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Candi Kidal, Tumpang

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Very good

Jakarta, Indonesia354 contributions
A symbol of freedom
May 2018 • Friends
This candi was built to keep the ash of Anusapati, the second king of Singasari, in the 12th century. The candi was engraved with Garuda story, a Hindu epic. Garuda was freeing his mother. Anusapati was the son of Ken Dedes with her first husband. She was taken wife by her second husband, Ken Arok, after killing her first husband, in order to be the king. Their descendants became kings of Java.

The word ‘kidal’ means left handed or being left. Anusapati was treated differently by his step father and paid revenge, and freed her mother.
Written May 26, 2018
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Tokyo, Japan96 contributions
Very cool
Nov 2016
We visited with a good guide from a local tour operator. The history and cultural relevance are interesting and significant. VIt was interesting to remember how the world was once connected via trade routes bringing languages, ideas, religions, and cultures. It binds us.
Written December 7, 2016
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Aldo Ijen
Banyuwangi, Indonesia66 contributions
oh my God..
Sep 2014 • Family
Lot of temple located on East Java province especially from Hindu's culture. Also lot of temple not maintained by government. This temple for example. This temple actually quite nice, and has their own character, decoration, story, and art. Located around 1 hours from Malang city,you can see this temple. Quite clean and we still can see the history of this temple by the notice which installed on guard office. But, the funniest think is, exactly beside of this temple, some local people has chicken farm! And of course we smell something bad during our trip. We want to take quite long time to explore, and take some shoot of this temple, but it's not possible because the smell was too bad. I hope in the future it'll not be happen again in any tourism place especially on historical place like this.
Written January 30, 2015
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Ermin C
Quezon City, Philippines1,070 contributions
Exquisitely decorated temple - Candi Kidal.
Oct 2014 • Solo
The memorial temple of King Anusapati, the Candi Kidal contains a lot of exquisitely carved kala heads and reliefs detailing the story of Garuda. The standing lions at the corners also distinguish this temple from the others. The entire temple looks well-preserved and, as usual, is surrounded by its own mini-park, but outside lie the homes of ordinary Javanese people. The temple would have been perfect if not for the aluminum ladder left on the facade.

A recommended stop if one is touring around Malang!
Written October 28, 2014
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Surabaya, Indonesia216 contributions
Poor neighbourhood - low maintenanced
Aug 2013
Nice temple in a poor neighborhood since you will smell the chicken nextdoor.

Its hardly missed since the temple is far back with small sign in the front. I love the pics I took here tho

Its worth to see if u have spare time in malang, just about 30mis away from town and quite near to candi jago.

Too bad that a century temple is just lay like this without preservation
Written August 11, 2013
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Gladesville, Australia1,996 contributions
Revenge is a dish best served cold, until that is, the second course
Feb 2013 • Couples
Anusapati, the second king of Singosari dynasty inscribed on his burial temple a story about Garuda, the Hindu bird king man. This story is about how Garuda goes on a crazy adventure mission to rescue his mother from slavery. Anusapati, also lived such an adventure to rescue his mother Ken Dedes, became king himself with similar a plot involving murder, revenge & the honour of his mother & family. These pictures from the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata serves as a poetic & interesting reflection on his life.

Women may see men fighting over them as a flattering gesture. Ken Dedes was a happily married woman to local nobleman Tunggul Ametung. She was a special woman whose beauty created empires & destroyed lives. They had kids & lived a simple life until local thug & thief, Ken Arok murdered the nobleman & kept his widow, amongst other women, as a virtual sex slave. The thief, Ken Arok would go on to establish the Singosari dynasty & become its first king. Anusapati, was the son of Ken Dedes & Tunggul Ametung was his murdered father. Later in life when Anusapati learned the truth of his father's death, he sought out the age old solution for justice, sweet old revenge. Like some Hollywood movie, Anusapati even used the same knife that Ken Arok killed his father with. The taste of revenge is as sweet as winning the lotto. Inheriting the rapists kingdom, gold & army is pretty much the sweetest jackpot Anusapati could hope for.

Kidal temple is thought to be the final resting place ofAnusapati, second king of the Singosari Dynasty. His bones & ashes supposedly lie under the linga & yoni statue inside the central chamber which covers a 9 metre pit where the remains rest. Ultimately karma caught up to him & Anusapati was in turn murdered himself by one of Ken Arok's sons from a different wife, who became the third king of the Singosari dynasty, guess what happened to that guy later on.

According to historical records Kidal temple did have a statue of Shiva, lord of destruction in one of the chambers which disappeared. Not surprisingly it currently resides in the National Museum of Ethnology (Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde) in Leiden, The Netherlands. To its credit, this museum acknowledges the fact that the ownership of many of its many Indonesian statues is in dispute due to the word 'removal' being a fairly loose term, as in hidden in a sack or snuck out of the country in someone's underpants type, ironically it's probably kept in better conditions overseas with far more visitors.

Kidal temple is in fairly good condition, Restored in 1990 with most of its carvings intact & still visible after 800 years. Today it sits tall & proud within a pretty manicured garden, taken care of by someone who is proud of their work & of the temple. Out of all the temples in Malang, Kidal temple is one of the best preserved giving modern visitors a glimpse of how great a civilization the SIngosari/Majapahit eventually became. Most metered taxis can be hired in town to visit Candi Sumbarwaran, Candi Singosari, Candi Jago & Candi Kidal for around $30 USD metered rate including waiting time.
Written June 25, 2013
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Raymond W
Townsville, Australia4,550 contributions
The Tomb of Anusapati
Jul 2011 • Couples
Java is one of the richest parts of Southeast Asia archaeologically. Scores of temples dating back five hundred to one-thousand three hundred years ago have come down from the island's Classical Ages. While the temples of Borobodur and Prambanan are now famous and rank with the island's volcanic landscapes as the 'must sees' of a trip here, the history enthusiast could spend weeks seeing nothing but old temples. One of the more worthwhile ones is Candi Kidal.

Situated about 20 km from the lovely city of Malang, Candi Kidal sees far fewer visitors than Candi Singosari, but it is almost as impressive.Most of the original decoration is intact; time has been kind here. The temple is in excellent condition but it does not appear over-restored. The temple is in fact funerary in purpose, and belonged to Anusapati, one of the kings of the doomed Singosari Dynasty, which ruled East Java for seventy years during the 13th century. Like most of the other kings of this bloody line, Anusapati was murdered. However, today his tomb is a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by flowering shrubs.
Written June 9, 2012
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