Puzzle Workshop Escape Room

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Puzzle Workshop Escape Room

Puzzle Workshop Escape Room
9:30 AM - 12:00 AM
5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
9:30 AM - 12:00 AM
11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
An escape room presents a unique challenge: escape from the room within 60 minutes! To succeed, you will need to use your intelligence, imagination, and creativity.
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
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35 reviews
Very good

Imperial Beach, CA278 contributions
Your own group of 3 -10 - no strangers!
Feb 2020
This is the nicest escape room I've done. Their website is so intuitive and easy to book reservations. All the themed (four) rooms show up for the day with the available times. There is a very clean restroom in the lobby that you can use just before your hour challenge! The staff is friendly and enthusiastic. You can receive hints w/o subtracting time. We did CSI - Hollywood. There were definitely some challenging puzzles, however, we made it through with seconds to spare. We were a group of three.
Written February 2, 2020
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Catherine C
2 contributions
More Fun than Disney!
Dec 2019 • Family
My kids will remember the two games we played at Puzzle Workshop more than any ride at Disneyland! Very challenging and engaging for a variety of puzzle solvers. Highly recommend!
Written December 22, 2019
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Jacqueline T
1 contribution
Fun puzzle rooms, great management
Dec 2018 • Friends
I initially chose Puzzle workshop out of the handful of escape rooms with great reviews in Orange County due to their being one of the few with a willingness to accommodate custom times. Sure, it cost a little extra, but I had 12 people to herd around a very tight schedule that day, and Kym was absolutely instrumental in helping me make it all work.

I initially booked 2 simultaneous rooms (6 people for each room) at a custom time with Kym. Then I suddenly had 2 people drop out 3 days before the event. Then I had nearly everyone drop out of the scheduled event after the escape rooms. Then I had the wild idea to try and book a third escape room immediately after the first two in its place instead, and then tried to figure out if I had enough people interested ... all of this literally the night before we were supposed to show up at Puzzle Workshop. And at each new development, I was calling Kym trying to keep her updated and exploring our options and backup plans.

Kym was such a sweetheart through all of this. She was very quick to respond, even in the evening. She fielded all of my last-min updates with aplomb and good cheer. She helped me figure out how we could use the credit from the people who dropped out of the first two rooms to apply to the third, and applied roundabout discounts using gift card specials that ultimately saved us 20%. She was quick to grasp the logistical details, and at every new development, she assured me, "We'll make it work." As someone who works in operations, I appreciated immensely her grasp of details, organizational skills, and patience.

As for the puzzles themselves, the first two rooms (Illuminati and CSI) nearly kicked our butts! Our two teams literally escaped only seconds apart, just 3-4 minutes before the hour was up. We mixed our veterans and newbies, so we weren't at our most efficient, but the rooms were definitely a fun challenge.

The last room, the Time travel, we finished much faster. Probably a combination of us now being "primed", and also our team now having shrunk to our usual tried-and-true veterans, making us much more efficient.

Overall, a very professional and fun experience. I really like that they understand how to run a business as well as putting together a good puzzle room. I would be absolutely delighted to visit them again after they've turned over their current rooms.
Written January 13, 2019
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Laurel B
2 contributions
Illuminati Room
Jan 2019 • Family
Excellent escape room! Super fun for the whole family. I highly recommend visiting. It was well worth the $. Thank you Puzzle Workshop!
Written January 3, 2019
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Incline Village, NV103 contributions
Great Family Fun
Oct 2018 • Family
Escape rooms have become our family's newest favorite activity! We did the CSI Hollywood room and finished with almost 15 minutes to spare using only one clue. We found the puzzles to be varied and they took team work to solve. We would definitely recommend this room for any escape room lovers. We would probably rate this as intermediate - but a bit on the easier
Written November 4, 2018
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Cerritos, CA9 contributions
Fun get together
Aug 2018 • Friends
We ALMOST finished the Trapped in Time room. This room was more of an intermediate level. I love how the rooms are decorated to go with each theme. I do like that we can keep our purses/cell phones in the room with us, as long as we leave them in a basket. They have unlimited hint requests that don't count against your time. They pop up on a TV screen in the room when you ask for them. It's nice how they go over the final steps you needed to escape the room. So close! Lots of fun for all.
Written August 12, 2018
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Dallas, TX1,451 contributions
Great Illuminati Room!
Jul 2018 • Family
We stopped by and found out they had availability! There are several other escape room companies around this area. We enjoyed the Illuminati room. Fun!
Written July 10, 2018
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Long Beach, CA10 contributions
5 Star Escape Room (Family Friendly)
Jan 2018 • Couples
5 Star experience all around, from customer service to the puzzles in the room itself! Now let me explain.

Like most places, Puzzle workshop requires the purchase of 3 tickets minimum per room, although they will let you play with two (which I don't understand). Last night, 1/19, about 9pm I called to see if I could reserve only 2 spots (and pay for only 2) for the 10:30 trapped in time, given that all 6 spots were still open. I spoke to the young lady who answered the phone and asked, and she said that although they typically require 3, she would take my name and number and speak to the owners, and call me back. About 10 minutes later, I received a call saying that the owners will waive the fee on the condition that "we have fun." STOKED! So this was the first room my "lady friend" had done, and she was nervous not knowing what to expect (the fact that it is called an 'escape room' doesn't help).

We drove to Puzzle Workshop, which is located near John Wayne airport, somewhat difficult to find given that it is located in like a business district that looks like a strip mall with different businesses on both the top and bottom floors. After driving around for about 10 minutes, we spotted people coming out of one of the buildings and saw the sign just above the door (difficult to see, I would suggest either better illumination or larger signs in general).

With her adrenaline rushing, we embarked on our journey. STEVEN greeted us, smile and excitement filled his face after hearing it was her first room. He played a short video explaining the room and our objective, and we were off.

About the room. Puzzle Workshop went above and beyond to make it feel like you were at the location of the story, making us feel like we were actually helping our fictitious friend who was trapped in time. I have to admit it wasn't as easy as I had anticipated (given the website said it was a beginner level), which I was pleased! We even came across two or three puzzle types that I had never seen before, but thought were absolutely creative and fun!

Unfortunately for our fictitious friend, we were unable to save him. But given how friendly Steven and the rest of the gang were, and the fact that Puzzle Workshop had such creative and detailed puzzles, my lady friend and I will be back to try and save him again.

To sum it up - VERY family friendly and true to what Steven told us, NOT scary (so children could partake in the escape room adventure without fear of nightmares for the rest of their lives). This place exceeded my expectations in every category, from customer service (thank you for waiving the 3rd person fee) to the creativity and details in the Trapped in Time room, which i am sure is applicable to the other two rooms.

Great experience! Will definitely be back to try CSI and the Illuminati! Thank you!!!!
Written January 21, 2018
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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA1 contribution
Great times - My students loved it
Nov 2017 • Family
FUN... that is the word my students said all night long after we completed the Hope Diamond escape room.

I am a teacher at a middle school and Puzzle Workshop came to our school to host an escape room. We had 30 people attend and they had a great time solving the various puzzles and deciphering clues using iPad tablets. The whole process took about one hour and 15 minutes.

My two sons attended and now want to attend a Puzzle Workshop with their friends for a birthday party.

Thank you to the entire staff who came out and hosted the event. They were all amazing helpers/hosts.

Five stars is not enough for this experience.
Written November 6, 2017
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United States611 contributions
Escape Room! Trapped in Time - nicely clued and fun!
Aug 2017 • Friends
We made Trapped in Time our 58th escape game. We recommend this room - although it has a high number of combination locks it was still a fun room and had a terrific time - the puzzles were clever and varied and none of the puzzles were the time burnng garden variety. All of the puzzles were satisfying and a couple allowed to use stuff that was downright "fun to play with". The staff was welcoming and explained everything throughly. This room has a story which is set up by a well-made video which is completely in keeping with the theme of room. The puzzles were moderately challenging and we completed with about 20 minutes to go having taken no hints. The game was moderately linear - but the four of us were able to work on different aspects and we did not bunch up too much. There were a couple if puzzles which had us scratching our head and we discussed asking for hints but each time we made the "aha" and completed the task. The set's productions value are moderate but completely in keeping with the setting and helpful to an immersive experience. I can't spoil it but there was one thing we found which we have seen and used many times before - but Puzzle Workshop deployed in a unique and totally satisfying way. Having achieved our objective we were treated to a follow-up video while in the escape room (nice immersive touch) but we still had to get out of the room - the final puzzle had me perplexed but my teammates explained what we needed to do and once again - a cool "aha!" moment. The rooms were well lit - which made a refreshing change from the atmosphere of the dimly lit escape room. They have two other rooms and we will be back to try them our next time we are in the area.

This location is an office/strip complex - meaning it has lots of convenient parking.

A great family fun room for those wishing a change of pace from the darker zombie/nuke/pirate/drug lord theme of so many escape rooms.
Written August 28, 2017
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