Daifukuji Temple (Gake Kannon)

Daifukuji Temple (Gake Kannon), Tateyama

Daifukuji Temple (Gake Kannon)

Daifukuji Temple (Gake Kannon)
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Very good

Funabashi, Japan1,094 contributions
Unfortuately the shrine was closed due to the strong wind so we could not view the Kannonbosatsu.
Mar 2019 • Couples
Traveling to the southern part of Boso Peninsular in Chiba Prefecture used to be a long trip on single lane roads, but with the completion of the motorway, it has become much more accessible. The distance from central Tokyo to Tateyama is about 130 kilometers, without congestion a two and a half hours drive. We had planned a stay in Kamogawa and before checking in at the hotel I wanted to visit some places of interest. I've lived in Chiba Prefecture for close to forty years but it wasn't until this visit that I came to know the existence of this Kannonbosatsu engraved on the cliffs near Tateyama. I understand from the homepage of Daifukuji Temple of the Buddhist Shingon sect that the Kannonbosatsu is said to have been engraved in the 8th century by the high Buddhist priest Gyouki. The Kannoudou Shrine housing the Kannnonbosatsu has undergone numerous reconstruction and refurbishment, but still is a magnificent sight from ground level. There are car parks by the national road from where it is only a ten minutes' climb up the steps to the shrine. Unfortuately the shrine was closed due to the strong wind. Even so it was a worthwhile visit to admire the shrine and command a great view of Tokyo Bay.
Written March 14, 2019
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Chiba, Japan223 contributions
Small but nice
Sep 2017 • Couples
The distance from car park to the temple was shorter than I expected. Free parking and no entrance fee too.
It very unique and beautiful. Those visits Tateyama should come here. You won't regret it.
Written September 16, 2017
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Paul Q
1 contribution
Renovation complete
Aug 2016 • Solo
It looks fantastic. Well worth a look if you're in the area. Be sure to go up to the top and take in the great view of Tateyama Bay and out towards O-shima
Written August 14, 2016
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Surrey, Canada16 contributions
Under construction
Dec 2015 • Couples
I rented a car with my girlfriend and did a road trip around Chiba. (Which I'm actually still doing as I type this). Unfortunately it's under construction. I would have loved to visit it but I'm sure I'll make time to visit it some other day. This place looks very pretty and the view over the town looks awesome. I visited during sunset and it was very pretty. I would just make sure before heading out here that it's not under construction.
Written December 19, 2015
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Tokyo, Japan444 contributions
Great day trip if you live in Tokyo
Nov 2013 • Solo
There are a few of these temples built on the side of a mountain in Japan. There is a famous one in Hiraizumi. there is another in Komoro, and there is one near Tottori. Rakanji is a most impressive one north of Beppu. Unfortunately I missed the one in Tottori because it was winter and the path to the temple was closed due to ice and snow. Imagine how upset I was, as its really out of the way, and one is not often in that area, much less by rental car. So I have to plan another trip back there one day.

The temple in Komoro and this one are unique in being painted red; the others are natural wooden color. I will say that Daifuku is very well kept and immaculate. Tateyama City is a gem of a day trip because there are several things to see and you can cover everything by walking: WWII air raid shelters which are now a museum; Tateyama Castle which is atop a hill and has spacious grounds used by the city for many activities; one of the largest reclining Buddhas in Japan; a poppy field that blooms twice a year with a terrific seafood restaurant. I went when the poppy field was in bloom and had to wait 30' for my meal. The restaurant offers several seafood dons. There are also other temples and shrines in the city.

If you live in Japan, the best way to see the sites in Tateyama is take the JR hike which is sponsored by the train company. I think they hold the Tateyama hike every year or every other year. If you are not familiar with JR Hiking, JR sponsors around 7-9 hikes in the Kanto area each weekend. The website is only in Japanese and deciphering the train stations the hikes start at is difficult even for Japanese. You show up at the train station, get a membership card if you don't have one, and JR gives you a map. There are signs and sometimes volunteers pointing the way. You can't get lost since there are hundreds if not 2000 people that might go on a featured hike, so just follow the crowd. And it's all free! Oftentimes food like miso soup with sea bream or lobster, or mountain soup will be served along the way. On one hike, a raffle was held at the end and I won a bag of sweet potatoes. On another hike, I was given a flower (in a pot) from a flower park to take home. It's a great way to travel and sightsee without leaving the Kanto area. I hope more foreigners will participate in the JR hikes so the website may be offered in English also.

Here is more info on Tateyama:



Tateyama is in Boso Peninsula (Chiba) and to get there most take the Keikyu line from Yokohama to the station which has a shuttle bus to the Tokyo-Wan ferry. When you get to Boso, you take the local train to Tateyama Station. Or you can go to Tateyama from Tokyo via Chiba city and down to Boso.
Written October 10, 2014
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Nasushiobara, Japan872 contributions
nice view up
Dec 2013 • Couples
But not nice view down: just at the foot of the temple there is a cemetery which - in my opinion - spoils the overall feeling .
What impressed me the most were the birds (falcons ?) who circled the hill top above the temple.
Written January 4, 2014
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