, ecofriendly LED lights illuminate the falls for a view not to be forgotten. Please check our website for seasonal hours and park closures. We look forward to welcoming you!
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Very good

Dan W
Columbus, OH4 contributions
Jul 2022 • Family
Transport: We read the prior reviews about the shuttle issues and I'm guessing the Broadmoor is listening as we had busses lined up both at the pick up point and the return to the parking lot. There was a good size line at 10am and we got on the second bus in about 15 minutes of waiting. There is a shady area near the boarding area. The ride is 12 to 14 minutes each way to the entry. They had guides at each end of the trip who were well trained and let us know what to expect.

Entrance and walk in: They spaced our busses so there is not a huge crowd at the ticket counter. We quickly got our tickets and began the walk on the paved walkway to the falls which i believe is just under a mile. The grounds are very well manicured and the running stream on the left was very nice not to mention the high canyon walls on both sides. The walk has a slight grade and we enjoyed some zipliners above the canyon. There are restroom along the way and a gift shop as well.

The falls: When you get to the falls area there is a currently closed restaurant and two sets of stairs. We recommend taking the elevator up the left side to get a great view of the falls and canyon. Also it's a cool walk inside the mountain to the elevator after the walk. There is a small gift shop at the top. We are in our mid fifties, in decent shape and had our 18 year old son, so planned to do the 200+ steps on the right. After we came down the elevator, we all went up the large staircase and set a pace which wasn't too bad. It's pretty steep but very manageable with the handrails. This is a great view of the falls. There is a midway platform to catch your breath if needed. The altitude can be a challenge if not used to it. They have great sitting areas around the base for those wanting to wait or watch the climbers.

Top trails: When you get to the top there are trails you can follow into the woods for great views of the canyons. Mom went back down but my son and I opted to follow the trail around to Inspirarion Point which I think is a mile round trip and a 400 foot elevation rise I'd rate Moderate difficulty. Make sure to get a trail map on the way in to identify all the trails and points of interest at the top. Well worth if if you have the time and energy.

Final thoughts: There is a high end Porta John at the bottom area of the steps and a nice permanent one midway back to the entrance. All very clean and area manicured. I spoke to an employee who told me they hoped to get the restaurant back open soon, but not an issue for us. We ate at the Golden Bee at the Broadmoor for lunch after. We got right on our air conditioned bus as we finished out hike and were in our car 15 minutes later. Overall a very good experience!

Written July 21, 2022
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Philipsburg, St Martin / St Maarten561 contributions
Jun 2022 • Couples
We arrived a couple minutes before 10am and the line at the parking lot was already super long! We waited approximately 29 minutes to jump on a shuttle (it was the 4th shuttle of the day) so the wait wasn’t as long as I read in other reviews however if the line was past the “1-hour” wait line I would have called an Uber to the entrance. Especially since you’re waiting in the HOT sun ☀️

Once at the entrance you can pay for the $2 shuttle to the falls but I highly recommend you walk to see all the amazing views.

The stairs was quite a workout especially since I live in the Caribbean I was out of breathe rather quickly since we did not acclimate to the altitude yet. Afterwards we headed up to Inspiration Point which is so worth it! I highly recommend you take this path and if you have energy do the other easier hike as well
Written June 22, 2022
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Robert L
Aurora, CO2 contributions
Aug 2021 • Family
As I walked the seemingly endless stairs ,the end result as I pondered the work and time spent on this beautiful, spectacular view of nature entwined stairs. You feel blessed by God and the mankind before you ever arrived on this plane of existence, the only thing that tops this beautiful panoramic view of nature is the wonderment of just how the engineers design this park ,it is a true testament to man's perseverance, I will always love this park and wholeheartedly recommend others to visit . Thanks for my inclusion ever appreciative.
Robert F. Lopez
Written June 25, 2022
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7 contributions
Aug 2022 • Family
Add more ahuttle busses coming and going. Can no longer drive to 7 falls as the Broadmore has evidently purchased it? You must go to a gravel parking lot at the Broadmore, wait in a very long line for a bus(40 minutes for us) then ride the bus to where you used to be able to drive up and park. Then you get to an iron locked gate. You buy your tickets and then walk .8 mile to the falls or pay extra 2.00 for a shuttle and you wait again(15 minutes). Closes at 6 no longer light the falls at night. No native American show, the old gift shop has been converted to a restaurant that was closed. The Broadmoor had added ziplines and rappelling activities to the one quiet and serene area. After you see the falls you reverse walk .8 miles down or shuttle. Then you get to wait for another bus or shuttle to take to back to lot( 1 hour for us) so basically your adding 3 hours of riding,waiting time to see the falls. Not sure how a private company can buy a waterfall area. Have been going for 40 years and will never ever return as the Broadmoor is running but only a money grab but they do not supply ample transportation to move the masses to the falls.
Written August 9, 2022
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New York City, NY72 contributions
Sep 2022 • Friends
I read “good reviews” plus we planned to visit The Broadmoor, so on September 4th we went to Seven Falls after walking around the beautiful and elegant resort. Things turned bad immediately when we arrived Norris Event Center parking lot. There were more than 100 people waiting in line under the sun at over 90 degree, no shades no cover, you just stood there and waited! The shuttle buses came almost every 15-20 minutes, they were small shuttle buses, each bys could only seat 14 people, occasionally there was a big bus, but only took few people. A lot of people gave up and left after waiting for a while. I insisted and waited more than an hour and finally got on a bus. After 15 minutes, we arrived at the entrance of Seven Falls, another small line to get tickets, $17/adult plus $2/person for a shuttle bus to the foot of falls. Then you started climbing 224 steps on a narrow steel stairs, people brush each other up and down. The fall itself was small and the water came from a pipe! Neither spectacular nor beautiful, just seven layers of small water. The trail was ok, nothing was “wow-able”. The gift shop was on the other side, you can take elevator which required another line or you could climb on the steel stairs. The shop was very small and not much stuff, $12 for a small bag of Pikes Peak rocks (more like dust!)
Again, you waited for long time for a shuttle back to the entrance then another long line back to the parking lot, this time took us 45 minutes to get on the shuttle bus!
I thought it was because of the Labor Day weekend, but I saw other review, this happened to the normal weekday too, so it happened all the time, the management really should take care of the shuttle service. Just as the other reviewer said, Seven Falls doesn’t deserve the name of The Broadmoor. I want my money back!
Written September 12, 2022
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San Angelo, TX71 contributions
Oct 2022
Trying to find the parking lot where the shuttle picks you up is horrible. If you try to call them, you will only get voicemail. After over an hour of looking, we finally found the strange dirt parking lot. Very long line of people waiting. One tiny shuttle bus eventually shows up to gather 20 people. We decided to leave and try again the next day. Still long line of people. We thought we might be in luck when a few shuttles showed up, but they didn't park near the designated pick up area. They appeared to be taking a break. They parked and vacated their vehicles. About 15 minutes later they slowly ventured toward all of us. You can't buy your tickets in advance, so once you finally arrive, you will have to stand in another long line to obtain entrance. The walk to the falls is very pleasant. We enjoyed it a lot. Getting back to our car was another nightmare. I kept telling my husband that I wanted to call an uber, but he was worried they wouldn't be able to find the location. We waited in a long line of people for the mysterious shuttles for about 45 minutes. They finally slowly arrived and drove us all over the place to get back to our vehicle. Please be prepared to endure a seriously broken shuttle service that will waste most of your day, if you visit.
Written October 18, 2022
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Bradley M
7 contributions
May 2022 • Family
7 falls has always been one of my favorite attractions in Colorado Springs but the changes they have made since you can no longer park at the falls have made it not worth going. They have you park in a dusty gravel parking lot and stand out in the heat while there running small shuttles to and from 7 falls. It’s the same way when your ready to go back to your vehicle they have you line up on a trail in the woods and wait for a shuttle. Half of out time for this attraction was waiting for a shuttle. I will go back but I would have a Uber drop me off at the front gate and pick me back up. Also the restaurant is closed.also they are only open Friday - Monday 10-6 so you no longer get to see the falls at night with the lights on them.
Written May 31, 2022
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Ericka J
17 contributions
Jul 2022 • Couples
After waiting an hour in the hot sun to catch a shuttle bus to the falls, you are then charged $16 per person for admission. Another $2 for a tram ride up. Yes the area is pretty, but nothing is open the restaurant is closed, the food trucks are closed. The falls themselves have very little water right now. Save your money, there are so many beautiful places you can see for free!
Written July 8, 2022
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Colorado Springs, CO340 contributions
Aug 2020
Went here to see the pictures you see of the Seven Falls with water rushing down but it's very dry so we didn't get to see that and after asking a employee working next to the "Seven Falls" he said you need to get there in the April/May timeframe to see the water rushing down the falls. We sent in August and there really wasn't much water.

If you plan to go you must allow a lot of time for travel in terms of getting there and leaving. Due to the virus they only allow a certain amount of people to ride the shuttle/buses from Penrose Stadium at a time. Our wait time just to get on a shuttle/bus from Penrose Stadium was 35 minutes and that doesn't include the nearly 10 minute drive and wait time at the gate to purchase your tickets. Tickets cost about $16 but they do offer a military discount of nearly $3. The wait time to leave was about 15 minutes (we left late around 6pm so there weren't nearly as many people as there were when we arrive trying to leave).

They do offer a shuttle ride to the "Seven Falls" but we didn't purchase the extra ticket for that tram/shuttle. The hike is about 10 - 15 minutes up depending on how quickly you walk up to get to the falls. Once at the top they only currently have a very small gift shop open and 2 massive stairs you can go up to view the falls. The steps that go along the falls is longer but once at the top it offers a couple of trails you can hike. One of the trails is 20 minutes round trip and the other trail is 40 minutes round trip. They do offer a elevator that will take you to the top of one of those stairs but the wait is long. This isn't a good attraction if your disabled or not in decent shape and can walk a lot.

Due to the falls being so dry during this time period I wouldn't recommend it if your visiting the Colorado Springs area when there are so many things to do that I would rank higher. If you go I hope you have a better experience. The employees that we dealt with were very friendly and thankful for our visiting their attraction.
Written August 16, 2020
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11 contributions
Aug 2020
Our family's favorite part was the creek alongside the path to the falls. So relaxing we could have stayed there all day! The scenery on the path to the falls was amazing too. The falls themselves were so dry I didn't see much water from the Eagles Nest. I only saw the water from right in front of them at the base. My husband and son climbed the stairs to the top of the falls and still didn't see much water, but they did enjoy the trail and had a good time up at the top.
Covered areas with shade, tables & chairs, and even rocking chairs at the base of the falls to wait for family members who are daring enough to climb the stairs to the top! (Make sure you are healthy before climbing. Drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness. Take it slow on the stairs!)
Also, the parking situation was confusing. You park miles away, wait in a long, sunny line for an hour, ride a bus to the park, then buy your tickets and enter the park. Some signs would have helped avoid confusion but we just had to ask people around us. It's an old rodeo or equestrian place converted to parking for a couple different attractions including 7 Falls. There are restrooms at the main building before getting in line, but they were dirty and it was hard to find toilet paper. There was a concessions truck at the line at the parking lot, but no more until the gift shop pretty far into the park, so bring water to avoid sickness. Overall, good time though. Next time will be better now that we know the ropes!
Written August 15, 2020
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