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12 reviews
Very good

Irvine, CA72 contributions
Super duper great
Jun 2021 • Solo
Excellent place. Clean, welcome, relaxing. Love the specialty saunas-fire room, forest room, etc. Never been to any other Korean spas but this one is definitely awesome. Don’t come to the women’s locker room if you don’t want to be naked in front of people . For all others who don’t care it’s paradise
Written October 23, 2021
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lilac l
1 contribution
Great place
May 2021 • Couples
Wonderful place to spend a full day on the weekend. Good food, good scrub massage. Would go again soon.
Written May 9, 2021
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Orange County, CA158 contributions
Loved My First Visit to Irvine Spa
Apr 2019 • Friends
I have already recommended this Korean spa to friends, and I plan go back. The facilities were clean and the staff cheerful and competent. Make sure you arrive in time to use the pools before a body scrub, and give yourself plenty of time to take advantage of the Jjimjilbang common area after your scrub. You won't be disappointed.

I thought the Coconut Scrub Massage ($120 for 90 minutes) was excellent start to finish.
Written April 15, 2019
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Asha Z
Irvine, CA1 contribution
Do not go here
Jan 2019 • Solo
I came here after it been recommended by a really close friend.
I paid for scrub/massage (70 minutes) combo but I only received the scrub and my treatment was only 55 minutes. Angie touch my back with her elbow couple times, she constantly was leaving me alone on the massage table and was distracted talking with other women around her.
After I was dressed I went to the front desk to complain, front desk lady went looking for the manager. When the manager finally arrived she smells like an ashtray. The cigarette smell was so bad I had to step back. The manager stated that it wasn't possible that Angie wouldn't do her job. Then she said she would need to speak with her as if I was lying. After all the complaint was pointless, the manager didn't do anything. What a joke!
I had one of the worst experiences ever.
Written January 28, 2019
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Mission Viejo, CA15 contributions
I ache all over now
Jan 2019 • Friends
I have gone to this spa many times in the past and have enjoyed myself and had the most pleasant experience. It was all very relaxing. All of the rooms that you can enjoy are wonderful, except my friend got a burn on her back from the "salt" room which affected how she enjoyed her body scrub and massage. The scrub was good, but the massage was absolutely horrible. There was nothing relaxing about it. It's the following day and my body aches from how hard she dug her fingers into my shoulders, back and even my neck/head. I feel like I have been beaten. I will never go to this woman again! Also, they should get rid of this side room where they have three beds. The ladies in this room are constantly talking so this was not the relaxing experience I paid for. This was the first time I went on a Sunday, and will avoid that as well. It was very crowded and the staff could not bring out the tiny towels fast enough. I was always waiting for a towel. I'm very disappointed in my experience this time and it will be a while before I decide to go back, if I ever do. It seems like the company doesn't even care as there is no way to complain in writing on the website. The only way to contact someone is by phone, and that is a challenge.
Written January 21, 2019
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Stephen Masek
Mission Viejo, CA40 contributions
Excellent, will become a regular
Dec 2017 • Solo
Just Go! This is an excellent facility. I had the 110 minute combination massage (complete with the woman walking on my back and legs) and body scrub. I enjoy massages, but had never had the back walking before, and had never had a body scrub. I'll do both every time I go. I also needed a haircut, and the barber attended to all of the details for a very reasonable $20 (so I gave him $30). I hadn't been naked around so many other guys since high school, but you get over that in a few seconds. The steam sauna was excellent, and the common area (with a V-neck tee shirt and shorts) rooms were quite nice. There is a full Korean restaurant and a coffee and desert place, so it is easy to enjoy many hours in this fine facility.
Written December 25, 2017
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Denis D
2 contributions
Negative changes have happened
Jul 2017 • Friends
This is a great place which I have been visiting every week for 4 years now.

But now some negative changes have happened:
1. There are no washing towels (wash-rag, bast, loofah). Only for the extra money now.
2. There were 5 chairs in sauna. Now there are just 4 of them.
3. There was a hook for the towel near the cold shower between steam sauna and hot sauna. It was very comfortable. Why don't they repair it?
4. There was a Korean tooth paste previously. Now just Colgate and Crest (not interesting). I prefer the Korean one.
5. There were an offer of 100 tickets for $1,500.

I tried to contact them via email but unfortunately they have just phone number as a contact on their website.

I would like the owners to read it and solve the problems.
Thank you.
Written July 31, 2017
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Sydney, Australia4,682 contributions
Amazing first-time experience
Mar 2017
This Korean spa is an experience for the first-timer. There should be a sign above the door saying "Abandon all modesty ye who enter here!" They want you good and naked and, after about 5 minutes of holding the clearly inadequate towel, I got with the program.
Called a jjimjilbang, it's a large, gender-segregated public bathhouse with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional kiln saunas and massage tables. I was here for a scrub and what a scrub it was. You just play dead as they manipulate you and scrub in hard to reach places.
Entry to the main area with saunas & hot-tubs is an extra fee for shorter bookings, as mine was, however, if you get a scrub and massage for example, the entry is included in the price.
I've always wanted to try a Korean spa and I'll be back!
Written March 21, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Chicago, IL275 contributions
Unbelievable Experience Awaits
Feb 2017 • Friends
First time in an Asian Spa. Unsure, but truly grateful I fought through my fears & gave in to the experience. Leave modesty at the door, shoes find a small locker as you enter, you change into a "uniform" of shorts & tee shirt after securing belongings in a locker with a key you keep with you. Do not bring your cell phone as you enter the showers, steam, sauna & pool area, where you shed your "uniform," placing it into a basket. You are given a towel inadequate for anything but sitting on in the sauna.
You will be naked for the next several hours. After a shower, warm your body by entering the saunas (both dry & steam) then soak in the hot pool to prepare your skin for the exfoliation scrub. I bought the gold treatment option, there are several to choose from so research which benefits will be best for your needs. A series of vigorous scrubs, washes, oils, massages, scalp treatments, more oils, facial masks & heat wrap will polish every inch of you into newborn baby skin. I cannot adequately describe this - unlike anything I would consider in my comfort zone, went with a friend where we gave in to the experience. Jina worked on me with such skill that I left feeling like I had been to a Chiropractor, Masseuse, Esthetician & Spa. I'm not sure how many times she buffed, polished, slathered, massaged, oiled, shampoodwrapped, masqued & rinsed me during the 2 hour treatment, but I know I left relaxed, refreshed, de-stressed & baby smooth. It was an unforgettable evening, wish I had spent the day hydrating to prepare for the detoxification benefits of such rigorous scrubbing. Read about this magical place, make an appointment & indulge in something life-changing. This will become a luxury you won't want to give up. To maximize the benefits, drink plenty of water to flush the toxins from your system, forgoing a heavy meal after the treatment. Plenty of free parking & other services available on site.
Reveal any health concerns when booking appointment. This is not for everyone, the scrubbing portion of this treatment is intense, do your homework before booking. These talented, strong & tireless women deserve a 20% tip - enjoy !
Written February 9, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Calgary AB69 contributions
A New and Invigorating Spa Experience ...
Jun 2016 • Solo
Irvine Spa (I-Spa) follows Korean traditions (new to me) so it was intriguing and different. Situated in what appears to be a light industrial area, the front door is unobtrusive and discreet. I had reserved a full body scrub and acupressure (Shiatsu) massage. The spa advises arriving early for a hot soak before treatments so this is a relaxing experience, not a 'quick fix'. The design theme of the spa is modern, light and airy and generally a luxurious place with TV and lounging areas as well as the service areas mentioned below. Look for the spa's web site for more details and excellent images (photography is not permitted).

Arriving early I was welcomed, prepaid my services and given a wristband with an electronic lock, a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. Entering the locker room, I left my shoes in one locker then proceeded to my assigned locker to change into - nothing.

First stop is the communal shower area for a comprehensive shampoo and wash, then into the hot tub for a soak interspersed with visits to the hot dry sauna, steam room, cooling shower and cold tub. This preparation for the scrub was very relaxing! At my assigned time Andy, the 'scrubber' called my locker number, had me lie on the vinyl-topped table and sluiced me with warm soapy water before a comprehensive full-body vigorous scrub with a rough abrasive 'glove'. First my front, then my back. Yes, this was a Full. Body. Scrub.

Andy directed me to rinse off the soap with another shower, instructed me to put on the tee shirt and shorts, and took me to the massage therapy rooms for the Shiatsu massage by Jessica. She found and dealt with knotted muscles, thoroughly relaxed me even more, and at the end of my hour, I was ready for another shower to wash off the massage oils and more hot tub time. From this area, one can (and should) take an additional towel and head to the common area, jim jil bang and cafeteria. Opening off the common area which has a heated floor are several rooms which I will have to explore next time . . .

The cafeteria served Korean food, charged to the locker key. I was ready for my large portion of seafood noodle soup. (Hint - noodles in soup are much easier to eat with wooden, rather than steel, chopsticks and a spoon).

Then it was time to leave, pay for the extras and leave gratuities to the service providers (who discreetly provided envelopes for cash) and head back to the world for the rest of the day. I wish there were more places like this, the world needs them, and I look forward to returning.
Written July 23, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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