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Very good

Santa Monica, CA2,583 contributions
Dec 2022 • Friends
Korean spa with multiple rooms and saunas. Came here for a lowkey bachelorette celebration with 5 girls on a Sunday afternoon and there was no wait. It was especially nice to go there on a rainy day. They do have options to curate a spa day but a 10 person minimum is needed. The day pass is $30 but for certain services, it’s waived. Valet parking is available for $3 (cash only). Note that you’re completely without clothes in the bathroom. They have showers as well as the sitting showers. You’re given a tshirt at the front desk after you pay and then you pick up your own pair of shorts and a robe as you enter the locker. They have face sheet masks for sale or you can bring your own. They provide you with a bracelet for your locker key.

For the first timers, note that the process is to drop your things off at the locker, shower, go into the hot tub, cold tub, sauna (dry or steamy) and then shower off. You head to the second floor where there’s also a cafe for more rooms including the jade room and clay room. When you’re done, you shower again and then apply your lotion/face masks, and relax for as long as needed.
Written December 10, 2022
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71 contributions
Mar 2016
If you don't mind taking it all off and seeing others in their birthday suit, then this is THE PLACE for "me" time.

I typically like to go to Korean spas by myself because I'm still not comfortable showing my boobs (and everything else) to people I know. So if you're on the shy side, go by yourself, leave your phone in your locker, and enjoy your time.

The facility is clean and I usually come here on Tuesdays but ever since they raised their rates to $20, I don't come as often. I definitely spent more when it was $15. There are groupons from time to time so be on the lookout for those too.

TIPS** Bring a hair mask to use in the hot rooms, face mask to use in the dry sauna, cloth face mask to use at the very end, and a loofah or scrub towel to use in the shower.

Here is what I do on a typical spa day:

Park in their FREE parking lot (THANK YOU!), go to the reception, tell them what service I want (I've only done just the spa). They give me: a shirt, towel, and a wrist band with the locker number. This is the key to your locker. You will also use it to buy food at the restaurant. Any additional services or food you order is paid for at the end when you checkout.

Change time! (For WOMEN only) I head downstairs to the women's locker room to find my locker. When you first enter, make sure to grab a pair of shorts and a robe (this is optional to wear but if you want it, it's in a cabinet). I change into the shirt and shorts and put the hair mask/coconut oil in my hair before going to the co-ed hot rooms or jimjilbang (jim & jill bang, jack prb wasn't so happy). Next, I grab two hand towels from the women's locker room (one to place under my head in the hot room & one to wipe off nasty sweat) and go upstairs to the hot rooms. There are 4: jade, salt, mud, and super hot room (these may or may not be the actual names). There is also one freezer room. I go into the jade room first, then to the freezer to cool off. Then mud -- freezer -- salt -- freezer -- super hot room -- freezer. I try to stay at least 15 minutes in each hot room to sweat out all the toxins and during this process, your skin gets really soft too and it's awesome.

After this, I go back down to the women's locker to change into the robe and toss the dirty hand towels in the "soiled baskets". I wash my face, put on the face mask, grab 2 new hand towels, and head to the dry sauna. I take my robe off before entering the dry sauna. Place one towel on the bench and sit on it. Hang out for about 10 minutes or when I can't breathe anymore, get out, wash my face, then go into the wet sauna for about 1 minute because I can't last any longer than that. Then I take a body shower before heading to the jacuzzi. Please shower before going into the jacuzzi, don't be that gross person. There's also a sign that says if you have or had diarrhea in the past 2 weeks, don't get in. Ewwwww!!!! I guess enough people did it previously where a sign is now necessary. And also, if it's that time of the month...don't get in. Wearing a tampon does not make it "okay" either.

After relaxing in the jacuzzi, it's shower time. They have toothbrushes (new) and toothpaste available. You can either stand to shower or sit.. your choice! They also provide shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. After drying off, there are hair dryers that you can use too. As an Acupuncturist, I highly recommend drying your hair and then wearing a hoodie out.. you don't want to catch a cold! After all this is when I put on the cloth mask and hang out in the sitting area for a bit before heading home. Approximate total hours: 3

There's also a rooftop patio upstairs so if you want to bring a book to read, relax, or hangout, it really nice and has a lounge vibe to it.

PARKING: I would highly recommend that you park your own car. Do NOT use the valet. I never had to but I've waited for my friend in the car and have watched the valet fly down the lot in other people's car ..really really REALLY fast.. even if there's barely enough space to pass through. They probably think they're at a speedway racing. It's crazy! So if you're totally fine with your car being hit, by all means, go ahead and valet but it's so scary. Also, they leave the keys on the driver side front tire so anyone can steal your car.
Written September 25, 2016
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Al S
San Francisco, CA107 contributions
Dec 2013 • Solo
If you found yourself having a few hours to kill near downtown LA and does not want to deal with the freeway traffic. Try a Korean Spa experience. But before you go, you need to understand that you will be buck naked in the single/same sex wet area and remember to shower. If you watch the Koreans, they shower very thoroughly and many times when they are in the wet area.

This is a comparison between Wi and Natura Spa from a non-Korean man's perspective. I have been to other Korean spas in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I think Wi and Natura are the two that should be on the list of someone who wants to try out a Korean Spa experience.

Wi is massive, clean and has a real Jjim Jil Bang experience in that they have a clothed co-ed area with lots of hot and cold rooms and a kitchen. If you go with an opposite sex friend and wants to spend time together, this will be the place to go. However, there are two things to bear in mind:

1. The space between the lockers and the wet room is huge and there are a lot of clients so you will be walking naked (Korean spa only has small hand towels) a long way to the wet area after you disrobed. You need to be comfortable with that.

2. They allow children. Yupp, kids and teenagers. So you also need to be comfortable with crying kids and be naked around young people.

Because of these reasons, I prefer Natura. Natura is much smaller and there is no co-ed area (but they have a kitchen as well). You probably can put the entire Natura in the wet room of Wi. However, its clientele is mainly Korean with a few non-Koreans in between. As long as you follow the shower routine, you should be ok. I have been there several times and never seen kids around. They are very clean. I have also tried their body scrub which was really good (I never tried it at Wi).

No matter which one you decided to go, you will be amazed at the Korean bathing culture and have a wonderful time.
Written December 28, 2013
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Bath, UK39 contributions
May 2021
I used to go to this spa on my work trips from London. But I recently went and was bitterly disappointed by the standards which seem to have dropped off considerably since my last stay. I dismissed them at first, and was happy to let them slide, but it was when the foul smell coming out of the rest rooms that made me decide to never go back. I mentioned it to the reception staff, who were very dismissive. I do not recommend.
Written June 27, 2021
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kiana k
Orange, CA1 contribution
Feb 2012 • Friends
I like to report a recent robbery that happened on 2/25/12 at WI Spa in Los Angeles, CA. I have also found out that this particular Spa has had over ten robberies in the past year, confirmed by Los Angeles Police Department.
This Spa is located in Korea town. The management/cooperation and there insurance company has been very difficult to get any answers regarding this robbery. I believe that this can make a good story in order to educate the public regarding this Spa and the thefts that have been taking place at this location.

On Saturday 2/25/12 I attend this Spa for the first time for a relaxing day due to a groupon deal. The Spa provides the clients with a digital key lock to store personal belongings in a locker. After I was ready to leave, I notice that my locker alarm was not working. I opened the door and my purse was gone. I tried to report it to management and was no longer treated as a client, but was treated with disrespect and trying to get me out of there Spa A.S.A.P. Here are the details of my personal belongings.
A $2000 "Neverfull" Louis Vuitton handbag, a wallet containing $972 in cash, approximately $500 in gift cards, designer sunglasses and makeup.

I filed a police report and was informed by Management (Mr. Young Park) that in the past 28months they have been opened that this is the first robbery at their Spa. I was informed that WI Spa has insurance and that my losses will be covered; however, they would not provide me with any insurance information nor they would provide me with the owners/partner's information. Upon speaking to the insurance company after four day's I was informed that they are not liable for any theft and that they will not cover my losses. Ever since the incident, the Spa has been ignoring my letters and phone calls.

I was contacted by Detective, from LAPD and was informed that on 2/15/2012 another robbery similar to my case happened at WI Spa. Detective also informed me that in the last year they had over ten robberies at the same Spa (WI Spa) similar to my case (Louis Vuitton bags). Detective informed me that a group of "Gypsy's" have been attacking Spa's and taking valuable handbags, money and etc. I also believe that this could have been an inside job due to the way the lock was broken. I have taken pictures of the way the lock was broken which indicates that it can be an inside job.
Be aware and don't go to this SPA, or you might be the next victim. I will be taking a lawsuit action against this SPA and would love to hear from other clients who have been a victim as well.
Written February 28, 2012
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Brigitte B
1 contribution
May 2021
Bad neighborhood spa with rude staff
Unsafe area, unsafe spa. Treble rude staff, bad service expensive. Located in a slum. Inadequate service, dirty spa with garbage and hair in the showers and lo...
Written June 1, 2021
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2 contributions
Jun 2021 • Couples
Dirty, loud, crowded facility run by an incredibly rude staff. The only redeeming quality is the restaurant but still not worth it for the lines and high prices in general.
Written June 6, 2021
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Humberto Maia M
Recife, PE1 contribution
Jan 2020
I went to the SPA on 1/19/2020 i put my phone wallet in the locker to do, I went to get a massage and when i returned from the massage my cell phone and my wallet were not longer in the locker, i complained to the receptionist and she said if I want to sue the SPA I could and that they cant do anything. I do not recommend.
Written January 20, 2020
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Los Angeles, CA1 contribution
May 2018 • Friends
My sister and I both had cash stolen from our wallets here. Our belongings were unattended in the lockers for about 4 hours. We didn’t notice the missing cash until a few days later. When I called a manager to let him know about it, he completely brushed me off and said “once you sign the waiver we are not responsible for any theft.” He had zero compassion and was very defensive. They obviously don’t care about establishing any type of customer service. DO NOT place any valuables in th lockers!!!!!!
Written May 30, 2018
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Zoe C
Singapore, Singapore32 contributions
Jun 2018 • Friends
My friend and I are traveler
We all want to stay there one night
I want to stay over but my friend said her boyfriend will pick her up at 6am to SF
So she does’t want to stay over and check out at 4am
She had a big luggage and a big bag
She wait in the lobby but the front desk said she couldn’t stay there and had a bad attitude
It was 4am, going outside is dangerous for single
After 5am, her boyfriend said he will arrive at 5:30am
she’s on the period and just ask the restroom
The front desk still said no
I understand that you have your rule because if anybody do that like her, it must be mess.
Anyway, that is her first time to there, she is really disappointed and would not go there again.
Let the restroom for the guest using is the basic.
Written June 19, 2018
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