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Sky Ranch Fitness
This all-inclusive fitness retreat is designed to help you jumpstart your fitness goals while relaxing in the natural splendor of Santa Barbara, CA. Through daily local hikes and fitness training, healthy cuisine, luxurious spa treatments, and the opportunity to explore some of the area's most notable sites and restaurants, guests will receive highly personalized care, as well as the tools needed to extend the benefits of their program long after their retreat.
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San Francisco, CA31 contributions
Luxury Resort, Spa, and Beach + Hiking + Food and Nutrition + Fitness Classes
Apr 2015 • Solo
Sky Ranch Fitness is great for anyone who wants to take a retreat from “real life” to focus on health and wellness. I am happy to report this is NOT a boot camp that tortures and starves you for a week. Instead, it’s a holistic all-inclusive experience that balances fitness, nutrition, and relaxation at a luxury resort in Santa Barbara.

The setting is the Bacara Resort and Spa, one of the nicest resorts in the Santa Barbara area. As a guest here, we had full access to the pool, spa, and other facilities. We enjoyed our meals at the resort’s restaurants.

The typical day began with morning stretches or yoga, followed by a smoothie or breakfast at the restaurant. We would then go for a scenic hike at various locations around Santa Barbara, all of which combined a good workout with beautiful views. After eating snacks and lunch during our hikes, we would return to the hotel for the afternoon. Depending on the day, we would spend the afternoon relaxing, getting a massage, or taking a variety of fitness/personal training classes. Finally, for dinner, we would go out to nice restaurants and/or wineries in the area.

All the meals and snacks were wholesome and healthy. The dishes were generally chosen for us, but we had opportunities to choose foods that we enjoy. I never felt hungry after a meal, but I never felt “stuffed” either.

I definitely recommend Sky Ranch Fitness and the Bacara Resort. The program is individually tailored to your personal needs and goals, so you won’t feel like this is too intense (or not intense enough). I was definitely tired after the workouts each day, but was a healthy kind of tired that made it easy to rest each night and wake up a feeling refreshed and ready to go again the next day.
Written December 24, 2015
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San Francisco, CA191 contributions
Best week of vacation - kickstart of a lifelong wellness program!
Sep 2015 • Couples
My boyfriend and I just had a wonderful five days with SkyRanch Fitness - it was so fun and informative ! There are a total of five of us in the program, and we got to spend time with Stu Gildred the owner, who is so passionate about fitness and nutrition, and his team of fitness instructors and nutritionists. We had daily morning and afternoon stretching, yoga, circuit training or TRX exercises and 3-4 hour hike in between. Everything was well orchestrated - challenging enough but still fun for people at all fitness levels. The food was delicious - we got to enjoy restaurants at the Bacara Hotel as well as the "in" cafe and restaurants in Santa Barbara - mostly fish, lean protein and leaf greens. The philosophy of the program is to teach everyone sustainable life style changes ! I highly recommend the program and a great value to stay at Bacara Resort and all inclusive of meals and fitness classes.
Written September 1, 2015
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New Jersey5 contributions
The best trip I took all year
Jul 2014 • Couples
From the gorgeous setting of the Bacara Resort & Spa, the food that is delicious, nutritious and surprisingly filling, workouts and hikes that challenge and trainers that are constantly so inspiring – not a stone was left unturned during my stay with Sky Ranch Fitness Retreat. My husband and I left feeling a bit lethargic and cheat meals were becoming the usual but after a week at Sky Ranch Fitness we lost pounds and inches, and gained the knowledge and the confidence to continue the journey we started in Santa Barbara long after we've returned home. It was such a fun, enjoyable experience and we can't recommend this retreat enough!
Written October 25, 2014
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Los Angeles, CA2 contributions
Standing tall smiling up
May 2014 • Solo
I wasn't sure what to expect from my first experience at a fitness camp. I knew the accommodations would be lovely at the Bacara Resort in Goleta, which they were. I assumed the hiking would be scenic and memorable, which it was. I hoped the food would be delicious, nutritious and adequate enough to sustain the heavy calorie burning and I was satisfied. But what surprised me most was the level of education I received, not only with regards to nutrition but primarily with my biomechanics. Dr. Michael Luan, like a benevolent pest, constantly adjusted our movements and reminded us HOW to stand, walk and move efficiently. By the end of the trip, my body no longer required the verbal suggestions and had adopted a new, more powerful posture. The hikes were long but not overly arduous (I might bring some extra healthy snacks if I do it again). And they were full of fun, lighthearted interesting conversation. The entire group bonded naturally and easily. I credit Stuart, who runs the camp for fostering an upbeat, playful energy. Who needs to combine seriousness with fitness? Not me. The entire staff seemed highly educated and many of them trained by Dr. Luan. Their knowledge was remarkably helpful but their caring and thoughtful dispositions blew me away. I quickly learned to trust and accept their input. I pushed myself beyond old, self-imposed physical limitations without issue. The staff is a special group that clearly enjoys encouraging and inspiring others to move into higher levels of fitness. To all of them, I am grateful. The highlight of the trip may have been a night out to a winery where wine flowed and a scrumptious meal was graciously served by an incredible chef (whose name escapes me). I did sneak out to Chipotle late one night and I only managed to loose a few pounds. But weight loss wasn't exactly my intention. The insights I left with still have me standing tall and smiling up.
Written July 21, 2014
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Vancouver, Canada9 contributions
A fantastic fitness vacation!
Mar 2014 • Solo
Apparently you can eat delicious gourmet food in the lap of luxury and lose weight all at the same time! I just got back from a one week stay at SkyRanch Fitness at the Bacara Resort and couldn't be happier with my results.
In one week I lost 5 pounds and 6 inches in the mid-section which is always the most challenging of areas. I was fed amazing fresh tasty but healthy cuisine and never felt hungry or deprived. During the day, the excellent trainers guided us through beautiful scenic yet effective (butt burning) hikes and then led us through fun fitness classes to ensure we keep our metabolism pumped up. My favourite part of the day is how we were treated to a daily massage and got to relax at the spa and use the beautiful amenities. The Bacara Resort is the perfect resort to train hard and then relax and dine in a perfect luxurious setting. The nutritionist at SkyRanch Fitness is very knowledgeable and treats you to an amazing cookie that is filled with pure deliciousness and goodness. I only wished I could have stayed longer at Sky Ranch Fitness and continue to "Smile Up"!!!!
Written June 23, 2014
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Acapulco, Mexico23 contributions
A week to remember all of my life........
Apr 2014 • Friends
I have brought home with me a whole new set of life style tools. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I have come back a stronger, more sure of myself person. I was amazed at how the team inspired me to be more. More than just being a victim to my limitations physically. I know I can do what I set out to do. The food was so delicious and beautifully presented. The hikes everyday were each one so special. The hike from "El Capitan" to "Refugio" along the cliffs was my favorite. We saw whales playing for us. The tour of "Whole Foods" with Nancy Dale was very enlightening. Doctor Luan made a great improvement in my thinking about my posture.

I am looking forward to returning to Sky Ranch. It changed my life!
Written June 17, 2014
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LosAngeles1 contribution
An experience that will change your life
Apr 2014
I'll just dive right in to the numbers, I lost over 15 lbs in a week and not only have I kept it off, I've lost 20 more.

The group of people that have come together to make SkyRanch aren't just going through the motions, they are truly committed to helping people change their life by pulling together the best research available on nutrition and wellness and have designed plans that are approachable for people of all fitness levels.

The changes they helped me to make with nutrition have changed my relationship with food. The trainers helped me to understand what the human body is capable of and how the mind can help tie it all together.

I hope to go back again next year as I continue the fitness journey they have helped me to begin.
Written June 14, 2014
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Beth D
San Diego, CA96 contributions
Life Altering Week at Sky Ranch!
Mar 2014 • Friends
More than I could have ever expected, my week at Sky Ranch Fitness was life-altering. Not only did I exercise and push myself more than I had since high school, I also felt rewarded and pampered with spa treatments, delicious and healthy food (and lots of it!), new friendships, and gorgeous hikes with stunning views. I also lost 5.2 lbs. and 5 inches...all in one week! If you need a jump start to beginning your healthy lifestyle or want to take your fitness to a new level, Sky Ranch is perfect! I plan to go back soon with friends!
Written June 7, 2014
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Kymberly W
Santa Barbara, CA9 contributions
Hiking and Liking Sky Ranch Fitness
Apr 2014 • Friends
If you are looking for a beautiful, healthy, intimate spa getaway that emphasizes hiking, movement classes, personal attention and nutritious meals, this is the place for you. With accommodations at the world class Bacara Resort, and adventures throughout the county, we left Sky Ranch Fitness quite impressed with the level of passion, instructor quality, and commitment to improving guests’ healthy living habits.

We especially loved the looooong, calorie burning hikes to places even we had not seen in our 30+ years living in Santa Barbara. Starting our day at 6:15 with a stretch or “foundation” class was worth waking for. Ending the day with a massage, or visit to a local winery for an exclusive dinner with a top level chef made me feel pampered and almost ready to move to a ranch. Or to have a personal chef at the very least.

However, it was the daily 3 hour hikes I really loved. Ok, maybe at the time as we were going uphill, both ways, in the heat, forever and ever, I might have moaned and whimpered a bit. And sung the Gilligan’s Island song. A Three Hour Tour. From coastline to mountain to meadow, Sky Ranch Fitness Spa took us on trails they had spent months researching and culling to provide the perfect options for a range of guest levels.
Written June 2, 2014
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Kings Park, NY6 contributions
The BEST fitness camp EVER!
Apr 2014 • Friends
Okay lets combine the best fitness trainers, the best views, the highest amount of luxury ALL IN SANTA BARBARA! I could not have asked for a better fitness retreat to get me back in the shape I want to be in! You work out most of your day with amazing hikes and great personal trainers that you will become friends with after the retreat is over. You get to hike at different places each day and each one gets better and more challenging with the greatest views! Let's not forget, you get pampered at the Bacara Spa with massages! They make it easy at Sky Ranch- they prepare the food for you, you don't have to stress about if you're eating "right." I am already planning my next retreat. The weight loss from eating healthy and exercising all week was only one of the many rewards from my time at Sky Ranch.
Written June 2, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.
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