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Marina del Rey Boat Rentals

Marina del Rey Boat Rentals
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We are a Boat Rental business based out of Marina del Rey, CA. We have every kind of water sport for rent. We rent high-quality boats such as Boston Whaler and Grady White. We have WaveRunners from Yamaha that can take up to two persons. Stand-up paddle boards, kayaks for one or two persons and sail boats. We are on the same dock as Marina del Rey Parasailing.
Marina del Rey, California

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Joe S
Santa Monica, CA22 contributions
Jul 2016 • Couples
I should probably start by suggesting that you take a look at Marina Del Rey Boat Rental's website before I share my experience. The website shows you the variety, sizes and cost of the watercraft available plus, if you find what you want to rent, you can reserve it at the same time. The rental office is right on the water's edge and nestled in a cool little seaside village appropriately named "Fisherman's Village". When you arrive you'll find ample parking that is fairly priced with a validation that you can get at any of the shops or with the boat rental and a cool string of little shops and places to eat. In addition, they often have live music during the day in an open area that really makes for a pleasant experience. I was surprised to see how many people were dancing to the music but I digress, this is supposed to be about renting a boat. I think it's important to point out that 1. The rental pier is located inside the marina, 2. It was one of the few places that I could find that allowed you to take the boats out on your own and 3. They offer, depending on the size of boat, units that aren't allowed to leave the marina boundaries and some that you can take out into the ocean. I chose to rent a little 13 foot Boston Whaler that seated 2 people comfortably and, because of it's size was restricted to the marina. That said, the marina is huge and you can easily spend two or three hours just cruising around and checking out all the cool power and sail boats. The water is usually pretty smooth and the boat offered a comfortable ride. If you want to go out into the ocean you've got to move up to at least a 20 footer which, if that's what you want to do, they're reasonably priced. If I remember correctly, they open at 9AM and close at sunset. The staff is friendly, helpful and efficient. They take as much or as little time as you're comfortable with to explain the basics of operating the boat and the rules of the road so to speak. All in all, it was a good time, fairly priced and something I'm sure I'll do again. One last note, depending on the time of day you're renting you might want to bring a windbreaker or a light sweater as it occasionally gets a little nippy even in the summer. In closing and as I mentioned in the beginning, take a few minutes to check out the website to a much better idea of what's available to you.
Written July 26, 2016
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Riverside, CA67 contributions
Nov 2013 • Couples
What i liked: Reservations over the phone were quick and easy. Rates were reasonable (240 for a four hour rental on a catalina 22). Parking was ample-although we were warned that if we backed into the stall we would be given a ticket? Not the boat rental's fault. Bottled water was available for $1.00. Boat was clean and in good repair, with an electric outboard to supplement the main and jib sails.
What i didn't like: Our reservation was for 10 am, but we didn't leave the dock until 10:30 because the boat wasn't ready to sail. I was given a cursory explanation of the electric motor and location of the life preservers and then sent on my way. No harbor rules explained. First time renter here but i was never asked for any sailing credentials or even if i had any sailing experience? No tell tales in the sails or on the rigging (i always bring my own anyway so not a huge concern).
Bottom line: I would return here to rent again. Hopefully the management takes heed and guides their employees toward a safer rental experience for everyone's sake. A 3000lb boat in the hands of an unskilled skipper could prove to be a disaster for everyone involved.
Written November 11, 2013
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California95 contributions
Jun 2013 • Family
This is a great little place to rent from, located in a very easily accessible place just off the pier.
( May I suggest going to Sapori's Italian restaurant after you've paddle boarded around? ) Parking is easy and there's a huge lot for general parking just behind the restaurants at the pier.We rented both paddleboards & a boat from here. You will have to leave a deposit on your card and it will not be small but I think when renting larger equipment, that's pretty much standard. The people that work there are knowledgable and helpful about explaining how to use the equipment and they're pretty laid back : ) It's a pretty & mildly busy little area to paddleboard around in and the location keeps the water quite calm most of the time. You can also take a boat out to the Pacific. Overall, a really fun way to spend 1/2 hour, an hour or even two out on the water. The general area is really pretty cute with restaurants that have great views but not always the best food ( except for sapori ). However, you should be able to find a quick bite or a snack very easily. Have fun & enjoy!
Written September 20, 2013
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Karen Dotrice
Los Angeles, CA28 contributions
Jan 2020
We have used their boats 3 times now, a cute boat with a bimini ( shade top) and just love taking a picnic out to the open ocean. Last time we were out, we were surrounded by dolphin, which was spectacular. The owners and staff are very attentive, coach you on how the boat works and make you feel confident, even if you haven’t tried boating before. It might sound expensive, but for the fun you have ( great stereo system!) and the feeling of freedom in nature, its way worth it!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Written February 19, 2020
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Eric M
1 contribution
May 2022
We went parasailing and the captain and crew were absolutely amazing. It was a special occasion for us and it far exceeded our expectations. The boat was great and on time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we even got to see dolphins from above! Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a once in a lifetime experience!
Written May 31, 2022
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Franklin, TN7 contributions
Jul 2015
On Wed July 8th 2015 at approximately 4PM PT I called Marina del Rey Boat Rentals to reserve a Grady White 205, 20.5 foot power boat with a 150hp motor (Grady) for 2 hours for a total of $346, for Friday July 10th at 3PM. The purpose of the rental was a short ocean excursion for my family (wife and three of my four daughters) and I while on vacation in the Southern California area.

The reservation was confirmed and I gave my credit card information to confirm the reservation (Citibank AAdvantage MasterCard). I was instructed to arrive 30min early for paperwork/instructions.

My family and I arrived on time and checked into the MDRBR kiosk on the dock where their boats and jet skis for rent are located. We completed the proper paperwork to rent the boat, informed of a $500 damage deposit that would be charged to our card (and reversed in a few days provided there was no damage), required to sign a credit card charge form listing the damage deposit in the item line, but no amount filled in for the charge (essentially I signed a blank credit card slip), and further, the attendant informed us that they would maintain possession of my credit card until we returned at the end of our rental period.

As part of the check-in process, I was provided a list of rules and then quizzed on them by an attendant, passing successfully. I am familiar with the area having rented ocean-going power boats from the same location on many occasions over the past 7 years, though the facility has changed hands to a new company/owner since my last rental.

We were asked to wait on a dock bench while they “brought our boat around.” Instead, a previous rental arrived directly from the ocean in one of their other Grady’s (they mentioned they have two available, Grady 1 and Grady 2) and we were informed we were to use that boat instead (Grady 1). We were boarded at 2:45PM, immediately after the prior renters exited the boat. No one checked out the boat in any way so I asked the attendant if there was enough fuel after the prior rental. He said “yes” though I know there was no check of the boat or its condition prior to us boarding. We were then given another run down on rules and regulations, and pushed off at 2:52PM, with the attendant pushing us off mentioning that he would set the clock at 2:55PM for our 2 hour voyage. Note the exact times being given in this statement are a result of having my cell phone clock readily available to make sure I knew exactly when we left and when we needed to return to ensure we did not incur additional charges for being late in returning the boat.

After a 10 minute no-wake cruise to exit the harbor, we cruised the Pacific Ocean about a half mile off shore between the Marina del Rey and Santa Monica beaches. At approximately 3:45PM an alarm sounded on/near the throttle control and the motor power cut dramatically. I immediately shut down the motor and looked for some sort of problem on/around it (though I have no experience as a boat motor mechanic). I started the motor again and immediately heard the same alarm and so shut off the motor again. I then called MDRBR, noting the time on my cell phone as 3:50PM, to report the problem and that we were dead in the water approximately ½ mile off shore and 1 mile south of the Santa Monica Pier. After waiting on hold for a few minutes, the line was picked up and I reported the problem. The woman that I talked to then put me on the line with a man who asked me questions about what happened.

I told him that we were traveling due Southwest at approximately half-speed when the motor lost most of its power (we slowed down to about 3mph) and an alarm was sounding from near the throttle. He asked me to raise the trim on the motor (lifting it out of the water) to determine if there was any debris/material wrapped around or otherwise blocking the proper movement of the propeller. I did as asked and reported that the propeller area looked clean and fine with no debris or foreign matter on the propeller or anywhere on/near the motor. He then asked me to turn off the motor (I told him it already was). He then asked me to remove the key, replace it again, and turn on the motor to see if worked. I reported the same problem we were having- very little power and an alarm sounding. He asked me to hold the phone near the alarm so he could hear it. He then apologized for our troubles and said he would send out another boat to retrieve us and would be there in about 20 minutes.

At 4:15PM a boat arrived and pulled up near us, about 20 feet away. He asked me to trim the motor so he could get a look at the bottom of the motor and propeller. He observed the motor and propeller and said it “looks fine” and he apologized for our troubles. He proceeded to ask us to repeat the procedure above (remove/replace key, start engine). He then asked me to throttle it full to see if the boat would respond. I moved the throttle to full speed and then immediately took it down due to a very significant motor shudder/shake that alarmed me. I asked him if he could hear the alarm/sound or see the motor shudder, but he couldn’t due to his distance from me and the ambient ocean sounds and those of his own motor.

He asked me to repeat the process again and give it full throttle, despite the motor shudder, to see if the motor would respond and we would get some good forward movement of the boat. I did as I was asked, we picked up a bit of speed, then the motor completely cut-off. I told him what happened and he was surprised that the little speed we exhibited was with the throttle at full. He then proceeded to position his boat closer to ours in order to toss me a tow rope, which I connected to the D-Ring on the lower bow. He towed us back to Marina del Rey Boat Rentals dock without incident, other than replacing a long ocean tow rope with a shorter harbor tow rope once we entered the Marina del Rey harbor.

Upon arriving at the dock at approximately 5PM, my family and I disembarked and we started to walk towards the rental kiosk while I wondered what sort of accommodation they would make for our interrupted rental. I was prepared to pay for one hour of the two, but figured if they were a customer-focused establishment they might not charge us at all for our ruined outing. After a few paces, I was instructed by an attendant to “wait by the boat until the owner comes out to talk to you.” After waiting for 5 minutes, my wife and three daughters headed off the dock to go to the restroom and wait for me near the car. After another 4-5 minutes the owner finally arrived in a whirlwind, instructing his staff in a string of commands about what was wrong with the boat and what they needed to do. At that time I also noticed a law enforcement officer walking behind him towards me, arms crossed, staring at me.

As the owner climbed in the boat, while telling his staff to strip down the boat (remove cushions, wash it down, prepare it to be towed out of the water) he felt the engine and said it was “very, very hot” and said he “wouldn’t be surprised is this $18,000 motor was ruined.” He then proceeded to remove the top cover, feel the engine and pronounce the extreme heat again, and said that he was “99.9% sure” I had run over kelp in the ocean and it had been sucked into the engine and ruined the water pump. I informed him that I had plenty of boating experience, and always keep a close eye out for kelp and any visible debris, and in fact had seen 3 large areas of kelp during our one hour of normal operation that I widely avoided. I further insisted that I had been vigilant in that effort and was certain I had not run over any kelp or debris that was visible on the surface.

He said it might not be what he suspected, but he was very sure it was. He then proceeded to run through a very complete list of all I would be held responsible for: Repairing the engine, covering his staff labor cost, removing/towing the engine to a distant city where the repairs would be made, and, pay the lost full day rental revenue for the weekend (3 days) he would have otherwise received if the boat was in service. I told him I would not do that at all, that I followed every rule they gave me and had not run over any kelp. He then stated that the agreement I signed said I was liable for any damage, and I informed him I had not been given a copy of the agreement and had nothing to reference in front of me. He assured me he would give me a copy.

He then asked me to go to the kiosk while he “wrote up the damages.” I walked to the kiosk, with the law enforcement officer silently walking a few paces behind me. The owner then called the repair shop, researched the mileage to and from the shop, and filled out a very detailed form made specifically for totaling damages. He then said he would charge me $3971.40 total, not including the $346 rental fee which he was also going to charge me in full. I told him I did not agree and would not pay at this time, other than the for the time I used the boat while it was operational (approximately 1 hour). He insisted he was writing up all these documents to indicate what he was going to charge me and that I would in fact be paying everything he said I owed. I told him I would accept any documentation he wanted to present to me for later review by me and an attorney, but I would not be signing anything from this point forward. The repair estimate he wrote up stated “What cause damage? Engine overheat due to kelp wrapped around lower unit” even though there was no kelp or any debris seen at any time I was on the boat after I inspected it, and three staff members did as well, with two proclaiming the motor and propeller looked “fine.”

As a reminder, this entire time a law enforcement officer was standing 5 feet behind staring at me as if I might be a threat or danger to the owner/business. I thought how strange it was that he appeared right on time for the owner to confront me.

The owner then proceeded to explain again why I was liable for these costs and said that the lost rental income would hurt his business and that the weekend was very busy with reservations. He then turned around to make another call related to this issue, and while he did, I took a look at the rental records, wide open and in plain sight 6 inches from me on the kiosk check-in platform. I noticed that there are two identical Grady’s (“Grady White 1” and “Grady White 2”), and I also noticed that for the entire weekend, Friday-Sunday, there were a total of 4 reservations between the two boats, not including mine and the renter right before me, each for 1-2 hours, with no overlaps. I would estimate at least 90% of the available reservations slots were empty.

When the owner got off the phone I challenged his assertion that the weekend was booked. He said he was shortly going to call a few customers to tell them they had to cancel their reservations. I then told him that I saw the reservation book right in front of me and that there were only 4 reservations for the entire weekend from that point forward, and that there was in fact no one he had to call to cancel since his other Grady White would be available to rent. Caught in a lie, he said that actually the rental income loss would be “mostly walk-up reservations- we get a lot of those- especially on the weekend.” I then said “so you don’t really need to call anyone to cancel right?” He did not respond but jumped back into processing the paperwork related to my rental and writing up my charges. I asked the question again, and he did not respond again.

He then charged my Citibank MasterCard for $346 (original rental amount), and $3,471.40 in “damages”, and informed me the $500 damage deposit would remain on my card to cover the full $3,971.40 claim he was making. The total amount he charged my card was $4,317.40. He then slid the charge slips to me to sign and I refused. He asked why, and I said those slips include language below the signature line that stated I agree to pay these charges and I do not. He became frustrated and sarcastic, asking me what I did for a living (I told him that was none of his business), if I was an attorney (I said no), and if I was a business owner (I refused to answer). He said “Tell me what you do. I can find out. I will find out. You might as well tell me.” I refused saying it was not relevant to our discussion. He then said I was refusing to pay him for what I agreed to when renting. I told him I neither agreeing or refusing, but protecting my rights and I wanted to get a copy of the agreement and copies of all the paperwork and charge slips he generated. I would then review them and get back to him. He proceeded to keep the charges on the card (unsigned) and gave me copies of the paperwork. I was straightforward and civil at all times, though I was on edge because I felt like I was being scammed, with the diagnosis quickly proclaimed and costs quickly calculated, the claim of lost rental revenue, the lie I caught him in regarding having to cancel customers reservation, and the coincidence of a law enforcement officer that somehow arrived the instant the owner came out of his office to first talk to me- as if he was called in ahead of time and this show had played many times on this dock before with perhaps less docile customers than me.

He then asked me if I was a homeowner. I told him it was none of his business. He proceeded to explain that if I was a homeowner I could lay these costs off on my homeowners insurance and they would take care of it. He said other customers of theirs had done this, it happens all the time, and it’s no big deal. I made no comment.

As I was preparing to depart, the owner called me back to make something clear- a threat. He said that his estimate of what happened to the engine might be wrong, and it could be much, much worse resulting in further charges to me- upwards of $18,000 to replace the motor. If I signed the charges then, he would let me off the hook if the damage was greater and would “eat anything over my estimate.” If I did not sign, he would come after me with any additional costs that might be determined by him. I declined his offer and left. The time I left the kiosk was approximately 6:00PM, after having been detained for an hour at MDRBR. As I left, the law enforcement officer followed me very closely all the way from the dock to a nearby shopping area (about 300 feet away), waiting about 50 feet away staring at me and my family while I used the restroom and then while we bought a drink at a concession. He kept us under surveillance until we got in our car and drove away a few minutes later.
Written September 28, 2015
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7 contributions
May 2015
I started the day happy and was looking forward to the day ahead with friends.

Upon arrival they had us sign paperwork make a statement which was recorded on an iPad for some jet skis which left us very exposed at the end of our ride. I didn't expect what was coming. Before we took the skis out we was asked to check the body of the ski to confirm and note any damage (never told to look at the engine under the rear of the ski!!) . By this time the excitement had gone they really took the fun out of it.

As I was pulling up on my return I was greeted by one of the employees who wanted to take the ski to park it up. As he got on it he pulled up the reverse lever and must of applied to much throttle or pulled it to hard and some how he ended up breaking the flap at the rear under the jet ski. I never used the reverse lever so I know 100% I didn't break the part which could only be broke if I used it which I did not.

Then the games began I was told straight away I was the one that broke it and his colleague almost immediately began searching the net for prices for repair. Even though the repair was only a few hundred dollars they come up with "down time" which meant I was asked to pay for 4 days while the repair takes place!!!

I know I did not break it 100% if I did I would of paid for it.

Not only did I falsely get accused of damaging the equipment but before we had excepted the charge they already went ahead and withdrew the $3000 from our credit card. At this point I was very shocked and cause I questioned it he called the police!! Lucky the policeman sided with me and saw straight through him. And told me to report them to the better business bureau and to leave a review on tripadvisor! So here I am.
Written June 3, 2015
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Ivana P
1 contribution
Aug 2015

As I was getting to write a review, I briefly checked to see what criticisms other 1 star Yelp reviews had, and guess what, they were pretty much the same! I highly suggest you look at the negative reviews, as you will see a running theme: the owner Mark screaming at people on their way back, blaming them (while blatantly lying) they screwed up various parts of the boat and using the contract they signed at the beginning to threaten to sue them if they don’t pay what HE “thinks” the “damage” was. This all happened to us and ruined an otherwise perfect day, but needless to say we went there once and will never be back. And I won’t stop telling people about his fraudulent practices. I have also reported him with Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report and we are considering filing a lawsuit. Yes, that’s how fraudulent his behavior was and we have all the proof we need (videos, pictures, and witnesses). And did I mention my husband who was yelled at is a litigation attorney?

Long story short, we rented a boat from this place a few weeks ago for two hours and on our way back, the owner Mark and one of his employees started SCREAMING AT us as we were approaching, and I’m talking screaming at 25 yards away. Once we arrived, he alleged we BROKE the passenger window and that he would end up charging my husband $3000 to replace it as he had his credit card on file. The window was NOT broken, it looked like it slightly came out of its bracket and could have easily been readjusted with a little pressure. Mind you, we took pictures before leaving the dock and the window looked the exact same, i.e. it needed to be readjusted even BEFORE we got on. I urged my husband to let Mark charge whatever he “feels” appropriate and we will fight him in court but after talking to my husband, the owner Mark ended up “offering” to charge him “only” $500, and once he “takes the boat to the repair shop” he will give my husband whatever the difference was should it cost less than the $500 he stole from us. And we never heard back since.

While waiting for his call, and curious as to what the window adjustment fee was my husband personally called Grady White, the manufacturer of the boat, and spoke with multiple experts who ALL confirmed that the window coming loose from the bracket is a common ordinary wear and tear occurrence on this boat, and that it is simply remedied by applying simple pressure to the window to return it to its bracket. We weren’t even responsible for this happening, yet were lied to and stolen from despite all the evidence. How is this fair to American consumers?

His main business is comprised of tourists; Mark does not rely on repeat business and therefore takes whatever he can get as he knows he will never see them again. I will certainly keep speaking up about his fraudulent practices.
Written September 17, 2015
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Jon W
Greater London, UK1 contribution
May 2015 • Friends
We initially had a good experience, very thorough, we was told under no circumstances to use the reverse on the jet ski by maverick, so what do you know on return we was told we had broken the reverse gear. After an argument and the police being called we came to the conclusion that for $72 of parts we should pay $3000. My credit card was charged without agreement and then I was blackmailed to sign a disclaimer for a less amount which I declined and I ma now fighting it through the credit card company. Be careful with this company, the police man actually advised us that it was about the 10th time he had been called for similar incidents.
Written May 23, 2015
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Kris P
San Francisco, CA2 contributions
Jul 2020
Do not waste your money with these Rude Scammers. I was looking for a local activity to do with my child. I used to live in Marina Del Rey. I called Marina Del Rey Boat Rentals on Friday on 310-306-4444 and spoke to a nice woman Johanna. I told her I was looking for a 13 ft Boston Whaler for 1 Hour. Their website lists this at $85.00. She said the minimum 1 Hour is only offered on Monday and Tuesday. So, I wait until Tuesday, take a half-day off work, download, and fill in their PDF Agreement, and head down to MDR with my child. Marina Del Rey Boat Rentals is a shack the size of my bathroom on a floating dock. Not easy to find. The over-aggressive, vile man at the shack window rudely says he could not care less what Johanna told me on the phone, and that the minimum rental is 1.5 Hours at $128.00. All I was planning to do was a couple of circles inside the Harbor for my child. I patiently tried to explain that I was told over the phone to come on Monday or Tuesday, but to no avail, this aggressive, nasty creep continued to rudely snap at me. We turned away and ended up renting Bird scooters for the day and made the best of it. Do not waste your money with these rude, vile scammers. It is a tiny shack with a few rundown boats, nothing like the photos on their website. I have no doubt that this over-aggressive guy will promptly provide a quick “comeback” reply to this honest negative review, followed by three 5-star raving reviews. Do not buy it. Marina Del Rey Boat Rentals is a nasty dump run by a total creep. The 1 Hour rental does not exist on any day for any boat. Once you get down there you will find out!
Written August 3, 2020
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