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Le Gourmet Culinary
Le Gourmet Culinary - Cooking Classes is a fun way to spend a few hours learning how to cook. Classes are held in a state-of-the-art kitchen with small class sizes and hands-on up-close cooking. You are sure to find something that interests you from our wide choice of classes. Bring your kids to learn how to make French Macarons and join us for a light complimentary lunch, or come with your date or a friend for an elegant evening of Tuscan cooking, French cooking, or Sushi. See our website for all the classes offered. Close to Disneyland and John Wayne Airport, Le Gourmet Culianry is located in the heart of Orange County, just outside the beautiful Orange Circle in the City of Orange. We're easy to get to by car, or come by train! We are a very, very short walk to the Metrolink Orange Station. Get here on the Orange County Line, or the Inland Empire/Orange County Line.
Suggested duration
2-3 hours
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The area
How to get there
  • Orange Station • 2 min walk
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10 reviews
Very good

Carrie R
1 contribution
Highly recommend!
Aug 2021
What a fun way to spend a few hours. We took the All Desserts class—made peach cobbler, chocolate soufflé, creme brûlée, churros, and Japanese cheesecake. All the ingredients are already pre-measured and ready to go. Quincy was our chef, and he was wonderful. Clear instructions, great sense of humor, delicious recipes. And Miles was a great assistant. The two of them worked really hard and yet made it look easy.

Highly recommend the classes if you’re looking for a few hours of entertainment and a great meal (or, in our case, a great assortment of desserts).
Written August 22, 2021
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Katie G
1 contribution
Chef Diana ruined my experience at Le Gourmet Culinary
Apr 2020
I attended the class in April' 2019. The location was good, the setup and staff were very nice. But the Chef, Diana Jes, was very condescending. She wanted to get a specific Tiffany color for another group and asked to use my group's macaroon whip. As she was mixing up the color over and over (and we asked her to stop as the batter will be to runny), she end up over-mixing it and our macaroons were flat with a hard shell. I made a comment again that she over mixed it, she said that WE did something wrong! Unbelievable! I left the class right away. She never apologized.
Written March 14, 2021
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Mervin L
10 contributions
Pasta Perfect!!
Oct 2019 • Couples
Treated my wife to a pasta cooking class at Le Gourmet Culinary in the city of Orange, Ca. this past Tuesday and what a fun and learning experience we had with the amazing Chef Walsh. His teaching methods were easy to understand and follow. We learned how simple pasta making can be. We made fettuccine, ravioli, and lasagna all from scratch and were amazed at how delicious everything turned out. Chef Walsh was very knowledgeable and entertaining. 3 hr class flew by in no time. Class was limited to four couples so no one was left alone. We all had hands on experiences. Since then, my wife and I made the fettuccine and were very pleased with our results. Would recommend this class to friends and family. Will return for paella cooking class. Thank you Chef Walsh.
Written October 20, 2019
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Riverside, CA727 contributions
Fun date night, good food
May 2019 • Couples
My husband and I came here on a Friday night before memorial day. It happened to be that a couple of pairs ended up no showing so we had a class with only six people (normally they would cancel a class that size) The food turned out excellent with the exception of the cheesecake which was OK. We learn to make prime rib, a great salad, green beans asparagus and mashed potatoes and cheese cake. The chef was experienced as a chef but new to being a teacher. He innovated as needed and a couple of the things didn’t go quite as planned but he was able to recover which is a good skill to know in the kitchen. Class started at 6:30 but we ate about 10 at night. Just be prepared if you need to eat a snack before you come. They did have plate of meat, cheese and dried fruit to snack on while we worked. They provided ice tea and water to drink and If you want any other drinks you were welcome to bring your own. Once we’re done cooking we were led into a dining room and were able to relax as we were served. The best part was we never had to wash a dish ;-) when I posted the pictures to my social media I had a number of couples that want to go next time we plan to come here!
Written May 30, 2019
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Matt K
22 contributions
Cooking Class
Mar 2019 • Couples
Seemed disorganized and ill prepared. Kitchen was not kept clean or tidy. Food prepared by our group mediocre due to lack of oversight by instructor (added sherry vs sherry vinegar; oven set at wrong temperature and setting).
Written March 24, 2019
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Chino, CA3 contributions
Aug 2018 • Family
on 04/21/2018 My Wife and Daughter attended the Sushi making class. They came home saying disappointed with the class that the sushi rice (One of the core competencies and aspects of a sushi making class) was overcooked and the dessert portion of the class was rushed which resulted in a less than satisfying result.

To our delight, Diana promised a "make-up" class for the experience.
We rebooked another cooking class on July 7th. However, on that day, my wife called me from the location and the doors were locked.
I called Diana and she responded with "Oh I forgot about that class."
She then offered another "make-up" class in addition to crediting my account for another free class for the mishap.

After checking my account several times, I could not find the credit on my account, over the timespan of about 2-3 weeks, I text'd Diana multiple times after her agreed "deadlines" for the adjustment. Then she began getting irritated and said she could not take the "constant texts". I have all the transcripts which I may upload later on if needed as proof. (I only contacted her when the credits were still not showing after the promised dates/times)

I confirmed with Diana that my Wife and Daughter was enrolled on the August 4th class and which she responded with an affirmative YES. (Have screenshots too) And guess what happend on August 4th? I got a call from my wife saying the doors were locked and no one was there AGAIN. (Its about an hour drive each way)
I called Diana and she responded with that the class was cancelled because not enough people signed up. When I asked why werent we notified, she responded with "You should of called to confirm it was still going on..."

I was so frustrated with this entire fiasco, I opted for a refund. Diana then went into questioning why we deserved a makeup class in the first place. She said she checked the video cameras of the first class and if the Sushi rice was "inedible" why did my daughter eat it all? (My Daughter is 9 and she mentioned it hurt her stomach after, and my wife told me it they did NOT eat it all, regardless of the fact, this is a very poor customer interaction, look at the business responses to other Yelpers that posted a low review, they are VERY confrontational.) Diana also mentioned that the chef has been all over the world and knew what they were doing, so it couldn't of been their fault.

After some conversation, she finally agreed to refund the amount. She then said she needed to be at a computer, and there was a personal issue (I wont share that here) so she will need to do it later. I agreed to let her take care of her personal issue, but requested a deadline in writing (via text) because I knew from experience the lack of follow through. She confirmed via text that the refund would be by Sunday night.

On Sunday night, instead of a refund, I got an text from Diana stating to send all further correspondence and questions to an email address. I sent an email and called the phone number, but as with MANY other users on this website, you can see they wont respond, and didnt...

I am still awaiting for their call/text/email/or refund.... I will update if anything changes.

Just FYI, if you post a bad review, they will try to contact you and try to get you to remove it. Even then, you can see there are still many bad experiences on this business.
Written August 6, 2018
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Mission Viejo, CA129 contributions
A Night Out in Burgundy France
Feb 2018 • Couples
Tips and Notes

🍷Bring a bottle of wine to enjoy during the class.

Bring a pen. You will want to add your own notes to the handouts.

The classes are small--usually 12 people, with 3 cooking groups of 4 people. Everyone gets to cook.

Even with the red aprons you wear, your clothes may get dirty--you are forewarned.

Take pictures during the cooking process. They will help you remember the tips the chef gives you.

Great date night.
Written February 7, 2018
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Los Angeles, CA771 contributions
Macarons made easy - but can I recreate at home?
Jul 2017 • Couples
The class: French macarons
The instructor: Chef Dominique

My sister-in-law had read reviews that it would be helpful to be early to class so my husband and I arrived 15-20 minutes early but the front doors were still locked. We saw that the side service doors were opened so we took a chance and entered there and caught the instructor by surprise - he said we were "very early". While we were the first students there, there were 2 pairs of people right behind us and came through the way we did. He had us sign in on a paper with the list of attendees for the class and told us to wash our hands and tie our hair up. Chef Dominique had a heavy French accent that was a little difficult to follow at times and his humor was characteristically French - telling jokes that were seemingly a little harsh or confusing but taken with a grain of salt, kind of funny. He wasn't very clear in his instructions - kind of waved us around ... but we all took part in the lesson. It was a very full class of 15 people but there were 5 standing mixers so we were grouped into threes (though most people came in pairs). Each person received a page introducing Chef Dominique, a packet with the recipe we would be making, a towel to clean our area and an apron to wear for the class. He didn't really show us what to do but told us instructions, expecting us to follow everything he was saying ... and he didn't try to clarify when some people were clearly confused by his instructions (for example, he told us to mix the almond powder with the powdered sugar - but the first people to go didn't know what was what but he just kept repeating himself rather than showing them). All the ingredients were already weighed out for each station so that was easy enough. Chef Dominique simplified the experience for us so we really just had to follow the instructions - though there was a little discrepancy in the printed recipe. There was only one food processor (which we were using to more finely grind the almond flour and powdered sugar) so we had to take turns and wait for others to finish and there was a set of ovens on one side of the room so one station of "students" were in charge of "baking" all our macarons. Each station made 3 trays of macarons (totaling about 40 macarons when completed) While we waited for our macarons to bake, a meal had been prepared for us to enjoy (simple salad and baked pasta). After filling (we made 4 different fillings that we could mix and match into our macaron cookies - dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache, berry jam buttercream, apricot jam buttercream) and completing our macarons, Chef Dominique provided containers where we could store and take our macarons. Whatever leftover filling there was, he told people to take home. I was the last to finish and people had used a lot of the filling but was able to complete mine too. The class was originally listed as lasting 3 hours but we finished in about 2.5 hours. All in all the experience was lighthearted and fun - though I'm not sure if I would be able to recreate these macarons at home the way they turned out in class.
Written July 31, 2017
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Mission Viejo, CA129 contributions
Cheese, glorious cheese!
Oct 2015 • Couples
The first hour of class, Chef Martin demonstrates the items that you will create. His presentation is knowledgeable, funny and entertaining. Participants are split into small groups and rotate through stations making the various cheeses. Fresh cheese is amazing! The class included dinner as well. This is our second class and we are eyeing the bread class for our next one.
Written October 16, 2015
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Pamela S
La Canada, CA198 contributions
Yum, Yum Fun
Sep 2015 • Friends
Over the top fun event. Sign up to take a cooking class but have the best time ever! Food was amazing, the chef was entertaining and a real pro.....very enjoyable class and food tasting. Went with 12 women......very fun evening!
Thank you Chef Martin. You are the BEST!
Written September 29, 2015
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